Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 132

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Chapter 132 – In Seconds

“Dear me, I don’t like to stand out.”

“Then, I’ll end this in seconds.”

Our fight was the opening match of the tournament.

The venue was lively and full of support for both of us, except for a ‘section’.

[Now, these two are the youngest participants in this tournament, and both were recommended by the High Priestess. One is an unexpected variant genius who appeared in the Wizarding School, his fame gradually spreading. Never has the depth of his power been witnessed, leaving many of his peers behind in the dust! Young girls attracted to such a man are rushing in droves to cheer him on today!]

And with the words of the heated host… the dude somehow sighed, “Dear me!”.

In the meantime, the five bitches were screaming and making a lot of noise.

[On the other side, this man also suddenly emerged. While his origins are all shrouded in mystery, his figures greatly exceed that of the other dojo’s students! And now the sight of him running around town early in the morning is actually becoming one of the city’s specialties. Today, even the sisters of the church have all come out in support! I mean, you two are really popular with the ladies, you bastards!]

For the time being, I raised my hand and responded to the cheers.

“”””Waaaaaah! Go, Fight on!!!””””

[Hehehehe, let’s go!! Bear witness, as they go all in for victory!]

Amae and the others were excited, so I waved and responded with a smile.

“Nonsense. Ultimately, I guess that’s all there is to him.”


Somehow, the dude sighed at me again.

“What’s so fun about standing out like that? I can only see a child who is desperate for attention and wanting something to prove himself.”

“…………? Is that so bad?”

“Someone really strong wouldn’t chatter on so much. He accomplishes what he needs to in a quiet and unassuming manner.”


“And even though it’s a festival, this is a battle. Only those who are prepared to be hurt are allowed to fight. You don’t know anything about that, so you can talk so nonchalantly.”

Can I put in a retort because you’re the one who’s chattering right now?

But I heard something good. This guy was prepared to get hurt, no problem then.

[Ooooh, we have a war of words before the start of the match! Youth! Such is youth, you guys! But I love it! So go ahead, do whatever you want!!]

The host was about to announce the start of the match, but he rather encouraged him to say as much as he wanted.

Really, just “Good Grief”.

“Kuhahahaha, that’s right. But I’ll say it again and again! This tournament is a checkpoint for me! So winning is not a goal, but a challenge! Just one of the things I need to accomplish! So, I’ll win! That’s it! And prove it! Yes, I want to prove myself! As me! To stand out in the crowd, how about, to let the world know that this is Earth Lagann!!”

And the spectators, who were so excited, quietly listened to our bickering.

“Ambition, goals, and what we aim for are meaningful only if we achieve what we say we will. A quiet and unassuming manner? No, that’s like saying I’m ashamed of my loss or failure, or that I’m not confident I can do it!”

“Th… that’s――――”

“Shut me up then, you bastard!!”

At that moment, the dude assumed an irritated stance, and I also took a fighting pose.

[Whoa, that’s all there is to say! Yes, from here on out, only their strength will do the talking! So, let the first match of the first round, BEGIIIIIINNNNN!!!!]


Finally, the battle gong was rung.

Now it’s on.

In the Graduation Match, I wanted to gauge my development against Rebal, so I checked my footwork first.

Next, I checked the feeling on my left.

This time?

No worries, I’ve already checked.


“【Bit Fire!!】”

I’ve already confirmed that I’ve been dying to blow him away for three months now!!

“A sudden magic attack!?”

“Wha, what is that flame!?”

“Bitfire!? That’s Bitfire!?”


“Goooooo, José!”

“Feel regret as you are burned by Senior’s flames!”

The looming fire. It’s released to burn everything down as it attacked me.

“Everyone’s making a fuss about my magic… is my spell too weak?”

“””””Not at all, it means too strong————”””””

And the moment the flames were about to engulf me, he said something again, and I sighed and said…

“Ah! He’s so weak that I’m hesitant about knocking him down, pitiful!!”

“…… eh……?”

Everyone’s eyes rolled up at the words I shouted out.

And I shot a jab on the spot.

After all, it was just a mass of fire flying in a straight line.

