Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 212

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Chapter 212 – Heard it Again


Whether it was the missing body parts or the poison, Mr. Machio recovered with his ability, and then gained a sturdier body and more antibodies.

“Hihahaha Super Magical Recovery. That’s a very rear body panay. First time I’m seeing it since Gouda.”

“Arcane True Zenith Spear Tackle!”

“But you specialize only in physical strength, your skills can’t keep up!”

Paripi who avoided the tackle from Mr. Machio’s strong dash with a flutter and doesn’t even let it touch him.

With that much power in front of him, he’s not in the zone like me, but he avoided it with ease.

“Then, I’ll show you my skills.”


“Maid Killer Arts, 【Table Manners】!”

That’s when Sadiz moved.

Aiming at Paripi as he avoided Mr. Machio’s attack, she threw a sharp-edged fork, a polished knife, and a plate like chakram all at once.

“Ha, too easy!”

Paripi easily knocked off all such things, bare hands and sharp claws.

However, at that moment, Sadiz suddenly closed the distance with Parisi.

“Dual Death Scythe…… 【Executioner Flash】!!”

“Oho, o, ooooh!? So fast…”

A high-speed rush that made her two heavy Scythes become invisible.

Sadiz was trying to chop off all the opponent’s limbs and head.

Sadiz was so serious that she tried to kill and injure her opponent without hesitation.

“You evaded even this… but!”


“Terra Spell――


【Mega Sandlock】!”

With both hands holding a weapon, Sadiz cast a magic spell. The next moment, sand appeared from Paripi’s feet, which suddenly wrapped around and restrained him.

“What!? No way … magic from the feet!?

Paripi seemed to be surprised at this.

I’ve never seen it before either.

Normally, you cast spells with magic released from the palm, or by touching the ground to activate it, but from the foot?

“Terra Attribute, Thunder Attribute, Composite Spell! 【Mega Landmine】!”

“Oh, this hurts! Ugh!

In addition, Sadiz’s attack never stopped.

With Paripi restrained in the sand, thunder blew through his body.

“Kah. shit… I’m… damn… damn it… damn iiiiiiiit!”

This is…… effective? Paripi was taking damage!

“It’s over! I’ll take your head! My Deathblow… Original Secret Technique!”

It’s here! Sadiz’ special move. When I was little, she showed it only once.

In a forward-leaning position, she pulled the scythes back, and swung out as she jumped in.

『Unwise! Paripi is acting! Tis a bluff!』


『Stop the maid, child!』

At that moment, Tre’ainar screamed as if he had panicked.

“【Maid Slash】!!”

“Sadiz, it’s a trap! Don’t jump in!



“Damnit! Damnit! …Just kidding ♡”



The next moment, fresh blood splattered.

It was the blood that splattered from Sadiz’s scythe hitting Paripi’s right shoulder.


On the contrary, Sadiz’s left shoulder was also pierced by five claws “shot” from Paripi’s finger.

“Heh~, you saved yourself by not stepping in as quickly as you should have. You should thank the little guy. If you had taken one more step… my claws would have pierced your heart.”

“Gah, s, such underhanded conduct…”

Could he send those claws flying like a throwing knife?

Oh no, poison!

“You’re still strong, though. You could have made a name for yourself in the war at the time, with the power you have now. As expected of you, the one raised by Hiro and Mamu, and reported as one of the key figures in the Empire.”

“Guh, y… you bastard…”

“But, you didn’t notice my lure, and misunderstood it as a chance only to rush into it like a fool and eat a counterattack, your experience in actual battles is meager. Well, you choose to flirt with your cute young master rather than fight real battles, that’s the extent of it. And you are so pathetic that even your beloved Little man ran away from you.”

After being poisoned, Sadiz got down on one knee… no way!

“Sh, shut up! Detoxification Spell, 【Mega Detox】!”

Sadiz stood up to her feet while detoxifying herself and whipping her body that was being eroded by poison.

However, her body did not recover immediately.


It’s like a nightmare.

I’ve never seen Sadiz fighting seriously.

So I’ve never seen the bottom of Sadiz’s power.

“Hahhh! Imperial Dual Scythe Style!

Sadiz was brandishing her weapons with a serious look.

“Ooooh, 【Arcane True Zenith Knuckle Arrow】!”

Just like Sadiz, Mr. Machio screamed, and seriously hit him with his swollen muscles.

Unlike Sadiz, I know the power of Mr. Machio’s serious punches because we clashed in the tournament with our all.

“You did a good job just now! Fire Release, 【Flame Kunai, 100 Consecutive Blows】!

Shinobu threw countless kunai covered in flames.

She was aiming to toss the opponent with a number of techniques that are not well known on the Surface, and then slit his throat from behind whenever there was a chance.

