Serra – Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 – ‘Sakura’ ③

―――― Apparently, there are certainly paranormal phenomena in this world that cannot be explained by science.

They used to be called “magic” in the past, and they seem to have been predominant in the world. It is said that this “magic” seems to be strongly influenced by the spirit, that is, the soul, and it is said that it can be handled only by those with strong spirit that can be called belief.

However, the study of alchemy led to the development of science, and “magic” gradually weakened. It’s a natural providence. If technology that is easier to handle and convenient is developed, without separately training the mind, everyone will rely on its power. Human culture always evolves to make things convenient.

As time went on, magic was lost, and human genes probably decided that this power was unnecessary. To put it concretely, the ability to manipulate the power of “magic” has degenerated from humans.

Therefore, it is now impossible to deal with ‘magic’ unless it reaches a strong spirit that is beyond belief — so to speak, ‘madness’. In addition, the ability to handle it is limited. It seems to be a relic of the past, and it has fallen to the category of ‘useless’.

“That’s the true nature of ‘Dominion’.”

Said Sakura, as she was stroking the blood red-black eyed girl ―――― Arte’s fiery bright red hair.

This made Arte narrow her eyes and cheerfully act like a spoiled child.

“And Sakura made this Homunculus, you, who can handle ‘Dominion’ as freely as the wizards in the past. Is it OK so far?”

“I see. That’s why I can freely control my power.”

A book moved round and round Arte’s head as she happily replied.

Sakura gently wrapped her hands around Arte’s neck and hugged her from behind as she leaned on her

“Fufufu. You are Sakura’s masterpiece, made to become the “God” of this world. Sparing no time to sleep or eat, can completely elucidate the mechanism of “soul”, and use ‘Dominion’ correctly while maintaining a normal state of mind, isn’t that the most perfect ‘doll’ ever?”


Arte gave a broad smile at the compliment from Sakura.

Producing homunculus for personal gain is prohibited by the government. But more than that, the study of “magic” is a serious offense in this country. Though it is a force that was not currently used, it is a superhuman phenomenon. If a person who can manipulate it freely appeared like a “wizard” in the past, it will become a “weapon” that can destroy a nation by itself.

History has proved that war broke out due to those who drowned in the power of ‘magic’, and even approached the danger of human extinction. Therefore, “magic” is sealed as the greatest contraindication in this country.

“But why did Sakura want to make a homunculus that could use magic?”

Although slightly dubious, Arte tilted her head and asked Sakura.

When asked, Sakura moaned for a while with her arms folded going “Hmm” and answered with a full smile.

“A scientist’s fate, I guess?”


“…… Lady. …… Your Eminence.”



“Eek, oh my gosh!”

The girl in the gas mask behind Sakura, who fell into deep thought and remained motionless — — Hildle called out to her.

Sakura, who was suddenly pulled back to reality, jumped up from her chair in surprise.

“Is something on your mind, Mother?”

“Oh, nothing, it’s a bit of the past, you know…”


“Don’t worry about it. More importantly, what’s going on with Cescy?”

“As you can see, I brought her here.”

After answering, Hildle turned her gaze down.

Beyond that was the figure of Sister Cecilia, whose whole body was restrained by chains.

“La, Lady Sakura…!? What’s the meaning of this?”

Cecilia was terrified and unable to take in the situation.

She found herself with Sakura moving around her immediate vicinity. That fact alone gave Cecilia such a feeling of desperation that felt like the end of the world.

“Well, thank you, Hildle. Stand back.”

“As you wish.”

“Lady Sakura! You see, if I’ve done anything wrong,I(Me) will apologize immediately! So please forgive me…!”

“Ahahaha! She’s scared out of her wits! I feel sorry for her, all teary-eyed and quivering like a newborn fawn!”

At Cecilia’s appearance, Sakura clapped her hands and laughed exaggeratedly.

All of a sudden, Cecilia’s shoulders trembled as Sakura shouted.

“You don’t have to worry about that. I didn’t come to punish you today, I came to give you a reward.”

Cecilia looked up and stared at Sakura’s face when she heard her words.

A face that seemed to have a slight glimmer of hope shining through.

Seeing her expression, Sakura held back her laughter and gently stroked Cecilia’s head.

“Well, let’s die once for the time being ✩”

“………………………………………………………………………… eh?”

Sakura said, with a smile.

The words came to her ears, reached her brain, and she tried to understand by likening every word.

Finally, Cecilia hardened because she didn’t understand the meaning of her words.

“U-Umm, Lady Sakura?”

“Hmm? What is it?”

“No, what do you mean aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!?????”

A slight cavity at the side of the spine.

Sakura mercilessly thrust a knife there, put weight on the waist area, and cut it all at once.

Cecilia, frightened and confused by the severe pain running from her back and the feeling of being cut open, screamed.

“Nufufufu. Cescy. There’s still more to come yet you’re surprised?”

Sakura, while breathing wildly, showed her excitement with flushed cheeks.

The blade penetrated the area around the exposed spine, and hit the ribs persistently.


“Oh, she’s writhing (LOL). The real thing is yet to come, right?”

Sakura laughed at Cecilia, who gave a strange voice to her abnormal sensation.

Then, she began to cut off Cecilia’s ribs one by one with a dexterous knife.

