Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 144

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Chapter 144 – Intermission (Kenpo Martial Artist)

This is a problem aye. The eyes of a young man who burns with youth, purely focused on improving himself.

If he looks at me like that, it will be even more shameful for me to link him with my fate.

In fact, there was no resentment or hatred towards him.

The organization being destroyed by the hero, Hiro, was simply them reaping what they sow, and to complain about it would be lashing out with unjustified resentment aye.

In other words, it had nothing to do with him.

“…… Hey…… Wacha. Is there anyone out on the island who seems usable?”

“There are a few aye”

“I see. I was a little concerned about harboring that woman, but thanks to her opening a strange dojo, I have more people I can use, and it will help.”

“Arcane True Zenith Dojo aye. I’m also getting stronger aye.”

The country isolated from the Union as a secluded nation.

In other words, if you flee there, no one can catch you no matter what crimes you have committed outside.

It has been more than ten years since I came to this island country as an “unofficial tour conductor” who connected the inside and outside of this island country within the organization. Nowadays, no one doubted me being a resident of this country aye.

Originally, in Cacretale, it was considered a crime for residents to leave the island and for people from outside to come to the island.

So there I was, aye. I made connections by bribing people at the center of the nation, and as long as I was an intermediary, I was able to unofficially connect the island to the outside world.

However, those days changed when a man, who was a brother to the boss of the organization and one of the Six Supremacy of the Demon King Army, requested that we sheltered a woman and her baby on the island.

The woman was also one of the Six Supremacy who left their names in history. And the baby she brought with her was so scared for her life that I didn’t even check her background aye.

And while she was in hiding, the woman instigated the people of this country to create an environment where she could move easily and conveniently.

As I was not originally from this country, I moved around in a position that was convenient for me aye, but before I knew it, the people thought that I was ‘The High Priestess’ oldest disciple’ aye.

As a result, the ministers of the old regime, who knew my identity but had tolerated me, were also dismissed and no longer bribed me, and I was okay with that aye…

“Hey, lately there’s this half-demon kid who’s been rampaging against the organization in Cantidan… a brat called Bro… was he using… the Arcane True Zenith Style?”

“Eh, Bro… aye?”

“After all, he’s a Cacretale brat. What’s going on? You didn’t send him, did you?”

“No aye! Probably… on his own…… maybe Bro doesn’t know anything about the organization, and it’s just a coincidence…”

“Tch, geez… hey, the executives of the organization will start to move. That brat’s done for already, so stick with the plan, got it?”

The problem was the collapse of the old regime.

The country of Cacretale still had no intention of opening its doors to the world, but instead, it had become relaxed about its residents leaving the island, and allowing visitors to the island, as long as they were introduced.

Because the system that was supposed to condemn them has collapsed aye.

And when I realized that I would have to discontinue my job as a tour conductor on this island, another incident occurred aye.

The organization was destroyed by the hero, Hiro, and the Knights of the Imperial City, and the boss was also captured.

In other words, now I no longer have the organization to return to, so I’ve really become just another resident of the island.

And now I’m just a tame person, keeping in touch with the boss’ brother, and the sisters looking out for Jamdi’el who was in hiding.

For my life, I don’t know where I went wrong.

I fell into such a situation, and for the rest of my life, what will I live for aye? To train? To fight?

I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore aye.

The son of Hiro, the hero who crushed the organization and caught the boss, appeared in front of me.

While I understand that it’s wrong to hold a grudge, I can’t say that I don’t have feelings about him.

In addition, the man who actually confronted me was so genuinely gleeful about my skills that it made me feel even sorrier to bring up such a connection.

After all, it was tactless aye.

And above all, his eyes have changed even more aye.

He had a really focused expression, as if he seriously meant to defeat me aye.

I must respond to this aye.

It’s not about the organization or my life. On equal ground, as a man.

“【Arcane True Zenith Finger Jab】!”

Use my full strength. And, I released the fastest most merciless attack at the eyes of the young man in front of me.

I’m sure he’s aiming for a counter.

By his previous strategy, it would be a cross counter. However, I had already defeated that with a cross-counter return earlier aye.

