Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 221

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Chapter 221 – After the Battle

“They’re gone…”

『You let them flee…』

Paripi and Coman got away, and I was still stunned, unable to sort my mind out for a while.

If they had simply run away, it would still be fine. I would have been able to quickly switch gears and chase after them.

But Paripi’s declaration to be my subordinate and Coman’s abnormal behavior didn’t let me do it.

“…… Earth…… erm…… are you okay?”

“Looks like they really got away… Honey, how are you doing?”

On either side of me, two women peeked anxiously at me.

“Earth… Gyuu…”

“Ah… Kron…”

“Full of scratches… but…… this hand saved us. Thank you, Earth.”

And Kron smiled as she gently squeezed my hand, maybe she’s trying to heal me.

I’m a little nervous.

“Hey!? Honey… I’ll take care of it.”

“Oh, hey…”

Shinobu stuck to me with medical tools, as if not to lose to Kron like that.

It’s kind of embarrassing… but…… I think I’ve calmed down a bit…

“Nu, u, ugh … tsu … urgh…”

On the other hand, the princess was groaning with sadness and frustration… I guess… she might still be shocked about Coman.

Oh yes… this is not the time to do this.

“Kron… Shinobu… y, yes… I’m fine, but… ah, yes… we gotta patch everyone up… can you do that for me?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Leave it to me, Honey.”

I was stunned to see the two of them, and finally turned around and looked at my surroundings.

Everyone who had been wounded in the battle against Paripi was still lying down.

Even those who had been hit with a single blow by Paripi, but Mr. Machio and the others had been beaten up pretty severely.

At my suggestion, both Kron and Shinobu nodded and immediately ran off to join everyone.

On the other hand…

“…… h, hey… Earth…”

The princess and the others were in an awkward mood.

Well, isn’t that reasonable?

They have gone through a lot.

They came to the Heavenly World and helped out without understanding the situation, but they were defeated by Paripi, and betrayed by our old friend Coman, who then escaped.

And me and these guys are still apart…


“For now… this is good enough for now, right?”


Until now, we had been fighting together without giving too much about the details.

So they still don’t know anything about what I did in the Graduation Match, and why I’m still in the Heavenly World, about Jamdi’el, about Kron, and about Cacretale.

In this situation, the problem of Paripi and Coman also came up.

“Princess… there are a lot of injured people, and Little man is right…”

“Sadiz… tsu…… yes … that’s right.”

Sensing my thoughts and the awkward atmosphere, Sadiz tells the princess, “Soon”.

The princess wasn’t convinced of everything, but she couldn’t help but nod with a conflicted expression on her face as everyone in front of her was lying covered in wounds.

“I can use my healing magic to a certain extent, I’ll help you. Please assist us, Fu. Rebal, carry the fallen ones.”

“Yes, Princess.”


At least now I could put off talking for a little bit.

In fact, I don’t know what to talk about or what to do about Paripi and Coman, and I don’t have it all together.


“Mr. Machio, are you alright, it looked like he got your eyes or something, but…”

“Yeah… it takes time for the eye to heal, but… well, it’s not life-threatening.”

“I see.”

“I’ll help carry everyone… but still…”


“That was too strong a foe … the world is… wide…”

“…… it is.”

Even Mr. Machio, who fought me tooth and nail in the tournament, could barely get up.

Even Sadiz was still dragging her heavy body.

I’m not sure what to expect from the rest of the team.

In fact, I was a little surprised at myself for being able to fight off Paripi.

『After Jamdi’el, Paripi … tis complicated, but… for now, you may take pride your victory.』

It seemed to be enough for Tre’ainar to accept it… the battle ended with a lot of confusion, but that alone might have been of great value to me.

And that’s when it happened.


I felt the presence of a crowd of people rushing in from outside the building.

The moment I turned around, the palace door opened with a mighty bang.

“Prince, we have arrived!”

“My Prince! What in heavens… is that, Heavenly King!?”

Ah, these guys… were there…

The Seraphs who had been waiting outside the palace rushed in all at once.

Speaking of which, the Heavenly King couldn’t let them in as a measure against Kron’s Daybreak Eye.

“I telepathically called for them…”


With that said, the prince muttered as he limped forward from my side.

“His Majesty, what in heavens is this!?”

“Intruders, it cannot be thee…!”

“My Prince, thy face is scarred! Thou scoundrels!”

Seeing their bald King with his belly blown off and the bloody and swollen cheeks of the prince, the Seraphs were about to attack us in a murderous rage, but they were stopped by the prince.

