Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 134

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Chapter 134 – Difference

No damage, no stamina loss, no problems in particular, just my victory.

That said, it’s only the first round. Don’t let your guard down from here.

The men at the entrance gate of the contestants leading to the arena applauded me as I looked across at the unconscious José and the stunned swordswoman being taken away by the organizers.

“Brilliant, Earth.”

“Mr. Machio.”

“You showed me a super first-class fist.”

The first person to praise me was Mr. Machio.

Nodding to his words, the other contestants gave me a refreshing, congratulatory applause, despite being my opponents.

But some of them were…

“It was impressive, but… I’m not as immature as the guy you just faced, right? I’m not like the inexperienced little girl whose sword got broken in half. Think of it this way, the second round is where the real battle begins.”


And there was a man that was a bit provoking.

He was the only one in the group with a sword at his waist, about late twenties to early thirties in age and somewhat dressed like an adventurer?

“Who are you?”

“Gran Chario, I’ll be facing you in the second round.”

Somehow, that’s a really cool name … but …

“Second round… you haven’t fought yet.”

“Hmm, that too is true. Then, let’s stand on the same stage as soon as possible. In the next match.”

“Well, in that case, I’ll just watch from afar.”

“Hahahaha, nice one, you. You’re quite cheeky, but I don’t mind.”

Saying so with confidence, he flipped his cloak and spat out unnerving words.

I mean, wouldn’t a cloak be an obstacle in a tournament like this?

“Well~, let’s put that aside, how about it, aye? Next time, why don’t you come to our dojo for practice, aye?”

“How destructive is your fist when you really thrust it out?”

“I like you. Would you like to train at our dojo in the future?”

“You’re certainly strong, but you should add more meat on those bones! Next time, come and eat our dojo’s famous hot pot dish!”

“May I touch your ass?”

“Why don’t we see which of us is bigger?” 1 

I was suddenly surrounded by the people from the other dojos as well.

Even when I look at Machio, he’s just smiling gently.

However, I was kind of embarrassed, smelled sweaty, and there were some people who I didn’t want to get involved with, so I slipped out of the circle.

“Well, later then. I’m going to join the audience!”

If you’re in a place like this, you’d still like to be surrounded by gorgeous sisters.

I just said my greetings and ran from the spot.

On the way…

“…… Ah…”


I came across those women, who seemed to be on their way to José who had been carried away.

And the moment they met me, the four of them…

“Ah, aah… hi, sa, save… me…”

All four began to tremble in fear.

No, what do you think I’m going to do?

“Jeez… just go.”

“… Eh? Ah … Eh?”

“Utterly, you’ve been looking down on a lot of people and running your mouths. From now on, you must live with a little more humility.”

“Uh … u …”

“Go on, git!”

“Y, yes!”

They certainly pissed me off. No, really from the bottom of my heart.

But I’m not going to beat them up to relieve my sorrows.

『Hmm, tis very kind of you. Were you not enraged at their laughter and taunts?』

Tre’ainar said so, as I looked back at the women walking away.

“Absolute wastes. I don’t want to deal with that anymore. They’re pathetic enough… that José, too…”

I’ve already settled things with José.

So, if they no longer want to get involved with me, that’s fine.

However, I didn’t know at the time, it would be a little while before those women would really suffer the consequences of their actions, but…. that didn’t matter to me.


『Oi, child. There is one matter that bothers me still.』

“Oh, what is it?”

『You said to José, ‘I know how you feel’, in the last battle, but…』

“Hmm? Oh. I meant what I said.”

When José was angry, he said, “What do you know about me?” but he meant it.

“I thought about it. If I hadn’t met you…”


What if I hadn’t met Tre’ainar?

I would still be rotting away in the Imperial Capital.

I would have been coasting through the academy, feeling inferior to the princess, Rebal and Fu, and being crushed under my father’s and mother’s greatness.

“And I wondered what I would have done if I had met Jamdi’el first and was offered that potion.”

That potion came with risks. However, just drinking would still make me stronger than I am now.

You can get power without sweating, fatigue, or putting in the time and strenuous effort.

What would I have done if I had been offered such a thing back then?

“Tre’ainar. If I’m honest, there may certainly be a risk to the potion. But, if it was possible to get out of my current situation with it… and the feeling of wanting to take it… I can understand that.”

『What was that?』

“If I hadn’t met you. If I hadn’t been able to experience the joy of training and feeling myself get stronger day by day. If I didn’t know the fun of being taught more and more new things. If it had been me back in the days when I was stuck in the Imperial City… so, if I could get stronger than the princess and surpass my father, mother, and get Sadiz to recognize me… I think I would also have dabbled in that potion.”

It’s only a possibility, and I don’t think I want something like that.

But if I made one wrong move, I might have ended up like José, too.

