Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 122

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Chapter 122 – Warm and Fluffy

After I had gone through the whole training session at sea, it was quite late.

In fact, I could have pushed myself further by the sea as it was, but it was about time the classes were over for the Wizarding School.

Maybe Mortriage’s crew will arrive soon.

So, I thought we should go back immediately, and as Kron and I were walking toward the dojo on the way home, we heard a voice echo through the town.

“Ah! My Goddess!”

Along with the sound of someone shouting, glances gathered all at once.

“It’s true! It’s the Goddess!”

“What a lovely day this is! I never thought I’d see the Goddess outside other than the day of the congregation!”

“T, trully, how… How beautiful!”

That’s right, she’s a goddess.

On the way back to the church from the beach, I felt that as I passed through the town.

“Good day to you everyone!”

In the busy Central Street, which was crowded, people split to the left and right in an instant, and everyone knelt, bowed, and their eyes were shining.

Are you really that grateful?

However, the people were delighted when Kron simply smiled and waved.

“See, Earth should also smile and wave to everyone.”

“Who should do that?”

I mean, I might attract some weird attention, so let’s just walk away…


“Hmm? Goho!?”

That’s when it happened.

From across the open street, a little girl rushed over and dove towards my belly.

“Huh, Amae?”


Amae suddenly jumped in without greetings. She looked somewhat upset, and her cheeks were puffed.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

“… you left on your own…”

“Ha? No, that’s not…”

“Only the Goddess with you… were you playing together?”

“No, just some training. What? Did you want to play?”


Oh, is that it?

She’s so cute, getting jealous of a goddess that everyone worships.

“Some other time, later. I have to train at the dojo again, so I’ll see you after that.”


Amae was staring at me like, “Really~?” or “You promise?”

Somehow, I’m not sure how I feel about this, but I’m relieved that she’s so fond of me.

Sadiz was like an older sister to me, so is this how it feels to have a younger sister?

“Ara ara, Amae, how do you do?”

“Ah… Goddess…… Good day to you.”

Oh, even children know what to say here?

Amae let go of my waist, as she clung to me, corrected her posture, and bowed her head.

But Amae quickly turned around and grabbed my hand and pulled.


“Woah okay! Don’t pull.”

Well, she gave the least amount of greeting, but maybe she’s jealous of me being taken. I came to be pleased with myself.

And then……

“Ufufufu, Amae is good friends with Earth~. Then I shall join hands too!”


With that said, Kron reached out.

No way, do you mean to hold hands with me in such a public way?

That’s bad…

“Yes, Amae. Let’s hold hands.”

Ah, it’s not my hand that will connect, but Amae’s other hand.


Suddenly, Kron held her hand, so Amae seemed quite surprised.


“Yes, we’re swinging to and fro!”

“Ah… oh… Oh!”

Kron smiled and swung the hand connected to Amae back and forth like a cradle.

Amae was confused at first, but she began to swing herself to see if it was fun.

“Un, let’s do it together!”

“Ha? Me, too?”

“Un! Swinging~!”

Amae, who was pleased, swung my hand, which was holding hers, as well. Three of us walked while holding hands, with her sandwiched between me and Kron.

What is this?

I mean, won’t someone say something about me doing this with the goddess the people worship?

“Wait, what? They’re being rude to the Goddess.”

“They can’t be that familiar with our Goddess…”

“That kid too!?”

You see.


“That man was fighting Machio yesterday…”

“She’s Amae from the church, isn’t she? Was she such a laughing child?”

“Yes… I think so.”

“Yeah, just looking at that is somewhat…”

Huh? At first, their eyes accused me of being a “rude guy”, but that disappeared in an instant, and on the contrary, more and more people started to look at us with warmth, or rather, a kind of ……

“””””Warm and fluffy~”””””

It’s warm!?

I mean, if we were walking around like this, we’d look like a group of close siblings…

『Wrong, rather it transcends that… as close as…. family?』

Whoa whoa, Tre’ainar. You can’t say that.

I’m still 15.

Generally, it’s as if me and Kron are a married couple and Amae is like our daughter.

Ignoring Tre’ainar’s silly jokes, the three of us made our way through the cozy town and headed for the dojo.

“Yes, Earth! Let’s give Amae a swing.”

“Ha? Swing?”

“Yes, the two of us will lift Amae up like this.”

“Ah, ah… like this?”

“Yes! And do this, swish swush!”

From both sides, Kron and I pulled Amae’s arms and lifted her.

Amae’s legs were floating in the air. With her legs flapping, she laughed excitedly at us.


Amae was shouting the loudest she’s ever shouted.

“Ufufufufu, is it fun? Amae?”

“Hey, are you in a good mood?”

“Kyahooo! More, do more!”

We walked while doing such a thing…

“”””Uh huh, just get married.””””

Somehow, the people around us were talking and whispering about something, but it was a little embarrassing and uncomfortable.

But after enduring the stares, we finally arrived at the dojo, and what was waiting for us was…

“Everyone, do your best… ka… ara?”


“What in the?”

We showed up at the dojo, but there was no one on the first floor.

Dumbbells, barbells, skipping ropes and other things, which some people seem to have been training with just a while ago, were scattered on the floor, but no one was there.

