Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 148

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Chapter 148 – Beginning to Lift the Veil

Jamdi’el seemed a little bit concerned about what to do from here.

“With his magic capacity, it should be about time… what will thou do once thy magic power runs out?”

No matter how many shock waves were fired, it was still a jab.

Mr. Machio couldn’t dodge them, but he didn’t suffer any serious damage either.

He seemed to be holding his ground, waiting for an opportunity to attack.


“”””Too awesome! That’s the 【Great Demon Sonic Flicker】!””””

“Guh, th, these guys… fine, already! 【Great Demon Sonic Flicker】!”

『Uh huh uh huh, that will do.』

My special technique was named without permission, and I felt reluctant about shouting out any other moves from now on.

“tte, this is… quite something. A long distance flicker that is hard to avoid…”

For the time being, I’ll leave the name of the technique aside, but the whip-like shockwave released from flicker carved into Mr. Machio’s steel muscles from the surface.


“This won’t do… although it is a left, this shockwave is not half bad… the impact doesn’t just affect the surface of the body, but also resonates to the inner core…”

A normal guy might be finished after one shot, but Mr. Machio is not normal.

He smiled while enduring.

“Originally, I was aiming to strike once you’re tired or out of magic, but … let’s jump in!”


“I can’t catch you at my own speed, but… I don’t think there’s any way out of this if I just stay idle!”

Mr. Machio rushed in regardless of the shockwave.

“Ke, can you bear it~?”

“Nu, uu, Nuuuu!!”

So I’ll raise the gear further. A barrage of left strikes concentrated on Mr. Machio.

In addition……

“A twisted corkscrew. Exactly, the sonic boom that is created is…”

“”””It’s the 【Great Demon Sonic Screw】!””””

“You bastards! Stop naming someone else’s skill as you like!”

『Apparently, the people of this country have decent sensibilities.』

With just a corkscrew blow, a rotating swirl shockwave was sent flying.

“Yes, 【Great Demon Sonic Screw】!!”

“Uo, o! This is?!”

Its power is enough to knock back the stout Mr. Machio.

Hey hey, what would happen if I used the 【Great Magic Spiral】?

[Wh, Ma, Machio was blown away!? I’ve never seen anything like this before, including spar! What power, the 【Great Demon Sonic Screw】!]

As the host said, I’m surprised, too.

The more I understood the power of the technique in actual combat, the more the name of the technique faded away.

For now, I’m just excited about the results I could achieve.

“Hmm… I don’t remember ever being blown away this far… it’s impressive.”

“Hehe, thanks.”

Mr. Machio froze after suddenly crashing into the wall. His face was swollen, but he had a bitter smile while his nose bled.

However, he quickly tightened his expression again.

“Then, so I don’t get pushed back this time … I have to endure it properly.”


For the first time, Mr. Machio, who had been going hand-to-hand and no guard until now, lowered his hips deeply and took a stance.

His appearance was like a quadruped beast trying to pounce on its prey, with the intention to jump straight.


In addition, every muscle in his body was straining, enlarging, and hardening his body like a large rock.

So you’re trying to ram me with that.

“There’s nothing ingenious about it. It’s just the 【Arcane True Zenith Tackle】.”

“Eh… you’re gonna say it before you do it.”

“Yeah. I’m clumsy, so I don’t play around. I can only win if I hit you.”

It’s simple, and he’s not lying.

Mr. Machio really felt like he’s going to lower his hips and push straight ahead.

However, Mr. Machio’s declaration, though not a strategy, seemed to be testing me out.

If I knew you’re going to rush in from the beginning, I can avoid it lightly with my eyes, reaction speed, and steps, but…

“Bring it on!”

I dared to stop and hold my body leaning forward, so I could accept it.

“Th, this is! Is Earth going to hunker down and take the attack?! Are you going to have a power match against Machio?”

Yes, it’s a match. Take it and stand!

