Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 145

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Chapter 145 – Be Happy

Just as I thought, sparring and actual combat are different.

The deep and high-dimensional reading and fighting opponents with a variety of techniques heightened my concentration.

As a result, I was able to successfully perform the Zone and the Great Demon Phantom Punch by my own will, not by chance.

Being able to succeed in an actual battle gave me the utmost confidence, and I was able to gain a knack or a feeling that would lead me to the next step.

“How was it?”

『If tis only the first time, tis a fluke. Ability comes only after succeeding twice in a row. And, I shall admit that you have completely made it your own after three consecutive successes. I will not approve it with a 50/50 all or nothing success rate, do keep that in mind.』


Well, you won’t acknowledge me if I only succeed once? Now I’m fired up.

However, Tre’ainar seemed to be in a somewhat good mood, so maybe he approved of me a little? I thought to myself.

[Now, on to the second semifinal match! The rising star of the new era has already qualified for the finals. The winner of this match will earn the right to compete for the top spot against the rising star! Danchok, who landed in prison as a criminal, has crawled his way back up to challenge for the honorable title! However, standing in his way is the undisputed giant star of the Arcane True Zenith School! What will be the outcome of this clash?]

I’ve made it to the finals, and soon it’ll be Mr. Machio’s semifinal match.

They were cheering for Mr. Machio, so the sisters didn’t come down to celebrate my victory.

But either way, I didn’t want to lose my concentration, so this is fine for now.

I could hardly wait to fight in the finals. I want to show the difference from three months ago soon. My blood was boiling.

Well, the finals won’t be my last…

[Oyah~, Machio and Danchok are talking about something… What was that? Tastes? Whip? Pants…… what are they talking about? I’m not sure what that’s all about, but Danchok is proposing the nature of the match to Machio. However, Machio, who has fought so far in accordance with the rules of his opponent, is reluctant this time…… eh?]

And as always, Mr. Machio. I mean, why don’t you just punch him and get it over with…

“Why don’t you accept this match with me, Machio!? You… you, is this… manliness not your type!?”

“No, why would you decide that?”

Eh!?? Huh? No, no, no … eh?

“Tre’ainar… did I hear wrong?”

『Apologies. I also thought that was an auditory hallucination, but…』

What do you mean? You’re fighting, aren’t you? What’s with that kind of development, why did such a conversation start?

“L, let’s go.”

『U, uh huh!』

I was curious about it. I thought I would work on my concentration or meditation until the final, but I was curious about how things were unfolding, so I rushed back to the arena.

Then there was Danchok with a serious look on his face, holding a pair of white pants in his hand and his upper body naked.

“Machio. You’re so domineering, muscular, thick, big and robust… popular with everyone! You would be popular with women! But, you are still single despite your age! That means, you’re not interested in women! You must be interested in guys! Isn’t that right?!”

“No, that’s not it at all… what is the logic behind that?”

Machio looked unusually stunned and dumbfounded. No, everyone in this place must have thought that when Mr. Machio’s made his retort.

However, Danchok continued.

“Then, Machio. Are you saying there is already a woman in your heart?”


At that moment, Machio’s eyebrows twitched slightly.

And I naturally looked towards Elder Sis Tsukshi who was in the audience.

“Eh? Machio… ugh, i, is that so~? Machio has… someone he likes already…”

Sure enough, her eyes were moistening with a look full of anxiety and sorrow.

Sadiz and the sisters put their hands on her shoulders, looking worried about Elder Sis Tsukshi.

But as a matter of fact, I was wondering about it too.

Mr. Machio would be quite popular, but why isn’t he married?

Then, Mr. Machio…

“I’m… not worthy of being loved by anyone… because in the civil war… with my hands… so many people… my hands are no longer―――”

Sadly, Mr. Machio tried to mutter… at that moment.

“You think you’re so cool, Machio Proteen! If you think your hands are dirty, I’m going to kill you myself, you bastard!!”


Danchok, who had a decent physique, though not as big as Mr. Machio, punched him in the face with his strong arm.