“【Great Demon Screw Jab!】”

The mass of flames was extinguished when it collided with the wind pressure of my twisted “jab”.

“…… eh?”

“””””…………… Eeehh??”””””

Just like that.

For a moment, the eyes of the bastard and the audience, who would not have known what had happened, hardened as if stunned.

There were too many gaps.

“【Great Demon Goose Step】”

I just stepped in and instantly came right in front of my opponent.

“Yo, why are you just standing there?”

“Wha, eh, huh, wha!?”

“I’m right in front of you, see? Where’s the punch?”

“ts!? You…… take that!”

“Come on.”

When I approached before his eyes and asked, the surprised guy threw a straight right without any feints or build up, so I dodged it by ducking.

And then, aiming for the moment when the dude’s right fist stuck out and his body was fully stretched for a few seconds…

“You told me this was all there was to the guy, didn’t you? Anyway…… here’s what I’ve got!!”

I stepped into his pocket, clenched my left fist, and he was defenseless, somehow… no, I hit at José’s body.

In that blow, I put in the feelings of “those” who sweated together and drank the same water.

“Great Demon Solar Plexus Blow!!”


I thrust my fist into his midsection. Angle, timing, power, speed, all good.

I pierced it in deeply.

José, whose body was completely stretched, could not fend off the impact and ate it all.

The dude’s spine got bent out of shape.

What fragile abs.

“Kah … huh!? Ka… ah …”

And the next moment, José stopped as if time had frozen in a mid-back position.

Even the audience fell silent in this situation.

[Wh, wh, wh, wha, what! He got in! Just a few seconds after the start! José’s flame is drowned out only by the wind pressure of a high-speed left, then the body attack by diving into the bosom at once! This is!?]

And José who had stopped……

“Jo, José!? Wha… eh? Wh, what are you doing… eh?”

“Uh, uh … right? A performance!? That attack isn’t working at all! That’s right!?”

“Th, that’s right, José only let him have one free hit… right?”

“Of course! I mean, look at him, José!”

“Yes, Senior won’t be shaken! Even that one gut punch didn’t make him twitch… at all…… eh!?”

Even though the five bitches made a fuss, José wasn’t moving at all for a few seconds.

The next moment, José’s whole body began to tremble as if convulsed…

“Ha, ka, ha, u, upuh, uuuh, ubuh!?”

His cheeks swelled up as if something instantly overflowed in his mouth, and the next moment he broke down and…

“Upuh… O, obeeeeeeeeeeeeehhh, bleeeeeeeehhh!!!!”

The entirety of what appeared to be the breakfast he had this morning came out in a sloppy mess from José’s mouth.

“Hi!? Jo, José!?”

“N, n… Nooooooooooo!?”

And José, who had thrown up everything from the mouth, collapsed to his knees, as fell down onto the mass of “stuff” that he had just puked out, covering his entire body with the foul odor, as he writhed in pain while clutching his midsection.

“U, ah, ha, uo, ah, u, upuh, u, pu, wha, upu… wh…… w… at?”

He couldn’t even scream because of the pain.

A smiting blow to the pit of his stomach, so he couldn’t speak properly because he had difficulty breathing.

However, the only things that came out were vomit and tears that were spilling for some reason.

“Jo, José… no way…… it can’t be!? Why? What’s going on?!”

“Ha, haha … is this a dream … what the hell?”

“Th, that’s right, something’s wrong! No, this is also Senior’s strategy!? No, that guy used some underhanded trick! Of course he did!”

Some are confused and crying, while others are stunned.

Finally, they came to look like ordinary women.

[Su, such an instant kill!! Overwhelming victory!! Supernova Earth has shattered the genius into pieces! The genius rolls around covered in vomit and still can’t get up! The fight cannot go on! For sure, it’s over! This match goes to Earth Lagann!]


And the host declared the match.

At that moment, the audience, which had been silent except for the screams of the women, instantly erupted in cheers.

“Am, amazing… Earth! In one shot!”

“This is intense… if I got that, I’d definitely throw up.”

“Aw, awesome… big bro!? …… so… awesome!”