“And now is the time for this sleeping power to awaken! This right, forbidden and sealed by God—————.”

『Child, you cur… do you consider that stylish?』

“A, a… anyway, I’ll lift the ban! On the right!”

『Hah~… such a difficult age…』

Yes, it’s the right that I haven’t used today.

“Fufu, I’m flattered. Earth.”

Mr. Machio seemed to be a little pleased with my words.

I’m facing such Mr. Machio.

“Su~, fuu~!”

The magic that was about to run out was taken in from the air through the magic hole of the entire body.

“What!? Ah… Are you!? I, it can’t be… surely not!!”

At that moment, Jamdi’el’s astonished voice echoed from the guest seat, but before everyone’s attention could be drawn to it, Mr. Machio jumped out.

“Here I come! 【Arcane True Zenith Tackle】!!”

From the front, it’s like a huge iron ball jumping at me.

Because Mr. Machio was heavy, his left and right movements had a weak impression.

However, since the lower half of the body was trained, the instantaneous forward dash was launched from his strong legs and waist was fast.



Lifting the ban on the right.

I put all my strength into my right fist and threw myself out, a full swing with all my power and weight!

Like when I fought Toulowe three months ago.

“【Great Demon Sonic Jolt】!!”

A shockwave that seemed to be a counter to the oncoming opponent.

He endured, and as he moved forward no matter what, I met the tackle of Mr. Machio, who was in full momentum, from the front.

“No, uoh, ooh!? This is!?”

No matter how big Mr. Machio was, his weight was that of a human after all.

He got blown away easily, penetrating the wall, and flew to the back room of the arena.

[Ah… overwhelming! Hey, who would have predicted such a development!? Machio, who was said to be the strongest of the Arcane True Zenith, was blown away by the Supernova Earth without even touching him! Everyone has forgotten how to cheer and is just stunned!]

Yes, by blowing Mr. Machio away, the whole venue went silent.

“Ma, Machio is…”

“Uncle… went somewhere.”

“t, tse~…”

Even those who could speak up seem to be confused.

Literally, I silenced all the noisy guys.

Well, there’s only one person making a lot of noise…

“Haha., Fufufu, hahahahaha! Kukuku, could it be, could it be… surely! Thou has been able to do it! Even I have not mastered the 【Magical Breathing】! Aha, ha, uhi, hiha, hihahahahaha!”

The High Priestess, who should have both beauty and sanctity, was now screaming like a crazy woman.

“Hmm~, Jamdi’el?”

“Haha, I’m sorry, I was distraught, Lady Kron. Fufu, however…… this is a bit of a situation… Fufufufu, what can I do?”

“? “

“My plan… was to raise the god to be born between Lady Kron and Earth Lagann, and when the time is right, that god and I will mingle to give birth… of god, human, and seraph, all a plan to create the ‘True God’ that combines the blood of all… hahaha! But I want it! I want it now! Absolutely…… Absolutely!”

…… For now, let’s leave that till later. No but…… is it possible that things are settled with this?

“Hmm~, by the way, Jamdi’el. Isn’t this a victory for Earth? May I go and congratulate Earth for winning?”

“Hmm? Ah, about that…”

However, although she made a strange voice and went crazy for a moment, Jamdi’el quickly calmed down in response to Kron’s question….

“This is a ‘not yet’.”

“Ara, is that right?”

“Indeed. Had he used the 【Great Magic Spiral】, you might have been enough to end it, but… he gave Machio a considerably powerful attack halfway through. So, it will take a little longer.”

It was then.


From beyond the penetrated wall, Mr. Machio’s voice praised me in a calm voice.

“My own body is unusually hot and boiling… perhaps after such a long time, I feel like I’m getting stronger, so my body and mind are excited and pleased.”

There was a response. No matter how much Mr. Machio was, he should have taken a lot of damage.

Besides, he should have been suitably bewildered by my technique.

In spite of this, I felt somewhat calm or relaxed.


