Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 131

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Chapter 131 – Introductions

In addition to the representatives of each dojo, a total of 16 people will compete for victory, including external contestants who participate on the recommendation of Jamdi’el and others.

A lottery will be drawn to decide the matchups of the tournament.

However, unlike the time of the previous game, the lottery is not drawn in front of a large crowd, but it seems that the lottery is first drawn in a place like a waiting room and then announced to the gathering spectators afterwards.

“Right, Machio Proteen. No.16. It will be the eighth match in the first round.”

As the contestants continued to draw lots and their names were being recorded on the blank tournament table, I remembered the time of the previous match.

At that time, in order to fight Rival, I flipped the lottery over and picked a number, and I pulled the number 1.

But this time…

“Next Earth Lagan”

“Osu. Hmm… Whoa… number one.”

“Got it, Earth Lagann, No.1. You will be facing José Drag in the first round, match one.”

“…… haha.”

This time I drew it myself. The same number.

And the opponent was that dude.

『Were you aiming for that?』

“If possible… I hoped.”

『Fufufufu, you drew it yourself. Well, tis both luck and skill.』

Tre’ainar was also grinning. He seemed to be in a good mood.


And the moment he realized he was going to face me in the first round, my opponent had a clearly unpleasant look on his face.


But I’m happy with this.

Because if he faced Mr. Machio in the first round, I wouldn’t be able to hit him with my own hands.

I don’t want to let my guard down.

But I have a general idea of what he’s capable of.

That’s why I don’t want to bully the weak.

It’s just that I won’t feel better if I don’t give him a single shot.

“Well, then the table is decided! These are the matchups.”

Then, all the participants finished drawing the lottery, and the completed match table was posted on the wall.

“Arcane True Zenith Style Fighting Tournament / Matchup Table”

●Match 1

Earth Lagann (External)

José Drag (External)

●Match 2

Jawara Theoi

Gran Chario Nanhoshi (External)

●Match 3

Krouby Seiken

Juju Brasilia

●Match 4

Wacha Huacha

Khaldash Zuvary

●Match 5

Denchok Jahr

Shota’o Honeycomb

●Match 6

Samyng Penalté

Seissé Doude

●Match 7

Lyron Data

Vigg Mhara

●Match 8

Kab Cavady (External)

Machio Proteen

I guess I’ll be facing Mr. Machio in the finals.

In a way, it’s an ideal combination. I’m not sure about the others.

“Now, in the order of this matchup, the host will call everyone out for introductions, so we will ask all of them to appear in the arena once. After that, the first two fighters of the opening round will remain in the arena and have their match.”



“Just so you know, the rules are anything but killing and grievous injury to the opponent! That’s all for the explanation! Good luck!”

It was a fairly simple explanation of the rules. I felt like there were a few in the previous match, but anyway, this one seemed more a pure struggle.

“Fufu, you and I ended up on completely opposite mountains.”

“Yeah. See you in the finals, as promised!”

“…… Hou…”

When the tournament officials finished the explanation, Mr. Machio came over and spoke to me.

Indeed, we’re on exact opposites. But I was fine with that.

And finally……

[Well, ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for joining us and welcome to the Arcane True Zenith Style Fighting Tournament!!]

At last, the host of the event started things off outside.

[And now, I would like to launch this competition between 16 men who will determine the pinnacle of martial arts in this country! Please watch to the end!]


It’s quite exciting. It’s not as big as the Imperial Capital, but the passion isn’t lost.

It felt like the ground was shaking a little bit.

[Now, I will introduce the men who will compete in order of the matchups! Men among men, come on down!!]


[Well, let’s start with this guy!!]

The flaring enthusiasm hit my skin. There’s no way you won’t get fired up with this.

With a waning expression, the dude, who’s about to be sent flying by me, had a look that seemed to say “Dear Me” on his face. To start with, aren’t you a man??

“Whoa, there’s Earth! Fight on!”

“Big brother, let’s go! Show us the results of that ‘Special Training’ with me!”

“Go for it, go for it, go!”

“Best of luck …”

“Go, Earth!”

“Ora, for the win!”

“Hang in there!”

“Fight, Earth!”

And the moment I stepped into the arena, there was a huge roar of excitement from a part of the audience.

Seemed everyone came to see and cheer for me.


“Ahaha, this is a bit awkward, isn’t it?”

“No, it’s fine, Big Sister. The High Priestess also said that this is the proper attire for cheering, right?”

“Fight on! Fight on!”

“I, I’m a little embarrassed, but…”

That’s?! Similar to the outfit that Sadiz wore when she was cheering for me at the Commemorative Match!?

Waving ball-shaped tassel-like tools or “pompons” in each hand, the sisters, plus Sadiz, were in blue sleeveless tops and short skirts.

Oh, even Amae.

“Fufufu, it’s Earth.”

“Lady Kron, do not you wave your hand, okay?”

“I know~ Not just Earth, but today we watch everyone with an impartial eye!”


At the top of the audience seats, Kron sat in a big throne-like chair with Jamdi’el by her side.

For a moment, she seemed about to wave her hand at me with a smile, but perhaps she was cautioned by Jamdi’el, she immediately withdrew her hand.

