Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 222

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Chapter 222 – Read the Air

“Watch thy step, boys. And thou beautiful ladies as well.”

This spiral corridor seemed to go on forever.

The further down we go, the deeper the darkness becomes, but at the same time, you can feel the fierce miasma from deep within.

They said that she had been confined and prevented from using magic, but even so, anyone can see that the person in the depths of this place has tremendous power.

But that person was what we are here for.

The prince was guiding us. Followed by me and Kron. Sadiz.

And also……

“A few months ago, it was only for a moment, but … feeling it again… this much…”

“I, I feel such an eerie aura…”

“I can’t believe it… I haven’t seen her, but I can tell from this…”

“I’m scared, Honey. I’m not good with darkness, so can I stick with you?”

The princess’ group followed, sweating from the pressure that “she” was exerting.

Only Shinobu was still the same, but… don’t lie about being afraid of the dark. That was so monotone.

“Earth… erm…… behind this…”


I nodded to the princess, who had a worried look on her face.

Why did we come to the Heavenly World in the first place?

The reason for all of this is to save the woman trapped in this depths.

And it seems that the princess and the others had encountered her a few months ago, though only for a brief moment.

“Oh …… you’re captured, but you’re still …… the same…”

Finally, we arrived at the deepest prison.

There she was, chained with her eyes blindfolded.

It seems that she could not use magic, but she still felt so oppressive.

“Hmm? This presence… eh, Lady Kron!? Lady Kron’s presence! As well as…… Earth Lagann!”

“Even with your eyes hidden, can you still tell?”

There was the captive Jamdi’el.

Just as we got closer, she perceived Kron and I and reacted in surprise.

“Jamdi’el! Thank God, you’re safe… I’m glad.”

“Lady Kron… how…… art thou…”

Why were we here? A natural question for Yamidire.

On the other hand, the princess…

“This is… the Six Supremacy, Jamdi’el…”

“That much… she’s trapped in a magical seal… and yet like this…”

“Similar to Paripi… she’s on a different level…”

Even in such a state, Jamdi’el were so overwhelming that they could see the difference in power.

“I’ve heard that this country has been attacked… even so, Lady Kron… but, Lady Kron… why?”

“Hmm… do I have to tell you? Of course we’re here to help you!”

“Eh, Earth Lagann! Thou… is it thy doing?! Did thou entice Lady Kron?! To allow Lady Kron to be so reckless for my sake… and forget your mission to be a bonded couple(Man and Wife) with Lady Kron and create the next generation of God?!”

Jamdi’el’s anger is directed at me… But, wait a minute―――

“What!? Ah… Earth and… couple!? Cococo, oooooooh couple…..!?”

“…… oh my …… really…… there are so many obstacles to my union with Honey… though that’s what makes our love burn…”

Princess, I’m too surprised. I mean, read the air already.

Shinobu… she’s still the same Shinobu as ever, and I laughed bitterly…

“No, Jamdi’el, Earth did not entice me. I came here by my own will and everyone else by theirs. I asked Earth to do this.”

“Wh, ah… does thou mean?”

“I wanted to help you… and Earth heard my wish and granted it.”

She seemed to think that I had tricked Kron into bringing me here, and Jamdi’el seemed puzzled by Kron’s words.

“Well rather, I’m not in this situation out of a sense of duty, I didn’t come to help you.”

“Earth Lagann…”

“It’s a tearful wish…… from a girl who fell in love with me.”

Yes, she was the woman who originally kidnapped me and made trouble for me, or rather, who was originally my enemy..

So there’s no way I would come here of my own volition. I stressed that I only came because Kron asked me to.

“L, love… a woman’s wish… a… ah… Ah…”

Like I said, princess…

“Jamdi’el, I do not know what you have done in the past… what have you been doing recently… what you intended to do… I don’t know what kind of sin you have committed. But…… I can’t lie about my feelings. You…… I don’t want to lose it.”

“Lady Kron…”

“It’s not just me, Tsukshi, Karui, Machio, everyone in the dojo… and the same goes for the townsfolk. That’s why Earth has lent us his strength.”

Jamdi’el was blindfolded and could not see Kron’s current appearance or facial features.

But, the strong will that overflows from her voice is transmitted.

“…… Lady Kron… in but a few days… what in the world… just what in the world…… happened that thou became…… so mature…”

“Ufufu, I am happy to hear you say so.”

