Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 167

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Chapter 167 – Beyond the Beyond

“With an overwhelming difference in power, thou shall be brought to thy knees, body and soul!!”

Jamdi’el is much stronger than me.

I’ve been training under the policy of developing my overall strength as a generalist rather than a specialist, but even in terms of overall strength, Jamdi’el was superior.

But, I was confident in this pursuit.

Because of the new “special move” that I developed. I didn’t use it in the tournament, but I was doing this kind of thing as part of my training.

―― Hey, Karui. Wanna play a game-like training with me?

―― Oooh? Training is a pain, but playing is fine~. But, is Amae okay with it?

―― Yeah. Even if it’s just for fun, it’s serious.

―― Hoh~, what are we doing?

She was much faster than me… on the contrary, I trained against the fastest sprinter in this country.

―― Playing tag

Come on, try and catch me!

Jamdi’el, who had been chasing me at low altitude, finally entered the forest.

And she tried to reach out to me.


“Kukuku, surely thy speed is adequate, but Karui is far faste―――”


Run straight and halfway through, turn left at a right angle.

“It’s useless, with my heraldic eyes, such change of direction is―――”


This time, dash diagonally to the right. However, Jamdi’el seemed relaxed as she chased me.

“Now, now, what is this! Is thou aware of thy actions? Ahead is a rock wall, there is no escape for thee ―――”

『Wall run! Do not slow down!』

“…… Hmm? …… Oh, does thou intend to climb?”

Run diagonally against the standing wall, kick the wall, leaving it to the momentum, kick the wall again with the other foot, and go straight onto the wall.

『Run on the rocks and fly straight and wide with a running start!』

“Hoh~, neither breeding stallion nor rampaging horse, but a monkey?”

『The landmark is the branch of the large tree before you! Fly forward, bending the branch as you land!』

“Hahahahaha, thou is making for a splendid chase! But does thou think that is enough to escape from me?”

『Landing! Parkour roll! And run straight ahead!』

A landing that flies diagonally from the spot with a step and rolls forward.

By doing this, the impact on the body can be dispersed, and the momentum of forward rotation can be used to raise the body and immediately connect it to the next dash.

“The speed itself is inferior to Karui even with the breakthrough, but… his running technique far exceeds Karui. Not only martial arts, but he could do this as well?”

『Hmm, has Jamdi’el’s frustration subsided? But … she will be disrupted soon.』

“However, I cannot overlook the fact that the man who will be the seed of the next generation of God would ungracefully run around without hesitation!”

I’m much faster and more skilled than when I was chased after by Shinobu.

But, even so, I couldn’t shake off Jamdi’el, who was flying gorgeously on wings through this thick forest.

Keeping up with my changes in direction, even lightly avoiding obstacle branches and trees, she smiled wickedly as if he enjoyed chasing and catching up with me.

“I will catch thee soon! I’ve already read thy movements and behavioral patterns! From here on, no matter how thou escapes, I’ll make my way around to thee ――――”

The power of the Heraldic Eyes of Jamdi’el is in the realm of the superhuman.

She can grasp my line of sight, shoulders, elbows, arm swings, legs, muscles and all movements, and then see through my next action, and beyond, as if it were precognition.

So, originally, I could have been caught much sooner.


“Here! Checkmate! Thou is there…”

『Quick out!』

“Wh… what!?”

Jamdi’el’s voice gradually came closer, and when she was just about to catch me, I turned to the outside.

At that moment, for the first time, Jamdi’el was caught off-guard by my move.

At my unexpected change of direction, Yamidile couldn’t keep up with the movement of her wings and flew straight, opening the distance to me again.

“…… what is the meaning of this? Come on, wait! This time…”


“Eh? Again…”

This time, cut back to the front, towards the left.

“I… misread… it? Did the movement of his muscles … change on the way? The moment I reacted!?”

At that moment, I heard a puzzled voice from Jamdi’el.

