Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 191

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Chapter 191 – Let’s Fight

With Kron and I away, everyone was waiting for us to return, worried about us.

“They’re back!”

“Older Brother! Goddess!”

“Inya, thank goodness! We were worried ab… out … ueh?”

“Little m… heh?”

Kron and I returned to the ruined town while making a rumbling sound.

At first, everyone seemed to smile with relief, but the next moment, everyone’s smile froze.

“E, erm…… what is that? That thing.”

“Oh… Ooouuuuh!”

“Wh, wh, wha, what did you do? Th, at …”

“Something… amazing…”

It’s only natural that everyone’s eyes are on this guy.

With Kron and I on his back, the colossus walked on four legs.

“Hold oooooooo. Wh, wh, wh, what the heck?”

“H, h, h, huge!”

“I, is that… a monster?”

“It’s been a while since I’ve looked up at someone…… bigger than me.”

Even the contestants and the mighty men of the dojo are stunned.

Including Mr. Machio.

No wonder. For those who have always resided in this isolated country, this is probably the first time they have ever encountered such a large creature.

Even I, who had been living in the Imperial City, have never seen anything like it.

“Hmm … somehow … being watched, it’s embarrassing, Kro!””

“Ufufufu, that’s right~, everyone is surprised to see you, Hilly!”

“I’m kind of shy.”

Perhaps anxious about the gazes around him, Hilua mumbled shyly with such a big figure.

Incidentally, Kron, who was already acting very familiar, has become friends with him, even calling each other “Kro” and “Hilly”.


“Amazing, so big!”

While everyone was overwhelmed by Hilua, Amae ran up to him with her eyes shining first.

“Goddess, who is this? Unfu~ cuddle~?”

“Hiya, hiya~, w, wh, who is, this child… sh, she’s so cute~.”

There was no fear at all, and Amae jumped at Hilua’s face, which was at a lower position due to walking on four legs, and rubbed her cheek against his.

“Ufufufu, Amae, this one is Hilly!”


“Yes, he’s a reliable companion who will take us to the top of that cloud!”

Tsukshi and the others were startled at those words.

“Eh!? Goddess, that’s…”

“Yes! Riding on Hilly, Earth and I can go all the way to the clouds and save Jamdi’el!”

“Eh, eeeeeeeeeh! Th, th, that!?

Unlike Amae, the situation wasn’t immediately accepted and the people around him remained confused, but with that one word from Kron, everyone’s expression changed.

“Hmm, Hilly? Is your name Hilly? “

“Yesh, that’s right. What’s your name?”

“Amae is called Amae. Nfu~, Hilly, squishy~

“Hiya~, Amae is also squishy! For th’ first time in my life, I’m glad I’m squishy! I mean, th’ girls on th’ Surface are so kind! I’m going to live on th’ Surface world from now on!”

Following Kron, this reaction to Amae. I guess he’s had bad luck with women, or rather females, his whole life, even though he had been panicking until just a while ago, he even declared that he would live on the Surface.

Really, this guy is just…

“So, Little man… what is this?”

Sadiz, who had a subtle expression when she saw Hilua, asked me. Well, this is a normal reaction.

“It’s a bit of summoning magic.”

“…… is that a winged hippopotamus?”

“A winged hippopotamus, and an amusing comrade.”

I didn’t say, “Hilua is the son of the Dragon King of Hades”.

It’s not that I’m keeping it a secret.

But I thought that title was unnecessary.

“Is it summoning magic… and so big…… but will it be okay? It seems to understand human language… it’s big, but…… doesn’t seem very strong…”

“It’s fine. I asked him to take us to the top of that cloud that we alone can’t reach. From there, it’s our job to fight.

“Little man…”

He’ll take us to the top of that cloud. That’s enough.

Without him, none of our fists, spirals, or magic would reach that cloud.

But thanks to this guy joining us, our power can reach it.

And that’s enough.




“Now, on this creature, Earth and the Goddess are going to…”

“Yes, that’s the plan.”


Assuming that Hilua is good for the time being, what should we do from now on?

The eyebrows of Mr. Machio and the others wavered at Kron’s words.

“Everyone, we don’t really know who Jamdi’el, our High Priestess, actually was, or those who came from above that cloud. And most of all, I’ve been called Goddess, but I wonder who I really am.”

I guess this was Kron’s way of showing concern.

Until now, Kron and Jamdi’el had been treated as a High Priestess and Goddess by the people of this country.

But, after the arrival of the Seraph tribe, they had no idea what their true identity was.

Kron’s concern was to keep everyone from getting involved in such an unknown background.

Me? I’m fine with it.

But everyone else is different. Kron even wondered if she might have been deceiving everyone.

That’s why she was saying this.

But I think…

Maybe for the people of this country, it’s…

“””Why so reserved? I decide for myself what to believe!”””

“…… Eh?”

Yeah! I knew they would say that.

Kron seemed to have been taken aback by the words uttered without hesitation.

Mr. Machio told Kron on their behalf.

“Goddess…… no, Lady Kron. You’re mistaken on only one thing.””


“The High Priestess, our master,,,. we’re not fighting because we think that it’s our duty to help her.”


“No matter what your background, that existence saved us and made us strong. Some may have been sacrificed by the High Priestess’ underhanded intentions… like the young man called José and people of the old regime… so, not all of them, but… at least the men here don’t fight because they have to help. We fight because ‘we want to help’.”

Right. Even if Jamdi’el’s past was a great sinner, who the Seraph tribe and the human race of the world find unpardonable, still to the people of this country…

“Hey, Machio? What do you mean by men? Don’t you think that’s sexist?”

“That’s right! At least there are women here who feel the same way!”


Elder Sis Tsukshi, Karui and Amae are the same. The church sisters too.

So, everyone’s mind was already made up.

“Everyone … will you all … fight with me?”

I pated Kron’s back lightly at her confused mutter.

“That’s not right, Kron.


“Will you fight with me? No. Mr. Machio said it, didn’t he? Everyone will because they want to.”

So, what you should say in a situation like this is……

“…… I see!”

Then Kron understood the meaning of my words and firmly thrust up her little fist.

“Everyone! Let’s fight together!”


A woman called a Goddess, and also called a doll by the enemy, finally decided to lead everyone by her own will and fight with everyone side by side.

I’ll do my best to support her back.

“Naaaaaaaaaaah, I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ll do my best too!”

“Um, I’m counting on you, my new comrade, Hilly!”

“Ou, give us a lift!”

“Let’s do it, Hilly!”

“I’ll treat you to a drink next time, Hilly!”

And now we, who had been left unattended, began our counterattack against Heaven.

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  1. I don’t mind a big fat dragon named Hilly that enjoys peace at all. How big was he now again? I don’t remember how big the father actually was


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