Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 123

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Chapter 123 – Homework

Sadiz was called a genius.

Even though she was just a kid, the four of us, me, the princess, Rebal, and Fu, were easily beaten by her.

From the time she was at the Academy, it was said that she would eventually become a World-class Warrior of the Empire.

So, of course, there were a lot of guys who courted Sadiz.

“Sadiz. I had a new horse bought for me. The same bloodline as that magnificent Monday Silence Race Horse, would you like to come and see it?”

“Hey, don’t run off! Hey, Sadiz, actually, I got tickets to the theater from my dad. They’re special seats. Would you like to go with me?”

“Hey, Sadiz. Sadiz may be the top girl and the top of the grade, but I’m the top boy. Why don’t we train together in order to reach greater heights?”

How long has it been?

When Sadiz was attending the academy, I ‘happened’ to pass by the academy’s gate and saw Sadiz, who was gathering a crowd of people around her as she left school.

Strong, smart, beautiful and popular.

When I saw that, I got impatient.

What are you guys doing?

I’m the one who knows Sadiz best.

I’m the one who lives with her.

I’m the one who’ll be with her forever.

It was simply the jealousy of a kid. I was like that, but Sadiz replied expressionlessly to the boys around her.

“I’m sorry, but I have plans.”

Without showing any sign of thinking, she answered back.

The men were dumbfounded. Clearly, there was no hope.

Such a cold, arrogant attitude wouldn’t usually be appreciated.


“Ms. Sadiz looks lovely today too.”

“So cool, beautiful, and noble in her isolation.”

“What kind of person could win her heart?”

“It would have to be a high ranking Warrior… no, it must be Royalty from another country.”

“She has inherited the teachings of Hiro and Mamu.”

“I want to call her sister already!”

“Even if I know I’ll be rejected, I’ll at least accept… just a love letter!”

Women of the same gender who show admiration…

“No, she standoffish… but that’s fine~!”

“Ugh, I’d love to have her as my wife…”

“You can’t do that. You can’t have her.”

“I’ve never asked to go on a date.”

They were rejected, and not taken seriously, but still, no man gave Sadiz a suspicious look.

As I peeked through the Academy gate, I realized once again that Sadiz was very popular.

“Oh? Little man!”


As I hung my head a little, Sadiz, who had noticed me, ran up from the other side.

“Little man, is school over? Anyway, why are you here …um? Hmm~? Hmm~♪?  Ufufufufu~”

She looked at me, strangely seemed to wonder why I was there, but Sadiz immediately grinned with a nasty smile.

“Wh, what is it…”

“Did you come to pick me up, by any chance, Little man?”

“No way!?”

Correct answer. But I flatly denied it.

“Y, you’re wrong! After school, I thought I’d go on a little detour, and I happened to be at the Academy Street and just peeked a little bit at the future, so it’s not like I was wondering if Sadiz was with someone I didn’t know or anything like that!”

I was already talking too fast. Sadiz suppressed her expression and turned to face the other way.

“I, I understand… Li, little man… enough is enough. So, any more than that… t, too cute…”

Are you muttering and laughing?

I thought I was being made fun of for being too transparent, so I sullenly bowed my head.

“Ugh… fo, forget it already. Sadiz dummy!”

“Hmm… his angry face too… Hah~…… this is why I can’t have any shred of interest in boys my age…”

I was about to sulk and run away.

But before I could, Sadiz stopped laughing and bent down a little and reached out to me.

“Well then, Little man. Now that we met by chance, would you like to go home with me?”

That alone made my cheeks burn, and I timidly held out my hand.

“…thats fine…”

In the end, I just couldn’t resist Sadiz.

“Ufufufu, going home in uniform like this with Little man, it’s pretty refreshing.”

“I, is it…”

We walked along the central street of the Imperial City.

I gave a short reply, but I was really nervous.

It was the first time I walked alongside Sadiz in her Academy uniform, instead of her usual maid outfit, and I felt something different.

At the same time, I tried to cover up my nervousness, I asked Sadiz something I was concerned about.

“Sadiz… is popular, right?”

“Yes. Thankfully.”

“Erm. But…… i, is that okay?”

“What is it?”

“Yo, you were asked out on a date!”

“Looks like it.”

“You know, Sadiz, always studies, trains… helps with housework…. and also has homework… it’s a lot. Don’t you want to go out on dates or play once in a while? Don’t you think about it?”

Sadiz was always doing a lot for me.

But is it okay to always do that much for me?

Doesn’t Sadiz want to have fun too?

At the same time, I still don’t want to see Sadiz with other guys.

With such a complex feeling, I couldn’t be honest with her.

Then, Sadiz said to me…

“Yes, I’m also a woman, Little man. I want to go on a date with a boy too, or I should say, I’m going on a date, right?”


Surprised, I turned around and looked up, and Sadiz had that nasty smile on her face.

“Hey? What’s wrong~? Little man. Look, you see, I’m popular as you know, right? I want to hold hands and go on a flirty date with a boy, and I actually have one in mind already.”

“Eh? No way, eh? That…… eh…… not true, is it?”

“It’s not a lie~. That’s why I declined the invitation of my classmates. I already love that person, I love him so much that I can’t help it, so today is another day for a date, too.”

