Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 168

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Chapter 168 – Playing With

――Hahaa~! Big brother, you can’t shake me off with those tricks! Because, big brother isn’t fast enough… eh?? That?? Tsu, I can’t catch you!?

A race, how quickly can you get to your destination while running at the same time in a straight route?

If we played that game, I’d definitely be slower than Karui.

But when asked if I could beat Karui, who is faster than me, at a game of free-running tag, that’s not the case.

“Tch… this lad… then, let’s blow this forest away and burn him out!”

Jamdi’el still couldn’t catch me.

Perhaps her frustration has reached its peak, and a very boisterous shout resonated.

But I know it’s not a threat, and she had that much power.

But my Master… no, my partner was as calm as ever.

『All right, she is about to unleash a wide range spell. Let us dare to activate it! What she shoots will be her favorite thunder spell, ‘Giga Spark’. However, it will not reach this distance.』

At this distance, he told me not to worry because even her best spell was out of range.

There were no words more reassuring than this.

At the same time, Tre’ainar’s eyes shone, saying, “rather, this is an opportunity”.

“Be swallowed up by thunderstorms!”

『Do not be fooled by the thunderclouds and lights. After my count, activate the Great Magic Spiral and aim it at the sky! Whenever she casts the spell, she would fly into the air and try to find you from the sky! 5, 4, 3, 2――――』

In an instant, dark clouds appeared in the sky, and the sky lit up with a violent roar.

“【Giga Spark】!”

『Now! Activate it!』

Light from heavens covering a wide area of the forest. But if Tre’ainar is to be believed, where I currently am was out of its range.

And as soon as the light fell into the forest, Tre’ainar turned his finger diagonally above me.

『The shock wave of the Great Magic Spiral!』

“Oooooooooooohh, 【Great Magic Spiral • Earth Spiral, Sonic Impact】!!”

At that moment, I saw it, faintly but certainly.

A shadow flew into the sky at the same time as the lightning struck the forest.

“Now, where… wh, eh!?”

The Great Magic Spiral that was shot to bring down the shadow……

“Wh… whaaaaaaaat!!?? It, cant, be, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!?”

“Blow awaaaaaaaaaaaay!”

I definitely caught Jamdi’el!

Jamdi’el was launched into the air, caught in the large spiral vortex shock wave.

“Uo, ooooooooooaah! Th, this….. this!!

Be gone, to the ends of the world even.

Then, please stay in the heavens if you want.

I pushed out the Great Magic Spiral as hard as I could.

But I’m not naive enough to think it would end with this.

『Not yet, child. Jamdi’el endures!』

“Tch… Seriously?”

『She activated the breakthrough and blew the shockwave away with her surge.』


As Tre’ainar instructed, the spiral vortex seemed to be able to fly as vigorously as possible, but the response changed immediately.

Even though it could blow away Mr. Machio’s full-throttle rush, even though it was one of the strongest techniques that I could use now, it was….


It was scattered in the air only by the magical power released by Jamdi’el as she was screaming.

“Such a thing… Such A Thing, to think thou would blow me away!!”

I was pretty confident myself, but … the damage was … almost nothing.

“Damn… that woman is outrageous…”

Rather, did that even make her angrier?

I heard a very cheerful voice.


“That… is the breakthrough of Jamdi’el…”


“Haha… she’s already that strong, but on top of that, even a breakthrough… terrifying.

『But with this… the conditions are met. Come on, child. Do not just stand there staring, move quickly!』

The blue light seemed to be shining. That was the color of Jamdi’el’s magical power.

I mean, I’ve never seen a breakthrough other than from me and Tre’ainar.

And one more thing.

When I saw Jamdi’el, who invoked a shining breakthrough, I was bothered by one more thing.

“…… hmm? What…… eh? That’s…”

Jamdi’el was unharmed… but the clothes weren’t safe… the High Priestess robe she wore was torn to shreds… what’s that? The skirt was subtly torn and slightly protruding from underneath is… panties, isn’t it? Iron panties? Armor?