As Kron had grown up, Jamdi’el couldn’t hide her surprise.

“Hey, Earth… it’s about time you told us already. Why is the Six Supremacy, Jamdi’el… and also, this demon named Kron ―――”

“Princess. It’s still not a good time, okay? Let’s read the air for now.”

“Ah, ah, I, I’m sorry…”

“…… No, don’t be like that. If you’ll just keep quiet a little longer, that’ll be fine…”

It’s a nice atmosphere, so I told the princess to shut up, and she shrank back with a terrible look of nervousness.

What? I was a little worried, but was the princess so mentally weak?

“Little man… well actually, that’s for the best…”

“Earth… that was…… kinda awful…”

“…… Earth…… you…”

“I’ll read as much air as you want, Honey… saying that makes me seem like I can’t read the air, I’ll just stay quiet for a while.”

I mean, what’s up with these guys… well, it’s fine.

“Wait… Earth Lagann… that thou have come this far… was thou victorious? Hey, Dictator’s child is here as well!?”

Jamdi’el, who was looking deeply impressed with the grown-up Kron, noticed something.

When Jamdi’el asked this, the prince nodded and stepped forward.

“Indeed. It is I who led them here.”

“What in the world happened? And… what about that man? Oh, the lowest filth…”

Oh, she’s worried about that.

“Paripi escaped, though quite seriously wounded.”

“…… What?”

“This boy… Earth Lagann, defeated him.”


Apparently, Jamdi’el also knew that Paripi was here, and that was why she was most surprised to hear that Paripi had lost to me.

“F, foolish! Though rotten, he is Six Supremacy! For that Paripi? Earth Lagann… thou… thou art the victor?”


“Foolish, he is not someone thou can handle with trick as thou did against me … but being that thou truly stands here… foolish…”

Jamdi’el knew Paripi’s strength better than anyone else here.

That’s why she can’t believe it.

Still, it’s a fact.

“That’s why the Prince brought us here… he owes us a debt of gratitude…”

“…… what…… does that mean…”

“And… he’ll let you out of here, too… but…… with some very strict conditions…”

“L… let me out!? M, me? Ridiculous! No matter what, the plebeians of Angela Kingdom would never allow it!?”

Right. Because I did that much, the prince broke various matters concerning Jamdi’el.

However, there are some very last minute conditions, and I’m not sure if she’ll take them…

“The runes sealing thy magick… will never be removed… henceforth, thou be unable to use thy magic eyes or any magick whatsoever… that is the condition.”


“This can only be released here in the Heavenly World. And thou… will never again set foot in this country… a permanent banishment. That’s the condition of thy release.”

Well, of course she won’t accept these conditions.

But, what if the goddess tells her to?

Besides, considering my parents, is it really a good thing or a bad thing for Jamdi’el to lose her powers… in addition……

[Hihahahaha, that’s right SIS~ ♪]

“…… Huh?”


Uh-oh, from the magic crystal in my pocket that I wanted to throw away, but hadn’t thrown away yet, I heard a nauseating voice.

Jamdi’el stiffened with her mouth open.

Yes, that guy.

[Hello again, Sis, It’s Earth Lagann’s right-hand man and top subordinate, Paripi.]

“………… Oh… eh? …… Huh?”

[Also Earth. Thanks for earlier. So, I immediately got a report from my man in the Empire … ‘Koaso’. You know, Coman’s parent. Want to hear~? You want to hear it, don’t you? I’m clever, right? Can you tell ‘him’… Praise me~?]

Jamdi’el was still in bewilderment.

And this… let’s get rid of it… that’s when I brandished the magic crystal.

[Your mom and dad are somewhere in the waters near Cacretale… they may have already sneaked ashore?]

“…… I know… disconnecting now?”

[Oh~, wait, wait, wait~, we also gotta talk about your ‘friend’~]

I didn’t expect to hear from someone who was worse at reading the air than even the princess so soon.

Author’s Note

Maybe it’s because the evaluation system has changed, but somehow I have gotten into the ranking again, and I am excited to get drills all at once. Volume 2 will be released next week. And in the near future, the information on comicalization will be released. I want to give up on marriage for a while and try my best at novels again, so thank you.

By the way, the ban on the Volume 2 illustration has already been lifted in various places, and I think that you can confirm the appearance of Shinobu and Bro, so please look for it if you are interested.

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