Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 146

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Chapter 146 – Watch Me

[Eh~, uh~, everyone, umm……… please don’t go home yet! The final isn’t over yet… eh, emm…]

The host, who had been shouting out loud as he wished, was now at a loss for words for the first time.

He seemed shaken up over his blunder of forgetting about the final, even though he was in charge of the tournament.

[Ah~, Machio… um…… is that all right? Are you fine with having the final like this?]

“No problem. Or rather, I haven’t had a decent fight yet today.”

[I, I see. Then, Tsukushi… I’m sorry, this moment is full of happiness, but…]

“Y, yes, th, that’s right! Uh huh…… I’ll have to apologize to Earth… tte, that’s right… in fact, I really must have Earth win the championship.”

[O, okay! Well then, ladies and gentlemen! Let’s carry on straight to the Finals! It’s a confrontation that is just right for the final, between the Supernova and the Superhuman! So, l, let’s get excited!]

“”””o, ooooooooooh~~~””””

Somehow, the voices raised from the very audience were very subtle.

To begin with, it seemed that everyone was already satisfied, so to put it bluntly, there was a redundant atmosphere.

Felt like everyone thought “Just give Mr. Machio the victory already”.

“Th, that… guy…”

He was popular with people all over the country. He was also popular with women, loved, supported, and recognized by the entire country.

Mr. Machio was truly a national hero.

On the other hand, what about me?

“Hmph. Hmph. Ke, ke, keh! Fine, Mr. Machio. You should be surrounded by everyone, being wowed and flirting. On the other hand, I can’t read the mood, so I don’t care if Mr. Machio loses and the entire country gets depressed!”

In the corridor in front of the arena entrance, I was sulking while hitting my fists on the wall.

After all, from the excitement of the semi-finals earlier, I sensed that the whole country was looking forward to Mr. Machio’s victory.

『Oi, hold that temper. Do not disrupt your concentration.』


『Ah, uh huh… I understand. Hah~, so pitiful…』

Tre’ainar was unusually sympathetic to me.

It made me more of a sissy.

But, at the same time, there was something boiling up from inside me.

“Keh… fine… doesn’t matter… I’ve acted in response to someone’s support… but I’ve never won because of someone else’s support.”

That’s right. In fact, when I was in the Imperial Capital, I regarded the voices around me as nothing more than noise.

So it’s fine.

A total away match?

You can claim to be competent only if you win under such conditions.

“I’ll do it, you bastard!”

『Somehow, tis truly pitiful…』

So I barked.

From the start, I was going to win the tournament. I came with the intention of defeating every opponent.

Rather, I forced myself to think that it would be a blessing in disguise if I could fight to my heart’s content.

“Don’t be too cynical. I know you’re all full of emotions towards Machio, but no one will think less of you, let alone wish you to lose.”

“…… tch… why…”

Just then, I heard a familiar voice.

“What is it? It seems that the love of Elder Sis Tsukshi, who adores you, is coming true, so why don’t you celebrate with everyone in the audience?”


“Why are you here?”

I could tell who it was by just hearing their voice.

When I looked back while clicking my tongue, I found Sadiz there.


“Well, the whole place is on Mr. Machio’s side. Do you feel sympathy for me, who was forgotten even in the finals in the first place? Is it pity? In any case, I’ll do it my own way, so get back to your seat.”

Even I understood that I was just venting my anger.

More than anything else, Sadiz showed up when I was already frustrated.

I couldn’t help but take it out on her.

But I couldn’t control the rebellious spirit of “I’ll do it myself” anymore.

Then Sadiz…

“Maybe it’s sympathy or… just that…… I genuinely care more for you… than those two.”

“…… What?”

“I really can’t say. After all, as long as I don’t even know myself yet, it’ll be hard to say anything for sure… but…”

As usual, Sadiz was apologetic to me no matter what I said.

And it breaks my heart every time.

How many times have we repeated this over the last three months?

But today, Sadiz prepared in advance and didn’t back off right away, and finally…



Sadiz, started to blush and fidget a bit, which was unusual for her little moody. It’s all too fresh.

But I couldn’t figure out what she was trying to say, so I tilted my head.

