Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 209

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Chapter 209 – Distracted

「Geez, Tre’ainar… you…… why did you make this guy your subordinate … let alone one of your Six Supremacy?」

『Tis because he is like this. I gave him the position to keep him constrained, and even made him a close aide so I may oversee him… furthermore, he was a great war potential against humans…』

「Haha, is that all…」

I’m laughing internally, but I can’t stop sweating badly in front of the person I can’t laugh at.

So what’s going to happen?

Should I fight the guy like this?

『Tis fine, child. Do not move carelessly. This man is a tactician, but he is also a competent combatant. He is not as powerful as Jamdi’el, but… she did not intend to kill you, he adapts more to situations and lacks restraint, a detestable opponent.』

「Even if you say not to move carelessly …」

『Avoid his claws in particular. Tis poison. They are poisonous claws, and the effect vary for each finger, but do not take a single one, understand?』


『Earlier, you repelled his wrist to block an attack on Kron, did you not? That was the right answer. If slightly off, you would have…』

「Seriously … tell me that first.」

Just getting closer makes me want to back away. I mean, I don’t want to breathe the same air for even a second, or I don’t want to be here anymore.

“Well… Kron. Won’t you give me that eyeball?”

“Eh!? Wh, what… even if you ask me for my eyes, I would be troubled.”

“Aha, so cute, but maybe you would be luckier if you just give me your eyes and die here now?”

“…… Eh?”

“After all, as things are, sooner or later you’ll be kidnapped by Boss Hakuki, your eyes will be taken away, then forced to have a baby to an ogre you can’t like to make a successor to the Great Demon.”

I don’t want to be here. But no. Kron is here. How do I take Kron and run away from this guy? I can’t.

But I have to protect her.

Instinct tells me.

I can’t let this bastard stay around Kron anymore.

“Hey… that’s enough.”


“You can’t just woo a girl into giving you her eyes.”

I said, with a strong voice to disguise my fear―――

『Child! Jump to the right! Hold Kron in your arms and widen the gap!』



The moment Tre’ainar said that, I jumped to the right without thinking, holding Kron in my arms and leaped into the air.

Then, in the place where I just was, Paripi was sticking out a sharply clawed hand sword.

“…… heh~…… dodged again? Even though you can use breakthroughs… I thought it would hit… I wonder why? Why~ oh why~?”

That was close. Were you about to open a hole in my body?

“Ah… Earth”

“Ah shit… stay close to me, Kron.”

“Huh… Yes…”

Certainly, Tre’ainar was right, he didn’t have any hesitation in killing me or harming Kron.

『Child …… he may have some suspicions, but I cannot confirm. I shall give instructions. Attack or flee, either way, be on the lookout.』

「I’m already on it.」

We have no choice. I was determined to do it, and I entrusted my life to Tre’ainar.

However, it was that moment…

“My friend… what…… why…… I, I’m…”

The fallen and motionless Heavenly King, looking like a lost child, was asking Paripi a question.

As if he couldn’t believe Paripi’s attitude toward him.

But Paripi…

“Mmmm…… well…”

Paripi didn’t even glance at the Heavenly King, but instead zipped around and looked at me and Kron, trying to do something…

『He will thrust out the hand sword again. Do not hit your opponent’s wrist from the front, but from the side! Tis safe there.』

“【Great Demon Flicker】!”

And again, he tried to scratch me without warning, but on the advice of Tre’ainar who anticipated it, I hit the wrist with a high-speed jab, not touching Paripi’s claws.


It’s okay. With Tre’ainar’s instructions, my breakthrough and the zone, I can see through even the Six Supremacy’s martial art.


“Now…… there’s no doubt about it. Obviously, you aimed at my wrist…… to avoid my claws…”

The voice of Paripi, who had been laughing mirthfully until a while ago, suddenly became a low, dusky voice now…

“Before the war, I rarely fought on a one-on-one basis, I was mainly a strategist… there aren’t many people who know I use poisonous claws… that’s not in picture books or textbooks. Who told you? Woi, hey kid!”

Yes, it seemed that he has noticed something about this now.

“At first I was curious, but now it’s simply a mystery panay. You’ve never met me … it’s as if someone who knows me well taught you… I wonder who…”

And this is exactly what Tre’ainar was talking about, being “suspicious”.

“I’m starting to want to strip it down…… take it apart and ask the brain? Earth Lagann… I tried casting you as a surprise guest who didn’t know anything about my banquet, but… you know me, yet I don’t know you. I feel like I’m losing something and it’s pissing me off… Hihaha…so…”

And, this guy won’t let the questions he has slide with an “Oh well”.

He’s trying to pursue that question.

About me and Tre’ainar… well, he won’t know unless I talk when he pursues it, and it’s a different story whether he can believe it when I talk.

However, I’m not going to say anything. I’m not going to tell this guy about us.

“Hihahaha, so why don’t you do your best and resist. Then you can go to hell without regrets! And when you get to hell, you’ll regret it!”

“Try it, perverted bastard!”

Don’t underestimate him. But don’t be scared. I’ve been sparring every night with someone who’s definitely stronger than this guy.

Compared to Tre’ainar, this guy…

『No other choice. Still, do not enter his range. Avoid close quarters, use shockwaves to keep your distance.』

“【Great Demon Sonic Flicker】!”

Following Tre’ainar’s instructions, I instantly shot the flicker shockwave at Paripi.

