Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 133

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Chapter 133 – The Conclusion

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Before the tournament, Tre’ainar told me something.

Child. That one named José …. he… is partaking in a certain medication that has been contraindicated since ancient times.

It was a few days before the tournament, as I was aching to test my growth.

Just by taking the concoction, the number of magic holes increases, muscles and magic capacity are elevated, brain functions are clearer and concentration improves… in a manner of speaking, tis a potion that raises one’s levels simply by ingesting it. Tis likely Jamdi’el’s doing.

When I heard about it, I wondered if such a convenient thing really existed, and at the same time I wondered why Mr. Machio and the others would be training normally.

No, if such a thing existed, the Demon King Army wouldn’t have been defeated in the past war.

However, the reason was simple.

Naturally, there are risks. An overdose may cause abnormalities to occur in the body. In the worst case, you may die. Even if your life is spared, you will have to live with visual impairment, nervous and blood circulation disorders, hearing loss, auditory hallucinations, brain cell destruction, lack of reason, general pain, and various other side effects for the remainder of your days.

Sure enough, there was that much risk.

That’s why it was forbidden.

Well, that man, José, his case is quite severe. He is young now and still looks healthy, but from what I can tell, he is already experiencing side effects in his daily life. His cells are already worn out. The prosperity of his descendants will no longer be possible.

The remark struck me as a shock.

So, that José looked so bad, he’s pretty battered up already?

Why did he do that?

By any chance, did Jamdi’el do something to him? Is he being deceived?

If so…?

Then there’s the temper tantrums…

The effects of the potion make one easily lose their temper, such as sudden fits of rage in the middle of a conversation and destroying walls and the ground.

Then, like Fu, saying “Are you surprised that my magic is too weak?”, is it the thought process that makes him unable to recognize his own power?

No, tis simply his stupidity, regardless of the potion. In the first place, those who wield their power while unaware of how it will affect others and their surroundings, would be the same as a child swinging a knife around without knowing of the danger.

All right, let’s hit him without worrying about it. I thought so at that point.

I mean, it felt like I was making fun of Fu… well, that’s fine, but…

There was such an exchange, but I didn’t think he’d actually do it in public during a tournament, I guess he just lost his patience.

“Hah, hah… I….. I can’t, lose…”

The outcome of the match was already decided, but José stood up and stared at me if it didn’t matter.

And that thing in your hand was what you’re referring to.

“If you drink that, you’ll be stronger, but… isn’t it quite risky?”

“ts!? Y, you…”

The contents of the vial taken out by José. He seemed surprised that I knew about it.

“I see… you also, from The High Priestess… receive… Divine Elixir…”

“No you’re wrong, I don’t drink that!”


Yes, I’m not drinking that stuff. I was just told about it.

That such a thing existed.

Then, José smiled a little triumphantly at my remark.

“Is that so… you weren’t given the Divine Elixir? Or perhaps…… you were afraid of the side effects, weren’t you?”

“Hmm? Hmm~ … God~… Maybe god doesn’t approve of it, does he?”

“I won’t be fooled. You and I are different. After all, you couldn’t handle the risks, you’re half-hearted! You may seem a little strong, but don’t get carried away!”

Trying to be intimidating while you’re covered in puke just makes you look ridiculous.

However, I was relieved.

“I see… so you knew… the risks…… okay then.”

“…… What?”

“Drink it, if you want. I’m not responsible for your life, I won’t be involved in the path you’ve chosen. If you’re doing it knowing everything, go ahead. That’s on you.”

“Oh, so pretentious… I’ll show you… my true power!”

At that moment, José was so furious, he vigorously opened the lid of the potion.

[Hey, what’s going on!? So the match is over… Hey! Wh, what is this!? José suddenly got revitalized… moreover, is that small physique… getting bigger?]

Even though the host tried to stop him, it could no longer reach José’s ear.

And the host and the audience were taken aback by José’s Sudden Mutation.

“What’s wrong with you, José? What is it? That liquid?”

“Come to think of it, when José beat all the boys at school in their mock battles, he was drinking something, wasn’t he?”

“Risks? Life? What are you talking about?”

Apparently, the women who were lumped together as the José Girls had no idea either.

How the power this man has in his hands came to be.

“Hmm… how uncouth… I thought to consider him, just in case Machio proved ill-suited… he’s not even a viable option…”


“Nay, nothing. For the time being, this match is won by Earth Lagann. That one is beaten. As such, the unseemly battle from here on is in violation of the rules, so please Lady Kron, feel free to support Earth Lagann.”


Beside Kron at the guest seat, Jamdi’el was watching with cold eyes.

I couldn’t feel any warmth towards this guy in her eyes.

The power that he got may have come from Jamdi’el, but isn’t she interested in it anymore?

It’s really pitiful…

“Oouuuuhh! I just hadn’t gotten serious yet! Let me sho… Bueh!?”

For the time being, he was noisy, so I punched him in the eye socket with a left jab.

“Ge, y, uou …”

“Look, you self-intoxicated drunk. Let’s do this already.”

“Yes, fine! I’ll show you! My seriousness! The magic theory I’ve come up with! From here, this world is on my time!”

Finally, he came at me in a rage.