“It’s a splendid blow. And Amae. If you want to call ‘that’ out, why don’t you do it?”

“Unbelievable! It’s incredible! With just a blow to José!?”

“Ha, haha … certainly, to knock down José, such ridiculous strength. Ah man!”

“Uh huh… this goes beyond ‘serves you right’… already, I feel pity for him, you know?”

“I have to be careful when sparring with Earth, so that I don’t get hit on the stomach.”

Yes. I got support from the cheering party, and even though it was only one shot, I really humiliated the dude.

“Ara~, is he all right? Even so, Earth is strong as I thought.”

“Truly thou is correct. Fufufufu… even if… that was pathetic…”

“Yes? Jamdi’el?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

The Goddess and Jamdi’el seemed to be in a good mood, and this was enough…

“N, not yet! Th, there is something wrong here… Senior cannot lose?”


“Yes, there’s been foul play! You coward! How dare, how dare you!”

And then. The slashing woman jumped out of the audience into the arena.

“Ah? She’s still as annoying as ever… even the princess looks better.”

“I will not allow this! I’m going to cut such bullshit down!!”

She drew her sword and slashed at me.

It was so sudden that the audience and the host were slow to react.

I understood it normally, though.


“Be the rust on my sword―――――”

“Shatter into pieces.”


“【Great Demon Smash】!!”

“Huh!? Eh…”

She jumped at me and tried to swing down to my head, and I clenched my left fist and released a short upper … that is, a smash.

“Ah, eh? Wha, how… eh?”

After all, it was just a sword wielded by a woman’s slender arm. Light. Weak. And slow.

“Hmm… unfortunately, this is reality. If you can’t accept this reality, then go somewhere inconspicuous, out of everyone’s sight, and flirt with each other until you die.”

I broke the woman’s sword in half from the blade.

[Hold it! What are you doing, you? Jumping out of the audience and slashing at a participant… what the hell are you thinking?]

“Sword… my sword… m, my… that kind of…… what the hell… th, this guy… h, he’s… really…… he’s so strong… ho…. how…”

[What an event from the first match! Hey, somebody take this girl away! And get José to the first aid room! Is Earth okay?]

“Osu. I’m fine.”

[Oh, good. That’s good. No, I’m sorry. I was caught off guard. We will also make sure this doesn’t happen again, and she’ll be punished severely. For now, let’s move to the second match――――.]

The slashing bitch, whose sword was broken by me, trembled in shock.

Sighing, the host called for the organizers, instructed them to take the woman and pukedude away, and apologized to me.

There was a bit of a hiccup, but they regrouped and could go straight to the second match.


“Hi, n, ot… not yet…… yu, I’m not done, I’m just… uh… still not done yet… the match is not over… yet.”

Puke covered dude exposed his sorry figure.

Like a newborn horse, he was trying to stand up while holding his legs down.

[See here, José. That is it for the match, Earth wins. It’s your loss.]

“No!? I refuse! Not yet, I, Heu, not lost, yet… th, th, this guy did something dirty. Th, th… I won’t be fooled, hyu, i, it’s suspicious! A trap! Such foul play… geho…”

José was hobbling around, but instead of trying to do something, he was acting poorly and shouting at the host, who tried to stop him, saying that the match was over.

But then…

“No, u, so far, tte.. Ima big deal, I always won easily, without striving! I can’t lose… thats, it… with, this…… eh…… more, of this, if only…… I drank…… o, earlier…”

José took a vial of liquid from the inner pocket of his clothes.

And as a result, the match was over, but the fight was still on.

Therefore, the start of the second match would be slightly delayed.

Yes, just slightly.

Author’s Note

Well, I was relieved yesterday. The Japan National Rugby Team did it.

As a former Rugby player, I was still burning.

I’m glad I managed to bring the Part 4 tournament at the same time as the World Cup.

I want you to get excited together with me.

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    1. As far as we’ve seen, jose drug was given drugs by Jamdi’el to be a better vessel, but he’s a failed experiment, hence tripping over nothing, hearing problems, short temper and so on. Guy’s pitiful at this stage. And he’s almost done.

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