Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 208

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Chapter 208 – The Black Sage

The memories of the Heavenly King flowed into my brain through Kron’s magic eye.

I was wondering if there was a lot going on with this guy, but in the middle of the memory, Tre’ainar suddenly looked surprised.

It was a man who appeared in the middle of the Heavenly King’s memory.

The man had no wings like the Seraph tribe.

But, he was not human either.

“…… Ah…”

“Oh, is that… the man who appeared in the memory…?”

He had long brown hair, his bangs all flowing backwards, and his “pointed ears” had many piercings.

Light green skin. Flashy glasses with the lens painted yellow.

“Hiahahahah, Good day to you all!”

A mysterious man in flashy rainbow-colored clothing wearing a dreadful necklace with a skull at the center of the cross on the neck. No, a demon.

“My friend… why…”

“Yo. Well, that, uh… who are you again?”

“Wh… what art thou saying? It is I!”

“Hmm~, sorry, I’ve a habit of forgetting those who I don’t care for… well, no matter, baldy. Thanks for the help.”

“…… Wha, eh?”

“I’ve harvested all the ‘flower beds’ that I grew in this sky, and I’ve had enough of this place, so I’m leaving.”

The person who appeared laughing with a frivolous salute was the same demon that appeared in the memory of the Heavenly King.

The King of the Heavens called that person a friend, and…


While crawling on the floor, the prince also had a troubled face.

This guy…


…… Huh? Somehow, Tre’ainar muttered… eh?

“…… ha?”

What was that? I’m wondering why there’s a demon here, but that name… oh? It’s a name I’ve heard before.

It’s the name of a legend that used to appear in picture books or horror ghost stories…

『This man… was alive…』

And, to be clear, Tre’ainar seemed more surprised than when Jamdi’el first appeared before me.

With his eyes wide open and clearly upset.

「Tre’ainar…… this guy…?」

When I asked her in our minds, Tre’ainar huffed and looked at me…

『This man… once renowned as the chief military strategist of the Demon King’s army… one of the Six Supremacy who once made a name for himself as a warrior … ‘The Black Sage, Paripi’…』

“What!? Th, The Black Sage, Paripi!?”

『O, oi, child!』

After all, I know the name! Paripi? That’s a legend on par with Jamdi’el!?

“Oh? Hey, Earth. Do you know this person?”

“Eh? Ah, eh?”

Kron’s face was furrowed when he heard my unintentionally mouthing and exclamation.

Both the Heavenly King and the prince look at me with surprised faces.

No, I know only that name, though I have never met him before.

On the other hand, Paripi himself who heard my words…

“Oh, so overjoyed panay! Thank you! I’m really honored that the new generation knows about me!”

He smiled at me with an exaggerated reaction.

He looks so frivolous and irritating, but when I think that he is that same Paripi, every word he says and every movement he makes looks creepy and scary.

『Tch…… this man… no, there was no corpse to be found, so it was never impossible… by no means, yet here we are… here…… in this place…』

Did Tre’ainar looks somewhat chagrined beside me? It seemed he was gnashing his teeth with that expression.

But, the Six Supremacy were your former subordinates, right? In other words, that’s a comrade.

Jamdi’el was like that, but somehow we lived together under the same roof for three months.

If he is the same the Six Supremacy as Jamdi’el, this guy is…

『Child. Do not put this one together with Jamdi’el.』


At that time, Tre’ainar advised me, as if to say I was being “naive”.

『Fine! An absolute with this man… ‘perhaps he is a decent fellow’ is a misconception, is it not? This man is willing to commit cruel and malicious deeds for the sake of amusement that would nauseate and sicken the normal mind.』

The Tre’ainar’s advice reminded me of an old tale.

I remember when I was a kid, Sadiz used to harass me by my bedside.

―― If you misbehave, I’ll terrorize you at the Paripi banquet

Was that it?

“Fufufu, I’m glad you know me, but don’t give me that frightened look, Earth Lagann, okay? You’re a man with a more fearless and raging soul, aren’t you?”


