Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 175

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Chapter 175 – Facts

“I will have thee secured, Elder Jamdi’el.”

“Why, so…soon…”

“A certain man informed me on thee.”

“what? …ridiculous… to know I’m here… certainly not, was it the White Fiend?”

“Hmm? Nay, it was not. He’s somewhat strange… quite a merry fellow.”

He told Jamdi’el, who was already incapable of resisting.

“Jamdi’el… to be arrested? What…”

“ts… ugh, my magick… and this pain… drat, at this hour.”

“Eh, Jamdi’el! Don’t overdo it…

“Please step back…… Lady Kron… ha”.

The Valkyries with flapping wings were appearing one after another through the clouds. Some even rode on a Pegasus.

The Pegasus… was really there…

“Captain, don’t proceed alone without permission!”

“This is Jamdi’el we are dealing with! And we know not what’s on the surface!”

“My prince!”

“Indeed, prince… our prince…”

We were so stunned, but they wouldn’t wait over there either.

“Apologies, my lovely little birds- I just lost myself. I forgot my position … wanted personal credit… for daddy… for His Majesty’s approval. I’m sorry, to disturb thy hearts and make thee cry due to my personal feelings.”

“”””Prince …””””

“How about as an apology, tonight… would you so cutely purr in my bed?”


What kind of mentality does this guy have to be able to say that with impunity?

I mean, really what is it?

Beautiful, dignified women who appeared are calling out, “captain” or “prince” toward this temperament.

No, not dignified. The women had feminine swooning(Deredere) expressions.

Or rather, “prince?”.

“Who are these people!”

“How do I put it, somehow~, isn’t this dangerous?

“They have the same …… feathers …… as the High Priestess.”

“Even armed… the heck…”

For the time being, I understood that it was apparently a troublesome situation.

It seemed Jamdi’el was their goal…

『The Seraphs… tis been a while since I have seen any other than Jamdi’el…』

「Tre’ainar…… what are the Seraphs?」

『Those of the legendary country residing in the sky of the world …』

「The sky!? Hold on, t, th, they really exist?」

I have read such picture books since I was a kid.

I was free to explore the world with Tre’ainar, I’ve said some of the things I’ve said in jest, but I never really thought they would really happen… I mean, isn’t Jamdi’el a demon?

“Hey, what are you suddenly doing? This country is off limits to people from other countries without permission!”

“What do you want with the High Priestess?”

“As you can see, the Master is not in good physical condition right now. Can you back later?”

“If you still want to use force, you can go to…”

“We’re not going to just stay quiet, are we?”

“Women, I’m not interested in your asses.”

All of them have a beauty that is to be admired. But still, the dojo guys stepped forward, wary of the fact that they came down armed and without warning.

However, as if undaunted by the air of such men, the prince or whatever smiled in a leisurely manner.

“High Priestess? Oh dear…… I didn’t know thou called thyself that… she is no apostle of God, but a betrayer of God who was fascinated by the Devil.”


“She has betrayed our Great God, our nation, our king and our race. And turned away all the thousands of Warrior Maidens sent to bring her back, causing enormous damage to the Angela Kingdom.”

Because they were in this country, the residents were ignorant of the past war, the Demon King’s army, and anything like that in the first place.

Therefore, everyone accepted Jamdi’el, who is known worldwide as a Six Supremacy, without knowing it, and because she could put out wings, they would have believed that she was an apostle of God.

It’s no wonder everyone, except me and Sadiz, was surprised.

“The predecessors of our king, fearful of such strength, refused to interfere with Jamdi’el and the Surface world. But the newly enthroned king has risen to reclaim our pride as the true messengers of God. Does thou see? That woman is … a devil.”

I glanced over at Tre’ainar for a moment.

Then, Tre’ainar nodded firmly when he felt my gaze.

『Tis all true. She became my subordinate, and for a time she brought down the sky warriors who tried to bring her back to the best of her abilities. Her former comrades…』

Even after Tre’ainar died, she still makes bronze statues and clones. That’s the crazy faith of Jamdi’el.

It wouldn’t be strange to get rid of her old friends.

Besides, even from the human side, Jamdi’el has one of the highest bounties on her.

I mean, apart from that, they’re not doing anything wrong…

“No, no way… master is…”

“The High Priestess… a devil?”

“L, lie, the High Priestess saved us…”

“Yes, she trained us and made us so strong!”