Then Sadiz looked up as if he had made up her mind…

“GO-GO, Earth GO! FIGHT ON, Earth!”

“Hmm… wha…”

While enduring embarrassment, she shook her pompoms, raised her legs, raised her voice and cheered me on with all her best.

“Y, you…”

“I, I know! You…… you may not like me… and you may find my support annoying… but still…”

Sadiz herself doesn’t understand. Why did she have to support me?

However, just like the advance preparation time, I’m sure she couldn’t help but feel that “I have to do something”.

“I just…I told you, I want to graduate … so that’s enough.”

And I still couldn’t accept it honestly, but I felt a little more relaxed about the shamefulness of it all.

So, really, enough was enough.

“But… still… if you’re willing to do something about it…”

But if I can still hope.

I don’t want to go back to the way it used to be.

How about the boobs, what about our future.

But…… still, the only thing…… I regret.

At that time, just like now…

――♫Go Go Little man, Go! Lil’ Earth! Go! ♫!

There was only one thing I didn’t get, even though she supported me.

“At the very least, ‘this time’ … please watch through to the end.”

“…… eh?”

“The power I wield… it’s not about whose technique it was or who I learned it from… it is power that I worked so hard to acquire… so watch me all the way to the end.”

At that time, I couldn’t get her to do that.

I just wanted you to see it.

“Just watch… and?”

“Yeah, that’s right. No more of that …… stuff…”.


Sadiz doesn’t remember. She can’t remember. But I still said it.

It’s not that the power I wield is the power of the Great Demon King, or something like that, but more purely I want you to see the power I’ve developed… that this is who I am now.

I left the Imperial Capital and abandoned my old ties.

But, if she’s still getting involved again and I couldn’t shake her off as a hindrance, I’ll tell her that, it would be enough if she would at least do that for me.

[Then, supernova Earth! The chosen man among men, worthy of standing in the finals, come on out!!]

And I’ll finish it.

“Watch me properly! Moreover, I’ll get you to recognize me!”

It didn’t come true in the previous match.

To win the championship. To grasp the glory. To be recognized by everyone.

All of it, now!

『My oh my, such pestilence. Preparations are in good order, in that case… promptly, go! Knock him down!』


And finally, my teacher hit my butt, and I ran out.

“Let’s gooooooooooooo!!”

[O, oooooooooh, Earth, he’s fired up! He comes running, what a shout and! See here――――]

“Right now, let’s get this thing starteeeeeeeeeeed!!”

“…… eh?”

I’ve finally come this far. I yelled as I ran, not to wait any longer.

The host was confused by my words, but Mr. Machio, who had been waiting for me, changed from a while ago, as if he accepted my words…

“I don’t mind at all! Get to it!”

[Eh, hey, Machio!? No, I’ll introduce you both then…]

“We’ve already been introduced enough. From here on out, it’s not words … but power!”

I was relieved to hear Mr. Machio’s words.

Apparently, he flipped a switch.

“I’m glad! I wondered what I would do if you were too full of happiness to be up for it. Now then, I’ll just beat you up, Mr. Machio!”

“Huh, come on! Now let’s fulfill the promise we made three months ago!”

The host’s words won’t stop us anymore.

We let ourselves get carried away.

It seemed that neither the host nor the audience could keep up with the fact that we can start without any preparation, but it didn’t matter.

I’ll show them. It’s not just Sadiz.

I’ll show everyone here who have only become interested in Mr. Machio.

“【Great Demon Super Evolution • Breakthrough】!!”

Wait and see? Strategy? There’s no need for any of that anymore.

“Everyone, watch meeeeeeeeeee!!”

I had already warmed up for the final.

Everything was for this moment.

Author’s Note

Forty chapters to get here from the battle three months ago. Although it was updated every day, it took more than a month in reality, but it is finally here. That was long……

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  1. The “watch me” was… He was cool before he said that xD
    He is right though. A technique isn’t evil ( well, if you get it by killing babies and drinking their blood, stuff like that, then… That is evil. Or perhaps overly cruel ones that are meant to just hurt and harm people? Brainwashing is kind of evil as well.. Well, whatever!)it’s how you use it that matters!


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