Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 223

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Chapter 223 – Tattling and Proposal

Even a woman like Jamdi’el was surprised by this.

“Paripi… h, ey, hold on… Earth Lagann’s… subordinate?”

[That’s right, Sis. I’m his man now!]

“What art thou planning? What art thy intentions with Earth Lagann, with Kron’s future partner?”

[I’ve changed my mind. Yes, starting today!]

“Such mockery! I’ll never accept such a thing!”

No, even I don’t recognize Paripi as a subordinate.

But I’m not so sure that’s what Jamdi’el was trying to say…

“Somehow, it’s like a parent who doesn’t approve of their child’s marriage, Honey.”

“W, why, is Jamdi’el of the Six Supremacy so attached to Earth…? I don’t know what’s going on anymore… a, a, and besides, p, partner…”

“Why do these people take the liberty of talking about Little man… ugh…”

So the reaction around me was reasonable.

Shinobu looked stunned.

A confused princess.

And when I saw Sadiz with a conflicted expression, as if she thinks she has nothing more to say, my heart aches too.

[Well, that’s Sis for you Earth… when it comes to the boss, she can’t seem to notice anything else… No~ matter what.]


[Just like how excessive love, worship and devotion can cloud the truth… Well, that’s the way it is ♪.]

Paripi already has some idea of my secret. However, I have no intention of answering the question, and he doesn’t seem to be pursuing me either.

Jamdi’el, on the other hand, was unaware of anything. About the existence of Tre’ainar in me, always by my side.

Paripi snickered at this, but without trying to show the meaning, which frustrated Jamdi’el even more.

[Well, boss. Let’s continue what we were talking about earlier…]

“Wait, Paripi! Don’t ignore me and move on!”

[Oh~, yeah yeah… Boss. This id… Sis is too noisy, can you please step away from her for a minute? Let’s talk in private.]

Since this was not going to get us anywhere, Paripi proposed a private talk with me…

“Screw you, I’ve got nothing to say to you.”

First of all, I don’t want to talk to this guy, so I rejected the offer.


[Oh~, such a thing to say~, my boss~]

“Who’s the boss, stop messing around! Listen? I don’t want you――― “

[Please, boss! It’s definitely useful information for the boss! If you don’t listen, I could slip up and reveal the boss’s favorite erotic book, ‘Pleasure Craze!’. The Busty Cool Big Sister Collecti―――]


At that moment, I was screaming to block out all sounds.

But when I turned around, I could tell by everyone’s expression that it was already too late.

“Honey… you’re a boy. But…… guh, big tits… no, if you give up, that’s where the bust ends. Even I have the potential for growth… but if push comes to shove, the Ninpo Arts for Breast Augmentation can…”

“I didn’t know! Sadiz, is that true? If Earth had had any naughty books, you were obligated to report them all to me.”

“My apologies. Certainly, that ero-book was hidden in a changing closet by Little man. However, because the genre was so convenient for me, I pretended to ignore it without disposing of it or reporting it to the princess… ahem ahem ahem… there’s nothing to criticize. Sadiz understands.”

“Big… tits? Earth likes something called big tits?”

Shinobu, while sighing, was patting her chest… that sullen expression… adora… ble…

How do I put it, princess, what the hell! Why do you need to know about someone’s private life and hobbies!

And I didn’t want to know at this place and time that Sadiz actually found me out.

The only one who doesn’t know better was Kron. Please grow up healthy.

“…… Earth Lagann… with Lady Kron it’s not about size, but beauty… did thou not bask at her beautiful breasts in the bath?”

“And you, don’t take it so seriously, Jamdi’el!?”

Why would this Dark Valkyrie counter it there!?

No, I did see them! I can still remember them vividly due to 【Canonicon】.

But if you say that here…

“”””Bask in the bath… eh?! You went in together… eh!?””””

You see. Shinobu, who didn’t know that, would react.

And the Princess, she has always been so vocal about this kind of thing. Come to think of it, when she heard that I took a bath with Sadiz when I was little, she was so upset that she started screaming…

“Yes, I took a bath with Earth, didn’t I? I even wiped his body.”


“Also, I saw Earth’s thingy, was it?”

“Honey’s thingy!?”

“Earth’s… even for me, the last time I saw it, when we took a bath together, we were five years old?!”