Those three…

“Hihahahaha, just too easy, damn brats!”


“Let’s get ripped apart… 【Wicked Funeral Claw Melody】!”

They were torn and knocked down by the demon’s claws, and then everyone danced.

They were made to crawl in front of a single demon.

“Hiha, ♪ but, that’s some backbone, well, for small fries…”

So strong.

“Well… I was a little bit excited, but I guess I’m getting bored.”

I didn’t underestimate the Six Supremacy, but this much?

Without disrupting his breath, without much damage, he scattered the strong men who gathered.

“I can’t believe it… what is… this monster…”

“He’s a little too strong…”

“I never thought there was someone like this …… in the world… what should I do~.”

“M, my legs are cowering… I can’t move…”

“S, s, scary, I’m scared… this is bad, bad bad,”

At first there were dozens of us, but before long, the only ones standing here were the princess, who had already taken a lot of damage from his attack and got up while her clothes were in tatters, me and Kron, who were finally able to move our bodies, Elder sis Tsukshi and Karui, who were huddled together, and Hilua, who was trembling and frozen in the corner of the room.


“Hah~, hah~… who the hell… is he…”

“M, my magic… doesn’t work at all…”

Likewise, Rebal and Fu haven’t lost consciousness, but have been hurt more than necessary by his hands and haven’t yet risen from their knees.

We, who were more or less confident in our strength, couldn’t do anything.

This is……

“Hey, Earth. Just who the heck… is this guy?”

As she approached, the princess asked me because they still didn’t know who he was.

Everyone except me and Kron wants to know the answer.

And that guy… I glanced at Paripi…

“He is… one of the Legendary Six Supremacy and Generals of the former Demon King Army…’The Black Sage, Paripi'”


At that moment, Elder sis Tsukshi and Karui, who knew nothing about the world outside of their secluded nation, only tilted their heads, but the expressions of the princess, Rebal, and Fu changed to one of astonishment.

“W, wh … whaaat?! A Six Supremacy and General of the Demon King Army!?”

“Ridiculous, what are you saying, Earth! You think he is a Six Supremacy!”

“B, besides, I thought The Black Sage was dead…”

They would never have dreamed that the opponent they were fighting against was a Six Supremacy.

“Hihahahaha, they are small fish, but they seem to have excellent grades. Do you know of me? No, it’s embarrassing for me, I’ve got social anxiety.”

Paripi laughed in such a playful manner, irritating me, but no one was able to make any comment about it.

“But the grades are only excellent on paper. If you don’t have much experience in actual combat, this is the limit. Your folks were already fighting us when they were your age.”

As if to make fun of… no, I guess he’s actually making fun of us.

He was saying that we were “just this much”.

And, much to my chagrin, I knew what the guy will say next.

“After all, compared to our time―――”

“…… the current generation just aren’t as reliable…”


“It seems… that’s what you want to say, right?”

“…… Pfft, hihaha.”

Those who lived in the old days of war always say that.

It seemed that my words were correct, and Paripi laughed again gleefully.

“That’s right. In fact, I’m supposed to have been killed by the parents of those two there, the Sword Saint and the Great Mage… but, their children are so weak that it would be ridiculous to take revenge. That’s right, Panay, not reliable, are you?”

Rebal and Fu cannot say anything back, even though they have regrettable expressions at Paripi’s words.

And of course……

“I know a lot about you… so the first thing I was disappointed with was…… the son of Hiro and Mamu, the bloodline I had expectations of, being so hopelessly second-rate…”

“Nu… wh, nh…”

“Well, it wasn’t just me, everyone thought so, didn’t they? The imperial family, the nobles, the warriors, the commoner pigs… of course…… Hiro and Mamu… and even the guys next to you right now. The other second generation are pampered with high praises, but your evaluation seems to have been scathing. A good-for-nothing flop.”

This assessment of me. I never thought I’d hear the same thing again in this place.

“Don’t be silly! I don’t think of Earth like that!”

“Yes, Earth has been leading us since we were little… has been our center…”

“Don’t speak like you know anything about Earth.”

The princess said, “That’s not true,” to Paripi’s words, but…

“Hihahaha, it’s even worse because none of you knew what Earth thought of you and the voices around him, and you didn’t realize it. If you’re aware of it even a little, if you cared, Earth wouldn’t have left the Imperial City. In the first place, you guys who should have been together all along… especially you, princess? You don’t even know how Earth was able to ‘use that technique’, so what’s with all that pompous talk?”


They are shocked at the words Paripi fluently uttered.

Tch, what’s going on now? What’s with that face…. shit…… I’m me, too… now I can’t help feeling my heart breaking with all this…

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