“Aah… so annoying!

Paripi also swung his right hand wide in an arc on the spot. Then, something like a purple vacuum wave was released from his sharp claws, cutting through my shockwave.

『Avoid that! The air is also laced with poison. If you touch it and get injured, you will be infected! Footwork.』


『As you dodge, stack your lefts undaunted, but do not unleash the right cannon yet! He is aiming for the counter.』

He easily tore the shockwave from my flicker.

But I’m not surprised. The opponent is a Six Supremacy. He can do this much.

Therefore, I just kept moving my feet and fired off lefts.

“Heh, Panay, you have good feet… though your left hand is annoying.”


It was just after the start of the battle.

Tre’ainar exclaimed as Paripi looked at my feet as if impressed.

『His gaze is firmly on the child… I doubt he would expect you to suddenly use it right after the start of this battle. Therefore, dare to go now! Have Kron use her Daybreak eyes!』

“Eh, Kron! Here! Now!”

“…… Eh? Oh… Y, yes!”

Kron’s eyes, which were supposed to be saved until the crucial moment, will be used here.

I didn’t expect it and Kron didn’t expect it. Then, Paripi must not expect it either.


He was completely caught off guard and his eyes were wide open. Surely, now ―――



“Big thunder! Big wind! Earth spiral! All in a swoop!”

Kron’s eyes lit up, and a veritable tempest was brewing. The fury like all the natural disasters fell on Paripi all at once.

“Oh, ah, Oooooooooooooooooooooooohh!!!!”

Of course, it’s all an illusion. It’s not real. However, with Kron’s magic eye which creates something as close to the real thing as possible and makes the other person’s brain think it is….

『Do not be distracted! After all, with the inexperienced Kron’s eyes, he would be stalled at best! He will soon regain his senses!』


『But this created an opening! The win, child, is yours! Pierce him with the Great Spiral!』

Yes, no matter how powerful the Daybreak eye is, Kron still doesn’t have the imagination to master it.

That’s why Vasalar, the Dragon King of Hades, sneered at her.

But still, it’s enough to blind the opponent.

The main goal of Tre’ainar’s strategy is from here on out.

“【Great Magic Spiral, Earth Spiral―――― “

“oooooooooooh, tte woi! No effect, this…… tte, uoooh, the Great Demon Spiral!?”

Paripi’s eyes returned to normal. He’s come to his senses now. But my attack is faster!

“P, panay, this is bad…… Hihaha… just kidding!”


Just as I was about to attack, Paripi suddenly smiled sharply like a devil…

“Let’s party… ring the crackers ♪.”

When Paripi snapped his fingers…


In a completely unexpected place, I heard the sound of something exploding.

When I stop my hand unintentionally and turn around, there…

“Da… eh? Da… Daddy!?”

The prince screamed out suddenly.

Then, the King of Heaven spouts a large amount of blood as if his belly had exploded.

What the heck……

『Du eh, child! Do not look away!』

「…… Eh?」

『Tis misdirection! Keep your eye on Paripi, not the Heavenly King! Do not look away! Oi!』

“Oh… eh, ah…”


Tre’ainar yelled at me in a panic, but suddenly I couldn’t figure out what was going on and couldn’t move right away, and…

“Yes, found a chance ♪”

“Eh… Ah…”

The next thing I knew, Paripi’s claws pierced my left shoulder.

And the next moment…

“Gah, ugh… oh…”


My body went numb, and my limbs suddenly… eh? Ah…

“Don’t worry, it’s just a neurotoxin, so this won’t kill you. Well, you will feel pain, so it might be hell to think about the future.”

“B, bastard…… wh…”

“Hihahaha, anyway… I set it up baldy for the event, but… that was a one-of-a-kind chance to hurt a Six Supremacy, and if you got distracted just by blowing off the gut of a baldy who is not an ally. To be distracted and stunned, after all, a kid’s mentality… “

Poison? Idiot… and….. Heavenly King… wh, what…

『This man… prepared such a thing in the body of the Heavenly King… just to distract the child…! Have Kron use her eyes to conjure up the illusion that ‘poison does not work’! Child!』

Not good, losing strength… rather, can’t put in any power, I can’t stand… voice…… shout……

“Ah… Heavenly King… and….. what did you do to Earth?”

And the moment I got down to my knees, Kron…

“Wait, Kron! There’s a reason I’m doing this!”

“What! Stay away from Earth! Magic Eye Skill――”

“It’s true! I have to tell you something about Jamdi’el to prove it!”

“…… eh? Jamdi’el…?”

Just as the angry Kron was about to chant something with her Daybreak Eyes, the name Jamdi’el came out of Paripi’s mouth, and the moment Kron unexpectedly stopped the spell…

『Fool, do not be deceived! He is not such a man! Do not listen!』

No matter how much Tre’ainar yelled, his voice can’t reach Kron without me.



Taking advantage of this opportunity, Paripi stabbed the same claw that he stabbed into me, this time on Kron’s unblemished white skin.

The next moment, Kron collapsed to her knees.

“K … ro … n”

My voice doesn’t reach her. And in front of Kron’s eyes, Paripi shook his shoulders…

“Ah……Haha, hihahaha! Ah~, so easy~ panay. Winning so easily without using much strength or magic, I’m so sorry I was born into this world!!”

I wanted to punch that face as hard as I could, but I couldn’t even clench my fist … I was frustrated … I was angry.

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