Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 217

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Chapter 217 – Triumphant Enough

Paripi, the bastard was surprised.

Obviously. Even I was surprised when Tre’ainar first told me.

With my Magic Sword, cut his hands off.

―― Are you out of your mind!? I’ve wasted ten years of effort on the Magic Sword, and now…

There was no way my half-baked Magic Sword would work against a Six Supremacy.

For all that, there’s no way I could take him…

―― Certainly, you are ill-suited for the Magic Sword. However, the days of effort spent were not in vain!

With a serious expression on his face…

―― Do not dismiss that time spent as a “waste”. Also allow me to enlighten you. Having fought and trained in your current fighting style, it has led to the growth of the arms, wrists, latissimus dorsi muscles, legs, hips and other parts of your body that are also necessary for a swordsman, and your magic has also been further refined with the use of breakthroughs and Magical Breathing. In other words, your Magic Sword prowess has naturally risen to a level beyond what it was six months ago.

―― Wh, at…?

―― A sudden blow would be enough to sever his arm. As you currently are, the power of your Magic Sword would surpass that princess or even the Second Sword Saint.

Don’t dismiss it as a waste. It all depends on how you use it.

With the endorsement of the Great Demon King, nothing else could grant me more confidence.

And, just as he said, the Magic Sword that I had spent over ten years on was rewarded here and now.

So I’m satisfied.

Now, I’m really free from regrets.

All that’s left is……

“All I have to do now is to blow this bastard away!”

“Ka, gah…”

“【Great Demon Low Altitude Smash】!”


Paripi, who has lost both hands, can’t handle my punches at all.

I hit him with all my might, feeling the numbness in my hand.

I just single-mindedly hit the legendary Six Supremacy.

“Gah, this brat! With my kick――― “

『You need not take anymore! Focus and hit him in the opposite direction!』

A guy, who wasn’t a kicking specialist like Bro, carelessly tried to kick me in the face with a front kick.

I responded to his oncoming front kick with a right uppercut to the Achilles tendon.

“【Great Demon Short Upper】!”

“Gah oh, ogoooooooooooooooooooooooooohh!”

Severed with a snap… no, I crushed it.

“Kid, just, gah, hold on… Time time!”

“【Great Demon Jab】!”

“Ha, hagah?! Oh, hagaaaah!”

Then, standing on one leg, his face contorted in pain, Paripi hurriedly tries to stop me, but… I punched that defenseless jaw.

Evade…… no, he didn’t evade the punch… I dislocated his jaw!

He can’t speak fluently anymore with this.

“A, awesome… Earth! The Magic Sword he just used was amazing, but… I should say, he’s even more with his fists…”

“This is Earth… yes… he’s even stronger than…… when he overwhelmed me in our match!”

“Yes… there’s no doubt about it. I don’t know why Earth abandoned his Magic Sword and chose this way of fighting, and I don’t know how he was able to use the Great Demon King’s technique, but… this power of Earth is real!”

That’s right. Look closely, you guys.

This is me.

Not the son of a hero.

This is Earth Lagann.

The hero’s son you sought is no more. So instead, burn this present me into your eyes!

“Fah~, ah, heavy hit… My Honey is no good nogoodnogood! You’re too cool! I’ve had enough… If you make me fall in love any more, my love for you will kill me!”

“Go, Earth, there! There it is! Ei, ei, eiii! Fight on!”

You guys need to calm down a bit… there’s visible heart steam coming out of Shinobu, and an excited Kron was jumping up and down in a punching motion imitating me… no….. I’ll make them fall in love with me… even more?


“Little man! Now is the time… now is the time to let them know! The power of Earth Lagann!”

The last push reached me.

So, I’m already…

『Go! Settle it here, child! Even if it means reaping his life… make sure you end it right here!』

I’ll finish him here! Cut him down! Pierce him!

“It’s over, Paripi!!”

After taking one more Magical Breath and restoring all my magic power again, I concentrated all that magic power in my right hand and raised it.

“That technique! He showed us at the end of the Graduation Match…”

“The technique that led Earth to leave the Imperial City…”

“And… we… couldn’t stop Earth from running out… I…”

“Come on, Little man… to your heart’s content!”

“Aaaah no more… shukii… Honey~♡”

“Go, Earth!”

I’m going to use that technique in front of them again.

It is this technique that will decide the end, not the Magic Sword.

“gah, kaha… Hah~, hah~… Earth…… kid.”

At that moment, Paripi, who set his jaw on his shoulder and forcibly pushed it, turned to me with his mouth that was finally able to move with a bitter smile…

“Hey… Earth… is there someone else… inside you…. by any chance?”

It was, in a sense, the closest words to the truth.

I see. Paripi is not as blind as Jamdi’el.

From what has happened so far, he may have arrived at a hypothesis that would not normally be possible.

Yes, aside from Sadiz, who I told myself, this guy came closest to answering my mystery.

