Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 189

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Chapter 189 – Bloodline of the Dragon

What Vasalar wanted to see was not our strength, let alone victory or defeat.

In that sense, this is…

“Well, that’s fine. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.”

Smiling with satisfaction, Vasalar acknowledged me and Kron.

We dove in hot and hit our attack hard.

In the end, I wasn’t sure how powerful our attack was.

Because, we were surrounded by a dazzling flash of light, and when I noticed, Kron and I were lying on their backs.

I don’t know if we were simply rebounded by Vasalar’s power.

However, we didn’t seem to have been evaluated as useless.

“Gwahhahahahaha, you passed. I shall lend you some power, as thanks for numbing me.”


When I heard those words, Kron and I both jerked our bodies up.

“Then, Vasalar, will you take us?”

“Really, Vasalar!”

“I said you passed. I’m not so cheap at th’ very least. So rest easy.”

The legendary Dragon King was laughing gaily, like a good-natured old man in the neighborhood.



“You did it!”

“We did it!”

Without thinking, Kron and I high-fived each other. Kron did this so naturally, even though I’m sure she had never done anything like this before.

As he saw our resounding touch, Vasalar laughed again.

“Ouou, so immature~, so bittersweet~”

No, he really was just a neighborhood old man…

“But now you want a contract with me, right? Er? Or with Kron, was it?”

“Huh? Hmm~… yesh…”

That’s it, a contract.

And I was getting nervous as I said it myself.

Because this is it, isn’t it? Until a while ago, I was facing the legendary Dragon King of Hades as an opponent.

That legendary dragon will be my monster summon.

I was as excited as a kid.


“But, it’s too late for me to get involved in th’ struggles of th’ world today…”

“…… Eh?”

“To be honest, I’m quite content now.”

“Eh… eeeeeehh!”

That? Are things starting to get a little weird?

“Wait, wa, waaaaaiitaminit!? Eeeh??”

“Th’ Seraph tribe is th’ opponent… I enjoyed this, but with such dull opposition as that, how disappointing~”

Somehow, he seemed to have had enough, or perhaps he was satisfied with the fun he already had and any more would be redundant, so he put on a very questionable expression, as if to say a battle with the seraphs would be boring and would ruin his current mood.

“No, no, no, we had an agreement.”

“I know, calm down. That’s why I’m thinking. Uuuuunnn…”

He’s not changing the agreement. But, it’s such a pain. He seemed to be thinking that way.

But, at this point his whim could leave us stumped.

At that moment, Vasalar smiled as if something had flashed.

“Oh, yesh! There’s an adequate fellow!”

“Wh, what?”

“I’ll have you make a contract with my son!”

It was an unexpected idea.

“Your, son?”

“Oh, you have a son, Vasalar?”

『…… Nu…』

I didn’t think the Dragon King had a son. Well, it wouldn’t be strange if he did.

But Tre’ainar looked somewhat doubtful…

“Oh, yesh. But, because I had withdrawn myself from th’ war between th’ Demon Realm and th’ Surface World, my son, regardless of that, was spoiled rotten as a result. Well, I think that being together with you will be a good stimulus for th’ lad and lead to growth.”

“Eh… but you’re going to sign a contract, right.”

“Nuwahahahahahaha, at first it was good, but…… if you think about it carefully, with me on your side, all your future battles will be easy, so you won’t be able to grow anymore now will you? As his disciple, if this is your goal, I don’t mind, but … it’s not, is it?”

Vasalar looks at me with a grin, as if testing me. It’s like his expression was saying, “You’re not that kind of a fool, are you?”.

When he puts it like that, I want to say, “Of course” but…

『His son… last I saw that one was, tis been many years… well, but for the time being, the bloodline of the Dragon King…… sure enough…』

And Tre’ainar seemed to be groaning a little bit about something… but still, a dragon is a dragon.

Moreover, an outrageous thoroughbred.

Then it’s not a bad idea.

“Well, okay, then! So introduce us to your son, Vasalar! Of course, this is not the goal. With the help of your son, I’ll get closer to where you are!”

“Yes, Vasalar! Please introduce your son!

Kron and I were not particularly opposed to Vasalar’s idea, so we agreed.

“Right then, let’s summon him now! Oŷağamoń Ƥemoń Ƥeŝaiaķu…. Bloodline Forced Summon, 【Ojaverka】!”

Vasalar’s huge body was filled with overflowing magic power, and he recited a chant that we have never heard before.

Hearing that, I started to look forward to it again.

“Oh, even so… I’m going to be a dragon knight from today… the master of the dragon with the blood of the Dragon King… a Dragon Rider…… a Dragon Master…… if I’m going to have a title like that, I’ll have to think of a name for myself… Great Demon Dragon King Knight … or something like that.”

A hero astride a dragon. It really tickles this man’s heart since childhood.

I’m excited to think that I will be such a person from today.

And when Vasalar, who finished chanting the spell, slammed his arm to the ground…

“Unununununununu … nununununu, isn’t it quite … hmm?”

Only half as big as Vasalar, but it’s still a huge body.

But, rather than gargantuan, it seems that there was a tremendous roundness of the body… What? A huge hippo?

Something round with scales the same color as Vasalar… pulling, trembling, and crawling on all fours, it’s …

“Well!? What are you doing, pop!? I was just having a great time picking flowers! …… I’m at…….  Where am I?”

Horrible, it’s somewhat bracing itself on the ground!?

The hippopotamus turned around, inflating its big nose, the eyes were weak and it looked very annoyed.

Right now, a horrible scene!?

I mean, what’s with this guy!?

『More rounded and obese… than when I was alive…』

And the hippopotamus? At the sight, Tre’ainar was holding his head, looking stupefied.

ts, no way…

“This fellow is my son, ‘Hilladon’.”

“Eh…!? Yoyoyoyo, your sooooooon! Thaaaaaat!?”

“Ara~…. he’s so cute!”

I’ve been fantasizing about this since I was a kid. The sinister gigantic Dragon King.

Seeing the existence of Vasalar, which was no different from that delusion, I thought that would also fit the legendary dragon.

But this…

“Hmm? What is it! Where are we? I mean, who are these people?”

Th, this … this is … this is … that?

The image of the dragon in my head has shattered to pieces…

“This is… the son of Vasalar. Dragon King of Hades…”

Is this really Vasalar’s son?

When I thought that, the hippopotamus that was crawling on all fours……

“Unh~, you called me out of th’ blue, but I’ve never met you before! Quit bothering me already! Well, I know what you’re going to say anyway!”

“…… Ah?”

“Everyone says it! They look at me and say, ‘Still, isn’t he th’ son of th’ Dragon King’!”


“Hmph, I’m just me!”

When I heard that phrase, I wondered why … I was surprised.

A hippopotamus with a very uncool appearance.

A dragon far from the dragon knight that a man once yearns for.

But why?

When I heard his words…

“…… my bad.”


I was bowing my head.

What is it? Unexpectedly, I thought that I might get along with this guy.

Author’s Note

It is a report. The book release of this work “Forbidden Master” is December 14.

Is there anyone that will pin this date?

Yes, on the day of 47 Ronin raid. Oishi, who was called “Dunce,” …… Dunce, Dunce, and! Dunce!

“Everyone, buy the light novel … this is a Raid!”

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  1. I started to read all the story the day before yesterday and is the first time that i comment, so, really thank you for bring us this story and this traduction. Thank you!!!


  2. Oh, a very fat dragon? Can he fly? Well, I bet they use magic for flight in some way besides pure muscles at times as well


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