Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 174

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Chapter 174 – Flower

“Ah, Li, Little man… Little man’s arm…”

Although she’s usually strict, Sadiz was quite overprotective of me, she goes into a terrible panic when I go to bed with a fever or get injured.

At such times, Sadiz enters pamper mode, but… I can’t get spoiled by her right now…

“Then, for the time being, I’ll just put the shoulder back in and fix the arm… oh, my… no, even if he’s not mine anymore, he’s still Little man…”

“It’s okay, give me a recovery spell. It will heal faster.”

『It would be better to take time to heal fractures and dislocations naturally rather than forcibly with magic, also healing them with the surrounding muscles will be preventive measure… well, I suppose we have no choice at the moment?』

“Uh~, this is so unreasonable… just who in the world was it? The brute that thought up such an unreasonable and reckless strategy …”


『Nu…… a, against Jamdi’el, the cost of one left arm is a bargain…』

While being snuggled up by Sadiz, she sits down on the spot to treat my left arm, which no longer hurts much.

In the meantime, we were watching Kron gently care for the fallen Jamdi’el.

“Lady Kron… what… just, I’m okay… thou has to make a child with Earth Lagann now…”

“Yes, but Earth has his own will. I don’t think we can force it.”


“Still, Earth is not saying he absolutely won’t. He says we can exchange letters. That’s why I, Earth, start as friends and then write a lot of love letters. That’s how I’ll make him like me.”

The original procedure for a man and woman getting intimate. Kron tried to persuade Jamdi’el by saying so.

But, Jamdi’el was it not one to be convinced by such nonchalant words.

“What… such a leisurely affair! Correspondence… how long would that take… “

“Well, is that so? It takes… a long time… hmm… hey, Earth. If we start with correspondence and things go well, what other steps will we take and how long until I have your child?”

And it seems that Kron doesn’t really understand how much it actually takes to get “there” either.

How long does it take for a man and a woman to start correspondence and then get to having children? That’s what I want to know!

Well, what I imagined is…

“Er, well… let me see, that’s it. Starting with letters or exchange diaries… then go on a date… go shopping, to a museum, or a play… buy matching accessories… have a personally made lunch box and go on a picnic… umm~, get to hold hands… have a lap pillow… arm in arm on a cold day, wrapping our necks together with a long muffler… maybe a lock with a picture of the two of us sharing an umbrella on it somewhere… after that, we confess our feelings to each other…”

“””””Eh!? That’s the story before even having a relationship at that point!?”””””

Whoa, that was surprising!? When I was explaining to Kron how men and women would progress, I suddenly got retorted by the people around me.

Moreover, even Elder Sis Tsukshi and Karui!?

Why? Did I say something weird?

“Th, that’s right, confession from there…… that…… under the legendary tree… a place where a couple who confessed and accepted can be much happier… after that, it should be the original ideal to become lovers!”


“Wh, what is it, everybody! Oh, I see … is the culture different because this is a secluded nation?”

『”No, no, not at all…”』

That? Now, both Tre’ainar and Jamdi’el were also retorting at the same time… only Sadiz nodded with a relieved, “mm-hmm”…

“How wonderful! I want to become lovers through such ideals!”

“O, oh, is that right?”

“Yes! I don’t know where the legendary tree is, but I’ll do my best!”

But Kron alone nodded with a twinkle in her eye.

“Jamdi’el, I’m sure I’ll have such a relationship with Earth…”

“That would take too much time! Such a leisurely affair… to begin with, Earth Lagann is going to leave the country as it is!”

“We’ll be exchanging letters!”

“Correspondence… this country is a secluded nation, so we cannot receive mail from other countries!”

“Ah… hmm~… that’s right! How about using a magic crystal to talk every day?”

“On those grounds, do not gloss over such a sluggish pace, push him down now, secure him, and copulate!”

Wow, even if Kron herself agreed, it seemed that Jamdi’el was still not convinced.

However, at the time with me, she was like, “don’t play around, I’ll kill you”, but as expected, with Kron as the other party, she can’t seem to yell at her, and I feel that she’s being pushed by Kron’s pace.

“Um~, High Priestess… what the heck…… what are you in such a hurry for?”

Then, although it wasn’t a timely help at that point, Elder Sis Tsukshi, who was unable to just watch, stepped into their conversation.

“I also knew about the honorable role given to the winner of this tournament… I only thought about myself, so I just thought that I didn’t want Machio to win… but…… if Earth and the goddess mutually consent regarding the creation of the next god… it doesn’t have to be right away… it’s okay to have a fiancé relationship… is what I think~…”

If both parties agree to a normal relationship, not fate or a mission, it doesn’t have to be right now… it was an opinion typical of Elder Sis Tsukshi, a maiden in love.