Those who have believed in and adored Jamdi’el seemed to be confused and disoriented.

No wonder. Jamdi’el might have had other intentions for all of them, but it wasn’t bad for them as a result.

It was hidden because this was a secluded nation that did not interfere with other countries.

She got involved in a revolution to change this country for her own convenience.

She tried to make something powerful for an incomprehensible and crazy idea, such as the creation of the next generation of God.

Everything has the circumstances of Jamdi’el, and it was not something she did for this country or its people.

But still, as long as it was all for them, it’s no wonder they can’t believe the prince’s words.

“Jamdi’el… a devil……? That’s a lie!”

And most of all, if the prince’s words were true…

“Jamdi’el has worked to this day to fulfill God’s mission! She has saved and guided so many people! She has served me, the Goddess, for more than ten years now! Jamdi’el cannot be a devil!”

When she didn’t believe the prince’s words, Kron refutes with a resolute attitude.

I’ve never seen Kron with such a serious face.


“Goddess? Fufufu, certainly thou is quite cute, but art thou… a demon?”

“…… Eh?”

“I see… thou is… a pitiful doll. I will have thee come with us as well.”

This is something that neither I nor Sadiz ever mentioned because we thought it was too much to ask.

For those in this country, they don’t know much about the existence of the “demon tribe”.

And the true identity of Kron, who was revered as a goddess.

“Scoundrel! Thou would dare disrespect Lady Kron ―――― “


“Eh… the little devil… as well”

The moment Jamdi’el tried to grab the prince, the Valkyries sealed Jamdi’el all at once with the lances in their hands, held her down, and stopped the tip of the blade just short.

These guys…

“Hmm … fast … I wonder, these people …”

“Hey, hey, what’s going on?”

“These guys! I won’t forgive you just because you’re women!”

“Wanna go? Oh! Wanna go at it?”

The moment the Valkyries pulled out their weapons, the situation was completely out of hand.

It’s an air where the people who still adore Jamdi’el raise their voices and their fists were about to burst out.

“Fufufu, how vexing… we’re not to hunt weeds on the ground yet, so we must keep things civil.”

“Please calm down, everyone! And you should let go of Jamdi’el too!”

“Oh, thou art so cute, and also… so pathetic in so many ways.”

The prince still laughed even in such an atmosphere. However, his manner evidently seemed ready to move at any time.

“Apparently, though this country is on the surface, they don’t know any more about this world or the demons than we do. Well, I too was the same until a few years ago… when I met that man.”

“Devil …? What is a devil? I’m Goddess Kron! I’m of divine blood…”

“God? Nay. There is but one god in this world. Only our Great God. And thou art――――”

He’s just stating the facts. It’s correct information, so it’s not a bad thing.

I know that, too.

But… I wonder why…

“Hey, leave it at that.”

“…… hmm?”

“You may have come here because of your circumstances, but the people in this country have their own circumstances. Don’t you talk so flippantly with that disgusting, forced smile?”

I found myself getting up…


“Little man!”

“Mr. Earth!”

“Big brother!”

I had to restrain the prince and then some.

“Oh dear, such a cheeky lad. Even though, thou art badly injured… or rather, I’ve been wondering about it for a while now… who art thee?”

The prince smiled, showing interest in me as I stood there.

I mean, what am I doing? Magic from Magical Breathing, still…… physical strength, injuries, already… but……

“The man who took your moment of glory from under your cloud.”

“…? Indeed, the circumstances art such! Heh, thou… put Jamdi’el in this state? Amazing.”

I returned his smile with a taunt.

“But… if thou battled Jamdi’el to such a point, why would thou protect her?”

And the prince, who was surprised, asked me.

Why? That is……

“I don’t have any intention to protect Jamdi’el. If she’s originally a woman from your country and you want to make her pay for her wrongdoings, there’s no reason to stop it. In the first place, I’m from outside of this country, so I knew of this fellow…”

“Oh, is that so?”

“Yes, but… I believe Kron is innocent of any wrongdoing….”

Not only were they here for Jamdi’el but also Kron… if so, it was a reason enough to interfere.

Author’s Note

The number of characters exceeded 700,000. From now on, the number of characters is the number of roads you’ve walked… yes, let’s road it. Over 700,000 roads. I still have a long way to go before I reach the heavens, but I will do my best.

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