Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 211

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Chapter 211 – Trampled

『Child, tell everyone to beware! Poison is but a part of his power! He also makes use of a variety of Dark Magic in battle!』

“D…… ark?”

『Nuh… you cannot speak well as of yet…』

A mass of malevolence approached. I wasn’t the only one who sensed that.

Everyone here was more powerful than the average person, though each has different strengths.

That’s why they should have felt chills from the immense power of the sole demon in front of them.

“【Arcane True Zenith Lariat】!!”

As if shaking off the air, Mr. Machio swung out his strong arms first to create a vortex and took the initiative against Paripi.

“An~, nh, noying~, nh!!”


However, Paripi did not avoid it, but ran straight and cut through the vortex created by Mr. Machio and closed the gap between them.

“Tsu, 【Arcane True Zenith Knuckle Arrow】!”


Mr. Machio swung his right fist down regardless. His powerful fist created a large crack on the ground.

However, the fact that he hit the ground meant that the fist was avoided.

Paripi, who easily evaded Mr. Machio’s fist, snickered.

“Hihahahaha, oh, Panay, amazing. If that hit it, you can boast of your threatening power … Hiha, if that hit? You can’t hit me, so you can’t threaten me!”


“Ancient Dark Magic, 【Shadow Laguerre】!”

“Nugu!? Wh, what?! Kaha…!”

While chanting a spell, Paripi stepped on the ground behind Mr. Machio. To be exact, on Mr. Machio’s shadow.

Then, at the next instant, the shadow at Mr. Machio’s feet suddenly became a huge pincushion and pierced Mr. Machio’s tough body.


“Wh, t, the shadows changed shape…”

『Dark Attribute Magic, 【Shadow Laguerre】. Tis magic that allows the manipulation of shadows at will, to bind and attack the opponent!』

Manipulating shadows? I’ve never heard of such magic. All of a sudden, such magic…

“Unknown magic… but we can’t be cowed into backing down!”

“What a monster…… here we go aye!”

However, a second wave of new attacks was shot at Paripi.

Rebal wielding a large sword and a Wacha wielding chained iron rods.

“Imperial Sword, 【Celestial Light Blooming Strident Dance】!”

“Magical Nunchuk Technique! Howachaa!


“Hiha! Second Sword Saint… your father took care of me… but you…”



“Ga … gah!?”

At first glance, Rebal’s high-speed sword technique was stopped between the index finger and the middle finger, and then a heavy middle kick to the defenseless side.


“And who’s this punk, such small fry?”


He kicked the Rebal and sent him flying towards Wacha, and Wacha got entangled and rolled to the ground with Rebal.

“Rebal!? No way, Rebal…”

“Machio, Wacha!? Can’t be… even those two…”

It was just for a moment. Machio, Wacha, and Rebal…

“Everyone, stay away! I…”


“Got him! 【Mega Fire】!”

But it’s not over yet. While Rebal and the others were fighting back and forth, Fu, who had been chanting with concentrated magical power, unleashed a huge karmic flame toward Paripi… but……

“Dark Magic, 【Dark Absorption】!!”

“Eh…? Wh… m, my spell… was swallowed by the darkness!? Absorbed!?”

“So, I’ll pay it back with interest. 【Dark Giga Fire】!!”

Along with the spell cast by Paripi, a dark miasma appeared on Paripi’s palm, the darkness eventually spread, swallowing the magic released by Fu, becoming a dark flame that absorbed the flame and shot them all back at him.

“Oh no, Honey is being treated! Obstruct it, Water Art, 【Flash Flood】!”

“I also support you! Ice Spell, 【Mega Ice Wall】!”

To counter the looming dark flame, Shinobu and the princess simultaneously stepped out to intercept with water and ice techniques and magic.

All the attacks collided with each other, canceling out the flames… I thought…

“The fires of hell exceed absolute zero! In other words, it evaporates all!


Even that swallowed everything.

“Shinobu! Princess Ph――――”

“You shouldn’t react to each and every one that got hit!”

Fu tried to scream at Shinobu and the princess who were swallowed by the flames, but in the meantime, Paripi had already crept up to right in front of Fu, grabbed Fu’s head with his hand, and slammed a powerful knee kick into Fu’s face as if to twist it.

“Aaaaahh!? Kah, ah, ah…”

“Hiharahara, I love it~, crushing a face that seems popular with women is a pleasure, even though we are different races ♪”

“Fu, you, bastaaaaaard!”

“And the Second Sword Saint… back again broken ribs and all, quite the worker… let’s crush your face too and show you out!”


Rebal!? He slammed his fist at the counter to Rebal’s face as he headed to Paripi again.

I heard a dull sound like meat and bones being crushed… Fu! Rebal!

“N, no way… and I can’t believe it…”

“M, monster…”

“U, Uooo, Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi!

“If it’s crotch size, I’m…”

“Damn, you can’t beat me! I’ll put it in your ass!”

Strong. Everyone was so badly kicked off… and yet, they all bravely confronted Paripi, but…

“Hihahahahaha… Heehahahahaha !!!!”

They all were beaten up one after another.

“What… the hell… is he…”

“Tsu, too strong…”

“W, what is he, that person! T, terrifying!”

Seeing Paripi’s overwhelming power, Elder sis Tsukshi, Karui, and Hilua could no longer jump at him.

No wonder.

To be clear… it’s a different order of magnitude…… regardless of whether I’m stuck with poison or not …… he’s…

“…… Please look after Kron and Little man… Tsukshi…”

“Sadiz Big sister… what…”

Then. Sadiz, who had been cuddling with me and Kron, clutched her scythe in both hands, and stared at Paripi sharp eyes…

“I’ll handle it.”

She said.

But it’s impossible. I know that, too.

Certainly Sadiz was strong, but… after all… that thing was still on a different level.

“Uoooooooooooooh, 【Arcane True Zenith Horizontal Chop】!”

“Hihaha, so annoying! As if that could hit me! 【Raging Poison Claws】… eh? My claws…”

“It doesn’t work on me either! Even if poisoned, your claws cannot pierce my muscles! And…”


“Knock you down!!?? 【Arcane True Zenith Power Bomb】!”

“【Claw Spear】!”

What’s even more different is not just the level. He was merciless enough to strike the opponent’s vital point with impunity.

Even now, the moment that Mr. Machio repelled Paripi’s claws with his muscles, grabbed Paripi’s body, lifted him up, and tried to slam him to the ground, Paripi’s claws extend like a spear in an instant, and hit Mr. Machio’s left eye…

“Eh, gu, nugu!”

“Why, boast of muscles, when eye muscles are so soft. And just like ordinary people… a crushed eyeball and its depths are warm and fresh ♡.”


“Kyaaaaah!! M, Machio!!”

“Hihahaha, don’t make a fuss. One crushed eyeball is cheaper than life, isn’t it? Well, I’ll take that life too, if you want.”

This is bad…… just facing him like this without a plan… everyone will be killed!

『Your body will regain mobility anytime soon, child!』

At that time, Tre’ainar told me that, though I still couldn’t move even after receiving the medicine that Shinobu had.

“I will not tolerate any more violence! Little man’s share… I’ll take it on!”

“Ah? I’m mercilessly crushing girls and children? I am such scum! Hihahahahahahaha!”

But even if I could move… what could I do against such a monster…

Author’s Note

Happy New Year! Looking forward to working with you again this year! In 2020, I will do my best so that I can spend more hot days than last year.

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