Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 165

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Chapter 165 – The Ultimate Challenge

Well, one thing or another just keeps coming out.

All the culprits are here.

“Oh, the rising star who conquered the Arcane True Zenith, Thou already has an atmosphere of being the perfect match for the goddess. How thinks thee? Wouldn’t it be nice for thou to spend some time together than to attend a feast? What says thee, Lady Kron?”

After all, the atmosphere was different.

The townspeople, who had been in a frenzy over the feast and their anger at José, suddenly took a step back and became quiet.

They might have noticed that they were too “high-headed” to the goddess and the high priestess.

“Yes, I have a favor to ask as well…”

“That’s excellent. So, Earth Lagann. Immediately in the bedroom as a couple…”

“But Earth seems very reluctant…”


I mean, they’re currently in public… no, Jamdi’el may already be excited that everything has gone in her favour.

“Earth Lagann, it’s a man’s shame to not eat the meal set before him, and not being eaten is an insult to the goddess as a woman. Come now, indulge thyself!”

She smiled. But I could feel it in the air. It only looked like she’s saying, “If you refuse, you understand, don’t you?”.

If I refuse…

“I mean, José there―――”

“Hmm? There’s that thing. I’ll dispose of it. Thou have nothing to do with this anymore, right?”

To say that without hesitation. And, it seemed she was uninterested.

I had mixed feelings.

“Yeah, it’s none of my business. But, because I was interrupted and rebuked by name, even if it’s unseemly, it left a bad aftertaste, so I just want to clear the air. This guy’s gone crazy, but… what he shouted is… well, his true opinion I guess.”

“…… what?”

Ignoring the harem, or his idea of romance, or whatever, it was probably true that he liked Kron, more or less.

And he came so far only to be in such a state.

It would break his heart if I started flirting with Kron like this, not to mention Sadiz.

“José, what is thou doing at a celebration? The loser needs not praise the winner, but it’s only uncomfortable to see the loser acting out in such an unseemly manner. Leave.”

“Hig… riet, ess…”

“Or will thou comfort thyself by listening to the sounds of the fellowship between Lady Kron and Earth Lagann?”

“Eh, ah, aaaah!!”

José rolled around while clutching his head at Jamdi’el’s merciless words.

At the spectacle, José finally entered Kron’s field of vision and seemed a little frightened.

“Oh… what is this… what happened to him? Jamdi’el.”

“It has nothing to do with thee, Lady Kron.”

No, no, no, it has a lot to do with her, right? This guy doesn’t want you to be taken away by me…

“P, please wait, High Priestess! Goddess Kron! I … what will become of me?”



And while crawling, José desperately asked.

The more he shouted, the more pitiful he looked.

On the other hand, Jamdi’el…

“José, I had my eye on thee, but… had no particular expectation of thee.”


“Because, gifted and the ungifted, the practitioners of the Arcane True Zenith Style were always stoically training their bodies and minds. Well, in their hearts most had given up on ever being able to defeat Machio. But still, they never neglected their discipline. What can I expect from a second-class fighter who, like thee, cannot discern the strength of his opponent, cannot see his own capacity, and does not endeavor to make any effort?”

“But… because you had high hopes for me, you gave me…… the Divine Elixir! Without saying anything though I didn’t do anything… because you believed I could win without saying anything!?”

“Indeed, the Divine Elixir… well, I decided it didn’t develop to the extent I had hoped, so I merely left thee to roam to thy own devices until expiration.”


It was a statement which shows that there was absolutely no fragment of mercy.

“Jamdi’el, I’m afraid.”

“Nu, Lady Kron “

“I’m not quite sure, but I do feel sorry for this person. He seems unwell, doesn’t he?”

Jamdi’el gave José a cold shoulder, as if he were a piece of trash.


“… High Priestess… I understand your true intentions, but…… Goddess Kron…. what about your feelings? Kron is a goddess, but… still just a girl! Regardless of fate, she should be tied with the man she loves!”

If not for his previous statements, I might have thought José’s cry was very cool.

Well, this remark may be for his tremendous self-esteem, like saying “I feel sorry for Kron since she can’t be with me, because she likes me”.

Then Kron…

“Well, you’re a very sweet person, you care about me, don’t you?”


“Yes, actually I….. when Jamdi’el told me about this a few months ago, I was a little upset. I didn’t know anything about romance or falling in love with a boy, but I guess I’m different from the stories of princesses who live happily ever after with their wonderful princes like you read in the picture books… it made me a little sad.”

Kron turned a happy smile at José. With that smile, José’s eyes shone as if he had found hope. But……

“That’s why I’m very happy right now. Hard-working, strong, cheerful, and laughs happily with friends… he was so cool today. My heart was pounding. I can stay with Earth from now on…… I was not free to, but from now on, I’m glad that I can love Earth to my heart’s content, and when I think about our future marriage life, my heart feels warm!”

