Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 163

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Chapter 163 – Obstacle in the Way of Love

Just as I was about to reach the top of that hill that I had been chasing for over a decade, I was interrupted.

Like hell I will forgive this, but as I put on my clothes and stepped outside the wall, there was only confusion.

“Whoa … this is…”

“Ah… how terrible…”

Both I and Sadiz spoke out involuntarily.

There were destroyed buildings and cracks on the ground.

“Damn, what’s with that guy?”

“Hey, José, explain yourself!”

“How cruel…by the goddess… what a mess …”

The townspeople stared at José suspiciously as he backed away from the scene in fear.

“Hey, youngster. To suddenly lose control like that…”

“Darn brat, don’t think you’ll get away with this!”

“This is inexcusable!”

“I’m going to smash that ass!”

“And then, I’ll destroy your crotch.”

In addition, the strong men were likely to jump on José at any moment with an angry expression.

But they don’t matter.

The problem is……

“Higgu, ugh, eehn~… eehn~…”

Maybe José went on a little rampage before destroying the walls of the church to look for me, the food on the table that was prepared was ruined, scattered to the ground among broken plates.

And, on the spot, weeping in front of a small broken plate and a dirty “distorted shaped sandwich” that had fallen to the ground…

“I made a …… sandwich for Older brother… but…he didn’t eat, it…higu…u, uugh.”

“Huh!? Ama… e…”

“Hi… ugh… Older brother…”

This guy… not only did he get in my way… he…… even my little sister! Aah … really……

“Kuh, a surprise attack… I can’t believe you had to do something as cowardly as …… surprise attack to win… ha~, ha~… Kill――――”

“Bastard!! Die nine times oveeeeeeeeeer!!”


The moment he got his staggering body up after eating my punch, I slammed into the body of the fucking bastard with a screwed fist.

“Ga… kah… kuh! I’m the one, who’s going to end you, idiot! My magic――――”

“I mean, what are you even here for? Aaah? At this point, what the hell are you doing?”


As I punched him, I noticed that his body had hardened slightly.

In other words, he had taken that potion again.

And as far as this guy’s situation is concerned, there was even more of it… how is that?

“This is stupid. Now, even in a situation where you’re that fragile, this is the best you can do…”


“You can’t beat me like this, even if you drink that potion until you die!”

“Gaha … Guga “

He’s got unnaturally developed abdominal muscles. But it’s not “the abdominal muscles you get by clenching your teeth to withstand any impact”.

Just broken abdominal muscles.

I crushed them.

“tsu …… bear it pu…”

He dabbled in drugs and stuff, his mind got messed up, and he ran amok, in the end it all came undone.

José soon got down on one knee and was gagging again.

And then……

“There he is! Eh… José, stop it!”



“José, you can’t do this anymore…”

“Senior… enough, something like this…”

It was the five bitches, running while gasping for air.

The slashing woman who intruded into my match seemed to have been released, but her sword must have been confiscated and she was empty-handed.

But the expression on her face had changed from the flowery look she had this morning, and it was clear to see how terribly dejected she was.

“What the hell is wrong with you people… to think that you were so humble after all that embarrassment…”

“N, no, sorry, forgive me! José… when he woke up, he was suddenly like this… please…… we, beg you!”

When I asked with a strong glare, the women trembled as if they were frightened, but asked for help.

Apparently, this was against their will, and it seemed that José had begun to rampage on his own.

“Hah~, hah~ … what is it …?”

To those women, José gave an annoyed expression.

“That’s enough, José. So….. let’s stop now. We lost this time, but… we’ll keep putting in the effort, and someday…”

“Hah~, hah~… uhp… effort?”

“Yes, we’ll support you too… so――――”

Shit No. 1 snuggled up to José and called out in support of the man who was hurt both physically and mentally, but who was still their stronghold.

But when José heard those words…

“Shut up! You guys don’t understand! I’m the strongest invincible unrivaled cheat great sage! What do you know about me! Don’t say anything selfish even if you don’t know me!”

“Kyah!? …… tsu…… eh?”

“Hah~, hah~, annoying.”

“Jo… José?”

There was a sharp, dry sound. It was the sound of José shaking off the woman who was leaning on him and his hand hitting her cheek.


“Hey… José!”

