Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 216

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Chapter 216 – Intermission (The Lowest Demon)

Irritating little shit!

I’m a little cautious, but when it comes to simple physical ability, there were quite a few at this level in the turbulent times of the past.

Tearing him apart is easy enough.

But, there are a lot of interesting mysteries around this kid.

I really don’t get it, and my curiosity is piqued panay.

So what to do?

Well, just gut him, and if he’s lucky enough to still be alive, I’ll think about it!


Anyway, the martial art and footwork that this kid has desperately mastered are certainly at a high level, but not for me!

All I should be concerned about with his technique is the Great Demon Spiral.

But with how he’s using the breakthrough, he should be about out of magic power.

Also, even if they don’t work on me, I just need to watch out for his “footwork”, “shockwaves”, any “lucky punch” and “counterpunch”.

Especially, depending on where the punch hits, even I could suffer a little damage.

This kid is scared of my poison claws and doesn’t want to get close, but he will if he’s cornered.

“Soiya, off you go!”


“How’s my footwork?”

He’s so worried about my claws, he can’t handle my kicks.

The fact that he got hit by a backward kick, a big one at that, was proof of this.

He violently got knocked away from me.

And after rolling on the ground like that… the finishing blow!

“It’s over! Hihahahaha, die!”

It ends here. It took some doing, but I’ll finally gut him!

At the end of the roll after being blown away, the kid will be stabbed by my claws―――

“tsu, Terra Spell, 【Kilo Mud Wall】!”

“Not gonna give up! Still with the struggle! So easy going!”

He rolled over, put his hand on the ground, and pulled out a Mud Wall.

Even with so little magic left in him, he was still struggling?

But in the end, it’s only kilo class. Might as well be a piece of paper.

At best, it blocked my field of vision… huh?

“Hihahahahahaha, I’ll smash them all together head-on!”

Oh~, I see. Is that your goal?

Block my view, brace yourself behind the wall, and slam a counter into me as I break through the wall and come rushing?

When the wall breaks down, a desperate counter attack towards me?

Well, that’s all you can do.

Now then, do I blow it all up with magic? But I was too excited earlier, and to be honest, I don’t have much magic left in me either.

It would be a piece of cake to kill the rest of them all, but I’d better conserve a little magic in case the Seraphs waiting outside burst in?

Besides, now that I have a general idea of the power of this kid, I can just knock him out head on without any hassle!

I’ll break down the wall, pause for a moment there, and intercept the kid as he leaps out.

I’ll take the counterpunch and fake it, and the moment he defenselessly throws his body out first, knock him down into despair!

As if to hammer into his body that there was no hope at all for any last clever strategy!


Once that was decided, first of all, the Mud Wall, which was almost like scrap paper, was smashed by force, and from behind the wall…

“Hihahaha, come on? But I’ve taken all you got… huh?”

I broke down the wall and said, “Come on, jump out” and I poised myself with my hands out to catch the punch.

But what jumped out from behind the wall was…

“…… Huh?”

There was… the nostalgic… link to my past… the Hero……

“Hi… Hiro? No….. Huh!?”

That’s not… Hiro!

It’s not that he’s as immensely powerful as that idiot Hiro can be, nor does he radiate an overwhelming sword aura.

And yet, for a moment, I mistook him.

So much so that the kid that made me feel the shadow of Hiro…


The kid, not with a fist… holding a sword in his other hand… jumped out…… with a horizontal slash at me…

“This is the last Magic Sword in my life! Final, 【Thunder Slash】!”

“Th… that move!?”

Magic was nothing compared to Hiro’s. Even the power of the sword.

But, that Magic Sword here!?

Not a fist?!

Not a punch!?

No, indeed, the information said that he was a Magic Swordsman before the Graduation Match!

Still, it was completely unexpected that this kid would wield a Magic Sword in this situation right now.

From my wrists onwards, which were defenselessly exposed…

“Wh, uh, oh, wh, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatt?!”

Ridiculous! Wh, hot, pain, c, cut off!? Both my hands!? Regeneration, no, magic power, not immediately… how?!

“Ah… that technique! That move of Hiro’s… and Earth’s!”

“Earth… here…… sword!”

“B, but! He did it! Earth’s sword… a Six Supremacy’s hands!”


“Amazing… Earth!”

A… oooww… damn brats, were surprised… no, of course.

Even those guys were surprised.

The kids who were his childhood friends and the doll who stayed with him until recently were also surprised.

In other words, it was unexpected for everyone here, including me, that this kid would use a Magic Sword at this point.

That’s why I was hit!

“The blind spot in your thinking, let me hit you!”

“Th, this, braaat! Ts, th, that sword, where did you… Huh?!”

“Your hands can’t regenerate right away, can they?”

The sword that kid was holding, oh yes, the sword that was used by one of the small fish that I kicked away.

He was blown away and lying on the floor… this kid picked up the sword that “just happened” to be lying around after I hit him, and at the last minute, used this Magic Sword!?

Blind spot in my thinking? Certainly, this was totally unexpected, and I was rather too surprised to react.

The only thing I watched out for was the kid’s footwork and counterpunches…

“Ha~, ha~, ha~… how… how is, how about thaaaaaaaaaat I did it!”

You mean he can cut off my hands?

As I recall, according to reports, the power of this kid’s Magic Sword is second-rate.

His sword skills should be inferior to the princess and the Second Sword Saint, and I kicked them both away earlier.

But what he did just now was definitely much stronger than those two!

Even I couldn’t handle it on the spur of the moment!

“It’s been six months since I learned to fight the way I do now. But I’ve been working hard for more than 10 years with the Magic Sword.”

“Ah, huh?”