“Ah… uh… oh… I’m… idiot…

In many ways, I couldn’t bear to see it anymore.

José was already in such despair that he didn’t even scream, he just plunged his head into the ground.

“…… I am the one who knows the cuteness of Little man the most……… although…… already, to me… I can no longer be like a guard who stands in front of the bride… so if you want to get Little man, you must go beyond me, after all…I miss him.”

Sadiz, why are you trying to compete?

That’s not the case.

“Wait, in the first place, I never said I would accept the extra prize for the victory.”

“…… Ah?”

“Earth… after all…… do you not like me?”

Jamdi’el’s voice was bared at my comment. Kron had a slightly sad tone.

However, this was my decision ‘from the beginning’.

“Kron, I don’t hate you, but… I don’t think I’m ready to get married right now. There’s an order to it.”

“Order…… is it? Ummm… what in the world is that…”

“Also, I don’t want to sympathize with the other party because he is the other party, but …… even if you’re insensitive to love, don’t hurt a man without realizing it.”

Kron was confused by my remarks and was visibly thinking on it.

“Insensitive? Did Little man just say that?”

『Indeed, boomerang!』

Sadiz and Tre’ainar are still perfectly in sync!? Why!?

Well…… for the time being, Kron is fine.

The problem is……

“So High Priestess, Lady Jamdi’el. The task that I was assigned to was to win. Wasn’t I supposed to be released once I won the championship?”

“…… indeed. Thou will not be released. If thou wins…… then helps me with something, thou will get ……. that’s what this is, isn’t it?”

The tone of her voice which I could see was growing increasingly moody with my questions. And, there was a painful shudder in the air.

This air was now so tense that even the gathered people and even Elder sis Tsukshi could not speak out.

But still I…

“Simply put… whatever happens… with me and Kron… isn’t that a problem between the two of us?”

“Thou is neither impotent nor favors men, why would thou put on airs? Thou should shut up and fulfill thy honorable duty with Kron to create the next God of the next generation.”

“But I… maybe not as much as José… other people’s… breasts can sway me so it may be questionable, but I’m for…. pure love.”


“I don’t want you to decide what happens from here on, especially if this is the intention of ‘Tre’ainar’. Because he isn’t thinking about that at all.”


“That’s about it…”

I said what I wanted to say. I have to follow from here onward.

“Well, I graduated that much, so… to my first love, I’m sorry.”


I can’t get married this easily. How much do you think I loved Sadiz?

“Little man…”

Even though she may be cute, beautiful, and oozing with sex appeal, it wasn’t easy to give the final answer.

It’s up to us to decide what will happen with Kron in the future.

“And José… even though it’s self-serving… you’re the one who started it, aren’t you?”


“Don’t say you’re not interested anymore, why don’t you handle things to the end?”

I said what I should say.

And then……

“Trivial, I don’t care about that one anymore… I wish thou had simply kept silent … in general, thou has abandoned God … and is in need of a little punishment? Right!”

Well, of course, Jamdi’el cannot be convinced.

The next moment, with heraldic eyes in both eyes…

“Eh, Little man!”

“Stay back, Sadiz!”


From here on… I chose for myself. And yet I can’t have Sadiz helping me right away.

Besides, I had already predicted that this might happen “three months ago”.

“ᛋᛁᛏĒᚾᛋᚼᛅᚴᛅᚴᚬᛏᛋŪᚴᛁᛋᚼᛁᛏᛁᛋᛅᛁᚴŪᚱᚢ…… Short-Distance Transfer Magik, 【MÕMCHËRÎ】!!”

I was swallowed by the black vortex generated by the activation of her Heraldic Eye and ancient magic, and Jamdi’el entered it herself.



“Older brother!””

“Big brother!”.

Everyone shouts in confusion at the sudden occurrence.

Their voices were soon cut off by the movement of space.

And we stood face to face on the beach, which we often came upon.

『Child, a drink?』

「No thanks, I’m out.」

『Well, I wondered what would happen for a while, but tis fine.』


『But in any case, do not forget the crucial moment?』

「Also, take precautions.」

Yes, on the way, I had almost forgotten about it because of boobs and the ridiculous amount of excitement, but I’ve been thinking about this for a while now.

Neither I nor Tre’ainar are very surprised or panicked, and so we check each other.

“Oh dear… well, even unconscious, I only need thy lower body to react. If thou had listened to what I say, it would have been heavenly, but… let us go rough, shall we?”

In front of me, Jamdi’el threatened me with an overwhelming sense of intimidation.

Yes, today I will fight against the most powerful “reality” in my life history.

However, in my dreams, I’ve been fighting someone stronger.

Author’s Note

Soon, like Earth, our Japan will fight against the strongest men.

That’s not the case if you’re reading my novel, but oh ah!

Let’s cheer! Let’s get enthusiastic! Let’s support the Japanese National Team with the spirit of our spiral and pierce through the wall again like four years ago!

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