Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 164

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Chapter 164 – The Goddess’ Coup de Grâce

“A bath with Kron…!?”

“””””Eh… that is…… in another sense… what exactly does that mean?”””””

“Little man… to think that at some point… that slacker Little man became such a fast learner…”

“Ah… ahahaha… big brother… don’t worry about it”

Everyone’s gaze was turned to me all at once.

“It’s true! The goddess wiped older brother’s back. The goddess says. How do you do to him almost every day? And Older brother’s din――――― “

“Amae, please be quiet! I’ll buy you a lot of sweets later! Older brother won the championship, so he has a lot of money!”

I got a lot of suspicious looks, some slightly disgusted faces, and face-to-face…

“Y, ou, you, is that true?”

“W, wait, no, um… for now, you, don’t pull out the potion and calm down. There’s an excuse as well…. I’ll give an explanation.”

“What explanation! Don’t be silly!”

If you take away José’s assumptions and misconceptions…”The woman he likes took a bath with the man who publicly beat him up” it’s too pathetic.

“I was saved by the goddess Kron… For the first time in my life, I fell in love! Yes, Kron is my destiny! That’s why I won’t let anyone take Kron away from me! Even The High Priestess wants Kron and I to have a child!”

“W, wait, calm down. I don’t understand you, but I do understand what’s happening now…”

“Even today, my plan… you’ve ruined everything! Kron is surely grieving right now!”

“O, okay, I understand, so calm down. I don’t want to do it in the first place either…”

When I noticed, my initial anger had gone away, and now I was trying to appease José.

“Hey … you…… did Kron actually… say she liked you …?”

“Such is life, I know I’m called thickheaded! But I’m the strongest invincible cheat! There’s no woman who wouldn’t fall in love with me!”

Aaah Come On…

“…hey…anybody… if there’s someone who agrees with what he just said, raise your hand.”

“”No, not at all…”

For the time being, considering the possibility that my thoughts might be out of line, I asked the people who had gathered just in case, but everyone was amazed and let out a sigh of disgust.

“Shut up, it’s an idea that’s beyond the reach of a lowlife like you! Besides, it’s not right that you won the tournament and got Kron!”

“Or rather…… won the tournament and Kron…”

“Look here, I want to experience my first time with Kron in a beautiful body! I’m pure! It’s pure love! Like hell will I give it to a bastard like you!”

In the first place, it wasn’t officially stated that winning the tournament would mean I get Kron.

Sure enough, most of the people in the crowd are tilting their heads. Except for the sisters.

But apparently they knew about the supplementary prize.

“Wait, didn’t you say you would marry the José girls there… if you win the tournament? “

“That’s right! I’m going to marry them after I win the tournament and get Kron!”

“…… huh?

“Because my first wife will be Kron! And I’m going to marry all the others at the same time, so that’s fine!”

“Ah~…. no good. I took him a bit seriously, but I don’t get it.”

Even so… humans…… I don’t know, is it possible for a personality to just collapse?

I don’t see any sign of the person he used to be. He’s the same irritable shit, but… broken

『At the best of times, for those in the terminal stage due to the side effects of the potion… I believe he had administered much more. For the sake of transient power. As such, his mind has already completely collapsed.』

In response to my murmur, Tre’ainar looked at José with pitiful eyes.


Whatever his original personality, I drove him into a corner ―――――

『You cannot possibly believe that! I care not for such junkie scum. Cur, what do you think of me?』

「…… tsu…… I’m sorry.」

Before I could say something a little unfaithful, Tre’ainar glared at me with a slightly angry expression.

Apparently, Tre’ainar really hates José.

But, what do you do?

And then……

“Ara~, it’s quite noisy, but…… oh my, what’s this all about~?’

“”””……… eehh!!??””””

“Oh, this is what you call a banquet, isn’t it?”

Hearing the commotion, Kron came out of the church… I mean, she returned home first.

It seemed that the misguided goddess thinks that the disaster currently taking place is a banquet being enjoyed, and furthermore…

“Oh, Earth, welcome back!”

“Oh… Kron…”

Kron looked at me and smiled… Ah, you see, José, who’s got all battered, is glaring at me, isn’t he? What? Don’t you see it?

“Earth, just the right time, I have something I’ve been meaning to tell you when you get back.”


“I… I have a favor to ask of you.”

Rather, Kron stared at me and wasn’t looking around anymore.

Just staring at me with those innocent eyes…

“Actually, I… by god’s will, am destined to be bound to the winner of the tournament and give birth to the God of the next generation.”

“”””It was true after all…?””””

And, what had only been an expectation until now was finally clearly acknowledged as a fact.

If you win this tournament, you will be tied with Kron to make a child…

「God’s will?」

『Tis yoooooours, Jamdi’el! Such foolish, self-serving statements!』

Of course, Tre’ainar had nothing to do with this.

It’s not about God, it’s all about the Jamdi’el’s own ideas.

In a sense, Kron was also being deceived, or talked into it.

Yes, Kron… José too… they may… actually be victims.

But Kron…

“And I, for one, want a lot of Earth babies! I know I’m inept but from today, you can have me!”

“Hold on!?”

“”””Now Waitaminit!!!???”””””

She showed her a smile so pure and full of life that she didn’t feel cheated, unhappy, or any other sad fate at all.

“No, wait, you, now …”

“So from today I belong to Earth! Every day from this day, as muuuuuuuch~ as we want, Earth can flirt and make ou――――”

“Stop iiiit, no more! Somehow, I’m starting to feel sorry for him! José’s life is already――――”

“Hmm, what’s wrong… um, do you not like me after all, Earth? You can kiss~ kiss~ with me and embrace me all the time――――”

And the next moment…

“D, don’t do thaaaaaaaaaaaat! Nooooooooo, I don’t want to hear thiiiiiiiiiiiis, stoooooooop!”

It’s terrible, in a sense, her coup de grace stabbed him. With a smile, this goddess is terrible.

I mean, he had already become so pathetic.

Because, José right now, I’m not sure how many times he’s died!

“José… no more… what’s going on…”

“This is…”

And the women who are no longer dead, but gutted from the damage to their hearts.


“Now… Little man… the heck…… what will you do? I mean, naturally if you do a very lewd act with this girl Kron, even if I’m not qualified to place blame, I’ll cry a little.”

Sadiz was squinting and muttering.

In such a situation…

“Dear oh dear, why all the commotion?”

She was in a very good mood, but while exposing only the intimidation as if to suppress all people…

“What are thou doing? The Goddess stands before thee! Yet thy heads are held high! Refrain thyself!”

The cause of all this turmoil, the High Priestess…… no….. The Dark Valkyrie has appeared.

Ah, somehow, my intoxication cooled down right away.

Author’s Note

Yesterday, while writing a novel, I was amazed to see the world’s strongest jet-black corps overwhelm Ireland. However, today is the day when men carrying the Japanese flag bloom cherry blossoms again in full bloom!

Oooh, I’m fired up!! By all means, let’s support everyone.

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  1. When Kron started offering herself to Earth with Jose right there all I could say was “stop, stop, he’s already dead!”


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