I was shocked. I thought I knew Sadiz better than anyone, so I almost cried because I wondered if there was a Sadiz that I didn’t know existed.

In the future, I’m going to marry Sadiz.

I thought so, but I was trembling and almost in tears.

“No, way… where is he? Are you going on a date today? Who with?”

I asked Sadiz, holding back my tears.

Then, Sadiz, who was usually expressionless or grinning like an idiot, smiled at this moment…

“Right now, I’m on an after-school date with the boy I’m holding hands with.”

After that, I got very embarrassed, but I was happy and excited, and I didn’t really remember how we got home or what kind of conversation we had.

But looking back, that’s a line she said because she treated me like a younger brother or a child.

It always fueled my first love, and it had always dominated me.

It must have been broken off after the match.

Despite that, even now I still think back on that moment, I still have a long way to go after all.

“Damn… what am I doing… don’t frivolously hold hands with a kid and a natural airheaded woman…”

A little while ago, I was so carefree and fluffy that I felt ashamed of myself.

“Look at me! I’m getting stronger! I can’t get swayed like this! I’m going to win! I’ll win! No matter who it is!”

I’m going to become so strong that I won’t feel so feminine when I remember that.

And I’ll win! I’ll win! I’ll win!

Whoever’s the opponent is!

『Hmm…… somehow…  before the match… Hiro, Mamu, and that maid all had similar expressions when you said as much.』

“…… there was no such thing.”

『Is that so? Well, it matters not so long as such feelings give rise to an aggressive spirit.』

Right now, there is no one except me and Tre’ainar on the first floor.

Tre’ainar talked as I was hitting light strikes on the sandbag in front of the mirror.

Before the match.

That’s right, the day when my father and mother left their jobs and came back in a hurry when I opened a magic hole and collapsed.

At that time, I was angry at the situation that “nobody expected my victory”, and vowed to become stronger out of rebellious spirit.

To be honest, things were completely different now, and I didn’t think I was the same as I was at that time.

However, it might have looked so to Tre’ainar.

And as if Tre’ainar understood my feelings…

『Well, child. For these three months, as I previously said, ‘Improving basic skills’ using the equipment of the dojo. ‘Mastery of Magical Breathing’. This is the theme, and I intend to continue your training for that. I am considering various training menus so you do not get bored, but… there shall be a slight change in the schedule.』


『Rather than changing things, I suppose we shall add to the training themes in order to get stronger.』

The training from now on.

In order to improve my basic abilities, I will be doing jumping rope, muscle training for the upper body & lower body, training dedicated to the big toe, road work, shadow and sparring.

With the mastery of the Magical Breathing, yoga and other techniques being taught over a short period of time.

In this current situation, we will add another new theme.

It could be pretty tough.

But, strangely enough, I just felt like I would do anything.

And the new theme that Tre’ainar imposed was…

『Tis the development of a Special Technique.』

“…… wh… what?”

I was dumbfounded by a slightly unexpected proposal.

『Great Demon Flicker, Great Demon Smash, Great Demon Corkscrew, the Counter Punches, the Breakthrough, the Great Demon Spiral are all techniques. However, they are originally my techniques. To put it abominably, you are simply using my skill as you are told. Well, tis still not a demerit yet…』

“A, as I’m told… tte…… but now…”

『Tis why you need to look to the future and create one. Whether or not it can be used in three months, it shall your own original technique… devise your Signature Move.』

My Signature Move. I feel it’s been a long time since I heard that.

『And in the development of this Signature Move… tis up to you to decide what sort of special move to create.』

“Wow?! Eh … eh !?”

And while proposing it himself, Tre’ainar declared a hands-off policy.

I couldn’t help being puzzled by this.

『Well, you may seek my consultation. But from now on, while doing the same training as before, and while leading those pathetic men of the Wizarding School, come up with the image of your Special Technique in a corner of your mind. Imagine what you can do and what suits you. Then, create something you may claim as your own, something to be burned into the eyes those dullards, something that will leave the world breathless!』

I never thought he’d come here and make such a proposal.

In the past, I would have had a lot of fun just thinking about the Special Technique Name.

But now it’s different.

Generally, I’d rather have Tre’ainar, who knows what’s right, tell me the answer…


“…… eh?”

『Tis certainly quicker to have me come up with an idea that is right for the child, but … on occasion, something such as this also good. Tis a way for you to be you…』

At that time, Tre’ainar’s smile looked more like a school teacher giving homework than a master.

In the end, I didn’t get Tre’ainar’s intentions, but either way, I had to think as I was told.


『However, in order to devise a special move, the sooner you learn Magical Breathing the more you may expand your options. In fact, tis better to have you master it slowly, but I cannot say so. So, child. Truthfully, I am reluctant about having you do this in the growth period, but there is a way to learn Magical Breathing faster by combining it with Yoga.』

The teacher-like expression receded in an instant, and this time, Tre’ainar showed the stern face of a master again.

He asked me, as if to test my feelings and resolve, and when I nodded…

『If you are prepared… we shall ‘dry out by draining’… for a short time … I shall have you experience some hell.』

The harsh training I had done so far started to look like a refreshing, sparkling sweat.

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    Also after the demon kind died they have a child then boom the emd,the picture at the shows mc and girl with their daughter in heir garden…so generic,oh i forgot all his 4 comrades died for plot reason and he is all alone with the girl now


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