“Silence! I will allow no harm upon them!”


“Certainly, they’re intruders, but… at the same time, they are also the benefactors who saved this Heavenly World… it was by their actions that I became aware of the Paripi conspiracy that none of us realized, and they protected us from his evil hands…”


The words of the prince, who had been watching everything so far, startled the Seraphs to the point where everyone was speechless.


“Paripi… but? Prince, what does that mean…”

“I’ll explain later, but first, we must urgently treat Dad… His Majesty… and the injured benefactors who saved our country!”


“At once!”


In retrospect, I was relieved to think that if the Prince had not been here, things would have gotten messy again.

“Looks like you read the air, didn’t you?”

“…… No more … I can’t expose more of my shame…”

The prince replied, biting his lip at my sarcasm.

I’m sure the guy had been through a lot of shock all this time… honestly speaking, this guy’s cheek was wounded, and I did hit his torso.

“Pucker up, it’s not on you… it’s by your Dad’s orders…… he was deceived… well, in the end, it’s all Paripi’s evil schemes, so I guess it’s not like you’re at fault.”

“I disagree. Followed my father’s orders I did, heeded Paripi’s words… all of it… simply…… because of my desire to be recognized… I was blinded.”

“You wanted to be recognized… Oh?”

“…… but no more. I need not …… speak of it anymore.”

“Oh, sure.”

“I don’t know if it’ll be enough to thank thee, but… the Jamdi’el case… I’ll take care of it.”

“Oh, that’s right. Then we don’t need to go wild any more, do we?”

Speaking of which, with Kron’s abilities, I was able to see the bald guy’s past and catch a glimpse of what had happened.

And the delicate relationship between him and the bald guy, and what he himself wanted.

– What? Do you want your father’s approval?

I laughed even more now that I couldn’t say that.

“…… Parents… Huh?”

Then I remembered something. Or rather, I realized.

“…… Hey, Princess.”

“Huh? Ah, what, Earth. D, do you want to talk to me? Um, w, what is it? Can you tell me what’s going on?”

When I called out to the princess, who was working on the treatment, she suddenly looked up in panic and bit it down quickly.

“No, rather than the circumstances… you guys came here, but… erm…… what are my parents doing? Mother was in Cantidan… if Fu had learned space transfer, she would have come with you…”

“Y, yes, that’s… that, umm…”

Perhaps it wasn’t what she had expected, but the princess shrugged her shoulders slightly, but quickly looked up.

“After you and Sadiz disappeared in Cantidan… Lady Mamu detected the presence Jamdi’el of the Six Supremacy… after that, your friend Bro, the half-demon… he wouldn’t say anything about it. But After looking into his background, we found out that he was from Cacretale… and also had a connection with Jamdi’el, so it was suggested that you might be in Cacretale.”

“…… Oh…”

At that moment, Kron and Mr. Machio reacted to Bro’s name, but the princess continued regardless.

“However, Cacretale is a closed country. And because of some political situation, we were excluded from the investigation team to Cacretale, and furthermore, Cacretale was covered by a barrier the next day, so we couldn’t even get ashore… we weren’t just waiting with our fingers crossed, but we couldn’t do anything about it…”

I see…… So, when Fu mastered space transfer magic in the last few months… isn’t space transfer somewhat forbidden? Jamdi’el was using it in an assortment of ways.

Well, but he can learn it, after all Fu is… Huh? What?

“…… Investigation team to Cacretale?”

At that moment, a word that the princess uttered caught my attention.

Cacretale Investigation.

In other words, my parents knew I was in Cacretale. Or rather, they suspected it.

However, they couldn’t get inside because of Jamdi’el’s barrier, so until now… what? But now the barrier…


Now, Jamdi’el was trapped here in the Heavenly World.

So there was no longer a barrier around Cacretale.

What if my parents were keeping an eye near Cacretale? What if they found out that there is no barrier now?

That? If that’s the case, if I go back like this… or rather if Kron and Jamdi’el also return to Cacretale, wouldn’t there be trouble?

Author’s Note

My private life has been taken care of. End-of-term work, relocation turmoil, promotion exams, Volume 2 work, bonus SS work, etc… I’m seriously tired. In addition, I was tired because the contents of the second volume were quite a bit different from the web version.

I’m sorry if the late update caused a lot of worries about whether I was arrested naked, with the flu or the virus, or if I succeeded in marrying and became a full-fledged person.

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