Well, the right answer isn’t only inside me… now at my back… sometimes by my side… always ingrained in my very being.

And he’s by my side.

We will continue to be together!

“【Great Magic Spiral, Earth, Spiral Break】!!!!”

I didn’t confirm or deny it, I just slammed the Great Magic Spiral into Paripi.

It all pierced through like a windpipe.

The feel of my hand undoubtedly penetrated and ripped through Paripi’s torso.

“Ea————————eh !!??.”

The demon’s final scream echoed through the air.

And there, after I’ve exhausted all the magical power I had…

“Ka… ah…… gah…”

I could already tell just by looking at him that he was incapable of fighting, and there he was, lying there.

“Ha~, ha~, ha~…”

I recovered once more with Magical Breathing and exhausted it all at once.

A strong sense of emptiness and exhaustion washed over me, but…

“He… he did…… it?”


“Amazing… truly…”

“Honey… Honey!”

“Excellent… Little man!”

“Earth won!!”

I won? Did I….. beat a Six Supremacy?

Hearing the voices around me, I looked up involuntarily, and when I saw the reality in front of me, I clenched my fists.

That’s right … I…..


And before I knew it, I was screaming.

The one who has fallen was Paripi of the Six Supremacy.

I’m the one left standing.

I’m the one who won!

『Fufu… how admirable… no….. child.』

“Eh, ah…”

But, for a moment when I screamed with excitement, Tre’ainar looked at Paripi with a serious face.

『He can no longer move, yet… he still… lives…』


It’s not that I don’t…… know what those words mean.

In the first place, I was prepared for that.

It just so happened that Paripi was alive now, because this guy had more vitality than expected.

But that feeling… again… for the purpose of taking lives… killing… people…

『Pay it no mind. There is no need to take lightly the feeling that remains in that hand, but… if you do not do it here, you may regret it even more!』

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I almost held back slightly against “this moment”, but Tre’ainar pushed me back.

Yes, right now this guy, definitely right here…

“…… I’m sorry…… Earth.”

“…… Huh?”

That’s when it happened.

Suddenly, I heard a woman’s voice that sounded so faint and sad that it seemed to disappear…

“The Forgiveness Song… ~♪ ~♪”

“Ah… eh?”

I heard a gentle …… but haunting tone of a flute that touched my heart … I wonder why?

When I hear this sound… I can’t forgive him, but… I don’t have to kill him…

『This sound is… this flute… eh! Child, cover your ears! Do not be taken by this tone!』

“…… What? Oh…?”

If I take one more step, I can bury Paripi.

But now, in front of me, lying on his back, with a big hole in his torso, I see Paripi, whose upper and lower body are barely connected with a little flesh…

“Hahi, ha, ga, hi, ha… Hiha…”

Unlike humans, this vitality was unique to demons, and even in such a state, he was not dead yet.

But, it’s easy to put the finisher on the guy who can’t even move anymore.

But why?

“If we go this far… already…… isn’t that enough?”


No more…… I feel like I don’t have to go that far…

“This, tone… this flute is… ah!”

“What!? That girl…… what is she…”

“C, come to think of it, I, I wondered where she was…”

“That one…”

“Huh? Why is she…?”

“Oh? Hey what the heck…”

I also looked back at the voice of the princess and the others.

And there was someone I didn’t expect to see.

『The sound of the flute now… sound of Emotional Manipulation Magic…… not quite complete brainwashing, but… enough for the child who has never killed before to stay his hands…』

Why? No, I knew she came along with the princess’ group, but no, where has she been all this time?

And why come out now?

Why would she…


“I’m sorry… Earth.”

It’s Coman.

Coman was a classmate.

She was brought here by the princess, so why… and….. why does she have such a sad face?

Why is she crying?

When we were kids, we played and talked a few times, but once we entered the academy, we became estranged from each other and I rarely talked to her properly.

She was always odd, jumpy, and withdrawn…

Guh… how miserable…”


“Like this… uh… I can’t believe that I get to talk to Earth face to face like this for the first time in a long time… in the academy, the princess was always by Earth’s side, so…”


“I’m sorry… for getting you into this mess… really…”

She’s not the kind of person who would cause any problems, and she’s a kind girl who wouldn’t even kill an insect…

“Really… that princess………………… so annoying, isn’t she?”

“…… Huh?”

For the first time, this girl gave me goosebumps.

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      For a brief rundown of all the other times she came up:

      Part 1: Introduced as one of the Commemorative Graduation Match participants.
      Part 2: Flashback during conversation with Mr. Aka about how to make friends (she passed out when Earth sat next to her and princess stole that spot)
      Part 3: Hiro’s POV chapter. He was told that the princess’ group used her power to chase after Earth. Also in final chapter when Earth ran away from his mother and the others.
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      Part 5: The reunion. Earth wondered why the princess even brought her along.

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