Rather than avoiding it, it was unavoidable, and it seemed that Mr. Machoi didn’t think he would be attacked, so the reaction was delayed.


And, Mr. Machio was surprised by Danchok, who left him stunned with a slightly swollen cheek where he was hit.

Then, Danchok…

“I want to ask you. Once I committed a crime, I went to prison, my body and mind were broken and defiled… but I finished my sentence and got out… don’t I have the right to be happy?”

“Wh, what are you…”

“Answer me!”

“…… I don’t… think so.”

“Then what about you? Rather, have you ever been a criminal?!”


Danchok’s words and questions suddenly spoke of his sins and his past.

Does a criminal have no right to be happy, even if he atones for his crime?

“If you, the man that men fall in love with… and who, unlike me, has saved, protected, and smiled at more people than you have killed, still insinuates that you don’t deserve to be loved… then that country should be destroyed.”


Weird. Why are you having such a serious conversation while holding white pants in your hand?

However, the atmosphere of the venue was heavy, and no one could get a retort in.

That’s because the people who live in this country have known Mr. Machio for a long time and know him well.

“But… I’m…”

Even so, Mr. Machio seemed unable to admit it easily.

But then it happened.

“That’s right, Mr. Machio!!”

“Huh!? …… Tsukshi?”

Elder Sis Tsukshi shouted from the audience.

Shedding tears, she screamed with her emotions laid bare.

“We are… what we are today thanks to Mr. Machio! Mr. Machio helped us… and gave us warmth after we lost our parents in the civil war … taught me the warmth of family… protected us… that Mr. Machio… we are very grateful for his kindness and support!!”

Not only Elder Sis Tsukshi, but the sisters around her nodded with smiles, saying that the whole felt the same way.

“That’s right, Mr. Machio! If you don’t stop that, I’ll never forgive you! Come on, tell him, Amae! You like Mr. Machio, don’t you?”

“Un? Un! I love you, uncle!!”

“Machio, we’re the same! Please think about your own happiness!”

“Me too! So do the children in the orphanage!”

“Kora, Machio! You’re big and bold, how long are you going to just sit around!”


“He’s our hero!”

The whole venue was united, and shouted their thoughts to one man.

Mr. Machio was confused and dismayed by the words.

“Everyone… but…… I’m…”

“Ha~…… utterly…… pathetic. I chased after such a man’s ass… seriously.”

However, it seemed that Mr. Machio couldn’t nod, as if he couldn’t change his mind easily.

Then the exasperated Danchok exhaled a sigh.

“Hey, Machio. In this tournament… there seems to be a reason why you can’t lose… but is there something you want from winning?”

“…… What?”

“Besides the honor of winning, there is a huge prize money to win… are you trying to buy something you want?”

“Nu!? …… wh, what are…”

At that moment, Mr. Machio choked on Danchok’s question.

Come to think of it, Mr. Machio told me. “There’s a reason I can’t lose.”

I thought that Mr. Machio simply hated losing, but it wasn’t like that.

If Mr. Machio wins, he’ll get Kron as a supplementary prize… but he doesn’t know that.

So, inevitably, what he wants is the prize money.

However, I don’t think Mr. Machio is the type of person who covets money.

And, Elder Sis Tsukshi doesn’t seem to know why Mr. Machio wants money, and she gave him a wondering look.

And then……

“I will take any man I desire, even by force. But any man I fall for will be thoroughly investigated and planned for in many ways. You know that? I know that you’ve accumulated all the money you earn from day labor and other avenues… to purchase land… you’re trying to create a school that everyone can attend for free!”

“Eh!? Hey, hey… why…”

Eh? School? Free? Oh, but then I remembered… before…… Elder Sis Tsukshi…

――we’re, almost all of us, war orphans… our livelihood comes from church donations, but it’s not like we can afford that much luxury… of course, not everyone’s tuition can be paid… so, at least if only for the future of Karui, who is the second youngest, and Amae, who is the youngest… that’s the way it is.

There were many sisters in the church who were the same age as me. But Karui was the only one who attended the Wizarding School.

