Serra – Chapter 27

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Chapter 27 – ‘Sakura’ ②

“…… Haha”

Sakura, a girl wearing glasses and twin-tails, was smiling in front of an incubator.

Her glossy black hair was all worn out, and dark circles(shading)  had formed under her eyes. Her face was pale, probably due to poor blood flow, and her body was withering away.

Without sleep or a decent meal, she spent her days on her research.

Even though she was unkempt, she still needed to finish this ‘doll’.

“Haha, ahahahaha! It’s done, I did it at last!”

She rejoiced in front of the incubator.

It’s the masterpiece that she created hidden from the government,’Doll(Homunculus)’.

She finally realized the difficult injection of ‘soul’ and succeeded in creating a complete Homunculus with a stable mental structure.

This existence would greatly change the world.

Sakura named the girl who was given new life.

――――The name of ‘God’, who controls ruin and madness.

“Now, please wake up! My child, my doll, my masterpiece! ―――― Arte!

The eyelids of the girl with fiery red hair opened and blood red-black eyes peeked at her.

The girl who was named Arte stared at Sakura andmoved her lips.

The girl’s voice certainly reached Sakura’s ear though it was supposed to have been drowned out in the incubator.



―――― Time goes back a little earlier.

Karen’s brain and heart were pierced by her own blood.

The blood which turned into a spear by ‘Coagulation’ had liquefied, and Kirino approached Karen.

With a smile on her face, she stared at Karen’s blood, licking her tongue with bloodshot eyes.

“Heh. Hehehehehe. Why do I hate you so much, yet… I guess I’m going to want your blood….”

So hateful and yet so lovely.

So bitter and yet so sweet.

Her field of vision became psychedelic. The back of her head was sore and her ears were ringing, and it sounded as if even a melody was being played.

A strong blood-sucking impulse that burns one’s body. If you drown in this impulse any more, you will definitely be ruined. She can’t be herself. Even though she knew it, she didn’t stop approaching.

―――― Kirino’s spirit was already on the verge of collapse.


She brought her teeth up to Karen’s neck.

“Hey~, Kirino, that’s far enough -✩”


From behind, Kirino’s heart was gripped by Sakura’s hand.


Her whole body was bristling, and Kirino screamed.

Not due to pain.

It’s by fear.

“You’re a little too selfish. It’s been a long time since Sakura has lost her temper.”

“Hi, sorry, I’m sorry, ‘Mother’!!”

“Is it a question of apology?”

Without breaking her smile.

Sakura mercilessly crushed Kirino’s heart.


“Hey, what do you think I’m holding now?”


Sakura whispered in Kirino’s ear.

“The correct answer is your ‘soul’. It literally means that Sakura is holding your life in her hands ✩.”

“Ah, ‘Mother’… stop.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to kill you now.”

Sakura pulled out the hand she used to break through her back.

And, he grabbed Kirino’s chin, and made it turn towards Sakura.

“You’re bloodthirsty, aren’t you?”

“Th-That is so… ‘Mother’, what–!?”

Kirino’s mouth stopped as she was talking.

Beyond the line of sight.

Sakura’s index finger was cut off without realizing it, and blood slowly dripped towards her fingertips.

“You want it, don’t you?”

“Ah…… oh, ah…….”

Sakura’s blood.

It’s a very rude act to receive the blood of ‘mother’, who breathed life into her, a mere ‘doll’.

If it was the usual Kirino, she would have refused Sakura’s invitation after thinking so first.

However, she was now under the influence of an uncontrollable blood-sucking urge and could not take her eyes off Sakura’s blood.

After just the slightest hesitation.

With a snap.

She sucked on her index finger.

“Oh, Kirino so obscene ✩”

Seeing the situation, Sakura made a mocking expression on her face.

On the other hand, Kirino had no time to ascertain the taste, and she sucked blood from Sakura’s scar and drank it.

What happens if you drink even one drop? Even though she was instinctively avoiding it, she was drinking her blood to the point of fatalism.

A change came over Kirino’s body.


Suddenly, a sense of incongruity occurred.

Involuntarily, Kirino took her mouth away and tilted her head with a stunned expression.

Before its true identity was revealed.

Kirino broke.

“Ah, gyaaaaah!”

Suddenly, blood gushed out from the holes of Kirino’s entire body, and solidified.

The tip was leaned back like a sickle neck, and the remaining tens of thousands of pieces were shaped in the same way.

All of them attacked Kirino at once.

“Wow… Gross —”

It was so devastating that even Sakura’s face stiffened.

Sakura’s blood was too deleterious for Kirino.

Luscious, rich, delicious and sensual stimulation.

She couldn’t bear the stimulus, and Kirino’s spirit was destroyed, causing her ‘Dominion’ to run wild.

“Hey, Kirino. Are you all right?”

