Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 177

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Chapter 177 – The Worst

Suddenly, a voice filled with dignity echoed from the heavens.

In other words, it was a voice that sounded very high and mighty.

From the looks of it, someone of even higher status than these guys… I mean… parent?


〘Thou volunteered for the advanced party, only to come at this plight? …… such is why, thou art worthless…〙

If he’s a prince, this would be his parent…. The King?

However, they should be parent and child, but they don’t get along very well, do they? Well, just because they’re father and son doesn’t mean they need to have a good relationship …

“This voice…… certainly not…”

On the other hand, Jamdi’el’s eyes widened when she heard the voice from heaven, as if she had some idea what was going on.

No, that’s not the point right now…

〘If the threat of armed troops does not suffice, thou need only demonstrate the difference in power and be thorough.〙

“W, wait, daddy!”

〘The heavens, the surface, and the demons in the depths of the world should all be obedient in the face overwhelming force! Like so!〙

What? What are you going to do?

〘【Terra Storm】!!〙

What…… oh!?

“Wha… hey…”


It suddenly appeared beyond the calm horizon.

“Wind magic … Storm!?

“H, h, h, huge!?”

A huge swirling tornado blew across the empty sea, hitting the shore with violent waves.

It was truly a natural disaster that appeared without any warning.

『…… Terra-class… after a fashion…… the fool does not seem hopeless…』


『And that… is a warning.』

That’s right. If that huge tornado was the work of the King in the Heavens, it could have engulfed all of us who were here now.

However, instead of doing that, they dared to make such a thing appear on the sea a little farther out at sea.

That means……

〘Jamdi’el. And the doll. If thou do not come quietly, then of that island country… I shall destroy its most populous quarters next.〙

“Eh!? Wh, at?”

〘I will not say it twice. No matter how many seeds on the surface perish, I will show no leniency.〙

Right. This is just a demonstration, and if we don’t listen to what you say quietly, the next is …

And the threat might have been dicey if it had been Jamdi’el alone, but they also have Kron in their sights.

The kind-hearted Kron…

“tsu, w, wait please! Stop! Please don’t hurt everyone!”

It will be like this. Naturally.

This is more effective than coming by force.

If you come this way, you have no choice but to quietly obey.


〘Do not order me, Doll.〙


〘【Terra Spark】〙

And the other party was not only the worst, but also had no mercy or hesitation.

A thunder spell was cast.

But it didn’t fall on the ocean, nor on us.


“Hold on!?”

“Wha… eh?”

Lightning strikes a little away. A flash of light and a roaring thunder.

All of that was heard from… the town.

“H, hey…!”

“Wha, no, nooooooooo! M, my… my goodness!?”

“This, is…”

“No way…”

It’s not immediately obvious what happened from here.

But the huge thunderbolt definitely struck the town.

The town was…

“A, aah… such a thing! How could you do such a terrible thing?”

“…… tch… wretch…”

“Daddy! Wait, why… we need not do this!”

Kron collapsed at the attack from the sky which was too merciless and unforgiving.

Jamdi’el looked up at the clouds, gritting her teeth.

And Ga’al, despite being his child, had a heartbroken expression.

“Damn, bastard…! Hey, sisters! Elder Sis Tsukshi, Karui, Sadiz! Get back to town now! Hurry! They may need help!”

What’s going on with the town now? I don’t know the damage situation, but I can’t help assuming the worst.

Are they all right? Any survivors? What’s the damage?

“Little man… but!”

“Hurry up, Sadiz! They may need your recovery spell!”

“Eh…… kuh…”

Anyway, there’s no time to think about it. That’s why we can’t all go back to town.

We can’t let Kron and Jamdi’el be taken like this.

Then, even if it’s just me…

〘How unpleasant. Next, yes… there, the gathered women all at once――――〙

Oh no! Now to everyone here?

“tsu, damn! This shity bastard! 【Great Mag–

Thunder? Storm? No matter what comes, whatever my remaining strength, I will receive it with a Great Magic Spiral, and destroy it.

“…… ah…”


“Little man!”.

That? Why am I? Suddenly… my eyelids felt heavy…. my body weak…

『Abundant Magical Breathing… a barrage of breakthroughs and Great Magic Spirals with a lot of magic power released… straightforward fights in the tournament and the bouts with Machio and Jamdi’el… all of that has accumulated, your body has already reached its limit…』

Limit? Nonsense. I need to move now… if it’s like this…

“Little man, hold on, Little man!”

That’s right, get up… me…. be a man! Now, move… if not… what’s the point of becoming stronger…… oh, not good…

“I… I understand! I’ll quietly―――――”


But before we can do anything else, Kron was made to say that…

“Hey, does thou hear me, ‘Dekte’ita’! It is thee, isn’t it?”

〘Hoh…… it is I… dost thou remember?〙

“That doesn’t matter! Anyway … just give up on Lady Kron! Or else, I will crush these eyes myself and end my life here and now!”


However, more unexpected words were uttered from Jamdi’el’s mouth at that time.

〘…… Hoh~…… so thou hast come to that…〙

“Fuhaha, never did I expect thou would be the King of the Heavens! The Seraph Tribe, which has always been a mere sham, has fallen even lower after hundreds of years! Anyway, it’s thou! Thou cannot have earned much support from the public, have thee?”


Even though her magic has bottomed out and the pain inflicted in the fight with me has not subsided, Jamdi’el was provoking the Heavenly King violently, and the Heavenly King responded to the words.

Apparently, they really know each other… Well, I… I’m already losing consciousness.

“Is thou aiming for a simplistic approach to raising thy approval by my capture and public execution? And hopefully, retrieving my Heraldic Eyes as stock… isn’t that the case?”

〘…… insignificant… with such irrelevant perception, art thou to negotiate with me? Even after hundreds of years, thou art still with incessant assumptions…〙

“If so… let’s crush these eyes and bite off my tongue… after all, my plan was derailed. I have no attachments left in this world!”


In my fading consciousness, I finally reached the limit.

It’s not a threat, Jamdi’el’s words… and…..

“Jamdi’el, wait! If you’re going, so am I…”

“Lady Kron… please… no matter what happens… thou…… are my last hope…”


“No matter what it costs, no matter who dies, no matter what perishes… no matter what happens, survive.”

“No! No, you can’t! I will not sacrifice you alone… you are my――――”

The last thing I saw… and heard as Kron was clinging to Jamdi’el while shedding tears…

――Earth Lagann… Lady Kron.

Only the voice of Jamdi’el, who told me so as if entrusting to me, was heard at the end.

Author’s Note

Thank you for your support. Yesterday, my impression exceeded 5000 impacts. In other words, including all the good and critical feedback, you have impacted my heart 5000 times. Thank you. From now on, I hope you will continue to freely post in the impression column. However, don’t fight, okay?

Also, I’m sure you’re wondering if I’m going to shave or not, but that was the theme of the previous arc… that is, because it was a theme only for part 4.

Anyway, today is November. The naked biz period is over. From today, I have to spend time naked with a tie, but I’m going to pull myself together and do my best.

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