Then, Mr. Machio is…


“That’s very kind of you.”

“N, no… It’s just self-satisfaction…”

It was no use.

The moment they knew Mr. Machio’s plan and his thoughts, which no one knew before, the people in the audience were in tears.

“Mr. Machio… such a….. school…”

Elder Sis Tsukshi, who couldn’t bear it, collapsed.

The kindness of Mr. Machio, which should have already been known, exceeded the imagination of Elder Sis Tsukshi, who had known him for a long time.


“Tch, you’ve ruined the mood… Machio “


“I’m done. I give up. It’s my loss.’


Danchok said “Good grief” and declared his surrender.

“I’m not interested in your ass anymore. A soft life surrounded by girls and children would suit you better… don’t be so hard on yourself… make your own wishes come true, and I’m sure you’ll be happy.”

“Da, Danchok!”


After making it to the semifinals, Danchok declared that he had no intention of fighting anymore, said what he wanted to say, and then turned his back and walked away.

He raised his hand for the last time, and said goodbye without looking back.

Then, after a while of silence, that even the host was speechless, Elder Sis Tsukshi finally jumped out of the audience because she couldn’t contain herself.

“Mr. Machio!”

She jumped down, and Elder Sis Tsukshi ran out to Mr. Machio as soon as she landed.

Then, without hesitation, she dove into Mr. Machio’s massive chest.

“tsu, Tsukshi… w, wait, I’m…”

“Nuh-uh. I don’t think I can do that anymore~.”


“No matter what Machio says, I’m not leaving anymore~. If Machio’s hands are dirty and he can’t touch anyone, I’ll go touch him~! I’ve also made up my mind~!”

I saw Elder Sis Tsukshi’s tears for the first time, with a smile and powerful resolve towards the one she loved from the bottom of her heart.

“Enough, I’m… going to make Machio happy~!”

“… Tsuk…… shi…”.

Mr. Machio also looked very emotional and turned over his depression on the spot.

Elder Sis Tsukshi continued to hug Mr. Machio tightly, and never let go.

Gradually, the audience, which had been quiet, began to shout.

“That’s right, Mr. Machio! I’ll get angry if it’s not elder sister!”

“Uncle, Big Sister! Do your best!”

“Yes, Machio, be happy!”


The words directed at one man. “Be happy”. The word echoed forever, and finally Mr. Machio’s eyes were moistening.

A man who was so hard on himself and did not think about his own happiness was loved by so many people who wished for him to be happy.

[What an unexpected turn of events! But the words Danchok left behind were exactly what everyone in this country was thinking! Everyone thinks so! Machio saved my life! Thank you, Machio! That’s why I hope! Now it’s your turn to be happy! In the end of the competition, it’s not for glory, honor, or money that they competed with each other in arms! It’s happiness!]


[An unexpected ending. But the best ending! Thank you, Machio! And be happy! With this, the current Arcane True Zenith Fighting Tournament… huh? What? It feels like we’re forgetting something…]

The host, who had been at a loss for words, finally spoke up, followed by a shout from everyone else.

And so the tournament was…

“tsu, WAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIITT! Don’t just end iiiiiiiiiit! The final is not over yet! Me! Me! You haven’t had your match with me yet! I mean, what the hell is going on here!? How’d it turn out like this??!!”

[No way… I had forgotten about the final…]

I’m allowed to cry about this, aren’t I? In a different way.

Because just a moment ago, everyone was so excited about me making it to the finals, and now they all realized that they had forgotten about me, and were like, “Oh, come to think of it!”

Even Jamdi’el was holding her head, wondering about this unexpected development. Kron, though, was smiling and congratulating Mr. Machio and Elder Sis Tsukshi as usual.

At any rate, the final will be held properly… but…… it’s kinda complicated…

Author’s Note

Danchok Jahr. It’s……ヤル(yaru)… as in do it.

And today is the start of October. There’s a tax increase, but I hope I can increase my motivation as well.

Fortunately, the Rugby World Cup is not over yet, and there are 905,000 drills left, so I will still work hard to go beyond the heavens!

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