Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 215

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Chapter 215 – The Seven Stars

It’s not the first time I’ve fought an opponent with a different reach.

But this time, he’s not the kind of guy who makes big attacks like Mr. Aka and Mr. Machio.

He’s faster and stronger than Bro and Rebal, and just a scratch of his attack is fatal.

If it was a proper fight, Jamdi’el would be stronger, but unlike Jamdi’el, who was holding back in the fight against me, he was ruthless.

In other words, he may be the strongest enemy ever.

I’ve never fought anyone like this guy…

『Now, tis a rhythm with the left shockwave.』

…… yeah, that’s right. I’ve had the experience of fighting someone who’s far stronger than Paripi almost every day.

“【Great Demon Sonic Flicker】!”

“Ah~, that again! Boring.”

Move constantly with footwork, and hit the left long-distance punch while adjusting the timing.

However, this guy is a Six Supremacy, it’ll only annoy him a little and won’t give a fatal injury.

“You can’t beat me just by slapping me around, can you?”

Yes, to deal damage to this guy, hit the right cannon or the Great Magic Spiral directly.

But in order to do that, I have to close the distance between us and create a situation where I can land a sure hit.

“Hey… don’t run away!”


“Hey, ora! Ra!”

Focus on everything about Paripi, his eyes, his footsteps, the creak of his muscles.

Always maintain a distance outside of Paripi’s attack range, and if the opponent tries to close in, retreat by that amount.

After repeating the attack several times, I could see that Paripi was getting more and more frustrated.


“Hmm… you really have bothersome legs… more quality of running rather than speed? No way, Hiro’s son was a second-rate swordsman, but his punches and footwork are decent.”

『He will suddenly unleash a spell in the course of the conversation. Maybe to strike at the moment your mind relaxes at a compliment? Pay it no mind, crush it.』

“But this isn’t a talent. It’s definitely the fruits of effort. I see, you’re a genius in that sense… yep, a genius at working hard! Dark Magic—”

“【Great Demon Sonic Jab】”


Paripi suddenly tried to unleash his magic in the flow of the conversation, but I was able to calmly deal with it beforehand because I had been given an earful by Tre’ainar.

I slammed my left into his hand and mouth as he tried to invoke magic.

“Don’t talk so much. All you’re saying is a bunch of gibberish anyway.”

“…… AH゛AH゛……IS゛ THAT゛ SO゛?”

The corner of his mouth was smiling, but the blood-vessels Paripi’s forehead was prominent, it’s as if I could hear them snapping in anger.

But, he’s not as naive as Jamdi’el to forget himself and rush at me.

“Now… I’m really …… pissed off, but …… what to do about it?!”

“I don’t care?!”

“This brat… then…”

『Child, stay alert. To distract you here, Paripi may attack Kron and your friends.』

It’s the same tactic as when the bald guy was first done in.

A daring attack to my surroundings just to distract and upset me.

『Should his attention turn from you to the people over there, beat him down mercilessly.』

But as long as Tre’ainar tells me in advance, the moment this guy deviates from me is also my opportunity.

Then, I can go for it…

“….. tch…”


At that moment, Paripi seemed to think about something for a moment, but he didn’t attack everyone, and he remained focused on me.

『Hou~, this one… apparently, he seems more vigilant than I expected.』

Tre’ainar smiled at Paripi’s state.

『From the way you have fought so far… your movements…… it may be dangerous to take focus away even for a moment just to provoke you… such are Paripi’s thoughts.』

What an honor… can I think that?

A Six Supremacy was being wary of me.

『As such you must concentrate more. Do not underestimate your opponent, remain vigilant, victory against a focused Six Supremacy would be difficult, would it not?』

Well, that’s right. It means that the difficulty level has increased considerably.

And at the same time……

“Ah~ I give… I would have liked to know if I could… the mystery surrounding you. Then, I’d love for us to be friends and enliven the new era ahead panay…”


“I give I give… it’s not mature to get pissed off at being teased by a kid, but …… okay, let’s just tear it up properly!”

His ferocity grew. This is……


“Eh, so fast!?”

“Hey, stop prancing around, will yoooooooooouuu!”

He howled, and the speed went up — but if I shift the timing with my misdirection…

『Tis a wide range attack! Blow it away with a tornado of the Great Magic Spiral!』

“Get ripped apart… 【Wicked Funeral Claw Melody】! Play do re mi fa so la ti do!”

“【Great Magic Spiral, Earth Spiral Wall】!”

“Hihahaha, you got it! Moreover, a surprisingly good decision! …… But!”