Why was Jamdi’el, who can anticipate my movements, being outsmarted by me?

『Tis obvious. Heraldic eyes? What of it? Mine is the Six-Gate eye which has superior compatibility. Its ability to read ahead, grasp the environment, experience value, all far surpassing Jamdi’el. The thought circuit and the comprehensive ability of Jamdi’el, her movement and behavioral patterns, I know it all… hence… so does the child.』

The answer is simple. Because Tre’ainar was there.

『Jamdi’el…… as you look ahead to the child’s movements, I instantly read how you move, and gives instructions to go the opposite way… such sudden turn in direction hurts the muscles, but… the child has run in enough to keep up with this much. In addition, there would normally be a time lag between instruction to execution, but… for five months, whether awake, or within dreams, we entirely spent all our time together, hence for the child, such matters can be easily compensated!』

Tre’ainar read ahead and outwit my movements which Jamdi’el read ahead.

“…… to outwit the Heraldic eye… this lad, how … it’s as if he is reading my thoughts and actions in reverse…”

『Sonic flicker at 45 degrees diagonally behind to the left! Do not give her a chance to think!』

“【Great Demon Sonic Flicker】!”

『Good, run forward again as soon as it hits!』

And I no longer looked at or confirmed the opponent, but just as instructed, I turned my body in the direction I was told and released my fist.

“Nu?! Gu, ga…… my, such impudence!!”

I could only hear Jamdi’el’s angry voice, but I’m already running forward.

『These eyes of mine will not be misled, Jamdi’el. I can tell at a glance. You are certainly among the most powerful people in the world, but no stronger than you were 15 years ago. On the contrary, it seems that you have not fought any life-threatening battles for a long time, nor have you done bloody training to improve yourself. As a master of the Arcane True Zenith dojo, you may have trained keep your decline at the minimum, but tis easy to see how your body’s senses and sharpness have dulled!』

Power, speed. Technique. For those who don’t have enough… they can win with tactics!

And the best brain in history was lending me a hand with that.

“Tch… then…”

『Now turn around, hit a series of sonic jabs right behind you!』

“With my magick, Wind Spell 【Mega… wh, at,”

Not a flicker, but a straight-flying, speed-focused shockwave.

“Nonsense! Before I activated my magick…as if he knew that I would unleash a spell…”

The farther away the shockwaves go, the less powerful they are, but by Tre’ainar’s instructions, I still shot them regardless.

Then, I could only faintly hear Jamdi’el’s frustrated voice, maybe my jab barrage hit ‘something’.

『Okay, this distance! Keeping this distance, jump into the trees and get behind her. This distance is outside the range of the heraldic eye.』

“Ku… nuu!? Did thou run away again? It’s no use hiding! There are no blind spots in this heraldic eye!”

『Do not listen. The Heraldic eye also has blind spots. There are positions and distances that are beyond its coverage…』

“Show thyself! Or else, I’ll blow the whole area away!”

『She will not blow you away. She is not that distraught yet. She will not waste her magic.』

Oh, I’m still running away unscathed against that world’s strongest class.

No, I’m not running away.

This is a strategy.

『Okay, turn. Continuously hit with the Sonic Flicker while moving. Constantly move, keep her unaware of the firing position, sometimes stop, sometimes backstep back, sometimes high, sometimes low. Good.』

“Osu, 【Great Demon Sonic Flicker】!”

『Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right flicker!』

Yes, I’m fighting.

“Wh, kugu, ah… no matter how many times I am struck… eeeeeeeei! Annoying!!”

In the past, if I were to confront her, I would have been decapitated in a second. But she was frustrated and being led around by me.

『Well done… tis about time. Step back a little, retreat and get even more distance.』

No, it’s not “me”. It’s “us”.

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  1. Está sin duda es una de law mejores peleas dónde se puede notar al máximo la guía de Trainart y el trabajo de equipo de los 2, aún siendo superado en poder velocidad, visión y fuerza..
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