At that time, a happy-go-lucky Paripi, slowly approached me.

Do you know me?

『Jamdi’el knew of you as well. Perhaps you have surprisingly gained fame for that graduation match. Do not get swallowed in, child! This man skillfully tries to round up his opponents by leading them on with words!』

Then, more than any other time, Tre’ainar warned me in a flustered manner.

For this man, that’s…

『Hmm? Child, Paripi smiled… his focus is… not the child…! Protect Kron, child! He is aiming for Kron!』

“…… Eh?”

Tre’ainar shouted so, and Paripi looked at me smiling.

“Nice to meet you, Earth Lagann, I’m formerly of the Demon King Army, but now I’m a man who just plays around without getting a regular job. Call me Paripi the Vagabond. Ah, I’m glad I met you too, Miss Kron, and my what nice eyeballs!”

“…… Eh?”

The demon’s right hand was stretched out towards Kron’s eyes.

“【Great Demon Jab】!”

“…… Oh?”

Good thing I stayed in the breakthrough state.

I was able to repel the wrist of the demon’s extended arm from the side just in time.

“Ah… ah.”

Kron sat up, eyes fluttering at the sudden event.

That’s right, what if my reaction was delayed by even a few seconds? What if I hadn’t heard Tre’ainar’s voice? In fact, I couldn’t react without Tre’ainar telling me.

Without any warning, he suddenly tried to take Kron’s Daybreak Eyes.

Normally…… would you suddenly try to steal the eyeball of the woman you just met? No, even if you’re not meeting for the first time, you wouldn’t.

This guy…

“Hyuu… I was completely caught in the act … in fact, your consciousness didn’t fully predict my actions… but, good job preventing it… I was a little surprised.”

“You bastard… suddenly, what the hell did you…”

“Hihahaha, but still…”

That was then.

I repelled the arm, and while whistling and looking impressed with me, he suddenly…

“Unlike Big Sis, I have a bad habit of not being concerned about the details. Whoa, who did you learn the techniques of the Great Demon from?”


“Unless you had the Heraldic Eye like Big Sis, you could not have used the breakthrough, let alone the Great Spiral.”

“Well… that’s…”

“And how… did you know I was Paripi? It’s true that I could be a picture book… but, my clothes have changed since the war, and I’m wearing sunglasses now. I’m sure no one but the generation at that time, or my friends back then, would recognize me as Paripi at a glance… right?”

Suddenly, I felt an oppressive chill. It was as intense as Jamdi’el’s black miasma.

I can’t see his eyes with those strange glasses, but what kind of eyes does he have behind them?

“Heh… who knows…… I wonder why?”

“Well, you can’t tell me something you never told your dad or mom, right? So….. I thought that if I get Kron’s eyeball and look into your memory, then I will know. Tehepero!”


His tone was calmly jokey, but this guy had a persuasive power which makes me think he’s serious.

“Hihahahaha, don’t give that look, Earth. Yeah, do you smoke? I have good cigarettes, but how about getting closer? That’s cool~, bad boy! How about a little rebellion against dad and mom? Now, I’ll give you a pack for free. If you smoke it and embrace a woman, it’ll feel so nice that you can go to heaven, okay?”

『Ah… I see…… it all finally makes sense. In the meantime, accept nothing from this one, child. Most likely… tis not cigarettes… but ‘herbs’.』

Anyway, there’s no doubt.

After all, this is one of the Legendary Six Supremacy.

Author’s Note

In addition, I received the spirit in the name of review. I’m sorry I didn’t notice it, but the tension went up. Thank you!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    This is how you introduce a villain! He doesn’t ‘this guy is evil and tries to kill you so he’s bad and evil’ no ‘deep backstory about how he became evil and must do these things’. Just a single short conversation and it’s shown he’s a manipulator with no care for others, spontaneously and brutally violent, and willing to drug people for his own benefit and/or amusement.

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