Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 173

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Chapter 173 – That’s Enough

I wouldn’t say I won, but I can just say I survived.

Doesn’t matter if it was two-on-one, the opponent was Jamdi’el.

I did what I had to do against the rival of my father and mother, heroes that I had been compared to for years.

Adapted to the situation against my opponent, though I sacrificed my left arm.

I mean, I’m already burning up from the fracture and dislocation, but I don’t feel any pain anymore.

It’ll heal properly, right? Should I ask Sadiz to use a recovery spell?

“tsu, ah… ugh, Earth… Lagaaaann~!”


I can’t stand up yet. Her expression was still distorted by pain, though she was not the type to indefinitely scream in pain.

“Hah, hah… forcibly pried my magic hole with a needle… thou did? Don’t say such nonsense… even by a slight deviation, for thou it is impossible… wretch… not even I can accurately grasp, cannot possibly pinpoint closed magic holes… accurately…”

Jamdi’el’s question is natural. That is, Jamdi’el couldn’t see them even though she possesses the Heraldic Eye, but I had only ordinary eyes, it should be impossible.

“Could it… God… perhaps he’s on thy side.”


Well, from Jamdi’el’s point of view, God is Tre’ainar, so in a sense, it’s true.

“Guh, stop, thy jest… thou is saying that God helped thee?”

“If you’re going against god’s true will, wouldn’t he?”


“You know, about José… and Kron…”

The corners of Jamdi’el’s eyes moved at my words. After all, she was aware of it. What I was talking about.

“Silence… wretch… what―――”

“Yeah, fine. I don’t feel like saying anything about it anymore… I’m not a friend of José’s.”


“Just… me and Kron, we’ll decide what we want… whether it means your wishes will come true or not… hope you understand that.”

I’m not one to lecture Jamdi’el, and I’m not trying to change anything.

However, I can’t let her decide for me without permission.

“Ah … do … not jest … aaaaaaaaa! Stop thy jest! Why, thou wretch… to not understand parent and child come together! Thou dare disregard the existence of God? Why not acknowledge the existence of God, who should be at the top… guiding this world!”

The angry words of Jamdi’el…… “Parent and child together”, that was wholly unexpected.

Because I…

“…… Tre’ainar…”

“Do not speak the name of God lightly! Wretch, what art thou? While inheriting the techniques of the Great Demon…… why…… why despise the existence of God!”

“I don’t take it lightly… I…”

Without Tre’ainar… if I hadn’t met Tre’ainar, I wouldn’t be…

『Child …… tis enough…』


At that time, Tre’ainar stopped, looking down at the glaring Jamdi’el with little pity.

『This one, I have known her for over a hundred years… and nothing I can say will change her entrenched opinion of me… even if you… convey my words to her… like with that maid…』

「Tre’ainar…… but…」

『Tis fine. You fought here, not to defeat Jamdi’el nor to refute Jamdi’el. Tis about dispelling the barriers so you may go out into the world. Tis the personal freedom of the individual to think what they will about whom.』

「But… are you okay with that?」

『I am already dead. As long as I cannot be seen and my voice cannot be heard, if this is something that Jamdi’el, who has spent hundreds of years with me and sometimes fought with me, thinks of me… that is her truth. So….. let her think what she will.』

A little harshly, Tre’ainar whispered to me, as he looked at Jamdi’el, who had once been his confidant.

Hundreds of years… even if it’s a selfish belief, if she’s been thinking that way for hundreds of years, it was true for Jamdi’el. And I don’t know if Tre’ainar gave up at some point or if it was concern for Jamdi’el, who cared only for her own thoughts, but I felt that it was an area that I could not enter.

『However, if you want to restore this country utopia to its original form, or if you are displeased with the manner in which Jamdi’el reigns, in that sense you intend to overthrow Jamdi’el, and that is a different matter…』

「Tch…… well… yes…… that’s…」

It’s been less than half a year since I met him, and I felt that there were things I didn’t understand… I hesitated a little, but as Tre’ainar said, I decided not to say any more.

“For now, while the barrier is down, me and Sadiz are leaving the country. The rest is up to you.”

“Eh, w, wait… wait! Lady, Kron… at least…”

“If possible we can exchange letters…”

“S… coun… drel!”

At that moment, Jamdi’el has a face full of despair and crawled towards me, unable to get up…

“Why, disrupt my plan! Why, didn’t things work my way! Even though I got Lady Kron motivated with great care… same as thee! The fulfillment of my 15-year plan… why, is thou the one to come here, and get in the way! The heroes took God from me, and now his son… stands in my way!”

She grabbed my ankle, struggling with the severe pain from her pried open magic hole, but she glared at me with a look of utter misery.

Certainly, as Tre’ainar said, I felt again that there was nothing I could do about this fellow in this state.

If I were to be approached by such a Jamdi’el, I would…

“Jamdi’el…… that’s enough.”


I didn’t know how long she was there.

But when we turned our heads toward the voice, there…

“Jamdi’el, let go of Earth.”

“Lady Kron! B, but, but!”

“I told you, didn’t I? Jamdi’el…… please…… enough…… already… can’t you consider it?”

It seemed to overlap with what Tre’ainar said to me earlier.

Kron stood there with a sad expression, just like Tre’ainar now, as if she were a substitute for Tre’ainar, whose words and appearance could not reach Jamdi’el.

“High Priestess…”


And, besides her were Elder Sis Tsukshi, the dojo guys, and Sadiz.

Was everyone here?

Well, since we were fighting that hard, they would be worried about that…

What about José and the others?

That said, I didn’t realize that so many people had gathered, I wasn’t in the proper state of mind at that point.

And, it was the same for Jamdi’el.

That’s why, I didn’t notice.

During the battle, the dark cloud from which Jamdi’el had brought down two huge thunderbolts was gone, but above the clouds, something even larger and somewhat unnatural was about to cover the area directly above us.

Author’s Note

Everyone, thank you for your support.

Thank you very much for your congratulations yesterday.

I hope you check it out in December.

And I think that what you are most interested in is the picture of the characters.

I have already seen this with author privileges. I already like it very much.

So, for the time being, I’m reporting here, but I’m playing around with the character’s hair color as it becomes a novel.

So, I am sorry that I will modify the description of the hair color of the characters in this novel in the future.

We will announce it when the time comes.

I’m looking forward to the lifting of the ban on character pictures and covers.

And speaking of character pictures, I understand who you care most about.

That guy … isn’t it? You’re curious about that picture.

Earth? No, it should be different.

Yes, I know.

I’d really like to ask you to check it in a book, but at least I’m thinking about whether he can be published a little sooner.

Just Fu Meday… w

Well, if you say that you really wanted to see Fu, that would be confusing…

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