Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 194

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Chapter 194 – Intermission (Prince)

It’s so bright. Morning has come already.

I raise myself up from the bed feeling a slight chill, and looking next to me, breathing in her sleep, is a little bird that I took good care of last night.

Is thou tired? Thy sleep is deep. I’d like to continue taking care of her in the morning, but with my position, that cannot happen.

Today, I’m going to have another morning training session with those cute girls.

A few days ago, we fell short in our first campaign due to Daddy’s interruption.

Most certainly, we were to fly around to the surface in a dignified and beautiful manner.

But that would not be.

The great sinner, Jamdi’el, surrendered of his own volition.

Though we charged the surface in high spirits, there was not so much a battle, just a little skirmish … also……

“The scar on my cheek is gone…”

I just had a little altercation with that sharp-eyed little boy.

Nay, nary did we even fight each other.

However, that lad, by that little altercation, left a wound on my cheek.

Surprisingly, despite my Heraldic eye, there exists someone on the surface who could do such a thing.

Above all, Jamdi’el quietly surrendered as she herself was already exhausted.

That boy drove her to such a state.

What if I were to fight against him at his best?

I feel a ting of fear, yet at the same time my body is hot and aching.

Never in my life have I felt such a thing.

I wonder what it is… this feeling…

“Fufufufu, well, this cute little bird… should still remain in bed. Thy chirps were quite loud yesterday.”

Dressed up, I softly left the chamber so the little bird may remain in slumber.

Then there…

“My Prince… Good morning.”

Slightly grumpy with pouting faces, my cute little birds await me already.

“H, hey, is something wrong?”

“…… Not especially…… the prince is exhausting himself every night.”

“Ah… ahaha. I also find that pouty expression cute. Could it be jealousy?”

“Hau~, prince…”

The day after I take in a little bird, everyone ends up like this.

But with a little smile, they quickly turn red and distraught.

Oh my, they’re just so adorable…

“Well, to training we go. Things did not end well a few days ago, but we know not when all-out war with the surface will begin.”

However, peaceful times are not indefinite.

By the will of the newly enthroned king of the Heavenly Kingdom, we, the Seraph tribe, shall go forth to capture the hegemony of the world.

War. An unknown that our generation has only heard of in tales.

In all honesty, I would have been happy to spend every day peacefully, playing with my birds, but I also wanted a place where I could show the strength I have trained and nurtured.

War evokes in me a feeling of half tension and half joy, and everyone, including myself, is full of enthusiasm these days.

And it’s all because of “that man”….

“Prince, before we train, there is a request to talk to Jamdi’el… from ‘that man’.”

“…… what?”

“His Majesty will allow it, should the prince accompany him…

“…… is that so? I see. Summon him then. I shall go to the dungeon as well.”

I met “that man” a few years ago.

He brought everything to our world.

“My Prince! Please be careful. Jamdi’el’s hands and feet are bound, and her eyes sealed, but we know not what she might do. In earnest…”

“I know.”

“And that man as well, I… I don’t really know much of him…”

“Fufufu, certainly he’s entertaining, but he can’t be trusted. So thou need not worry about me, okay? I won’t bring sorrow to thee.”


Long ago, the Heavenly Realm suffered great damage by the betrayal of Jamdi’el and quietly watched the conflicts of the Surface World without interfering.

We, the apostles of God, refused to get involved in the trivial conflicts of the unholy surface.

However, we were asserted as, “frightened and withdrawn”.

And his words and existence eventually brought a great change to this country, this world, and the Seraph tribe.

Now, even he is hopeful for a full-scale confrontation with the surface…

“Fufufu…… I feel like I’m dancing on the palm of his hand … at any rate…… the end of Jamdi’el’s execution is the beginning of everything. And with my achievements in the war… Daddy should acknowledge me…”

And that is what I desire.

Even if loved by tens of thousands of little birds… discourteous it may, they’re all but mere diversions… I want approval… from only one person.

That hasn’t changed since the days of my childhood―――

“…… is it set, the day of my execution?”


A voice sounded from beyond the darkness as we marched along the dark gallery leading to the dungeon cells.

I suddenly felt goose bumps all over my body.


Sweat on my back? Also on my hands? Just for the moment, did I get pressured?

“This presence… is that the prince?”

She is confined to a cell where magick is sealed by applying multiple magick formulas, both hands and feet are tightly bound, and both eyes are also blindfolded so that they cannot be seen.

Even though she’s literally helpless to do anything, by just hearing her voice…

“Fufufu, nay, just to check on thee… and someone here wishes to see thee.”

