Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 213

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Chapter 213 – Intermission (Princess) ③

“We… cornered Earth?”

“That’s ridiculous… what do you know … about us…”

We were unaware of Earth’s feelings?

“Fu, Rebal, haven’t your half-baked talents brought up an inferiority complex in Earth?”


What is he talking about, this demon?

We…… I’ve… been with Earth ever since we were little.

We played together, trained together, studied together, and we were in the same class all the way through school.

I’ve spent more time with Earth than Lord Hiro and Lady Mamu, who are too busy to spend much time with him, and more than anyone else, other than Sadiz.

――An~ das~ why~, that demon loli hag wanted me to give my son to her or something.

――hic… she was so in love with you that she tried to stop your marriage to Mamu… so she said if she couldn’t have you, you should give her Earth…

When I was little, my father was drinking in his private parlor with Lord Hiro.

They were off-duty, and there was no crown, they were not the Emperor and Warrior Prime, it was just a casual conversation between two childhood friends who were best friends.

As I happened to be passing by the room, I was curious enough to listen in from the outside.

――Well, I told her that my son already has a bride, so she can’t have him~.

――I~ see~. So, you meant Phianse?

――I was kinda, just going with the flow.

Suddenly, my name and Earth’s name came up. I didn’t really understand the back and forth of the conversation, but…

――I’m not at all… then again, I wish it would happen… Phianse and Earth getting married and leading this Empire together for a long time…

――Dahahaha, then me and Mamu would be related to you!

――A grandson with all of our blood, that’s a great lineage!

I just happened to overhear their chat about Earth and me getting married…

――Father! Lord Hiro! Together with Earth, I will make the Empire prosper for the rest of my life!

Excited, I jumped out with a declaration.

I’ve always liked him.

Earth always pulled my hand out of the window of my room with a carefree smile.

――Phianse! Come on, enough studying. Let’s play outside together!

――Yes! Earth, let’s go outside and play!

Both father and Lord Hiro were hoping that Earth will be with me in the future.

The people in the castle, the friends at school, everyone was looking forward to such a future… so…… I…

“You… bastard… t… take that back!!”

“…… Huh?”

“I would never think of my Earth as a disappointment… I can’t think in any way you say!”

Admittedly, Earth has been sluggish and dispirited for the last few years.

――As you are now, won’t you be a disappointment to your father, the hero. Earth?

At that time, I might have treated my future husband harshly, as I would not spoil him as a forgiving wife.

However, I thought that if it was Earth, he would overcome such a barrier and… my expectations…

“How could I possibly think that? That’s what you’re getting at because you ain’t getting it at all, right? The more you think that your feelings are connected, that you understand each other, the more you misunderstand and think you can say something so smug.”


“Earth never got anyone to acknowledge him! Even though he was the son of a hero… unable to escape from the curse and reputation of the second generation… and no one tried to even look at him! No one was interested in Earth Lagann!”

No one was interested in Earth Lagann?

Those words…

――Tell you everything? What? Like there’s anything left to say now? When you finally looked at me, you’re looking with such eyes…. if my father and mother looked at me better, they’d understand! If you two actually looked at me…. what I bumped into, struggled with, agonized over… if the world hadn’t imposed a convenient title on me… things wouldn’t have been like this!

At that time…

――So, what’s wrong with me right now? I didn’t cheat, I didn’t play dirty tricks or anything! I trained and studied, I fought with my own strength! Only to have you have to look at me like that! You’ve been ignoring the fact that I’ve hit the wall, that I’m a second generation who is a lost cause, or not good enough. And now that I’ve finally come this far… Why!

I didn’t understand why Earth was saying that.

But certainly, Earth did say that.

After using that technique in the Graduation Match…

――Now I understand. This country…… including my father… no one cared about me… about Earth Lagann. What you were interested in is the conveniently ideal son of a hero …. as for me…… Earth Lagann…… I didn’t matter…

No….. I… such a thing…… I’m not the only one…… no one……

――If I knew it would be this hard… I would not want to be born as a hero’s child… ‘Father’…

No one thought that! At least not me!

“I don’t think so! I… I was closest to Earth! I have been with Earth the longest and the most often!”

“That’s… right. Cut it out, bastard! The princess… Phianse was at least closer to Earth than anyone else… and I….. I was watching the two of them… so I understand. Earth was always next to Phianse…”

“That’s right. More than any of us…”

On the way, even Rebal and Fu, who had left to study abroad, recognized me.

That’s right, I…

“You’ve been with him the longest, the most, and yet this is all you get? So you must have been shallow and thin, right panay?”


Not how long, not how much?

Shallow? Thin?

What is this guy saying?

I… I am…

“Hihaha, finally realizing it? Oops! Oh! Hihaha, hey hey, how is it? You didn’t really know anything about the person you thought you were close with! Rather, how does it feel to know that you were the one who was hurting him?”

“Ah… I… I… no….. I…”

“Hey, what kind of feelings are you having now? I’m going to ask you again, because it’s important! How do you feel right now? Hihaahahah!”

I….. I also hurt Earth…

“Hey, bastard… you’ve been rambling on for a while now.”


