Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 147

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Chapter 147 – Shockwave

“What? A breakthrough, all of a sudden? Although thou has grown in the last three months, thy magical capacity should not have increased so greatly! Does thou intend to have a short-term battle? Thy opponent is the toughest Machio.”

A breakthrough from the very beginning would be taken as an unexpected tactic for Jamdi’el, who knows this power.

It lasted about 100 seconds as of three months ago.

Then, she couldn’t help wondering if I was aiming to defeat Mr. Machio in under 100 seconds.

“Hahaha… how. Suddenly, I was wondering what was going on… you can use the same breakthrough as the master… I never thought you could use such a thing… interesting! Come on, Earth!”

Mr. Machio is not a guy who uses steps or quick movements to evade the opponent’s attack.

For some reason, he seemed to think that it’s a matter of pride to take all of his opponent’s attacks, and this time he was willing to take all my attacks.

But, it would still be difficult to defeat Mr. Machio in 100 seconds.

Well, if I use the Great Magic Spiral, it would be a different story, but… then it would be boring!

I also talked to Tre’ainar many times. Winning the championship is a challenge. That’s why I’m so particular about how I win.

It would be a waste to finish it with a single big move against such a good opponent.

So, I’ll release it all.

“Let’s go, Mr. Machio!”

First, lefts from the breakthrough state.

But, it’s not just the left anymore.


“Nuh? He… stopped? Why all the way there…”

After running in, and suddenly using the breakthrough, we would get into a fistfight like this… is what he would have thought.

But, I stopped with a certain distance between us.

Of course, my punches won’t reach from here… normally, they wouldn’t.


“Mr. Machio. Have you ever been hit with a flying punch?”


“The jab I’ve trained is fast, but… with the breakthrough, it exceeds the speed of sound! This is my… evolved left!!”

I struck my jab on the spot.

My jab, which was further enhanced by the breakthrough, no longer needed to hit with my fist.

“Nogu!? Nu… What?”

[Hey, wh, what was that!? The moment Earth threw a punch from that position, something like a fist clump caught Machio in the face at a distance, making him bounce up!?]

For a moment, no one could tell what had happened.

I had never shown my long-distance attack before, and the audience, which had been in a delicate mood, started buzzing.

“Hey, what did he just do!?”

“He made a punching motion, and Machio took damage…”

“No way, was it magic!?”

“Must be! His body is cloaked with magic power…. he used magic!”

I chuckled at the reaction.

Certainly, I’m using magic.

But, it’s not magic that’s attacking.

“Oh, did thou raise thy fist to that level…”

“Wow~, that’s amazing! Jamdi’el, is Earth using magic?”

“No, Lady Kron. He wears magic, but Earth Lagann does not attack with magic.”

“Hmm? What do you mean?”

“Fufufufu, my Heraldic Eyes see through everything… he’s simply… hitting Machio with a shock wave generated by a supersonic punch.”

“Supersonic? Shockwave? Is it?”

“Yes. That is… a ‘Sonic Boom’!”

It appeared only Jamdi’el had seen through my attack.

She had a smiling expression and looked to be enjoying herself.

But this was not enough to surprise her yet.

“Earth… right now…”

“It’s a fist shockwave”


“I only hit it.”

The process is simple. Just thrust out a fist so fast, it hits your opponent with the shockwave.

“Ju, just hit it… s, so simple and you just laid out the whole thing.”

Mr. Machio didn’t take any damage with just one shot, but he seemed a little surprised by my simple explanation of the technique.

But that didn’t matter to me.

“Hahaha. That’s right. Easy. In short, it’s just a jab.”

“…… Ah…”

“I attack with my left jab… so what if you know that?”


Because, although my technique has a principle, it doesn’t have a trick.

Mr. Machio seemed to have understood this.

“Continuous hits!”

“Nu, Gu, th, this!?”

And I hit the jab again and sent shockwaves through the air.

[Wh, whooooa, a, amazing! Th, the lefts are too fast already… I can only tell that the air bursts over and over and hits Machio! Machio is on the defensive!]

Just like you can’t easily avoid my left jab even if you know it’s coming, because there’s no specific countermeasure for this.

“I see. That’s why the breakthrough. A flesh and blood human being hitting it cannot withstand the punch which creates the shockwave at the sound speed within their body. Back muscles and arm muscles. However, by using the magic of the Breakthrough to strengthen and protect the body at the same time, one can eliminate damage to their body and fire shockwaves repeatedly until the magic power runs out.”

“Oh, I see, yes! Anyway, Earth is amazing!”

When Tre’ainar suggested developing a special technique, I came up with an attack from a distance.

Because although I was able to fight in close quarters with my fists, I couldn’t attack a distant opponent.

I could have fought by getting closer with the steps, but I wanted other options.