[Will the sudden appearance of this comet be a bad omen or hope for the future? All the numbers he produced at the dojo are top class in the rankings! An unknown powerhouse who even sparred with that strongest Machio! Now is the time to show us what you’re really made of! The ‘Supernova’, Earth Lagann!]

And with a loud cheer, my… Introduction or whatever!? Who would have thought!?

However, the audience seemed very excited anyway, so I stepped out.

And all the people of the packed venue, who saw me, cheered with joy.

It felt good.

But such introductions, are you going to do it for all of us?

[The rumored genius is finally unveiled. The story of this man, who has broken every record in the Wizarding School and created new magic that even teachers don’t know, has only just begun! Burn the new legend into your eyes! ‘The Great Sage of Heaven’, José Drag!]

[The era where the Strong stand at the pinnacle of power is over! To the powerless, he brings a call to arms! To overthrow the power, ‘Soldier of Devastation’ Jawara Theoi!]

[A man who was once a national hero! The old regime was defeated and the revolution complete. But he is not yet defeated! He may have lost his Lord, he hasn’t lost his fangs! ‘The Exiled Rebel Swordsman’, Gran Chario Nanhoshi,!]

[The fist in your hand is power, skill, and path! A man who continued to pursue only one technique without turning a blind eye to the various genres of the Arcane True Zenith! That fist will finally be unleashed! The ‘Fist of Destruction’, Krouby Seiken!]

[If you’re the best at everything, then why even try? There’s no point in having a tournament. He boldly proclaimed! Whether throws, grapples, punches or kicks, he is the devil’s strongest! ‘The Jack of All Fighting Trades’, Juju Brasilia!]

[Let’s teach you the weight of history! The oldest man of Arcane True Zenith dojo steps forward! He mastered his skills 10 years ago! Usually, an ally to housewives with his guidance on the Magical Tai Chi healing methods. But today, he’s your adversary! The ‘Veteran Warrior’, Wacha Huacha!]

[Skill? Muscle? All you need is a gargantuan body! And the size of the body is natural talent! Skinny warriors who were not chosen by God, he’ll show you reality now! The ‘Super Heavy Freak’, Khaldash Zuvary!]

[Whoaaaaah, this man is allowed to participate? When did he get out?? The disgrace of the Arcane True Zenith dojo that was locked up in prison for a certain crime! However, his skill is the real deal! What’s on your mind, High Priestess? The ‘Cavern Seeker’, Danchok Jahr!]

[The moment this man joined the branch that was on the verge of collapse because there were too few students, a flood of beginners also applied! What’s interesting is that most of the students are women! Every day that a teacher is loved by his students, he’s working properly! I envy you, you son of a bitch! ‘The Little Giant’ Shota’o Honeycomb.]

[He desires victory more than anyone! Due to that obsession, no one wants to spar with this man. But he doesn’t mind. He doesn’t need a sparring partner. All he needs is victory! ‘The Victory Glutton’, Samyng Penalté!]

[People have rules to live by. Protecting those rules is justice. He continues to preach the importance of justice to children who have never known civil war, and today the man stands to prove the power of justice! The ‘Champion of Justice’, Seissé Doude!]

[From now on, using your brain is the power of the new age. And he already knows. That he’s going to win. That’s not a speculation, it’s a prophecy. Now, let’s see if it’ll come true! The ‘Absolute Prophet’, Lyron Data!]

[This man is hell-bent on defeating Machio! Since he once encountered Machio in the bathroom, the man has been in the mountains for a long time, and now he’s come home to find the time is right! The man says! ‘Machio, I’ll show you the greatest man’! The ‘Symbolic Mountain’, Vigg Mhara!]

[He finally appeared! Not a member of the old regime, not a revolutionary, not a disciple of the Arcane True Zenith Style, but a man who single-handedly developed an original martial art! Until now, no one had seen the man. But today no one can take their eyes off him! Let us witness a new Martial Art that no one has ever seen before! The ‘New Martial Arts Founder’, Kab Cavady!]

[And now, at last, this man! Overflowing with chivalrous spirit, power, and indomitable will! The number one man other men want to embrace. He is so popular even children’s dream rankings say that they want to be like Mr. Machio. He is truly a man among men! The “Superhuman” Machio Proteen!]

Somehow, he just kept that tension going until the end. Wow, that host is amazing.

[And there you have it! These 16 men will battle for the title of strongest! And you all. will burn that sight into your memoriiiiiiiiiieeeesss!!!!]


[And now for the opening match! Both are external contestants! However, their talents are at the top of the next generation! It is ‘Supernova Earth’ vs. ‘The Great Sage of Heaven, José’!!]

Well, anyway. It’s high time.

“Kyaah, isn’t it José all of a sudden?”

“And I didn’t expect that person in the first round.”

“Easy victory then!”

“José, you’re the winner!”

“Senior! Please remind the frog in the well who feels proud of uniting all those dropouts!”

The other side, too, has a way of disgusting me to the very end.

Soon, I can barely wait for the gong.

Author’s Note

Introducing all the contestants, something that could not be done in the previous match. I wanted to try it once.

And thank you for your new spirits, drills and impacts!

It is twisted and it burns to the best at any time!

Moreover, I will take three consecutive holidays tomorrow!

And speaking of burning, everyone. Do you know what day it is today?

Yes, it’s the opening round of the Rugby World Cup.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s read my novels early and support the Japanese national team today!

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