Not a blow or a medium-range attack, but a wide range attack.

If that’s the case, I’ll throw everything off with the tornado wall that is created by raising the Great Magic Spiral above my head…

“If you use the Great Demon Spiral in the breakthrough state, your magical power will be quickly exhausted!”

『Let him believe so, do not use Magical Breathing yet! Leave only ‘three kilo-class spells’ worth of magic power!』

Paripi doesn’t know. That I can use Magical Breathing.

Then, this was another strategy.

“Hihaha, hello sunny tornado!”

“【Earth Misdirection Sh—”

“Right! Your scampering is an eyesore, but in short, as long as I shatter what’s underfoot!”


It’s a strategy to ruin my foothold and prevent me from using footwork, which was also used in the battle against Jamdi’el a few days ago.

With a slight attack and defense, Paripi also saw through my weakness and exploited it.

However, I have already experienced that move.

“Terra Spell, 【Kilo Earth Road】!”

I crouched down and put my hand on the shattered floor and laid the dirt at my feet.

“What!? Even though it’s beginner’s magic, it’s a terran attribute magic… footing?”

Create a foothold so that I can use footwork.

This surprised Paripi a little——

“Hihaha, how cheeky. So easy going!”


Before I could stand back up and use my footwork, he slammed a middle kick into my body.

“A moment’s delay can be fatal on the battlefield!  Even the slightest stop in front of me is fatal!”

『Here he comes! Close combat! Look only at his arm! You need not pay attention to the feet! Brace for foot attacks! Tis impossible to avoid everything!』



Finally, I was caught.

I can avoid his claws with my dynamic vision and zone, but it’s impossible to avoid all of the Six Supremacy’s martial arts with just that.

I was too focused on my upper body to deal with his lower body kicks.

Once again, Paripi’s middle kick pierced my abdomen and my internal organs were viscerally shocked.

“Hihahahaha, are you only paying attention to my claws? No, you’re so wary of my claws, but as a result, you can’t follow my footwork! And as a result, you’re getting clawed!”

『His claws will swing down from overhead, dodge to the left, and immediately roll away. As he comes around, take the toe kick with your forehead and endure it!』

“Hmm… bugu!”

His feet stopped. His face looked down in agony. At Tre’ainar’s direction, I rolled across the ground and backed away, but was kicked as hard as possible by his toe as he went around me.

“Gahh… g, 【Great Demon Head-butt】!”


Has my forehead been crushed? My head was ringing… if it weren’t for the determination to “endure” for a moment, my consciousness would definitely have been blown away.

But compared to Mr. Aka’s punch…

“There! He stopped for a moment with pain in his toes! Smash into his crotch! Of course that’s not –“

“Crush! 【Great Demon Smash】!”

“Oops… Hihaha, can’t let you crush me, for the sake of the maidens of the world! But…… you did it, kid!”


I hit his toe with a Great Demon Head-butt, but there was no damage. On the contrary, he kicked me in the face once more, as if hit with a stone…

“Earth! Oh… no, no…”

“S, strong… too strong… this is a Six Supremacy… we…”


Yes…… I hear… voices of concern for me…

“I can’t stand it anymore! As I thought, me too!”

“W… wait, princess!”

“Fu! Let go! If this goes on, Earth will be killed!”


“But nothing!”

She can’t help but think so… but…… it’s all for this…

『Tch, is that the limit of their patience? However, I simply hope they not to get in the way…』

This is all according to Tre’ainar’s expectations.

All to win.

I used my martial arts and got cornered by him, and from there… so……

“Earth… I….. I’ve seen you. I’m still looking at you. Believing in you… so…… win! Earth! Fight on!”

That’s right. I don’t need any help.

Just cheer me on and pray for me, that’s all!


『There! A backwards turn to throw a kick! Receive it at that angle, in that position… be blown away! And right after that, release your magic! Cast two kinds of spells! A mud wall to momentarily block his view… and a thunder spell after picking ‘that’ up!』

I’ll do it!

I just need it to work this once!

This was my last leg… and….. no worries.

『Even if he is wary of you… for Paripi right now, ‘that attack’ alone will be completely unexpected! A blind spot in his thoughts! He can neither react nor respond! Strike him down!』

And then, my bad… on the ground over there… I’ll borrow it without permission, okay?

Gran Chario.

Author’s Note

We’re getting ready for volume 2 ……, or rather, we’re releasing it. The pictures of Mr. Aka… Bro… and Shinobu are already in my hands!

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