“Sen… ior?”

The other women’s faces turned pale at the sight, and they cried as they rushed to the beaten woman, their whole bodies trembling.

“Hey hey, this is…”

“A woman’s face… this fellow!”

“I can’t stand this kid anymore!”

“Besides being a loser, you’re also unmanly!”

Of course, the people around me who were watching them all raised their voices.

But José wasn’t afraid at all…

“Silence! It’s all about this guy… yes, you!”


“He’s trying to take …… my woman away from me! I can’t let that happen!”


José pointed at me… eh?

“………… huh?”

No, my anger dropped for a moment at the unexpected words, and I tilted my head.

“Eh, big brother?”


“The lad?”

“…… Little man?”

Everyone’s eyes were directed at the same time. But I didn’t really understand any of this.

“Wai, wait a minute! When did I try to steal a woman from you! I mean, wha? Your girls are those five over there, right? A bitch group called the José Girls! Far from being interested in shits like that, I don’t want to see their faces!?”

“”””Whoa… exaggerate much…””””

Everyone in the town was retorting all at once against me, but there were no lies here.

I had no interest in the five bitches called the José Girls.

But José’s eyes were bloodshot…

“No, not them! It’s the one I’ve been determined to get!”

“””””………… huh?”””””

“I’m going to marry everyone, but… this one is… the one destined to marry me no matter what! You took her from me!

I was stunned for a while by a completely unexpected word.

“José… no way…… is that true? What…… are you talking about?

“José, please, tell me it’s a lie…”

“What’s wrong with you, José!”

“We… isn’t that just?”

“Sen, ior… wha…… what’s going on…”

And all the women were weeping in despair… well, that’s not important…

“Well, it doesn’t matter who you marry or how you get married… who is this woman I was trying to steal in the first place?”

Yes, I’m so angry that this guy is trying to kill me, and I’m wondering who he’s talking about when he says “he’s trying to take my girl”.

The answer is…

“Don’t play dumb! I’m not going to let you have… the goddess… Goddess Kron… Kron is all I have eyes for… Kron is the woman who is tied to me! My woman!”


No way … Kron?

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHH!!?? K, Kron is your woman… eeeeeeh!? Hey, eeeeh!? You guys were like that!?”


This was so unexpected that not only me, but the whole city screamed in surprise.

Because, Kron with that kind of air is…

“Because we two are a couple that was destined to be!”

“”””…… Aahnnn?””””

“I’m sure! The other day, when I passed Kron on the street, our eyes met for a moment and she smiled! No matter how you think about it, it must mean that she likes me! The smile of the goddess in love… even I, who is called dense, could tell!”

“”””They just passed each other and your eyes met…””””

“She smiled at me on the day of the church congregation… I’m sure of it!

“”””At the time of the congregation?””””

“Even when I fell… she asked, ‘Are you all right?’, and no matter how you think about it, it can’t be anything but love for me!”

“”””………… Wow…””””

This is… what is this…… something that just got blurted out, but she …… smiled when your eyes meet? That goddess usually smiles at everyone, doesn’t she?

Look, both the aunt there and the old man over there are saying “I was smiled at too”, “Hoho, I also got a smile from the goddess”!?

Mostly, Kron was smiling the entire time she was with me.

However, it’s strange. This guy misunderstood something … no….. that’s some kind of egotistical hubris…

Nuh… this is…”

And Tre’ainar was greatly perplexed…

『Loss of hearing, stumbling over nothing, becoming indifferent and insensitive to one’s surroundings… and no sooner, sudden anxiety about the gaze of the surroundings, subjective impressions, propensity for violence and irritability… well, tis also a sign of the stated side effects, tis all there is…』


『Seeing someone with such assumptions and misunderstandings… tis as if I were looking at a Jamdi’el… in various ways… child…… end it.』

Somehow, he was exhaling a very weary sigh.

But before I said anything…

“Hiy… uh… the goddess likes Older brother!”

“”””…… Eh ???.””””


“Hmm? What, you… is older brother me?”

“Wrong, Amae’s older brother is me―――― “

Amae who was shedding tears…

“Because, Amae and older brother… took a bath with the goddess!!”

“………… huh?”

The terra class destructive power of her ignorance was unleashed.

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