Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 121

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Chapter 121 – What You Want

There’s nothing worse than training while your mind is wandering.

After talking on the beach, my training started late, and I decided to start right there.

With Tre’ainar checking on me, I took a yoga pose and focused my attention. However, I couldn’t help letting my mind wander.

『You are sorely lacking concentration.』

“It’s hard…”

Even the pose was wobbly and disorganized. I just couldn’t concentrate and my mind was getting distracted.

If I win the tournament, I’ll make a child with a girl I just met. However, when thinking about it, Shinobu and Sadiz kept going through my mind.

『My oh my… tis what makes you an amateur at romance…』

“Nu!? No, but if you’re a lifetime bachelor, that makes you a beginner at love!”

『Mu, su, such may be true, but even though I had no special partner, I was adored by hundreds of thousands, even millions!』

“I guess that Jamdi’el came to be as a result!”

The training is interrupted due to our trivial quarrel.

I shook my head as this wasn’t working, I just couldn’t get into the mood.

『In any case, if you lack the fortitude to draw out a certain level of ability in any mental state, no matter how much ability you acquire, will you be unable to make the most of it? In fact, if you go out into the world, you will witness the cruel and tragic reality that can mentally break you. However, if you remain concerned over mere relationships with the opposite sex, would I not fear for the future?』

“Ugh, you’re right…”

『Tis so, the Magical Breathing cannot be mastered by one who is in constant turmoil, now can it? Tis a technique of such extreme difficulty that not even Jamdi’el could learn it.』

Tre’ainar’s right, my worries may be very ridiculous.

But, they’re still more than enough for me to be distracted right now.

I couldn’t grasp the right moment to settle my mind, so I sighed and looked at the sea.

“I’m sorry, neither can I!”

『My goodness…』

I stood up, scratching my head, quit yoga without permission and started shadow sparring on the spot.

I wasn’t very conscious of my form, and didn’t particularly imagine an opponent. I just punched right in front of me, as if to shake off my pent-up feelings.

『Hmm, the shadow fits the occasion. Like that maid, it seems you have mastered the movements to a complete degree.』

A crisp left jab. A right hook that sent dust flying.

However, this alone cannot reach the Six Supremacy.

There was still a difference. Overwhelmingly.

But still, now that I’ve abandoned the magic sword, I have to fight with this fist.

For that purpose, I didn’t have time to dawdle over nonsense.


Pathetic. Not only power, but also my heart was weak, I fell into self-loathing.

That’s what I’m…



Before I knew it, there was someone hiding behind a tree on the beach, staring at me.

Because the horns were protruding, it’s clear who the culprit was.

In a way, the ‘third’ party I didn’t want to see at the moment suddenly appeared, and I turned my head.

“What are you doing, Kron…”

“Ara, I’ve been discovered. But don’t worry about it, please continue.”

How long have you been there? Were you listening to me talking alone?

『Rest assured. She was not present during our conversation.』

In the meantime, Tre’ainar assured me that she had not heard anything important, but I was still a little nervous.

Because if I win the tournament, we’ll…

“No, just, what are you doing, you…”

I mean, what are you doing in the first place?

The cherished goddess was alone. no…..

『Do not be there. Not in the sky.』

I don’t dare look up. But right above me. I felt a presence in the distant sky.

A winged woman was watching from a distance, close enough to swoop down at any time if anything happens.

However, the fact that she’s watching at a distance in this way means that me and Kron are officially authorized to talk to each other.

Then Kron, who had been hiding behind a tree, smiled and showed herself.

A basket in hand that seemed stuffed full of something.

“I brought Earth’s lunch. I thought we could eat it together.”


“Fufufu, Jamdi’el really seems to trust Earth. She wouldn’t usually allow me to appear in public so lightly, but this time she even said, ‘It doesn’t matter if I’m a little late.'”

Kron smiled without any doubt. Perhaps Jamdi’el wants us to get closer like this so that we can have children smoothly without any problems after I win… but if she’s so blatant about it, what if I really can’t win the tournament?

“Earth’s movements… I was watching.”

“Hmm? Oh, right…”

“It was so beautiful. Ko, Pyu, Pyu, Bun! Like that!”

Kron excitedly tried to punch me by imitating my shadow. That alone made it clear that Kron herself has not been trained.

“Can I see more?”

And Kron asked so with carefree eyes. The look in her eyes made me feel uncomfortable, so I turned away.

“No, it’s not interesting to watch.”

“No, it’s very nice. It’s as fast as lightning, and it blows wind like a tornado. You move beautifully like a dance, so I could watch it forever.”

Even though I looked away, they were still staring at me. It’s embarrassing.

I shadow sparred to hide the embarrassment.

Kron sat on the beach and kept watching gleefully.

“Earth is…”


However, Kron spoke to me halfway through. I answered her bluntly without stopping my hands.

“Why is Earth working so hard?”

A simple and pure question.

Why am I trying so hard?

The answer is simple.

“To get stronger.”

“Why do you want to be strong?”

“Because I’m a weak, helpless bastard who can’t do anything… I want to be strong enough to accomplish something. That’s all.”

“I see.”

