Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 192

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Chapter 192 – Raid

I’ve got the means to fly. All that’s left is to get on board once we’re done preparing.

“This is the biggest fishing boat in town. It can hold dozens of people!”

This country is isolated from the rest of the world, but it is possible to go out to the sea, as long as there is access to the coast. That’s why they eat fish.

Therefore, they have sufficient boats.

And, to get to the top of the cloud, we need a big fishing boat.

“You see? The nets and ropes will hold things firmly in place! Hilly, can you hold it properly?”

“Hmm? It’s a wee bit heavy.”

“It’s guts! Guts!

By attaching ropes to the fishing boat and having Hilua carry it like a backpack, anyone who wanted to join us, except me and Kron, could get on board to participate in the battle.

“Tsukshi…… you guys…”

“Machio, of course I’m going too!”

“And me! That’s why you’re staying here, Amae.”


“We can’t be too careful! Remember that prince or whatever!

“I’ll smash that ass!”

“Oh, I’ll show you how the range in my crotch is like the mountain and the ground!”

“Let’s strike hard and fast!”

Well, we’ll see what happens… either way, it’s going to be tough.”

The participants were mainly tournament contestants, with Elder Sis Tsukshi and Karui also riding along.

However, I’m worried that all the very skilled people will come along…

“Mortriage. While we’re gone, you’re in charge, right?”

“Yeah, we’ll take care of it. So, Earth, go raise some hell!”

“Oraa! Leave the reconstruction to us!”

“I’m going to work too!”

“Be careful.”

I decided to leave it to these guys.

Actually, I wanted to leave the caretaker role to “her”, but…

“Are you sure? Sadiz.”

“Yes. Regardless of the past, I owe her for the food, clothing, and shelter she provided me in the past three months. So….. I’ll join you.”

In fact, Sadiz was going to return to the Imperial City and report this to father and mother, but in the end she chose to raid with us.

Although Sadiz once lost everything to the Demon King army, she intends to fulfill the minimum obligation.

And above all……

“If only a little, I want to be helpful to Little man.”

“Geez… I’ve already graduated from…”

“Still, for me, I will always love Little man.”

After all, it’s for me. She’s as sweet on me as ever.

However, as long as we still don’t know how strong the opponent is, it’s reliable to have her come with us.

“Ms. Sadiz! Take care of this too, please! I’ve brought all the swords, spears, and crossbows I can find! As a martial artist, I don’t really want to use these sorts of things. I also brought some barbells!”

“Oh, thank you for your hard work. However, as long as the number of opponents is unknown, let’s bring as many things as we can use. I will store them into my extra space, so it’s okay.”

“Please take my weapons as well, aye. Weaponry is my specialty aye.”

And with the magic of Sadiz, it’s easy to carry any luggage.

In case something happens, we should take as many usable weapons as we can, so everyone brought their weapons to Sadiz with a DonDon.

The preparations are done.


“…… Older brother…”

“Oh? Amae …”

“…… Hugh…”

Then, it was time.

Of course, Amae had to stay behind for this.

She clung to my leg with a sad expression.

“…… Uh… Gusu…”

Even though other sisters were there, the ones she was closest to, Elder sis Tsukshi, Karui, Kron and Mr. Machio were all going with me.

It’s not surprising that Amae, who was left behind, would be heartbroken and on the verge of tears.

“Goforit… fighton…”


No. It’s different. Amae clung to me once, but quickly pulled away…

“Youcandoit, Older brother, big sisters, uncle! Everyone! You Can Do It Fiiiiight Ooooon!”

She gave me a shout, not words of selfishness or anxiety.

“You too, Hilly! Fight on! Do your best, fight on!”


And everyone in the town who saw Amae also raised their voices all at once.

“Yes, good luck, guys! Hang in there!”

“Knock down the ones who did this to our town!”

“Please save the High Priestess!”

“Yes, take them all doooooooown!”

“Uoooooooh, goooooooooo! Arcane True Zenith Huzaaaaaaaaah!”