The only other thing I can think of is that he will sway back and hit me when my body is fully extended.

I wouldn’t be able to absorb the impact and would take heavy damage. Since I’m stepping forward, even a head slip won’t be enough aye.

Then, I still dared to go for it aye.

If it is a cross counter, I’ll return the cross counter.

If it’s a counter from an evasion on the sway, I’ll hit his body with my left fist aye.

Of course, I also have a risk of failure, but if it is only one left blow, I will grit my teeth and endure it aye.

Come on, aye!

Come on, aye!

I’ll endure……



Didn’t… come?

There was no sign of a counter or feeling of avoiding it with a sway.

He just looked at my finger jab with a very focused expression…

“Wh… at?”

And, contrary to my expectations, Earth shifted his body slightly and avoided my finger jab with minimal movement.

However, he did not avoid and immediately go for the infight from the step-in, he just avoided it.

What was he thinking?

I don’t understand.

But since he didn’t come, I pulled back my right finger jab and without pause, with a left――――――

“Gaga!? ……?”

That was the moment, a shock that I could not comprehend hit my jaw… huh?

“…… Wha?”

Why? Why, am I… before I knew what was happening, both my knees were on the ground…?

[What?! S, see here, what was that!? Wacha is down!? In a complete change from his previous offense and defense, he caught Wacha in the jaw with a normal left flash!!]

Eh? My jaw with a left? Why? I couldn’t see…

“Fufufufufu… Hahahahahaha! Hahahaha! I never imagined thou could do this… while still a mere human being… to competently aim at that point?? As one would expect… the final key! Inheriting the power of the Great Demon!”

Jamdi’el…? Why are you laughing in such a good mood aye?

And, on the contrary, the audience was puzzled by my current state.

Why am I kneeling down on the ground?

But I don’t know aye. I know he got my chin, but I don’t know the moment at all.

Did you see Jamdi’el? Do you know what happened aye?

“Fufufufu, how many here would realize? The Finger Jab Wacha pulled back… he didn’t match that finger jab… not even right after the end of the opponent’s strike… but when the opponent finished hitting and “pulled” the fist back, it was hidden behind the opponent’s arm and driven in… it’s simply an invisible punch.”

When pulling the finger jab…?

“This is what I was able to hit by entering the zone… the【Great Demon Phantom Punch】.”

“…… fanto… mu?”

Oh… I see… maybe the life I didn’t know what I was living for… that’s what appeared before me…

“I’d like to thank you. For the first time, I was able to ‘enter’ in an actual battle… I was able to ‘grasp’ the extreme timing … you brought it out.”

I’ve been stuck in the same place …… with the organization as an excuse… but this young man was trying to jump out into the world… perhaps…… I lived to this day… for this young man…

[Ah, he can’t stand! And Wacha just fell down to the ground… faint! He’s fainted! A flash on the left, like a bolt of lightning! A new era and history. Today, the decision goes to the new age! Earth Lagann, is headed for the finals with flying colors!!]

Author’s Note

I went to the Narou event. Hundreds of people were gathered at the symposium-like hall.

Anniki was about to be seized by a security guard at the entrance for some reason, but was able to evade with Magical Steps and enter the venue.

On the day of the event, we did the following:

  • An open discussion between writers (I had nothing to do with it) and voice actors in charge of radio
  • At the karaoke of voice actors, everyone brought penlights HIYOOO
  • A reading session of Narou novels (I didn’t care about it) by voice actors. A Villainess Engagement Annulment Event
  • Listened to Narou radio broadcast on the spot

That was all.

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  2. I don’t think Earth is going to have a clean knockout against Machio like his prior rounds. Machio’s shown his sturdiness. He’s probably going to be soaking up punishment.


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  4. From what I can recall, Earth can use regular magic and not just Breakthrough and Spiral right? I thought Trei’nar was going to be teaching him how to use fists and magic together, but maybe he just hasn’t gotten there yet or I misrember the conversation they had.
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      1. I think it would be better to work on the fine controll first before doing big ass stuff… He will obviously train with magic, I just wish they already did


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