I feign composure to keep her from perceiving my agitation, how pathetic, of me.

Now, Jamdi’el has recovered both magick power and physical strength.

What if, by some happenstance, she leaves this dungeon?

I was unaware a few days ago, but looking at her in such a recovered state, I now understand much more.

She is powerful…

“Hey, art thou keeping to thy promise?”


“About Lady Kron.”

However, she also has a weakness… surprisingly, there is something she would protect even at the cost of her own life.

Yes, she is not in this dungeon due to our ability.

I merely made an arrangement with her as she was exhausted.

“Fear not. I haven’t touched the island country since then.”

“Then, it matters not. Why not just put me to death?”

“W, wait, a personage of thy caliber. There is quite a bit of formality involved.”

“Hmph, at most thou art preparing a stunt for ‘Dekte’ita’ to display his power, I suppose.”

With that said, Jamdi’el is sneering at Daddy. I heard that they are of the same generation, but … could there be something else?

“Hey, do tell thy father.”


“Thou may wage thy selfish war, but… thou will never lay claim to the Surface World or the Demon Realm.”


“I’m not so naïve. Hence why I’ve been in hiding for the last 15 years, until I was ready.”

The unexpected words from Jamdi’el, said with such a presence and power, left me astonished.

“That… thou mean those so-called Heroes of the surface… or the remnants of the Demon King’s army?”

“…… It’s vexing, but… at the least ‘Hero Hiro’ is stronger than I. ‘La’iphant’ will not stand for it either…”


“So execute me, and raise the morale of the Seraph tribe by the rapture of having eliminated the stain on their history… but that will be thy peak.”


“Thou comprehend nothing. Thou ignorant wretches who forever only revere phantom gods such as Odin, the world will never yield to thee.”

“…… If so, Tre’ainar, who died 15 years ago, is God… thou mean?”


Inadvertently, I pulled away slightly.

“Wretch, thou dare…… to so frivolously utter his name.”

I pulled away just by the words of Jamdi’el, who was in a situation where she could not do anything.

Oh no…. getting swallowed―――――

“Whoa, I give I give. We had a fun party yesterday~, I’m late cuz of a hangover.”


“When I woke up, my head ached, my stomach hurt, and I fought a battle in the lavatory… and whoa~, was that a fight. Hihahaha”


“Hiya, prince. G’mornin. Sorry sorry I’m late~”

He appeared, and in an instant, shattered into pieces terrible air that I was about to be swallowed up by.

“Even so, you can’t go bullying the youngins like that~? Ain’t he your junior? Right? Sis Jamdi’el~”

“…… wh… eh? Wha, ha? Wh, what is…”

“Aha! Sis Jamdi’el, all tied up~ so incredibly precious. Cuz usually, she would the one to tie em up with a rope and strike em with a whip~, this gap is in・tri・guing~

“… ri… ridiculous… ridiculous.

“Anyway, it’s been too long”.


Jamdi’el, whom I’ve been overwhelmed by, as if beneath him… nay, as if in mockery, the man emerged with a smirk on his face.

At the presence, Jamdi’el’s state was clearly abnormal.

“Th….. thou. It can’t be…”

“Oh, even blind you can tell? You know it’s me? Naturally, you’ve known me for a long time, right? It’s been, what, 18 years?”

“End… thy jest… by just thy voice? Even if I can’t see thy figure, or hear thy voice… just by this unseemly air… thou… still live?”

For Jamdi’el, he was apparently unexpected.

I had heard about their relationship before. Even so, it’s unlike Jamdi’el to get so upset… after all, he…

“Priiiince! How dreadful, Prince! Quickly, please come …… right away!”

“Eh, ah, huh?”

I was so surprised. All of a sudden, my subordinate’s daughter rushed in with a loud yell… what the hell is going on?

“F, from the surface… a huge, ugly creature approaches this country, carrying surface people with it!”

“Wh… at?”

This also was a totally unexpected event for me.

And, above all, the history of this world will change drastically today.

Author’s Note

It’s December, and the year is almost over.

And, although I didn’t report last time, the overall evaluation actually exceeded 110,000 drills.

890,000 drills remaining. It’s getting closer and closer little by little. Thanks to everyone. Thank you.

I will keep working hard!

Now, in two weeks, the master and disciple will finally be lined up in the bookstore, and by the way, other characters also have pictures of course.

Everyone’s favorite Fu Meday. Rebal. And Sadiz! Ph…… Phi… the Princess! And both his father and mother have a wonderful picture! The illustrations are also amazing. A picture of a Master and Disciple who are friends… maybe that special move…?

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