Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 190

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Chapter 190 – I Understand

The hippopotamus…… Hilladon was puzzled when I bowed my head.

“How, admirable.”

『I see… the reverse of congeneric repugnance…. birds of the same feather… huh?』

Vasalar and Tre’ainar grinned at my attitude.


“Wow, it’s another new dragon!”

“Huh? Oh…….”

Kron looked at a fat hippopotamus that didn’t look like a dragon and said so with eyes gleaming with pure joy.

Hearing those words, Hilladon…

“Ah!? Who is this lady?! You’re too beautiful to be a girl!”

“Oh, I’m so glad! My name is Kron! How do you do!”

“G’day to you! My name is Hi…… Darkness Bahamut Grand Cross! Would you like to come for a walk in th’ air with me?”

“Oh? Is this a date invitation? Ufufufu, aren’t you aggressive.”

Looking at Kron, he clearly changed his attitude and was blushing red, and then hitting on her as if he were trying to seduce her… tte

“Hey, what’s with that cool name? He said to call you Hilladon.”

“Hmm… Ah…”

“Hey, listen here.”


For the time being, I grabbed Hilladon’s shoulder to make him listen to me.

Then, the moment he saw me…

“Hmm! What’s with you, and such a scary face! I, I, I do something or what!”

“Calm down! You didn’t do anything, listen to me!”

“Gya, I’m sorry I’m against violence, I’m sorry for being cheeky!”

“Don’t be so scared of humans! You’re still t —- a …… a man!”

“It has nothing to do with men or women! Male and female should always be equal!”

Without thinking, I was about to say, “You’re still the son of the Dragon King?” but I stopped myself for a moment.

I know better than anyone how disgusting those words can be to someone.

And at the same time, I thought, “I see.

I wonder if the people of the Imperial City were saying that about me like this.

“So, pop, who th’ hell are these people!”

“Nuwahahahahaha, these are people who were able to entertain me. So, Hilua, why don’t you go play with them?”

“…… What’s going on? Play? Do you mean a race, or …?”

Hilladon, who doesn’t understand the situation he was summoned to, was restless.

To this guy, I pointed to the sky.

“I want you to take me and Kron to the top of that cloud.”

“Hmm? Cloud? Oh~, that big one… what’s that?”

“There’s a woman who was taken there and we’re trying to go save her, but we don’t have a way to get there, so we need your help.”

“…… Oh~…. Save? It sounds quite dangerous… no way… are you going to fight someone or something?”

We will fight. In a way, a battle with the Seraph Tribe?

At least it’s not for pleasure.

“Yeah … I expect so…”


I can’t lie there. So I told the truth.

“Oh, such, aaaaaaah! N, no good! Th’ world should be peaceful! Fighting is no good!”

And, sure enough, this guy trembled and refused with all his might.

I see. Certainly, it seemed that Vasalar had spoiled him rotten.

And then……

“No, Hilua. Lend them your back and strength!”


“That’s an order. You will not be allowed to return until you have gone on a rampage.”

Without saying a word, Vasalar tried to force Hilladon to do as he said.

Hearing those words, Hilladon trembled and cried out with teary eyes.

“What are you talking about, pop! That’s terrible! I’m not like you, pop! I have my own life! Just because I’m th’ son of th’ Dragon King doesn’t mean I like fighting!”

I can understand how he feels… Strangely enough.

Even though he was his father’s child he was different from his father. Yes, I get that feeling.

“Oh? Your life? Oh, Hilua. Have you achieved much by yourself to say that?”


“You eat, sleep, and shit lazily every day…  just eat, sleep, shit, lazily, everyday… is that th’ life you want to protect, even to disobey me, your father, Hilua?”

“That… that’s … because…… laziness is th’ best evidence of peace… even you are lazily messing around too, pop!”

“So. I’m fine with it, because I’ve been through so much and arrived at this point.”

“Well, I’m fine with that too! Unlike pop, I took shortcuts to get to where I am now!”

Yeah, I get it. Somehow, when my father tries to force me to do something, I get really pissed off and want to rebel.


“Um, Mr. Hilladon, can’t you help?”


“My…… there’s a loved one of mine up there… it may be a bother or even dangerous for you… but… at least to take us to the top of the clouds…”


And at such times, when a beautiful woman touches you and asks you to do something like this…

“H, hey, lady…”


“D, do, don’t you feel anything about touching me?”


“Yesh, because I’m… th’ female dragons say I’m fat and not cool… everyone wonders if I’m still th’ son of the Dragon King…”

“Not cool? Aren’t you really cute?”


Even more so, if you were told that you were cute while your head was being patted…

“Forget th’ clouds! I’ll carry you to th’ other side of th’ heavens!”

This is what happens!

“I understaaaaaand, I get, you, I understaaaaaand!”

“Ahhh, what’s wrong with you, big guy!”

“From today, we’re partners!”

“Eeeeeeh, don’t want that? Why? I just want to help th’ lady, it’s has nothing to do with you.”

“That’s right, when you have a parent who’s too good, you’ll suffer from such a parent and their ego!”

“…… Eh?”

“And I’m really weak against women… that’s right.”


Somehow, I couldn’t help but put my arm around Hilladon’s neck and burst into tears.

『At any rate… we now have a means to act upon, but… well…… will this one be useful as battle potential?』

Tre’ainar still had a somewhat doubtful expression, but still we’re ready to fly above the clouds.

Author’s Note

I thought that I had talked about 47 Ronin yesterday, but I suddenly decided to go to Edo this weekend.

I won’t make you raid, but if I don’t post tomorrow, forgive me.

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  1. I bet the dragon is strong though. He could probably just lay on the floor, and roll towards his enemies and steamroll over them. Against birds however… Well, dragon breath should still be aviable


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