“Ah, aaaaaaaaaaaah!? Lady Sakura, stop, it hurts, it’s making me crazy oaaaaaah!!!!”

“Hang on a little longer, Cescy. It will be interesting from now on ✩.”

After cutting off all the ribs, Sakura, with her bare hands, dived into Cecilia’s body.

An unpleasant sound of flesh and blood scraping each other.

Every time Sakura moved her hand, Cecilia’s body made a big convulsion, and she inflicted severe pain.

As it was, Sakura grabbed both of Cecilia’s lungs and pulled them out.

And, the grotesque red-black organ, which was still moving, was spread like wings.

“Ta-da! I call it the ‘Blood Eagle’s Punishment(Blood Eagle)’! For a first time, it’s not well thought out!”

“Ah, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”

A crazy situation in which the body was being played with accompanied by a fatal amount of pain.

Her vision was blurred with tears, and Cecilia, whose sobs burst out into tears, could only beg Sakura.

“Please don’t do this, Lady Sakura… If  I(Me) have done anything wrong …… I’ll apologize right away…. So please stop. Don’t, don’t hurt….”

“Aren’t you misunderstanding, Cescy.”

Saying that, Sakura gently held Cecilia’s head and brought her lips to her ear.

As if to say that she would never let her go.

“This, as I said, is not punishment, right?”


“That’s why I’m not doing this because I have to. I’m simply doing it because Sakura wants to.”

“―――― Don’t aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!”

The words Sakura happily whispered.

Finally, Cecilia had reached her limit.

“Why!? Why why? Is it just me(I)!? Why do I(Me) have to experience this!!?? I was just praying to ‘God’, but why!!!????”


She wasn’t in her previous form as the ‘fanatic’ or the lowly form that was cat-fished by Sakura.

Without a doubt, she returned to the original ‘Cecilia Waitley’ herself.

“It was a bad fortune. I can only say that you were close to the end in your life when you were caught in Sakura’s eyes.”

“No, it’s not, no more!! I don’t want pain or suffering anymore!! Oh, ‘God’, great God!! Please help me! Really, give me mercy!! Please help me!!!!”

“Yeah yeah, unfortunately there is no God. It’s just a delusion created by you.”

Sakura coldly taunted Cecilia, as she desperately called out to ‘God’ for help.

She picked up the knife that had fallen and without hesitation thrust it into Cecilia’s right ear.

“Gi, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!???”

“Human beings are useless and meaningless. Religion in particular is representative of that.”

She twisted the knife around and stabbed deep into her ear.

The eardrum had already been broken through, and the semicircular had probably been penetrated too.

“Ah, argh, no aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!”

“You cling to something convenient, like ‘God,’ because you can’t recognize your weakness. You are a fool, aren’t you?

“Oh, you dare mock ‘God’…! Certainly,I(Me) can hear him…………!”

With one of the three semicircular canals being crushed, Cecilia stared at Sakura, even though her vision and center of gravity were unsteady.

“Oh, ‘God’. Please answer! With your mercy, save this poor lamb from this hell! Hey, you hear me! Answer me, answer me, answer me!!”

“That’s why I’m telling you, there is no God.”

“I’m here! You always gave me an answer!! ‘God’, please don’t keep silent, answer me! Why, why, why won’t anyone save me(I) oooooooooooooooooooooooooohhh!!!”

―――― A little bit longer, Sakura chuckled to herself.

Then, her right hand reached for Cecilia’s right eye.

She grabbed her eyeball.

“Ack!? Guaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!???”

Along with the severe pain, she felt an uncomfortable feeling of foreign matter behind the eyelids.

Sakura pulled her arm vigorously, and Cecilia’s right eye was scooped out.

“Gaaaaaaaah, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!”

“There is no God.”

Said Sakura, with an inorganic voice and cold expressionless face.

Those words opened Cecilia’s left eye wide.

“No, no! There is a ‘God’!!!!”


“He’s here! I can hear you, help me!”


“Stop it, shut up, shut up!!”



Cecilia, holding her head, screamed so she would not listen to Sakura’s words.

However, the words ‘God’ and “none” were ruminated many times in her head.

She was caught between contradictory words, imprinted on her brain at the same time, and the wall of the heart was irreparably destroyed.


With a lurch, Cecilia’s arms drooped.

“Huh? Cescy? Hey?”

Fluttering, Sakura waved her hand in front of Cecilia.

There was no response when she called, and Sakura grabbed Cecilia’s jaw and forced her to turn face to face.

Cecilia’s left eye caught Sakura.

Immediately after, Cecilia had a broken smile that no ordinary person could ever smile.

“………………… Ku Hi Hi”

“Fufu, have you finally exceeded the ‘critical point’? The “preparation” is finally over.”

Sakura turned away, releasing Cecilia’s head, who had suffered a mental collapse, without looking as Cecilia collapsed.

And then, spreading her hands, Sakura made a proclamation of the highest level towards “she” who is no longer in the world.

“Now, let’s begin. Sakura, my meager revenge tragedy towards this world that killed you. Your wish is a hop, skip and jump away from coming true.”

With a lick of her tongue and an empty smile on her face, Sakura whispered to herself.

“Look forward to it, Sakura. I’ll be there in a little bit.”

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