Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 176

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Chapter 176 – Restrain

“Art thou a human of this country? It seems to me that thou has a different attitude towards Jamdi’el and the Doll than the others…”

“Drop that! Or rather, don’t you call Kron a doll. Want me to smack that smart mouth?”

It’s not about whether I can win or not.

What’s important is not to back down.

“Aha, ahahahaha! Funny! A silly little boy resides on the surface! I like him. State thy name?”

‘It’s Earth Lagann. “

“…… Earth…… Lagann? Lagann? Hmm? I’ve heard of it somewhere… well, all right… my regards, boy.”

“Don’t call me ‘boy’ when I’ve already told you my name.”

The prince looked interested when he heard my name and my words.

“Even if it is so… a boy like such as thee against Jamdi’el… impressive.”

However, he didn’t seem to keep a distance from me, whether he had that much leeway or was just being defenseless.

“Jamdi’el… this child?”

“Prince, please step back!”

“With such poor eyesight… he cannot be, a person more dangerous than Jamdi’el!?”

“Hey, please back away, my prince!”

Instead of the prince, the other Valkyries panicked, and came at me with caution and hostility.

If I do something, it’s like they might all jump at me.

As expected, with this number of people and my current condition… now…… what should I do…

“My goodness, anxious little birds indeed. Still, I see…”

And while I was wondering, “What should I do?”, the prince said…

“A boy overflowing with talent, to erase such a form would be a shame. Therefore … could thou step down here? Then we will touch none other than Jamdi’el and the doll, and we will silently leave.”

“…… What?”

“Does thou not find it extraordinary? Because we are different from the days of the former king. If we wanted to, at any time from the sky, we could envelop this flower garden in hellfire.”

Don’t screw――――

“Don’t screw around, bastard!!!””

“As if we could accept such terms! Our High Priestess and Goddess …  no matter who they really are, you’re not taking them away!”

“Sisters, please. I want you to take Amae and leave this place!”

“Oh, don’t you threaten us?”

“Let’s go, bastard! Well knock this son of a bitch down!”


The Cacretale fighters exposed their fighting spirit before I could shout something.

“Tch, these guys… humans trying to save a Six Supremacy… I’m totally stunned.”

“Little man… you’re going to do it, right?”

“That’s how it is. If Sadiz doesn’t like it, it can’t be helped.”

“That’s a very mean thing to say… stupid of me to ask.”

Me and Sadiz have no choice.

“…… thou…”

“Everyone… I…”

In everyone’s spirit, both Jamdi’el and Kron seemed to feel something.


“Dear oh dear, the lower species of the surface …”

“Prince, we are here!”

“All hands, prepare for battle!”

At that time, the Valkyries were about to assume battle positions because of this fighting spirit …

“…… poor things.”


“To have such feelings… Jamdi’el must have conducted herself admirably. People would not go so far merely to fulfill their desires. In a sense, they too are victims…”

The prince looked at us as if he pitied us, and the next moment, his Heraldic eyes gleamed.

“…… the boy… the lady by his side… perhaps one or two more… other than that, thou can’t even stand before me. Well, even the exhausted boy is no longer an opponent.”


After looking at only me, Sadiz and Elder Sis Tsukshi, the prince held up his hand.

“Embrace the Great Rose! 【Giga Rose Thorn】!”

The next moment, the ground shook.

Suddenly, from under the ground that was devastated by the battle between me and Jamdi’el, a giant thorny plant suddenly emerged and attacked us all.


“Hold on!?”

“Uga, o, oh nooooooooo!”

“tsu, th, this is!?”

It was a momentary event.

“Wh, what the hell is this?!”

“Plant magic…… and it’s huge!”


“Hey, seriously!”

Only me, Sadiz, Elder Sis Tsukshi, and Karui, who reacted instantly, were able to avoid it.

However, our side, including the dojo noncombatants, were instantly entangled all over by huge rose thorns, and all of them were tied up with the huge rose plant that stretched high above us.


“As I said, I could take all of thee if I please…”

“Like I care, Breakthrough!”


“【Great Demon Earth Misdirection Shuffle】!”

If I don’t, we’re done for. I don’t care about my remaining strength anymore, I’ll just push through.

“This is… fast…… my Heraldic eyes…”

“【Great Demon Sonic Smash】!”


Paper-thin…… my right smash didn’t land directly, but just brushed the prince’s cheek and grazed it slightly, making him bleed.

“…… wha… Prince!?

“The prince’s face!”

“This lower species!”

“Nay… but, even so…… this one…”

“To wound the prince with his Heraldic eyes!”

No, no… I can’t use my left arm, so I think the disruption on the opponent was only halfway. But……

“Hey… you said prince, didn’t you? You should be more aware. This boy of the surface, if I wanted, can turn that handsome face into a squashed pig face.”

Still, I have no choice but to do it.

“Wonderful… of those who wield power that even my Heraldic eyes cannot foresee… in my lifetime there were only two people… you are the third one. But…”


“【Giga Rose Whip】!!”

The prince immediately counterattacked me.

Thick rose thorns come out of the ground one after another, and they come toward me like a whip.

“Don’t you touch Little man, scum!”


“Space Magic, 【Extra Dimensional Pocket】…… Weapon Retrieval… Death Scythe!”

Then, in both hands… Sadiz, wielding a large Scythe like a god of death, cut through all the giant rose whips.

“If Little man will resist, I’ll fight, too. And you. If any of you point your blades at Little man, I will mercilessly take your heads.”

“Hoh…… eerie… thou…… I wonder if thou would fit well among my cute little birds.”

One of Sadiz’s magic spells. You can store all kinds of tools in a different space and freely bring them in and out at will… household items, daily necessities, even weapons. But not living things, right?


“Little man, I’m here.”

“Sadiz Big Sister, me too!”

“I guess I’m in the same boat!”

Sadiz tried to keep me away, but that doesn’t mean I can withdraw.

Right now, there are four of us who can fight and move.

All four of us…

“Fufufu, I see… thou would fight to the last? Interesting!”

And the prince also smiled belligerently as if he were excited about the situation.

“Then I shall be thy opponent, o’ brave and valiant flowers of the surface! As such, engrave into thy bodies, my name! I am Ga’al! Leader of the ‘the Heavenly Valkyrie Knights’, the ‘Heavenly Knight Prince Ga’al!”

“I don’t get it! I mean, why is the leader of the Valkyries a guy! That’s just a harem, right? Creepy bastard!”

“Huh? Um… ahahaha, aah… see here, I… un~, I suppose. Well now, come, boy!”

The prince who, after giving his name, stood ready to fight us…… Ga’al.

I need to go full throttle while I can move, so I’m going at Ga’al in the breakthrough state…

〘How long dost thou intend on thy trivial games…… Ga’al…〙


Then, at that moment.

〘Jamdi’el appears incapacitated… in such situation, how long hast thou stood idle? This will not do. Still, dost thou draw my noble blood in thy veins?〙


〘Still, ist thou the son of the King?〙

A mysterious voice resounded from above us as if it resonated in all our minds.

That voice stopped us from being heated up in an instant.

And the moment he heard that voice, Ga’al’s expression, which was always smiling, clouded over for a moment, and at the same time, Jamdi’el looked up at the sky with a somewhat surprised face.

And at that time, the phrase “Still, the son of~”, which the resounding voice said, made me feel very disgusted.

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  1. Maybe the Prince & Earth will bond over the fact they’re both sons, of legendary fathers, with too much expectations on their shoulders


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