“But then one day, ‘he’ told me that the Magic Sword didn’t suit me. No matter how hard I try, I can’t surpass my father.”

And what?

Even though I was caught off guard, he still achieved the great feat of slashing my hands off with a Magic Sword, as one of the Six Supremacy, this kid suddenly … no….. I’m sure about that… previously he talked about……

“That story… hey, Rebal! Certainly in your match…”

“That’s what Earth said… in the match against me…”

“At the time, I didn’t know it was going on at all, but… come to think of it…… who? Who would say that?”

“Oh, was Honey originally a Magic Swordsman?”

“Well! Was that so?”

That’s right. In that match, I also had a peek through the magic crystal, that kid said that… That’s right…… who was that?

And the second generation kids, don’t they know who either?

So even Hiro and the others don’t know… the one who made him give up the Magic Sword… for his current fighting style…

“Hmm… Little man… well done… and….. that was the last time…”

“Ah… Sadiz, are you awake?”

“Yes, princess… don’t worry…”

“Oh, and more than that, Sadiz… about Earth… you…… do you know anything?”

“…… yes…… more or less…… I’ve heard of it.”


It seems that the maid who had fainted has woken up, but only that maid seemed to know something.

“I’ve been trying for 10 years to get good at it. But you know what ‘he’ just said to me ‘now’.”

Hey, I don’t get it. Who the hell is that? Hey, it’s not the other Six Supremacy. Then who else?

“My Magic Sword can’t surpass my father. Still, that doesn’t mean my 10 years have been a complete waste… he said…… today…… it brought me to this moment!”

This guy is blabbing on because he’s high on excitement, but… no, my hands are … useless, what should I do? Calm down…… don’t get upset about this… for now, distance…

“My ten years were enough to give my fathers’ former rival, a Six Supremacy, a pretty good shot. That’s enough for me! And this is my last sword! And from here on, it’s my way! Come on, let’s get this over with!”

And this kid didn’t want to beat me with his sword, he put the sword on the floor and raised his fist.

This guy, from here on, with his bare hands… now that my poisonous claws were gone…

“Hihahaha, I was certainly surprised, but… don’t get cocky! You just slashed my hands off! Is it because you no longer have to be scared by poisonous claws? But kid, now you’re completely out of magic, aren’t you? Now that you can’t even use the breakthrough, I’ll―――”

“Su~, fuh~”

“…… Huh?”

Just now…… he took something like a deep breath… the magic power of the kid that should be completely empty… eh?

No, no, no, no way!?

“What?! M, magic power is restored… what…… no way!? No way, it’s Magical Breathing!?”

“Kuhahahaha! You finally got to show me, your stupid surprised face! But from here on out, I’m going to be all over you! Breakthrough!!”

The distance I had planned to have was closed in an instant!

Seriously, his magical power recovered and he could use the breakthrough!

Hey, this is really what’s happening! Magical Breathing!?

Like the Great Demon Spiral, Magical Breathing was something even Sis couldn’t do!

It’s more of a physical skill than magic! That’s why she said it can’t be copied even with the Heraldic Eye!

But why can this kid do it!?

A cheat technique that allows him to unleash magic almost inexhaustibly.


Who taught him!?

“Let’s go! Goraaah!”

Unless he was directly under the tutelage of the Great Demon King, absolutely no one can――――

Great Demon King…?

“Im, possible…”

No, how could something so weird pop up…in this situation.

But the “no way” that went through my head made me more upset than ever.

The Great Demon King is dead. There should be no doubt about that.

But what if…?

Why? That should be impossible. Yet, if we ignore that impossibility, it all makes sense.

This kid shouldn’t even know me, but he’s wary of my poisonous claws…

“Listen… Earth――”

“【Great Demon Heartbreak Shot】!!”

“Bupyupa… wa… gah…”

“【Great Demon Solar Plexus Blow】!”


“You’ve kicked me too many times, you bastard!”

The heart and… the solar plexus… not good…… on top of that…… the timing, the angle, the power couldn’t be worse…

“【Great Demon Smash】!!!!”

“Gah… Wa,it… let’s talk man to…”

“No need to listen to anything from you, bastard!”

“N, no, seriously… it’s really… importan…… ah.”

“You know! There’s nothing I want to hear about, at all…”

And my jaw… it’s bad…… this guy, all these powerful repeated hits to my weak points…

“That’s all on you, bastaaaaaaaaard!!”

Damn it. I was also more or less confident in my toughness.

I was confident that I wouldn’t fall no matter how many hits I took from a kid ignorant of war and some miscellaneous small fish.

However, if fists of this level were all slammed directly into my vitals, it wouldn’t be a fluke.

And without my hands, I can’t defend myself.

I can’t anticipate his movement because I’m at the mercy of this guy’s footwork, so I can’t even evade.

Or rather, I can’t move because I’m paralyzed by blows to the heart, solar plexus, and jaw!

Certainly, this fighting style is more troublesome than the Magic Sword.

“【Great Demon Rush】!!”

After all, I need this kid!

There’s something about this kid.

And he will definitely… make this boring world and era worthwhile.

I can’t kill this kid… look at him!

I want to see what this kid is going to do―――

Author’s Note

Many people were wondering who Gran Chario was… or it’s amazing that you don’t remember him!

He’s the guy who came out in the Arcane True Zenith Tournament. Introduced in Chapter 131 and conversed with Earth in Chapter 135.

Thinking back, because I wanted to do this, even though it was a fighting tournament, I made Gran Chario the only swordsman. Somehow, I didn’t want to borrow Rebal’s sword, so…

Oh, I got a review called Spirit! I’m sorry I overlooked it.

23 cases! 23… ni san…Um, is that the right number for me?

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