When I think so…

“That’s why I don’t know. I don’t want to help him, and I don’t care what’s going to happen to him. But I guess I understand. I think that’s why I said that earlier.”

It was just cheesy sympathy.

So, I don’t really care what will happen to José who got beaten up and humiliated by this.

But when I thought about what might have happened… for me…. that I met Tre’ainar first…. from the bottom of my heart, I was really glad that he was my teacher.

『Hmm? …… Huh?!! …… Nu …… Oh ……』

Hmm? Tre’ainar? He looked really upset… eh?!!


『N, no, no, no, th, no, that, uh huh, uh huh, ah~, that, wha!』

“No, no, no, not at all, yeah, I did it, yes, oooooh, yes, 1st win, the first round is my victory!”

『O, ooh, t, tis so. Uh huh, you won! Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh!』

“Y, yeeeah!”

 『Uh huh! But stay alert. Be sure to watch the other matches and prepare for the next one.』

“Osu! I understand!”

『Uh huh, that will do! I wish you luck!』

With that said, the two of us saluted each other.

That’s right. To Tre’ainar, everything I’m saying in my mind was open to him…. Yeah.

However, the fact that we wouldn’t touch each other… was an unspoken agreement…


However, we forced the end of the matter there, but Tre’ainar still wanted to say something, and after a little groan, he sighed…

『Ah… child. I do not believe so.』


『I believe you are different from him. Even if you had not met me first.』

For a moment, I didn’t know what he was talking about, but soon I realized.

It’s about what I said, “I might have done the same thing as José “.

『Indeed, you were twisted. The greatness of your parents and the talents of your childhood friends were wearing away at you. However, you were still training every day in your daily routine. Studying, swinging, with diligence.』

“Well, Sadiz forced me and …”

『You might have been made to do it, but you were still doing it. You were spending your days on self-improvement. Unlike him, unlike a pig who had acquired a little power, and was already satisfied and lived a lazy life without sweating every day… unlike those who had lost the will to fight due to the difference in power, and sat languid in the back of the school building. So, you are different. I reckon so.』

After all, it’s a hypothetical scenario.

It’s a story that can’t be confirmed no matter how much you think about it, and it’s pointless to argue no matter which opinion, mine or Tre’ainar’s, is right.

But I was happy and proud.

“Well, I don’t know… no, I think I would have used it, yeah.”

But I couldn’t be honest about it either, so I turned back, smiling wryly.

『No? You reckon I could be wrong? 』

“No, but I know the most about myself.”

『You dare! I have been observing you objectively, so I know you better than you know yourself!』

“No, I would use it. Oh, I would have!”

『No, you would not use it!』

“I would use it!”

『You would not have!』

“I would use it!”

『You would not have!』

“I would use it!”

『You would not have!』

Somehow, the two of us were arguing loudly, trying to cover our embarrassment from each other.

And then……

“What … what are you doing? By yourself.”


When I turned around at the call, Elder Sis Tsukshi, Sadiz, and the Mortriage crew stood there.

“Eh, ah, it’s not…”

“Not~, we came to congratulate you on your victory, but what’s all the fuss you’re making by yourself?”

“Eh?! Oh, no, I mean, yes, I’m just happy to have won, yes!”

“Yes? It does feel that way…”

“Haha, no, don’t worry about it.”

Apparently, everyone who supported me came down to celebrate my victory.

But I didn’t notice, so I hurriedly covered it up.

For me, it’s a quarrel, but from everyone’s point of view, it only looked like a dangerous guy making a scene all by himself.

[Now, for the second match of the first round! Here he comes, the face of an old man, but his physique is the shortest in this tournament! However, capable of tossing big men around, ‘Soldier of Devastation, Jawara’! Facing him, can this fallen star regain its light and rise again? ‘The Exiled Rebel Swordsman, Gran Chario’! This is a battle neither can afford to lose! Now, let’s begiiiiiiiiiiin!!]

At that time, the host’s rowdy voice was heard.

“Oh, looks like the second match has started. Look, we’ll be up there watching―――――”

I hurriedly tried to cover up what just happened and change the topic … but……

[One hit! …… no freaking way, ahem, that’s the match!!]


“Eh, already!? Huh?!”

It seemed that it was decided way too soon… I mean, I didn’t even get to see my next opponent’s match at all.

Author’s Note

Somehow, I managed to make it this morning! Thanks to your drills and impact. Thank you very much.

After all, drills and impact may be the best legal doping??

For the time being, there are various things that cannot be recovered in the José-related area yet, but I’m sure noone is interested in them, and I’d like to settle for the time being, and from the next time onward, I’d like to include a few other matches. Within the range of all ages. The existence of the author is sufficient for the case.

 [S1]Okay!! I’ve avoided enough Yaoi to know where this is going….

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