Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 210

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Chapter 210 – All Together

Damn it, my body’s numb. I can’t move properly. I can’t even put any strength into my hand.

I was told to be careful of poison, but…

“Daddy! Da … ah … Daddy!!”

“Kah, ah… uh, ah, gah, gah…”

And the King of the Heavens, whose belly was blown off just to attack me with poison, was convulsing and gushing blood.

Kron also couldn’t even sit up.

This is bad. Such a…..


『Tis not much poison, but can you do detoxification magic?』

「No… maybe if it’s simple, but I can’t put in any magic right now…」

『Neurotoxin… trembling lips and this discoloration… perhaps a Dendrotoxin strain…』

「I’m sorry… even if I’m told what the poison is…」

『Tch, tis why that academy is currently lacking! To not even cover survival training… tis essential to carry such knowledge and a serum… no, even I did not give that guidance at my blunder… kuh…』

Tre’ainar was also biting his teeth with regret.

I’m not good enough…

“Hey, kid? How are you feeling? Oh?”


Impact on my back? I’m getting my back stomped on by Paripi!

“Y,ou bast… ard…”

“Hihahahahaha, you have cheeky eyes. But that’s ignorance, not bravery. If you know me, you wouldn’t look at me like that. On the battlefield, I’ve hollowed out the eyeballs, and cut off ears.”


“Here, you’re still too noisy, so why don’t you try another one? Here! There goes! There goes ♪”

“Ah, gaaaaaahhh!?”

“Hihahahaha, that’s it! But … you seem to know me, but you don’t know at all… what does that mean?”

This guy, my body, his claws calmly like playing the piano… over and over, it hurts!

“Well, what to do? Cut off your limbs as well as your eyes and ears, skin you alive and deliver you to Hiro and Mamu… or have you drugged up and broken? Sell you off to a perverse male brothel? Not good…… I’m drawing a blank and can’t come up with any good ideas.”

Horrifying… but in his case, it’s not a threat. He’ll really do it. No, that’s the kind of stuff he does.

Even if Tre’ainar doesn’t tell me, I know that much.

His monologue wasn’t just to scare me, but when he says he’ll do it, he really will… this guy……

“But first. I have to get the eyeballs from here… Kron.”


“Earth won’t tell me, so I must take a peek. Earth… what is he hiding… is there someone behind him…. ooh.”

And, of course, that madness went all the way to Kron. Oh no, Kron can’t move either.

Kron, can you read my memory? Then, can we talk? No, it’s no good.

“won’t let… have…… my, eyes… you…… won’t, let.”

“It doesn’t matter what you want. I’ll decide.”

Either way, he’s trying to get Kron’s eye.

“But, Boss Hakuki and Sis Jamdi’el have done something fascinating… and it’s such a big deal because it expresses the Daybreak Eye so faithfully.”

“Eh… ah… tsu…… gah!

“It was made only with genetic information obtained from the hair of the Great Demon King, and grew up to this point…… but isn’t this much enough? After all, it is a doll made halfway. Not as long-lived as we pure demons. It’s just like humans, with less than a hundred years of life. Even if it dies here and now, it wouldn’t make much difference, would it?”

Kron bit her lips with her motionless body, tears in her eyes, and still glared at Paripi.

But no. Kron can’t do anything either.

At this rate… at this rate…

“Well, don’t mind if I… hn?”

“Flash step!”


However, at that moment.


Suddenly, someone appeared behind Paripi and tried to slash his neck with a knife.

“Oops… oh, my my…. close one~”

Although he seemed to be in a comical mood, Paripi flew high with an agile movement and avoided it just in time.

Then, looking down, he saw…

“What are you doing to Honey and my friends? Wind Arts, 【Frenzied Kamaitachi】!’ “

It’s Shinobu! Shinobu, who was fighting the cloud golems in the square, saved Kron and attacked Paripi with sharp flying wind blades.

“tte, no effect, it’s such a breeze!”


However, the countless blades of wind were easily crushed by Paripi, who swung the claws of both hands in the air. But……

“Oh, if a breeze won’t do, what about the storm of ragging attacks?”

“… Ah? … oh my?”

Then the next moment…

“【Arcane True Zenith Horizontal Chop】!”


“Imperial Sword, 【Crimson Lotus Scorching Slash】!”

“Imperial Spear, 【Marked Phantom Lance】!”

“【Mega Fire】!”

It was truly a simultaneous attack.

“Oh, Ororororooooooooh!”

Caught up in the unleashed raging storm, Paripi was violently blown away and struck against the wall with a violent impact, which broke down parts of the wall and ceiling and buried him under a pile of rubble.


“Goddess! Earth!”

“Goddess! Big brother!”

“L, Little man!”

“Nah~, it’s okay!”

“”””Goddess ah, Earth uh, we’re here!!!!””””

After the storm, a cry of concern for me and Kron resounded.


“Little man, Kron… it’s all right now!”