“Just, going on and on about other people. As if you knew what you were talking about, but you’re the one who’s talking all smug. You don’t know anything about me either.”

At that moment, as if to protect me from what I was being told… but…… Earth…… the way you put it… you agree with him?

I’m a woman who doesn’t know anything about you… is that what you’re saying?

“Well, yes, I didn’t care about your days in the Imperial City panay, but I have tremendous expectations and interest in you now, Earth.”


“You should have been second-rate, but in that match you astonished, disappointed, and taunted the people of the Imperial City. But I, like Sis Jamdi’el, my heart trembled.”

While he mocked me and left me at a loss for words, he blurted out uncomfortable and self-serving things… no, Earth… don’t listen to someone like that…

“And that’s why I’m curious. Why can you use the power of the Great Demon? If Sis Jamdi’el didn’t teach you, then who did?”

The power that Earth can use? I’m curious about that too.

That’s why I thought I should learn about that… so I’m the one who should know that first!

Not you! You…

“Even if you were in contact with the other Six Supremacy… the hulking Gouda is dead and gone, and Boss Hakuki is no teacher. If the straight-laced La’iphant was in contact, there’s no way Hiro wouldn’t know about it, and little Norja, that pervert would collar anyone she liked… I mean, no one could be taught the Great Demon Spiral in the first place… that’s why no one has learned the Great Demon King’s techniques… so I can’t imagine… what the answer is…”

What’s that about the Six Supremacy! Don’t let the relics of the past, who should have already perished, come between me and Earth, who will live in the future!

“Please be done with all that! I really don’t think any of it matters!”

“That’s right. Sounds like you’re talking about my Honey in that grating voice, but it’s so unpleasant that it woke me up!”

But then… unlike me, who could only cover my ears to Paripi’s words, the two women suddenly…

“Oops, what’s wrong, miss doll? Did you come to your senses too, little ninja?”

“Kron… Shinobu…”

They stood in front of Paripi as if to protect Earth.

“After all, aren’t you admitting you don’t know anything about Honey, what are you talking about?”

“Hmm… then, do you know?”

“I don’t know either. The technique that Honey can use… the Great Demon Spiral, is that big swirling skill, right? I don’t know how Honey can use it.”


“What I do know is that Honey’s family is made up of a father, a mother, and a maid who is like family. His final academic background is a dropout of the Imperial Warrior Academy. He doesn’t have any favorite subjects in particular, but he doesn’t have any subjects that he hates either. His dream is to be a big shot in the future. His hobby is image training, his favorite food is omelet rice, his least favorite food is green pepper and broccoli, and his type of woman is one who is usually reserved and cold but is really kind. His first love was at 4 years old. If he goes on a date, he would like to eat a homemade lunch box at the park. His favorite underwear color――― “

“Ah, what’s happening all of a sudden panay?”

“Yes, something like this. So, I don’t know how Honey can use that technique, but I know this. Honey learned that technique… I’m sure he put in a lot of effort and learned it… don’t you think? And isn’t that the most important thing?”

That’s…… unexpectedly, was a shocking statement, as if my heart had been clenched.

It’s not about how he can use it. But how Earth learned it?

It may be because someone taught it to him. I suppose that is what Paripi wants to know.

But for Shinobu, it’s not about who taught him, but about whether or not Earth worked hard.

“Honey is that kind of person. A man who has a passionate heart and sticks to his own will. I have seen with my own eyes how that will stopped even his good friend who once went out of control.”


That’s right … Earth … was making an effort…

“Yes, Earth is a person who has a strong will and works harder than anyone else. And Earth is a person who does not boast of the effort itself, but shows it in the results. Everyone at Cacretale knows that.”


“And Earth is very compassionate. Because Earth is a hard-worker… he can’t turn a blind eye to those……  who are trying to step up and do the same, he reaches out to them and lines up with them, sometimes pushing their backs. That’s the Earth we admire.”

And the Earth that the demon woman spoke of was a side of Earth that I did not know.

Maybe it was like that in the past, but I hadn’t seen that Earth in years.

Leaving the Imperial City, and in a place I did not know, Earth showed a side of himself I did not know to others, and that’s who Earth was now?

“Hmm… hey, Shinobu, Kron… it’s embarrassing.”

“Ara, but I’m proud of you.”

“I was just telling the truth.”

His cheeks were tinged with embarrassment and he was tongue-tied, but he somewhat didn’t seem as dissatisfied… no… no… no, no, no! Earth! Earth!

“Oh no, you guys are also passionate. Thanks for the treat. Well, the fact that you are unconsciously giving the princess a finishing blow is pretty harsh … Hihahahaha, so easy going.”

“Well, that should do it. Thanks to you running your mouth, I’ve healed up. Now I’m about to shut you up for good.”

Saying that, in front of the legendary Six Supremacy, Earth showed a glare.

Beside him was neither the stunned Rebal nor Fu, much less me who is crouching down pathetically.

Standing beside Earth right now was… not… me……

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  1. This is what happens when the villain tries to talk no jutsu. I’m kinda curious if he was also stalling to recover stamina, and it’s just bluff upon bluff.

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  3. Thanks for the chapter!
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