Most of the guys I’ve fought so far are the ones who accept a fistfight with me.

The only one who used their feet to fight me was Shinobu.

In a way, I could use magic too, but only to the extent that academy students could.

A long-range attack with the confidence of a fist. When I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that I should just let my fists fly.

“Fufufufu, thou cannot use this technique without the breakthrough. In other words, while in the breakthrough state, thou can use this technique indefinitely.”

Yes, three months ago, even if I had mastered this technique, I would have only been able to use it for 100 seconds.

However, I don’t have that either now.

Not even Jamdi’el knew about that yet.

“Hey, that’s amazing! Earth… Not only the breakthrough, but such attacks too!?”

“Ugh, u, uncle… older brother… who to cheer…… ugh~”

“Wow…… that’s really cool… big brother, had such a skill…”

It seemed I’ve managed to make them forget about the earlier interaction between Mr. Machio, Elder sis Tsukshi and that pervert, at least a little bit.

The sisters and other guys were amazed with their mouths open.

“Hey, Machio! You’re at a disadvantage from that position!”

“Yes! Don’t just stand there, get close and catch him!”

“Oh, go! Machio!”

But either way, the crowd was impatient and raised their voice to Mr. Machio, who had not moved a single step since the start of the match.

However, Mr. Machio probably understood that he could not do it as things were.


“Th, the audience … I wonder if they’re too unreasonable…”

“That’s right, sister. In the first place, even if you can withstand that shockwave and jump at him, how do you catch big brother… the guy uses high-speed steps…”

Mr. Machio would not jump in carelessly.

After all, he seemed to realize.

Even if he endured my attacks and jumped in, he couldn’t catch me.

Well, hypothetically…

『Yes. The current child is at a level enough to completely defeat the fiercest of martial arts with only his left hand. In addition to jabs, he has not only jabs, but also screws, smashes, counters and other fists with great destructive power. Close combat is not his weakness, but rather his specialty. In other words, the child can handle all short, middle and long range fights when in the breakthrough state. Tis truly a form of …… the generalist that can fight all aspects of battle.』

That’s it. If he wants to come, he can come. At that time, I would just hit him directly with my fist.

This is my new power.

My original technique.

It’s the 【Certain Death・Illumination Magic Flash Brilliant Sky Wave Shock Dragon King’s Fist】!

And the form of this technique is “more than just a jab”.

“Hmm. There are plenty in the world who shoot flying slashes, make full use of wind magic, and unleash super-powered sonic booms… well… although it is a ‘common’ technique… with just a fist… moreover, not many could release it with just one jab. Oh, my dear, Earth Lagann!”


At that time, even though it was the middle of the match, for the first time today, Jamdi’el shouted “my my” in a good mood from the special guest seat.

“O inheritor of the Great Demon. In the name of the Arcane True Zenith Style Master… I christen this technique the 【Great Demon Sonic Jab】!”

“Huh? …… eh?”

Eh? That woman, how would she know to reach that conclusion?

Mostly, my skill is the Illumination Magic Flash Brilliant Sky Wave Shock Dragon King’s Fist.

And yet, why would she…

“Sonic Jab?”

“That is called a sonic jab?!”

“Good Goddess, Sonic Jab!”

“It’s a great demon sonic jab!”

…… hold on!?

“Eh, eeeeeeeeeeeehh!? Why!? It’s my special move, and you just decided to name it as you please!?”

No, no, no no way, the technique I’ve worked so hard to develop, why are these guys on their own accord…

『Since my reunion with Jamdi’el, I once again realize what a real piece of work he is. …… it has nothing to do with dragons, so why did you add “Dragon King” in there…』

And even Tre’ainar was nodding his head.

Why not? The Dragon King sounds cool!

Every single one of them, why do they have to ruin my extensive vocabulary and naming sense with their …… don’t screw with me!

“Screw it! In that case, with this…”


“”””That stance!””””

The next moment. I changed my stance.

That’s another stance I’m good at.

The Flicker.

“What do you think would happen if I released the flicker in this state? It creates a constant barrage of whip-like shockwaves! Yes, this is my 【Super Magic Flash―――――

“””””N, no way… the 【Great Demon Sonic Flicker】!?”””””

『To the audience, well done!』

I mean, they’ve taken the liberty of naming my technique again!?

I’ve been up all night trying to think of a name for it!

That woman… that woman!

“What? It can’t be… not just jabs… but also shock waves of different shapes and power, depending on the type of …… punch…… hmm? However…… wait a moment…”

“What’s wrong? Jamdi’el.”

“…… Before that… it’s about time he ran out of magic.”

However, Jamdi’el was seriously surprised by me after this.

Yes, this is still only the beginning.

As I decided, I’ll show you everything.

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