“Sad…… iz… how…”

“All of a sudden, the countless golems that were flocking to us disappeared, so we rushed here in a hurry. It looked like you were in a pinch, so for the time being, everyone attacked the demon that seemed to be a threat … that’s what it is.”

Golems? Oh, yeah… because, the Heavenly King is in that state, so…

“Even so, it’s terrible… a poison…”

“Ah, ah… but, before me… get to Kron quick…”

“But, Little man has more wounds… we’ll have to hurry―――”

Then, Sadiz looked at my wounds and made a bitter face as she nursed me, but then Shinobu, who appeared beside me, snatched me away from Sadiz, brought her lips to my wound, then made a kissing sound and then sucked on it….

“Honey! Eh… it’s poison, I’ll suck it out…. Ju … Pe … Chu … Pe!”

“… Shinobu…”

“This is snake venom… a sort of Dendrotoxin. But it’s okay. I’ll detoxify it right away. Don’t worry. I always carry antidotes and serum with me.”

“I… see…”

“It’s part of being a wife. How about it? Are you falling in love with me a little bit?”

Shinobu showed off a smile on her face to reassure me.

However, I was somewhat relieved by her confident expression.

“Shinobu… can you tell what kind of poison it is?”

“Yes. I think it’s a poison that’s unfamiliar in the Empire, but rest assured. It’s common in Japone. Leave Honey to me, you take care of her.”

“I, I understand. Please, take care of Little man.”

Oh, I see… then, with a face that looked a little conflicted, Sadiz left me with Shinobu and rushed to Kron . . . something, chuchu … no, this is a treatment, but… I’m kind of embarrassed…

“Don’t be shy, Honey. This is therapy. It is not a hickey or a marking, so don’t worry. I don’t want to make you mine, I want to be yours. So, whenever you feel like it, do whatever you like with kisses or markings on every corner of my body ♡.”

“Unununu. L, l, l, let me suck out the poison myself…!”

“That princess… Little man is in crisis, so let’s read the mood. Please go help Kron.”

『The knowledge is outdated. Poison spreads instantly throughout the body, so tis impossible to suck out orally, and tis of little use. Rather, the risk of infection is higher… after all, ninjas are archaic… well, they carry medical packs at least.』

It’s somewhat noisy, and Tre’ainar was a bit flustered a while ago, but he seemed calm and looked at Shinobu with cold eyes. No, even if you look at her with such eyes!

But soon, Tre’ainar changed his gaze…

『For now, child, you should be able to move soon. The number of people has increased, but… it grants little comfort, does it not? That man…』


Saying that, Tre’ainar looked in the direction in which Paripi was blown away with a serious expression.

That’s right. The opponent is……

“Ah~… so annoying. The one coat I had left before setting off got covered with dust and a little ripped… how unpleasant Panay.”


And then, Paripi stood up from under the rubble as if nothing had happened.

His clothes were slightly torn, but after being attacked by so many people, he doesn’t have much damage. Rather……

“Standing up? After all our attacks…”

“I can’t believe it… must have been a direct hit…”

“What? This monster is… Earth, who is this demon?”

“It’s evil… also…… terribly strong…”

In addition, the air was heavy and a piercing, intense murderous aura was blown.

“Hihahahahaha… oh my… such a crowd… guests that I didn’t invite to my party, raiding it on their own… I’m so pissed off… Hi… Hihahaha … ha ~…”

Everyone in the room, even Mr. Machio and Sadiz, had sweat running down their cheeks at the murderous atmosphere.

And Paripi looked at all of us…

“Geez, aren’t you too relaxed, damn brats! How could I get up? Unbelievable! You punks think you’ve seen the world! The eras we’ve lived through! The enemies we’ve fought are of a different dimension!”

It was not in the frivolous tone of voice which he had before, nor in the quiet, drunken tone of voice.

He was shouting wildly as if he had lost his temper.

It’s overflowing with anger from his whole body, wearing it and poised for us …

“Fine, small fries! Let’s give these kids a little old-fashioned hell to commemorate my departure from the land of the skies! Come now, all together! Hihahahahahahahahahahahaha!”

He shouted that he would take us all on by himself.

Author’s Note

I am indebted to you. This will be the last post of the year.

Thank you very much for 2019.

I started this work in May of this year, and it was the first time that I was a contributor, and I was able to get a response from the audience, and I was able to experience publishing books, releasing books, and making comicalization decisions.

It is thanks to everyone who has been with us for more than 200 chapters, even though there are developments that got boring and dull along the way. Thank you very much.

In the future, I may want to write a new work, or may be busy with my main business and marriage, and I do not know what will happen in 2020, but I would be grateful if we could keep in touch again next year.

Have a nice year, everyone!

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  1. I’ll be honest, it keeps bugging me. Why does Sadiz keep calling Earth ‘Little Man’?? There’s no way that’s appropriate in context.


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