Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 172

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Chapter 172 – Going All Out

I’ll give it a try here.

Even if this environment is unfavorable to me, I can hold my own.

“Thoooooouuuu… tte, using a large spell here would cause a cataclysm, is that what thou seeks, wretch… fu, fu, fu. drat, how I wish to snap thy neck… but…… anyway, I’ll strangle thee right away!!”

“Hah, hah… come and do it…”

Jamdi’el, who blushed bright red and was furious, but assumed that this was also my strategy to disrupt her concentration and make her use magic, tried to calm down while taking several deep breaths.

In a way, I was lucky.

“Fuh~, thy left arm is no good… can’t even use thy footwork… and only have thy right hand to guard! In such state, what can thou do?”

“Here I go…”

“Such desperation, the Great Demon Spiral? Does thou believe that would work on me…

Jamdi’el was coming to finish me of. On the other hand, I…

“Terra Spell, 【Megaroad】!”

Squatting down, I put my hand on the muddied ground with my right hand, and I channel my magic.


“…… ha? Mega-class? That’s just, a slight control of the ground and a little paving…… hmm? Ah…”

Terran Attribute Spell. If it is strong enough, it can create cracks in the ground, cause earthquakes, sometimes make large holes, and build huge rock walls like mountains.

That said, I can’t go that far.

The magic that I casted now was, at best, to increase the amount of soil under my feet and prepare footholds … yes … setting up footholds … that’s good enough.

“…… wh, what is it?! Oh… footing!?

『Yes, child. As I taught during your first training… you are highly proficient with the ‘terra attribute’… but that does not mean that you should attack with terra attribute magic. If you lack the ground to stand on, create it with your own hands!』

What was a mess of mud and water around me has been restored… that’s enough!

“Let’s go, 【Great Demon • Earth Misdirection Shuffle】!”

“Thou wreeeetch! Another trick! Then, this time I will make the ground impossible to restore with magick of thy level… no! If I use magick here…”

Jamdi’el tried to ruin the ground again in a rage, but quickly stopped her hand.

Yes, if you use that much magic… that might have crossed her mind momentarily.

But I’m not one to miss that moment.

“【Great Demon Goose Step】!”


Rather, I closed the distance.

“Kuh… fine then, come at me!”

At this point, even the quintessential Jamdi’el will be thinking about the offense and defense we have just gone through.

What kind of footwork will I use next…

“【Great Demon Look Away】”

“…… ha? ……eh??”

That’s why I looked away with my feet solid without considering footwork.

This seemed to have been completely unexpected, and Jamdi’el was completely caught…

“【Great Demon Light Jab】”

“D, damn…… eh??”

I can’t use my left arm. That said, even though I looked away, it wasn’t naive enough to hit a right full swing at Jamdi’el. There was no time to try the Great Magic Spiral either.

Inevitably, I switched to the southpaw and landed a right short jab on Jamdi’el’s chin.

“Ah… kah… a…”

The next moment, Jamdi’el knelt on the ground on the spot, even though she did not lose consciousness.

I hit a woman in the face … that comes later!

“Hah~, hah~… How’s thaaaaaaat!!”

That was the moment when my fist brought a Six Supremacy down to one knee.



“And… 【Great Magic Spiral!”


“I’m going to end this, Jamdi’el!”

Jamdi’el was on a knee in front of me and couldn’t stand yet. At this opportunity, I released the Great Magic Spiral.

Create a spiral that will push everything into the right arm, make it spin, and make it roar!

It wasn’t a shockwave anymore. I’ll hammer it in directly.

“Don’t worry! I’ll thrust this in. You won’t die, but it will disable you enough!”

It’s no longer the time to think about killing, not killing, or about life.

Just, give me all you’ve got!

“Earth Spiral Break】!!!!”

“Uwaauah, Brakesruoooou!!”

The moment I tried to hit the huge spiral I raised into Jamdi’el, she activated the Breakthrough and Heraldic Eyes just in time.


And, she thrust both hands into my spiral, which was about to roar and thrust, and tried to catch it by force.

“Wh,at, Just quit!? …… eh… nuh… Get blooooooooooownn!!!!”

“Releeeeeeeeeeeeent! I Am The Dark Valkyrie, Jamdi’el! Feel the might of a Demon General and Six Supremacy!

My roar and Jamdi’el’s intertwined. One more step. I can push through little more.

『One more… tis so, not yet… from this point. You only need take one step closer.』

“Tera… no….. my magick is already… fiiiine, 【Gigaspaaaaaaaaaaark】!!!!.”

“Oh… sogaaaaaaaaah!”

Her thunderous roar, as if the sky had burst, lightly drowned out the roar of my spiral.

But I understood.

Jamdi’el also went all out.

A big shot that has made a name for itself in the history of the world has exerted everything they had left on me.

The result…


“Hah~, hah~…”

An offset.