When I looked closely, I felt like it was some magic item…

『Oi, run!』

“S, sorry, but she’s equipped with something weird… is that a magic item or something?”

『Tis just a chastity belt.』


『Pay it no mind, just run!』


I was a little taken aback by something I had never seen before, but I looked forward again and ran.

“So, she’s unharmed, but is that okay? For a while… I thought at least a little…”

『Tis fine. The purpose is not to defeat her. Merely break her composure. Furthermore, with the combination of the breakthroughs state and heraldic eye activation, we succeeded in making her exert a great deal of magical power.』

It was a little shocking that the shockwave of the Great Magic Spiral left her intact, but Tre’ainar grinned, “Well done”.

“Hey, we’re running out of forest!”

『You may leave! Dare to reveal yourself once! Then she will fly straight at you in the breakthrough state! You cannot just hide, there was always a point where you must show yourself! That is now!』

After passing through the forest, I found a wide meadow with a few ups and downs.

It was a large space that was not particularly inhabited by people and was untouched.

Sure, it had no place to hide.

Here, I dared to expose myself in front of Jamdi’el.

『All right, here you will provoke Jamdi’el even more. No more attacks, words will suffice. From now on, put all your energy into your feet, do not attack.』

“Osu, what do you mean, provoke? With words?”

『Speak ill of me! It will be the last straw, and she will forget herself!』

“Tre’ainar disses? Tell me that sooner! I can’t think of anything bad about you right off the bat!” 11 

『Uuh!? …… G, gullard! S, say such things, look, anything will do!』

“Umm, then…”

Here, in order to further provoke and draw Jamdi’el in, I need to verbally burn Tre’ainar.

In this situation, I couldn’t immediately think of bad words against Tre’ainar.

Finally, I came up with…

“Well, the Great Demon King Tre’ainar, was such an idiot!”


“God is an outright lie~, w, wh, what a loser~!”

『ugh… l, loser … 』

No, I didn’t mean it, okay?

That’s why I didn’t want to say it either! I mean, you made the suggestion yourself, why are you looking so sad?

However, it seemed to have been effective.

“…… Idiot? God is no? Loser? …… thou dares?”

Oh, scary! Scary scary! But with one more push… another push … something else to swear about… something… something…

“That’s right, the Great Demon King Tre’ainar is!”


My eyes already meet Jamdi’el’s, who was on the verge of erupting like a volcano.

And I…

“The Great Demon King Tre’ainar hates Jamdi’el and loves me more than anyone else! He’s on my side! Always watching over me! Serves you right!!” 22 

『………………………… O…… OI…』

No, because it’s the only thing I could think of that would provoke Jamdi’el without hurting you.

But shouting out such a thing, it’s embarrassing… don’t look away, Tre’ainar. It’s awkward!

“Ugaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Thou dares insult my God!”

However, it seemed that the effect on Jamdi’el was drastic.

“If I just need her to be provoked, shouldn’t I have gone with words from the start?”

『If you do not move your body, your body will not warm up… and, most importantly… you can ‘go in’ right away, can you not?』


Volcano Jamdi’el just erupted.

Already, in the form of a demon, she was coming toward me at super speed.

『Now, from here on, what you trained with tag…  not just parkour… tis time for the other ‘special move’ that you had devised other than the shockwaves!』

“Oh, I’m all warmed up and ready to go!”

『The zone?』

“I’ll ‘go in’ right away!”

『Then, do it with gusto!』

I didn’t use it at the tournament in the end. I didn’t want to make a fool of Mr. Machio, but there wasn’t any particular situation to use in, so I kept it hidden.

Now was the time to show off the technique!

 [S1]Oh, oh! I got one….

Ahem! The Hero whooped Tre’ainar so bad, he couldn’t show his face in the afterlife….. ha? HA?


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