“Ah, well… Mr. Machio!? tsu…… don’t look Amae!”


“Uh, wow… th, that Machio. I’ve never seen Machio so full of injuries before.”

From behind the wall with a large hole, Mr. Machio slowly returned to the arena.

However, his whole body was swollen all over, his skin shredded as if cut by a sword, and his face cruelly disfigured.

Lacerations, broken bones, bruises, you don’t need to be a doctor to know that he was badly injured.

“Because it’s Mr. Machio, I attacked with all my might, but…… let’s call it a day.”


“So no more… ‘unfortunate accidents’ will happen.”

“Fufufufu… I see.”

Seeing Mr. Machio, I also relaxed my fighting pose and suggested we end it here.

Mr. Machio came back looking unconcerned, but from here onward, it will go beyond the realm of a “match”.

As expected, we can’t show any more than this in front of Elder Sis Tsukshi.

With that in mind, I gave my suggestion.


“Certainly, if you had attacked with ‘more’ power, I might have lost. But with your attack now, you will have to fight me with ‘more’ attack power from now on.”


I didn’t understand what he was talking about. Is Mr. Machio trying to riddle me?

Then Mr. Machio smiled at me with his battered body…

“Thank you, Earth. You were really strong. That’s why I can be even stronger.”

Then it was then.


“…… eh? Wh, what!?”

Mr. Machio began to scream. Then, there was a change in Mr. Machio’s body.

The wounds on his torn skin are gradually closed, the swelling is reduced, and even the bones that seem to have been broken were being restored… Healing magic?

No, it’s not just healing.

『Ah… that !!!!』

At that time, Tre’ainar who was beside me raised an unusually surprised voice.

Hey, hey hey, what do you mean?

『Oh, that… there is no doubt …recovery far beyond ‘super recovery’…… ‘Super Magic Recovery’!?』

Super recovery? And it sounds like a more awesome name than that, but what about it?

『Structure of the human body… applying a load to the body through strength training, and so on, results in a temporary decline due to damage to muscle fiber damage and fatigue accumulation, but by taking appropriate rest, it leads to greater muscle strength and muscle hypertrophy than before due to the recoil of recovery… tis called it Super Recovery.』

I had heard about that before. However, what was happening to Mr. Machio did not seem to be such a common matter.

『But there are people in the world with a unique constitution… those who intentionally control and activate cells through the body without the need for rest, regenerate and restore the body and bones at super-speed, and gain more power than before.』

“Wh… at?”

『And tis not just about training. If you fracture, it will regenerate into a stronger and more resilient bone than before, and if you take damage in battle, it will make your body more resilient.』

Even if you take damage, it will regenerate and recover at super speed, and even become stronger than before?

What’s with that ridiculous constitution!?

『But tis too rare a constitution. In fact, I have not come across many with such a constitution. The last one I know of was ‘Gouda’, one of my Six Supremacy. And…… tis the first time I am seeing it in a human being.』

Even Tre’ainar was astonished by Machio’s constitution.

And while I was surprised to hear about it…

“Now, let’s fight more than ever… Earth.”

Mr. Machio was back to… no, he had a stronger body and appeared before me again.

“Super Magic Recovery… in other words, every time he is attacked and takes damage, he will become stronger and more resilient.”

“Ara, Machio’s injuries have healed~!”

“Behold, Lady Kron. That is the constitution of Machio. And that is why he trains to the point of breaking down every day, and why he doesn’t evade attacks when he spars and the like. It is all… to become stronger.”

At last, it seemed that Mr. Machio was beginning to lift the veil.

I was surprised, but at the same time, I was even more enthusiastic, thinking, “That’s the way it has to be”.

Author’s Note

Thank you for your support. Finally, the overall evaluation exceeded 96,000 drills.

Only 904,000 drills remaining to the target.

As soon as possible, I would like to cut it down to get closer to the heavens.

In addition, yesterday I got a spirit called a review.

I’m really glad that many people have seen it.

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