Gathering magical power in his palms, and at the same time he came towards me… I didn’t know what he would do, so I just hit a series of left jabs.

“Pu, Pyu, ku … this, no matter how many hits… no need to even avoid it… Pyu, gu, pabu, Shu!?”

José was getting serious, powering up and trying to attack me, but he couldn’t get close to me in the first place.

It was not the flicker, I just hit basic left jabs.

“Gue, u, uza, gu, upu, ba, gou!?”

And even the insensitive José must have noticed by now.

“Goo, nu, th, this is!?”

No need to avoid it? Wrong.

[Whoa, oh, ooooooh, this is amazing! Earth’s left, left, left! José seemed suddenly energized and unleashed his power, but he can’t get close at all! That face has begun to swell! José, he can’t react to the punches at all! I can’t even see them! I mean, the fight is already over!]

The host accurately described José’s current situation.

Yes, it seems that the potion has increased his physical abilities and concentration, but even with José’s current visual acuity, my lefts are inevitable.

“A, awawa, Jo, José… José…”

“N, no way, José’s face… it’s getting crushed more and more… hi, hiiiiii!?”

“H, how… that guy…… why, is he… so strong, that person!”

“No, I can’t watch this anymore!”

The José girls also turned pale.

The sword swinging woman, who was being taken away, also looked back and uttered no words.

“Hold on, why can’t that José kid avoid such a simple left punch? What’s the trick?”

“It’s true. He’s just punching him in the face…”

“Oh, it just looks like a repetition of the same punch…”

At that moment, someone in the audience said that.

Then, as if to answer the question, I could hear the voices of the other participants who were observing near the entrance gate.

“It’s exactly as the audience said, aye. A repetition of the same punch. That’s all it is, aye.”

“Yup. He’s hitting without any gimmicks. But it’s fast. I can’t read the motion. So it’s impossible to evade it visually.”

“That can’t be reached by just looking at yourself in the mirror, practicing your form by trial and error and repetition, can it?”

“True, he must have a very good instructor. Was there anyone at Conarmy headquarters who could do that? Perhaps Machio? Or was it the master herself?”

“No, it wasn’t me or the Master. He didn’t seem to be training under anyone’s guidance for the last three months. But I know Earth was working harder than anyone else. That left is the fruit of his tremendous training and effort.”

“How is that possible at such a young age?”

“Ku… there was no information about him. I need to get that information as soon as possible.”

“Hahahahaha, well~, in any case, that genius boy… getting back up to fight again is admirable, but… how miserable. He could’ve used a more underhanded approach, such a naive guy.”

“What do you mean! Teenagers are supposed to be fair and square.”

“That liquid, wasn’t there something fishy about it?”

“I mean, you can punch him right in the face all you want, can’t you? Why doesn’t the Earth kid hit with his right?”

“To put it that way, he’s been on the attack with only his left hand from the start.”

“He’s overwhelming just with the left… what a scary kid. Cute ass too.”

“Yeah, that’s some huge balls. What about the testicles?”

All the contestants seemed to be watching this fight side by side.

All right, watch a bit longer.

“Ku, guuuuu!!”

Finally, José, who couldn’t take it anymore, raised both hands to guard his face, I hit him with a left to the wide open body.

If you focus on the top, the bottom will be defenseless. Just like the theory.



At that moment, José spat out the liquid he had just drank.

“You certainly got a bit more durable. Thanks to that, I was able to confirm the feeling on my left.”

“ts!? U, wh, wha… ju?”

“If you don’t want to have your pride shattered, why don’t you call it quits?”

After vomiting for the second time today, I asked José, who was fluttering while holding his stomach down.

Why don’t you give up?

“Anyway, you just think you know about the risks of the potion, but you’re actually trying not to think about it, aren’t you?”


“Well, won’t say it’s cowardly. I know how you feel. That’s why…”

“Shut up! What do you know about me!”

Then it was then.

“Fu… Fufu…… so far…… I didn’t think I’d be so ridiculed. You know nothing about me. The life I’ve lived… my resolve!”


While wiping his mouth, José released his stance and slowly began to speak.

“Fine, I’ll tell you if you insist. My past. What happened to me? When I met the High Priestess and why I chose this path? My life that I haven’t told my friends about yet. After hearing this story, you won’t be able to say such cocky things anymore.”

And he really tried to talk about it like this…

“I don’t caaaaaaaaaare !!!!”


I punched him in the face with a left hook and blew him away.

In the next moment, José, who was blown to the edge of the arena, was faintly…

“Wh… at, the?”

He asked, but the answer was simple.

“Do that in the church. I hate people who keep dwelling on the past.”

『Yes, boomerang!』


At the last minute, Tre’ainar, who had been silent the whole time, gave a quick retort, but it seemed José was completely unconscious.

At that moment

[Truly, completely settled, a perfect victory! Earth Lagann! He advances to the second round with dignity!!]


My victory was shouted again, and a huge cheer went up congratulating me, and I raised my fist in response to the cheers.

Author’s Note

What’s wrong with posting two chapters a day!

Everyone was dissatisfied with the fact that the battle with José did not end in one chapter, so I decided to end it in one day… but I’m tired. Someone, please hit me with a spirit, a drill, or an impact.

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