Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 166

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Chapter 166 – Two-on-One

“Incidentally, does thou truly intend to fight me? Thou can’t think that defeating Machio means thou can beat, right?”

Me and Jamdi’el faced each other on the sandy beach.

“I thought thou was smarter than thy single-celled father, but…. I can only call thee a fool, one-on-one, against me?”

Like the ultimatum, Jamdi’el asked me.

Are you really going to fight like this? And.

“What are you saying? Didn’t my father and mother win against you and your revered god when they were the same age as I am now?”


“What’s wrong with me fighting you?”

“With a cowardly hand~”

Lower the left and set up the flicker stance. Take it to the form I’m best at.

Then, Jamdi’el eyes moved in an irritated manner, as if she was offended by my words and attitude.

“Does thou realize how generous I am? Son of Hiro and Mamu, who destroyed God. Normally, I would have buried thy entire bloodline, were it not for the fact that thou are able to use the power of the Great Demon, thou still lives at my whim.”

True, in that sense, you’ve been very patient. It’s been three months. At first I was wondering when your resentment against my father would be taken out on me.”

“I say again, seal the pact with Lady Kron. Do that, and I will allow thee live as thou wish. The barrier enshrouding this land will also be brought down. That is all to it. As a man, does thou know how much it means to be able to embrace such a being?”

“I know how much it means, and I am a man, so I do have those desires. But in this regard … I don’t think so.”

The answer is obvious.

As things are, I will not let everything go according to Jamdi’el’s wishes.

That’s what I, and Tre’ainar, really want.


Are you sure you want to fight? I can show nothing better than this in reply.

“… fool! If only thou would stay silent and be a stallion!”

“Look at the other person before you speak. I’m not a horse, am I?”

“A rampaging horse. Well, in any case… I shall put the reins on thee.”

Jamdi’el bared her bloodlust.

The other side is going to come forward with violent intent.

『You know what to do, child.』

Yes. I know. What I need to do.

“Come, then! I’ll have thou experience it, the power of the proud Six Supremacy. And of my Heraldic Eye――――”

“Later! 【Great Demon Sprint】!”

“…… huh?”

First. I dashed from this empty sandy beach, past the nearby trees and woods, away from the direction of the town, and headed into the greenery of the forest.

No way, Jamdi’el was surprised at this escape at the very start of the battle.

“Wh, hey, wretch―――――”

“And turn around, 【Great Demon Sonic Flicker】!”


After a certain distance, turn around with a shockwave.

Naturally, I can’t land a sure hit from this position, and the distance between us would weaken its power.

However, it was still enough to get on Jamdi’el’s nerve.

“Scou, ndrel,”

Then, immediately dash away again.

With this much distance between us, she can’t easily catch up with me now that I’m in a breakthrough state.

“W, wh… what are thy intentions, scum!”

Jamdi’el was also furious at this little attack.

She spread the wings on her back and rushed toward us.

But, this is all according to plan.

“Is this all right?”

『Yes, tis fine. First, enrage her. She is patient once her mind is set, but… her boiling point is extremely low towards those who oppose her.』

“She’s pretty angry, isn’t she?”

『This is good, Jamdi’el Strategy #1: Deprive her composure.』

First of all, footwork does not work on the sandy beach, so move before the opponent goes into full battle mode, and at the same time provoke and make her lose calm.

『And Jamdi’el Strategy #2: Do not stand before the Heraldic Eye.』

The Heraldic Eyes. A magic eye that seemed to see through everything.

『The original ability of the heraldic eye. It can analyze and copy any magic of the opponent and learn it themselves. She can now use the breakthrough with it. Well, as for Magical Breathing, tis not magic, tis more of a physical ability, so she could not master it. However, that ability is no threat to you who do not engage in magical battles.』

Three Great Magic Eyes. The legendary magic eyes that appear in textbooks.

『However, in addition to their respective abilities, the three major magic eyes improve basic dynamic visual acuity and eye strength by several tenfold compared to ordinary people. And if used in close combat, one can foresee the opponent’s movements. The figures she had produced during Magical Vision training are due to this ability. As such, you should avoid close combat when she stands in front of you. Apparently even she couldn’t have anticipated your flight at the very start of the battle, because her concentration was not yet complete.』

By Tre’ainar’s instruction, it’s not a good idea to fight head-on against the heraldic eye… or rather, against Jamdi’el directly.

“Thou will not escape, Earth Lagann! Is thou trying to disrupt me by impeding my vision in the overgrown forest? Do not underestimate me! This heraldic eye isn’t cheap enough to be slowed down by forest obstacles!”

『Now, this is where it begins! Remember your special parkour training, you never had a chance to show it off in the enclosed arena! Do not stop. Always keep moving! And do not rush out blindly until I give instruction. Always be aware of your timing.』


And from here on, I won’t be fighting alone.

Tre’ainar smiled right next to me.

『Jamdi’el, the child defeated Machio in the tournament and won the championship. Tis all due to the efforts and power of the child.』

Yes, Tre’ainar left most of the fighting at the tournament to me.

On top of that, I was able to beat Mr. Machio and win the championship.

But from here on out, it’s different.

『From here on out I shall fight. You have disregarded my commands and angered me many times over, so I will strike you down here! Go, child. I am with you now!』

Yes, from here on, I will follow this guy.

Tre’ainar, who has been tasking battles and giving some advice, will start in earnest.

“Geez, for me… even if you didn’t give instructions, I felt like we were fighting together just because you were always beside me… haven’t you felt like that before? So lonesome.”

『Wai, nu, t, take this seriously! I find such occasions embarrassing, a. ahem… do not utter such drivel at times like this!』

I wonder what it is. He’s the strongest ally I’ve ever had.

Like a military strategist, standing by my side, giving me orders.

I don’t feel like losing.

“Sorry, Jamdi’el, this isn’t a one-on-one. It’s two-on-one!”

Because Tre’ainar is moving me so confidently.

Because he thinks the two of us can win.

With that in mind, power came to me.

Tre’ainar is right beside me!

Author’s Note

It was a pity last night, but the appearance of the Japanese National Team playing in the World Cup was wonderful. That said, the end is the end. Recently, it was all about “Go Japan!”, but in the first place the Japanese National Team has already worked hard, and since they did their best until the end, it will be “do your best next time”. Everyone has their own way of doing their best, but I will do my best too.

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