Jamdi’el’s breakthrough defense and the Giga-class lightning she shot cancelled out my Great Magic Spiral.

I couldn’t push it all the way.

One more step.


“Oh… kuh… all my magick power… tte, eyes… but…”

Jamdi’el was down on both knees this time.

Yes, literally, Jamdi’el was dried out. Magic power.

But still…

“Even so, I still have enough physical strength to drop thee!!

I’ve also used all my magic power, but I can recover it with Magical Breathing.

But then Jamdi’el jumped at me so as not to give me the time.

“Goodness… what an unthinkable fellow… thou is.”

She weighed down on me, pushed me up, turned her arms under my armpits, squeezed my neck with both arms, and kept me on the ground.

“【Arcane True Zenith Arm Triangle Choke】!”

“Tsuo, i, oooooh, ogo!”

“It’s also called an arm triangle choke, but … fall as thou is!!

“Hagu, ga, gah”

“It’s no use struggling, in this position, ‘Even if my body is touched’, no punch can hit anything!”

As soon as the carotid artery is firmly restricted, my breathing and consciousness are…. a joint technique… it’s difficult to punch once it’s assembled, and it’s a challenge going forward.

『Oh… and, although tis slightly different from the original plan… this position is fine.』

Held down to the ground, struggling, Tre’ainar nodded on my head and I bent my hips a little…

『The aforementioned plan?』

「It was dangerous, but… in this right hand, I’ve been holding on…」

『Well…then, tis right here.』

Then Tre’ainar pointed to a part of Jamdi’el’s body where my right hand could somewhat reach.

He’s telling you to aim there.

“So… ry… wh… dele”

“What is it? What is thou saying?”

I’m sorry, Jamdi’el.

At first, it was two-on-one.

Then, one-on-one along the way.

And, it was two-on-one in the end.

If it were true, you would have won.

You were stronger.

In the first place, if you were “willing to kill” me, it would have ended sooner.

It’s your attempt to keep from killing me that’s gotten us this far.

I’m still getting stronger, too.

But now… I can’t afford to lose and stay in this country forever, and I can’t have children with Kron… that’s why…… I’m going to have you incapacitated here.

Of course, I can’t say that I beat you, because I don’t think that in the slightest.

“My… bad.”


And I ‘pierced’ what I’ve been holding in my right hand to a part of Jamdi’el’s shoulder.

“What…? Needle…? Thou, hid something like this… in thy hand”

Yes, a needle. I stabbed the hidden needle into Jamdi’el’s shoulder.

After all, even though she’s a monster, it’s hard to pierce a woman’s body with a needle … really … forgive me.

“Hmm, but not even a knife, thou cannot believe this slight sting will have me break my technique…”

Jamdi’el smiled immediately, even though she was surprised for a moment.

Yes, this doesn’t do any damage to Jamdi’el.

However, it depends on where you stab.

“Wha…… ah…… nuh…… ah…”

Jamdi’el also noticed right away. That something strange was happening to her body.

I know.

Because I also … have “experience” with this.


Jamdi’el gave an unspeakable exclamation.

She had already let go of me and just slumped over.

“Gah, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, gah, wh, nu, ah, wh, what is? What did thou do!?”

Yes, I have also experienced this.

The feeling like your internal organs were exploding, the whole body was lit on fire.

The feeling of your wounds being scooped out with a distorted blade running through the entire body.

“Gaaaaaaaah, ga, nu, aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!”

Even Jamdi’el, among the world’s most powerful class, was driven insane.

After all, it hurts…

“…… You have a closed magic hole… I pried it open.”

“Wha, ga, ma, magi, hoooooole?”

“You’re not going to die, but I’m afraid you can’t do anything else today because of the severe pain.”

This was the only way… I’m still weak, I had nothing but this move…

“Yeah … I see … you’ve used up your magic power… the barrier is gone, too.”

For a while, I felt like I couldn’t do it, but even so, the mission was accomplished for the time being, so I was relieved.

Author’s Note

Thank you very much, everyone.

Well, I’m sure some of you already know this, but I would like to make one report.

We are going to have a baby.

The due date is December.

Actually, a few months ago, I entered the most popular period of my life, and a person who said “I will give birth to your child” appeared, and this time I will have that person give birth.

From now on, I will be in a position with various responsibilities, but I will continue to do my best with responsibility so that I can raise my child properly as a parent.

By the way, the person who will give birth to my child is called “Earth Star Novel”, and the child who is born is called “Novelization”.

For some reason, I feel destined to be born to someone with the same name as the main character of this novel.

Hopefully, I really want to be a star, but as a parent, I don’t want that much luxury, and I think it would be fine if they were born safely.

Also, I am able to become a parent in this way thanks to everyone who has supported me to this day.

Thank you very much.

I will continue to do my best, and thank you very much for your continued support.

Aim for that star shining beyond the heavens!

Anikki Burazza

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