And I was certainly bothered by Elder Sis Tsukshi’s words.

Jamdi’el was impatient… why is that?

And hearing those words, my mind went to Wacha, who wasn’t here right now.

Maybe something…

“Agreed, she is still but a budding lass… forcing such a flower to bloom and scatter does not impress… also, I find the boy’s view of love adorable. I believe we should respect their opinions as well.”


And, I heard a new voice… the words we heard weren’t from within our circle.

A voice I’ve never heard before. I turned around with the others in the direction of the voice.

And there was… someone…?

“At least, thou art a flower that already withered. Should such be indefinitely left unattended, it would bring harm to the flower garden.”

A mysterious figure was sitting on a boulder that rolled over wasteland during the battle between me and Jamdi’el, looking down on us.

Pale golden hair. It’s not particularly long, but they smiled as they brushed their bangs up over their eyes with their hand, seemingly troubled by it.

White skin. Limbs thin and long.

“Look, the previous king did not handle… the negative flowers… so it falls to me to recover them for the sake of the surface and for the world.”

When they stood up, that slender …… how should I put it …… people are not born equal, such a tall slender stature… and what’s with that overly neat face? I mean, such superior eyelashes!?

Wearing a cloak-like robe with a white base tone, on their waist was a sword so majestic, it gave the impression of sanctity.

But what caught my attention more than that was the person’s face.

To be honest, I’ve seen some handsome people in my life. Rebal was in such a class.

José? That guy’s a waste.

But unlike Rebal, who has a cool knightly feeling, this one is…





“So hot…”

“This is the coolest…… person I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Somehow, most of the sisters and women have their cheeks flushed with their faces puffy.

It’s like a …… nobleman from a story? No, like a prince… that’s the feeling.

“Fufu, aw, I thank thee, thou art quite pretty as well. Such flowers… it would please me if thou could only bloom before me.”


Wow… maybe now… all the men here would have thought… this guy is so dead.

This is the first time I’ve ever been so annoyed by a guy winking at women.

Well, some…

“…… I feel like stoning him…”

“Hey, Amae!? That’s rude!? Well, he’s a bit pompous, but…… big sister?”

“I prefer Machio…”

For the time being, it seemed that these three sisters did not approve.

“Little man… I’ve never seen someone looking like a theater troupe member before…


I was a little relieved that Sadiz wasn’t fawning over him.

However, it doesn’t seem to be a normal person.

『This feeling…』

And when Tre’ainar saw the person who appeared, he noticed something. What the hell……

“Who is thou… besides…… this…… sense about thee… surely not… thou!”

“Oh, who might this be? Thou art very beautiful, but… have I not seen thee before?”

“Ah, Lady Kron! Please step back—”

The same thing happened with Jamdi’el, who noticed something.

Glaring, but the next moment opened her eyes astonished.

In a hurry, she tried to keep Kron away… but……

“As thy…… distant successor…”


“I too have the same eyes as thee…”

When the person put effort into his eyes while smiling, they suddenly glowed and a familiar pattern appeared in his eyes…

“What is that!?”

『…… Heraldic eyes…』

The eyes were unmistakable, and the Heraldic eye which I had been fighting until a little while ago.

“And by the order of… daddy…… nay…… the new heavenly king, I have come to capture thee…”

“What… ridiculous… too soon!?”

“Yes, I… we –“

And the moment the person raised his hand, we finally realized.

A huge, unnaturally shaped cloud loomed over us in the sky above, and from that cloud…

“Wh, what… is that?”


“……… No way…”


Women of beauty and dignity with white wings flapping.

“Fufufu, it appears my lovely little birds are here as well.”

Like the “Valkyries” of myth and fairy tale which first came to mind, women wearing armor were heading here one after another from the sky.

Moreover, I can hear the voices of women screaming, “Please wait” or “Don’t go alone” with considerable panic.

“We observed as the barrier suddenly unraveled so I entered… what sequence of event led thee to such a state… thou hast left me little disappointed, but let me fulfill my mission, shall I? Elder!”

And, at the moment when he said that, white wings appeared from his back.

You’re not human, are you?

Most of the people were stunned or just fascinated, and everyone was speechless at this sudden appearance and sudden surge.

Huh……? No, really, what is this?

Author’s Note

Right now, I have a picture of the characters in my hand, and I also have a cover, but it’s too early to show it to everyone. Please note that I cannot make this decision by myself.

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