Strong cheers that made me shiver.

Well, we’re already fired up.

As proof, we all had the same smile, regardless of man, woman or race.

“What do you think? Kron?”

“Yes… so passionate.”


“It’s giving me strength.”

“That’s it.”

“Not only are we fighting together, but …… we’re fighting for each other, right?”


Kron, who was an innocent girl, looked thrilled about something.

It seemed quite effective.

“Uh~~~~, Tyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!”

Kron thrust her fist up and raised the loudest voice in her own way.

“Goddess…… uuuuuuuuuh, let’s go!”

“Ousha, I’ll do it too! Watch me, Amae!

“Then I’ll do the same…… funyaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!”

“Oh, the rare war-cry of Machio… kuh, uoooooooooohh!”


“Nuh, me toooooooooooooooooooo!”

Kron, everybody… followed her.

“Little man!”


And then, everything was ready.

“All right, Kron. The timing to strengthen everyone with the magic of the Daybreak eye…… I’ll tell you when.”

“Yes, I’ll leave it to Earth.”

“Leave it to me. Just like a ‘god’, I’ll indicate the best possible timing. And to everyone else, too! I may be cocky, but I’ll give some instructions to everyone! So listen up, will you?”

“”””I will follow the strongest man in this country, the tournament champion!!””””

So, I’m counting on you, okay? Tre’ainar.

『Entrust this to me. Huhahahaha, I feel like the commander of a single corps, although they lack the numbers to be an army, Fuhahahaha.』


『Indeed, tis troublesome. As such, let us end it promptly, shall we? Child.』

Oh, what a devilish smile.

It is truly the Great Demon King. This is also reliable.

Yes, in the fight against Jamdi’el, he defeated her in a two-on-one match by directing my actions.

This time, Tre’ainar will be like a strategist, giving orders through me.

“Well, everyone, we are already prepared! I hope you’re ready too!!


“We will, by our own will, take back what is precious to us! God will bless us in our resolve!”

Well, I’m sure your God is here.

“After all?”

『Such nuisance.』

Even though he was the Demon King, he seemed unaccustomed to being treated as a god.

I laughed at Tre’ainar and heard Kron’s order.

“Come on, that heaven… erm…… what was it… raid? That’s it! Let’s go for it!”


They cried out in unison, with enthusiasm.

“Well, Hilly! Please!”

“Naah~, just hang oooooooooon! Fugu, Fubununun, nugu, unuunooooooooooooooon!”

His face turned so red that his blood vessels floated out, and his whole body, which was once so pudgy, condensed with power as he carried the fishing boat we rode on…

” I’ll do iiiiiiiiiiiiit, let’s goooooooooo!!!!”

It’s Hilua’s willpower. His guts. With the great physical power of the fire field, Hirua flew us on his back with great spirit.

Author’s Note

Everyone, thank you very much for your continuous support.

I have a report today, and I will write it here.

I think I’ve previously reported to you that I had a child.

There was a continuation about the matter.

Recently, the cover of the child in the womb who has not yet been born . . . I was able to see his face, and I was grinning like an idiot parent, but I was told a new shocking fact…

It turned out that the child will be born as a “twin”.

It is not yet decided when the child will be born in this world, but it seems to be certain.

This is my first experience and I am quite puzzled.

Naturally, the responsibility as a parent is also doubled.

Is it really all right for me like this? Isn’t there any pitfall?

Recently, I haven’t been able to properly do my body painting due to pressure, so it is difficult to go outside every day.

However, I thought that I could not be worried forever, so I decided to report on that today.

The first child born is “Novelization”. I would like to name the child who is born after a little time “Comicalization” and do my best to become a splendid parent in the future.

Both parent and children look forward to your continued support, thank you!

For the time being, if nothing happens, the cover of the child who will be born soon this weekend…… I’m going to show you their face! The hot face of the master and disciple!

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Just letting you know I recently translated a short story written by the Author of this work. A little hilarious tale which also features a ghost. Have a read and comment please…


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