“Kron, I beg you, will you shut up for a minute already!?”

At this point, not only Shinobu and the princess, but also Fu and Rebal were looking at with terrible contempt.

Only Sadiz, who knew the situation, smiled wryly, but doesn’t seem to follow.

Oh no. I have to do something about this quickly…

[By the way, that erotic book, along with twenty others, was provided by ‘Ouna Nyst’, who has transferred to a different school… isn’t that right? Coman dear.]

[…… Yes…]

“Coman! What the hell were you spying on?! I don’t want to see any of you bastards again, but the next time I see you, I’ll remember this!”

I knew I should’ve killed that fucking demon! If only Coman hadn’t interfered!

Oh, I didn’t realize that Coman knew what I was doing. Well, the actual number of books I got from Ouna was eighteen… I went straight home from the academy and carefully counted them, so no doubt about it!

[Yeah… in fact, to check the contents, Coman also went through those 20 erotic books during the break time at the academy before Earth took them home… and that was the first time for Coman, too, and before I knew it, she secretly kept two for he rarara, hokyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah?!!]


[Hey, Coman, wait, hey, I can’t see, I can’t see anything! Hey… you’re going to gouge my eyes out with your fingers… hey, it takes a long time to heal those!?]

Suddenly, I heard Paripi scream. I couldn’t see him, but it seemed that something terribly horrifying has happened.


“Oh~ fine then… everyone… right. Hey guys, stay here for a moment.”



“Little man…”

“My spirit can’t take anymore… I’m going to talk to him alone for a bit…”

I don’t want this guy revealing any more weird stuff.

Holding the magic crystal, I walked away to a distance where no one could hear my conversation with Paripi.


“So… what is it, talk?”

[Hah~ hah~… er~, girls are scary, boss. You should watch out too.]

“Get on with it…”

[Ah, yeah. You know about――――――]

“………… Huh?”

And I got information from the devil, which I certainly needed, unfortunately.

[―――――― so that’s it. Well, Cacretale was already governed and controlled by Sis… on the other hand, the old regime that stubbornly enforced the seclusion was destroyed by Sis, and above all, the attack by the Heavenly World has made it essential for Cacretale to receive reconstruction support from the outside world. There’s no way the Union… old man Mikado… or Hiro wouldn’t interfere. So Sis and Kron can’t go back to Cacretale anymore.]

“…… I guess.”

[That’s why as soon as Coman’s parent… Koaso left the Empire, ‘he’ also went to work behind the scenes. If the release of Sis is on the condition of sealing her power, and she will become a mere woman out on the streets with Kron… why don’t you leave it to me… and “that guy” as a bodyguard?]

I couldn’t immediately turn down the devil’s proposal, so I kept quiet and thought about it for a while.

Author’s Note

Overall rating 120,000 drills have cooooooome! Thank you, everyone, for the drill injection for the first time in a while. I realized that there were 880,000 drills left to reach the 1 million drill goal I had set in the past… or rather, I remembered. Thank you. Please continue to stab me with a thud from now on.

Now, the schedule of the comicalization has been decided.

It is scheduled to be released on the web next month, April 2.

That said, I’m going to enjoy this as a reader just like you. While looking forward to that day, I will do what I have to do and will continue to do my best, so I look forward to your continued support.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter, now I have understood what was really going on from when I tried to GT this lol. Coman secretly taking 2 of the erohon from Earth’s purchase was really hilarious!


  2. Wait, so Coman is/was also on the Earth “education” train? Or was she just horny and stole them, actually really horny to pull that.

    Ah wait, that means he has another one, and this one’s a legit “dirty fighter” spy… how many of them can go Yandere again?

    Earth better get strong or his little man’s gunna be in trouble from multiple sources.


  3. From the past chapter we could see that Coman was actually totally into Earth, but… well…. She’s on the same level as the others huh…. Actually Kron can be considered refreshing i guess since although she want to know everything about him she’s not the type to barge into someone’s privacy if that person doesn’t want it…


  4. I have read upto the latest chapter with mtl in syosetsu and although I understood most of it there are some that I missed. The latest arc is a third person based where Earth’s adventure is being projected for the whole world to see. This arc was honestly great but what I want to see properly translated is the time travel arc, I think after this maybe 20+ chapters more and we’ll get to that.


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