Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 193

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Chapter 193 – Party of Three

I’ve done “battle” before.

Simulated battle at the academy. The Graduation Commemorative match. Ninja warriors. Shinobu. Mr. Aka. Toulowe. Bro. And the tournament during this time. Jamdi’el.

However, this was my first group vs. group battle.

It’s not to the scale which can be called war.

But, if we’re challenging the Kingdom of the Heavens, can we call it a war in a sense?

As we approached the sky, I began to feel a strange sense of tension.

『Child. Savor that tension while you can. However, control your emotions so as not to lose sight of yourself in the excitement of battle.』

“Everyone, you should feel this tension for now. But control your emotions so that you don’t lose yourself in the excitement of battle.”

“”””Oooh, that sounds like great advice!””””

『No, that right now was just for you, not everyone.』

“No, I was talking just to you right now, not to everyone…… eh? What was that?”


I was so nervous that I just gave Tre’ainar’s advice as an instruction to everyone.

I mean, am I feeling excited or uneasy?

“Little man…”

“Earth, what’s wrong?”

Yes, I have to watch myself.

However, don’t get too excited… it’s quite difficult.

『For the time being, child. Tis a situation where battle could break out at any time. Inform everyone about the formation of 3 man parties.』

“Oh, oh, that’s right.”

Although Tre’ainar will take care of the strategy and command, if something happens to me and my voice does not reach everyone, the command will be lost at that point.

That’s a lot of pressure.

“In the meantime, I want you all to form groups of three for now. Don’t fight on your own, but fight together to watch each other’s backs.”

For the time being, I’ll tell them the basic battle formation.

Tre’ainar says it is simple.

“Let’s protect each other’s backs… I see. Tsukshi, Karui”

“Yes, me, Machio and Karui are a set?”

“Don’t rush out alone, cover each other?”



“Cooperation… I’d rather fight fair and square, one-on-one…”

“That kind of talk is no good. I’ll use any foul play, any move. Oh, team up with me. I’ll teach you that.”

To be clear, we are not a trained army, so we cannot do complex coordinated attacks and formations, that’s why I’ll give the bare minimum of rules.

“This is the basic three-man cell, also called the three arrows. If one person does not jump out suddenly, and three people cover each other, the party won’t be beaten so easily. And when attacking, all three should attack at once, like a storm!”

『Um! Actually, this coordinated attack was unsuccessfully attempted by Bro’s prefects in the city of Cantidan. An integrated technique where three people attack like a storm. Tis called the Great Demon―――』

“”””Oh, no way, the legendary trinity technique of the Arcane True Zenith… 【Arcane True Zenith Jet Stream】!””””

Everyone accepted Tre’ainar’s instructions through me easily.

Honestly, I’m grateful.

At any rate, I didn’t want everyone to just go off on their own and destroy themselves.

And if it’s a party of three, then me…

“Sadiz, and Kron.”

“Yes, I’m on the same team as Earth.”

“Yes, Little man.”

I’ll be with Kron, and Sadiz…

“It will not be a three-man cell, but I’m left over, so I want to be added to your group, aye, Earth.”

At that time, there was a man who wanted to be with us because he was an extra after the three person groups were assembled.


“Besides, Sadiz is carrying my weapons, so I’d appreciate it if I was nearby, aye.”

Wacha called out as if saying “Let me join you”.

Well, that’s not a problem, he’s a good fighter, and since Kron is one of the keys in this battle, there’s a way to fight and protect Kron by surrounding her with me, Sadiz, and Wacha.

Even if he was thinking about a different agenda, it doesn’t seem like he’s lying about trying to save Jamdi’el right now.

“What’s up, aye? Don’t you trust me, aye?”

Wacha, who seems to have guessed what I was thinking, asked with a smile.

Wacha himself seems to be aware that “I thought that there was an agenda”.

But even so, by suggesting this to me, on the contrary, is he showing that he has nothing to hide right now?

『Worry not, child, join up.』


『As you anticipated, so long as Kron, who lacks high combat ability other than her magic eye, is present, you and the maid will have to fight while protecting her, but if he joins with you, the burden will be lessened somewhat.』

「…… That’s right, but…… is it okay?」

『Rest assured. Certainly, the man has his own circumstances. However, he will not betray you until Jamdi’el is saved. Otherwise, he would not come this far.』

For the time being, Tre’ainar was saying that, and it will be alright.

“Well, fine. I trust you for now. As a comrade I’ve traded blows with.”

“Hahahaha, I want to learn how to be so open-minded at such a young age”

“Well! It’s encouraging to have Wacha with us! Thank you!”

“…… Well…… if Little man says so…”

With that said, I trusted Wacha “for now” and firmly bumped his fists.

Wacha smiled and took out weapons from the back and sleeves of his clothes as if to say he was ready for battle.

“Fufufu, the battle to rescue the High Priestess… it may be unscrupulous of me, but I’m excited about the situation where I can show off my skills to the fullest, aye.”

“Ah? What are you talking about? Didn’t you put out your skills to the fullest in our fight?”

“Certainly, with my bare hands… that is”

Wacha took out weapons while saying something with implications.

They were all unusual and unfamiliar weapons.


Tre’ainar was also looking at them with a kind of admiration. That is……

“What are all these weapons?”

“Hmm? This aye? Three-section staff…. tonfa… iron fan… nunchucks, sais, poison chain studs… shuriken…”

“H, hey, how many weapons do you have hidden? I’ve never seen it before.”

“Hahaha, there’s still a lot more aye, Sadiz is holding all the weapons that were in my home.”

Wacha talked to me with confidence.

He’s livelier than he was at the tournament.

As if saying his true specialty is “weaponry, not bare hands”.

But before confirming that…

“Nooooooh, hey, s, something comes from behind th’ clouds!”

Hilua screamed in a panic.

When we heard that voice, we looked up, and as we did the other day, armed valkyries with white wings flapping from the other side of the clouds appeared.

At that moment, I was suddenly fussed about wacha and tension.

“Right away, they come out in the open! This time, we’re not going to just take your attacks!”

I clenched my fist, and my fighting spirit flared up.

Author’s Note

Fuhahahahaha, you’ve let your guard down! The ban on the appearance of my children has been lifted!

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