Kron nodded again and again, smiling at my answer.

Are you satisfied with this answer?

No, not at all.

“Earth is… a liar.”


“Because that’s not all, is it?”

Her abrupt words stopped my hand.

“No, I’m not lying…”

“No. I understand. I think what Earth really wants is something different.”

As if somewhat sure, Kron affirmed with a smile.

“Hey wait a minute, what’s with the sloppy… just, then what do you think I’m doing this for?”

“That remains to be seen. But I think what Earth really wants is not just strength, but something more.”

For my part, I really didn’t mean to lie.

“It must have something to do with Sadiz.”

“Wh… at?”

So Kron said, “What?” and I was a little upset that the girl I had just met today knew that in the first place.





Tre’ainar nodded at Kron’s words, somewhat impressed.

That reaction from Treina, who now sees me more than anyone else.

In a way, it’s like saying Kron’s words were not wrong, and I couldn’t help but react.

That’s why I couldn’t ignore Kron’s words as just foolish, and I had no choice but to listen to them.

“Why… do you think so?”

“My intuition.”


“Yes. So if you could tell me a little more about Earth, Earth’s past, the people Earth has spent time with so far, the people Earth has met so far, I might understand more…”

Are those words saying, “Tell me about your past”?

In the dining hall, she didn’t try to dig the root, about me, Sadiz …

“Well, leave that for now, aren’t you hungry now? Here, a sandwich for you~!”

I was about to put up my guard, but Kron didn’t particularly try to pursue it, opened the basket she had and showed me a sandwich that would be enough for two people from inside.


“Yes, they made it for me.”

Apart from that, it wasn’ t handmade by Kron.

But the sandwich she showed me. Just by looking at it, I recognized it immediately.

“Ah… the one who made it… you don’t have to tell me.”

Yes, naturally I would know.

How many years have I eaten this…

“Yes. Please enjoy it as much as you want~”

“………… I…”

“Aaah, here~”



And I hesitated because I knew who made it.

However, Kron offered it to me as if she didn’t know my feelings or didn’t mind knowing it.

She doesn’t even know what I’m thinking, and it’s kind of annoying. But it’s cute…

Losing to the push, I reluctantly received the sandwich I had been offered.

“I can eat it myself”



Hesitating for a few seconds, I gave up and ate the sandwich.

And the moment I took a bite, I suddenly froze.

“…… Ah…”

Originally, sandwiches only tasted like bread and ingredients.

However, the sandwich that “She” made was an exception.

I once ate a sandwich at a cafe in the Imperial City, but I wasn’t impressed.

Since then, I’ve only eaten sandwiches that she made for me.

“… ts…..tsu…”

“…… Earth?”

I’ve been eating this since I was a kid.

Why? It hasn’t been that many days since I left home.

However, I really missed the taste of this sandwich.

The fluffy texture of bread. The crispy lettuce. The original sauce smeared on ham.

“Is it good?”

“…… ou…”

I couldn’t twist it and say things like “it’s bad” or “I don’t want to eat it again”.

“Well, I agree… Hmm~! It’s wonderful! It’s really delicious! I’ve never had such a delicious sandwich!”

“…… is that so…”

If I had been alone, I might have cried.

However, because Kron was here, like hell I would ever cry, I welled up my tears and suddenly endured it.

『My oh my… such determination… yet still a sentimental heart … as ever.』


『But… what does the child truly desire…? To be sure, obtaining strength is but one means of acquiring it. To see through you so easily, tis pretty sharp, albeit a copy.』

Tre’ainar muttered, as he looked at me and Kron with a sad expression, and looked up at the sky.

『Well, in any case… whatever the child’s desires, if that maid is of genuine Shiznautmy lineage, there is a possibility of awakening ‘that power’… and Jamdi’el will attempt to obtain it… thus, tis now to the level which even after winning the tournament three months later, the child must fight against that… but!』

Tre’ainar seemed to have decided something in front of me, I was a little shaken.

『I will not allow everything to go according to Jamdi’el’s plans! I would have them disrupted by all means. That one violated my command!』

With that declaration, Tre’ainar’s eyes, as he scowled at Jamdi’el in the sky, were somewhat aggressive.

Authors Note

I have mentioned it several times before, but I would like to say it again after a long time.

Tre’ainar’s gender is “left to the readers’ individual judgment”.

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  1. Bueno este cap deja muchas cosas a pensar pero me gusta las interacciones de Kron y Earth son naturales y el como ella puede leerlo de esa forma como si ya se conocieran y en parte Earth también a ella a futuro.
    Tanbien como ella se acerca no por Jamdiel si no las por ella misma sin ser invasiva da entender que quiere conocer más de el pero no lo obliga y se entromete de más.
    Gracias por el cap.


    1. Thats true.It feels like kron is incomplete you know,or kinda dumb I guess

      And really easy to take advantage on,she doesnt even have a hobby except flying and walking around I guess.

      Also Jam’diel is stupid and her only purpose in the story is to try to revive The demon king but we know that wont happen and she will be dead in just a few months with power of friendship.


      1. She might be made only for giving birth, might even die afterwards. Like her body is consumed partly or something


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