Sakura asked Kirino, who was still tormented by her own blood.

She was barely able to see Kirino’s face under the mass of writhing sickles.

Sakura, who saw that expression, whispered regretfully but with amusement.

“…… Well, there’s no way she can hear me.”


In spite of the situation.

Kirino was laughing.

An innocent smile that fits a young face. At the same time, a distorted and insane smile that children should not make.

“Ah, I guess Kirino a ‘Dud’ after all. Well, compared to the other immortals, you were decent all the way through. Even the fact that you hated Riko was a kind of self-loathing, wasn’t it?”

“Hihi, ehehe, hahi.”

“Yes, I don’t know what you’re saying (LOL). Hmm, I wish I was as crazy as Meena. If someone with a decent spirit is forced to break through the ‘critical point’, they’ll break down and become invalid like you and Rinka did today, right?”

“Eh, uhhihi, hahe?”

“To be faithful to your desires, even to the point of abandoning your conventional humanity. Such a madman is the one who is suitable for Sakura’s plan. In other words, someone who is immersed in madness as the last bastion before their heart is broken and their soul dies is useless.”

“Ah, ah, eh.”

“That’s why you’re going to be fed to Serra. Such good nourishment ✩”

There was no conversation. She just kept laughing like a madman. On the other hand, she was just talking at her.

She doesn’t see the other party. Only spitting out her emotions in a self-contained world.

Therefore, Kirino was declared to be a sacrificial piece.

“Blood, blood. I want blood, Uhehe, mother~.”

And never ceased her broken smile.

“…… So, how long have you decided to feign sleep, Ms. Karen?”

Sakura asked, as she looked back toward Karen who had fallen, having shed a large amount of blood.

Karen raised her face and glared at her with a grudge.

“…How long did you know?”

“Oh, from the beginning. We are officially cheats, don’t look down on us.”

“Tch, lowly lunatics”

Karen swore at her, clicking her tongue.

As she stepped, Sakura approached her in good spirits.

“Fufu. Isn’t it amazing, the power of immortality?

“Don’t be silly, you did it on me without permission.”

“But, thanks to that, you’re alive, aren’t you? There’s only so much you can get out of life.”

“You’re lying.”

At Karen’s words.

Sakura stopped on the spot and her expression disappeared.

“There is no way I could understand the thoughts of a madman. But you’re not even thinking in the first place, are you?”


“That smile doesn’t mean you’re laughing from the bottom of your heart, does it? You’re acting like you’re having fun, not that you’re really having fun. Your attitude is empty overall. The only time I could see your true feeling was in your anger. The only thing that’s left in your mind is the negative feelings, aren’t they?”

“………… Oh~.”

At Karen’s words.

Sakura made an empty smile.

“It’s the second time we’ve met, yet you’ve seen through Sakura. Is it Mutual love I wonder, fate?”

“That bullshit about being pissed by words or actions had no sense or meaning. It’s not that you don’t know what you’re thinking, really you’re a fellow who just moves without thinking about anything significant.”

“Well, Sakura has been praised.”

“Sarcastic shithead”

Sakura snorts at the words Karen was throwing up.

She circled around Karen, spread her hands and opened her mouth.

“But, all the same, you saw through Sakura’s true intention. You’re right, Sakura does not act like the Undying(Them), moving to find meaning in her actions. The plan and patterns necessary for Sakura’s ‘objective’ have already been calculated, and after that, is just meaningless and mechanical execution.”


“Humans are meaningless.”


Karen was confused by Sakura’s words, as she stopped walking and whispered.

The words sounded true.

“Meaningless, worthless, and insignificant. That’s the nature of this world.”

“What are you saying…?”

“You guys often say that those like Sakura are crazy. I think that for Sakura, the way of life of people who behave meaningfully and act reasonably, is much crazier.”

That much was said.

Once again, Sakura made an empty smile, and waved her hand in a flutter.

“Trivial, just go just go. It’s Kirino that Sakura needs. I’m not going to take your life. Before Sakura changes her mind, I recommend that you withdraw.”

“…… I’ll do that.”

“Hyu. As expected of an adult? You made the right decisions.”

Ignoring Sakura’s words, Karen stood up and turned to leave.

The moment she passed Sakura, she whispered softly in Karen’s ear.

“I’m hoping you’ll show Sakura interesting things, little Elena?”

Surprised, Karen’s body trembled.

Finally, she looked back at Sakura, glared at her, and walked away.

“…… Yes, humans are meaningless.”

Even now, Kirino was still being killed by her own blood.

Sakura looked up at the fresh blue sky and soaked in sentimentality.

“But you know, those memories, those times definitely meant a lot, Sakura.”

Then, squeezed her slightly trembling hand tight.

Sakura whispered quietly.

“Absolutely, I would never say that Sakura was meaningless. That’s why we’re going to end it here. This crazy world.”

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