But soon from upstairs…


The whole building trembled with resounding voices.

“Is everyone up there?”

“Looks like it.”

Everyone was upstairs. But what’s going on if they’re all up there?

So we went up the stairs…

“Amazing, that Miss.”

“Yeah! Well, Tsukshi can’t land a solid hit at all!”

“Tsukshi is the third strongest person in the dojo after Mr. Machio and Bro!”

“What’s more, she and Karui are working together! Karui’s non-stop unperceivable movements… is she seeing through it!?”

Not upstairs. It’s the ring on the third floor.

Someone must be sparing today, just as me and Machio sparred yesterday.

And the resounding cheers.

When we arrived on the third floor, the ring was surrounded by a lot of people, and on top of that, the ones who were fighting…

“This… ah… Mortriage… those guys too…!?!”

On top of the ring, “seven men and women” were fighting… it seemed.

Mortriage, Oratsuki, Mobner and Budeo, were kneeling, fainted or collapsed on the ring.


“Hah, hah… Arcane True Zenith, Full Thrust! Seiya!”

“I’m going all out, too! Magical Sprint!”

Elder Sis Tsukshi and Karui were attacking a woman with two-on-one.

The two of them are standing upright with nonchalant faces…

“Then, I will capture you.”


She passed between them in an instant while maintaining her straight posture.

Then, at the next moment, Elder Sis Tsukshi and Karui had their hands and feet tied with a skipping rope.

“Wow!? H, how!?”

“Ge, ge!? Amazing! When did you tie them up!?”

The two tied up people fell rolled around on the ring as they were.

I wonder what it was… it felt nostalgic to me…

“I didn’t even think about it, my body just moved naturally……. I could do this too…” 1[S1] 

Sadiz nodded expressionlessly, without one heavy breath, without a single bead of sweat.

Maybe she borrowed Elder Sis Tsukshi’s clothes, or rather, I saw Sadiz in half-sleeves and shorts for the first time.

Her bare legs, thighs and crisp buttocks!?

Huh, no, no! What’s this stimulation……

“Amazing! Six-on-one with no hands or feet!”

“Ms. Sadiz, was it? So cool!”

“I’d love to be like her…”

“Beautiful, cool, and strong…”

“From what I’ve heard, her housework in general is perfect and she’s a great cook!”

“Yo, marry me!”

“By all means… By all means, be my bride!”

“Hey, don’t try to get ahead of me! It’s me!”

The guys at the dojo were just as excited as I was.

Everyone, regardless of male or female, was shouting their admiration for Sadiz.

“Amazing… to think there was such a woman…”

“What a …… hottie.”

“Somehow, I’m thrilled.”

“Mwah! I want to be looked down on with those eyes and stepped on some more!”

Mortriage and the guys rolling in the ring also got up, with bitter smiles, blushes on their cheeks, saying kinky things…

“Amazing! Yes, Ms. Sadiz! To think I’ve been completely beaten! Can I call Big Sister Sadiz from now on?”

“Inya~, amazing~! I mean, why are you so strong!?”

Elder Sis Tsukshi and Karui, who lost, had glimmering eyes.

Sadiz grabbed the hearts of many people in an instant while I was not around.

“Ufufufu, she’s amazing, Sadiz……. Hmm? Earth?”

“What’s wrong?”

Watching the scene, I couldn’t help having complicated feelings.

“It’s nothing.”

I was supposed to feel so warm and fluffy, but what was this feeling?

I decided to leave the third floor, where the excitement was still stirring, and continue my training, trying to dissipate something I didn’t understand.

Author’s Note

I am much obliged to you. I had over 4,000,000 unique accesses. It hasn’t been six months since I started, but aside from the pros and cons, I feel that it was read by a surprisingly large number of people. Thank you for the nakedness from the bottom of my heart.

 [S1]Just like Jason Bourne!!!

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    1. In the previous chapter or before that, Sadiz was cleaning Earth’s room and did the same things she used to do while she stayed as a maid, now that she could also fight how she used to, Earth just can’t bear to see her slowly regaining her actions and stuff coz he already left her

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  1. Sólo puedo decir a sido un lindo momento con Kron, pero ahira se puso celoso y triste por la popularidad de Sadiz y no poder estar ay con ella.
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  2. damn. i really hope earth can move on from sadiz. if he stays fixated on her he’ll never be able to grow past his lil’ master image.

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  3. I really want earth to leave his past behind and not fix things up with them. Their the people who made his life feel meaningless and no one ever acknowledged him for being himself. I want him to leave them all behind and come back op after a couple years to save them from a dragon or some villain shit. I hope sadith also doesn’t get her memorys back until she splits up with mc and is back with mcs parents

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    1. Thanks for dropping the chapter Sads 🙂 i really hate reading but i genuinely fell in love with the story and Earth’s struggle and his relationship with Traina’r and the heartbreaking moment in chapter 10 of the manga. i really wish best for you future work and the original author. thank you for your hard work.

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  5. Earth will be a Good parent not like her Father and mother and amae and kron is like a real family, and earth sill can’t move on in sadiz

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    @Mallignac What? So what if Sadist was 10 when Machio was 18, she is 19 now and that’s it. I am used to people fucking when they are 15 over here, so I don’t see a problem with it


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