Forbidden Master – Part 3/Chapter 65

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Chapter 65 – Intermission (The Maid) ②

―― Well, if I win the tournament… Let me feel your boobs!

At that time, I never imagined things would end up this way.

―― I see. Alright. If You Can Win Little man, then! Then let’s play with the puppies all day!

Request from Little man for the tournament.

As an older sister, I agreed to a little obscene reward with a smile, if that would motivate Little man.

But when I returned to my room, I…

―― Pyaaaaaaaah, t-this is so not good! What did I agree to!? B-Breasts and Little man. Th-This will earn me a fiery scolding from the Master and Madam!?

I was writhing with my face buried in a pillow, after diving into the bed, my feet were fluttering.

―― Then, but no way, Lil’ Earth made such a request…… but, if it were to happen… I won’t be able to maintain my reason…… what shall we do? Somehow, I might push him down and go beyond that…. No no no, that kind of education should wait at least until Little man graduates from the Academy…. But I… 1 

I panicked because I agreed.

However, as I continued to agonize myself, I suddenly saw Little man working hard in the garden outside the window.

―― Aaaah, HopScotch! HopScotch!! Hop, HopScotch!!

Little man was doing unusual training using ladders.

At first glance, it seemed like he was playing, but the amount of sweat and his facial expressions conveyed determination.

Perhaps, I found a Little man who was trying to break his shell in an attempt to change something.

After seeing that, I was in agony but gradually regained my composure…

―― Huh… Let’s buy a new bra, something risqué…. 2 

No way, I couldn’t tell anyone about what had happened.

So, I couldn’t imagine it at the time.

―― Don’t! Father! Mother! Demon King killed, uncle, aunt, grandpa, grandma, everyone! Killed by the Great Demon King!!

I still can’t stand it.

I’ve said that to Little man.

I ruined all of Little man’s efforts.

Aiming for the match, Little man figured out various training regimen and persisted to face the big stage.

My words ruined everything.

No, it’s not ruined.

I snatched them away.

All of Little man’s days and his place in the world up to today.

By what means, I don’t know how Little Man used that technique.

But, I shouldn’t have gotten so distraught… the more I think back on it, the more I can’t forgive myself.

Lord Hiro and Lady Mamu are the benefactors of my life. Little man is their treasure, and more important to me than my life…. than my life? Trivial. How trivial I am.

Their son is more important than my life, which mouth can possibly say such a thing?

It is a sin that makes me want to carve this body, such as losing myself to my trauma rather than my feelings for Little man.

Actually, I want to be beheaded right now.

But, not yet.

Even if Little man doesn’t want to, until I see him again…

“It’s been a long time since I last prepared for a journey, not just a trip…”

To do what I have to do.

Stuff everything into a huge backpack. Clothes, daily necessities, cookware, food, medical equipment sets, and weapons.

My room, which was always in order, is now a mess, but there is no time to clean up.

I’ll leave the room as it is to chase after Little man.

“…… ah….”

As I was packing what I needed in my backpack, I saw a box I was keeping in the cupboard.

It’s my treasure chest.

But now, the mere sight of the treasure-chest is enough to kill me.

“Sadiz! Are you ready?”


“Excuse me, what…huh? That’s…”

At that time, Madam, who had only made simple preparations, came to the room, looked at my hand and tilted her head.

My treasure, which was kept secret from Madam.

I opened the lid of the treasure chest, with much sorrow.

There were many small items, toy rings and other accessories stored within.

“These… were gifts that Lil’ Earth gave me for my birthday and the Academy’s entrance celebration, and so on….”


When he was much younger than he is now, he was a little shy as he handed me a present.

Each time, I was desperately holding back the urge to hug and kiss Little man.

“That boy, when it came to you… he was seriously in love.”

How Little man thinks of me. I deflected that thought because I’m always completely charmed without meaning to.

“But even so, neither I nor Hiro have even considered those feelings, and believed that he and the princess should be tied together… such a heartless story, isn’t it….”

Yes. So did I.

I thought it would be fine if I could be by his side as a maid.

Rather, it is true that the marriage of the Princess with Little man would satisfy many people.

So, even when I entered adolescence, instead of responding to Little man I was leading him on in an insinuating manner.

“Hey, Sadiz… obligation to the surroundings aside…… actually, if it was to be you and Earth… what would you do?”

“I might have run away with him.”

“Ah… re-really.”

“I don’t have the qualifications anymore.”

When I answered that, Madam also held her head down with a complicated smile.

“…… Really…… what was I doing, I….. I didn’t see anything. Nothing about my own child…… Nothing…”

I’m not conceited, but I should be Little man’s first love.

If Little man was having such thoughts about me even when he was ‘at that age’, I might have abandoned all reason and my self-control I had so far.

There are certain books with processed binding on the bookshelf. [The 100 Ways to Lead the Younger Man], [The Maiden’s Preparations for the First Experience without Inconvenience], really, those are mine… also…. on the shelf below it…… Little man’s collection…… 3 

―― Little man… under the bed. The double bottom of the desk drawer, in the ceiling, and the Master’s study as he cannot come home lately…. Hmm, did you think you could hide it? Little man. How naive!

―― Gah…. How did you find out…

――Lil’ Earth. I always have tools to see traces of someone breaking into a room, including anti-robbery measures, so, I can instantly see if anything in the room has been moved, even slightly, compared to the previous day… Even, a mountain of buried treasure such as these. What are you using your pocket money for? I mean, at Little man’s age, it’s not legal~.

―― you’re wrong, no, this is… er……

―― Making out with older busty maids that appear in these books…… Turn a sadistic woman into a sow…… Do you want to do this, Little man? I fear the future, Yoyoyo. 4 

――Th-That’s, d-different, fantasies that only exit in books.

――Oh, is that so? That’s too bad. I’m getting more and more interested in this, and if Little man wishes…

――Eh!? Really!? Oh, really?

―― Dream~ on ♪

――Eh…… eh?

――Huh~…… all the same, Little man is in need of a little scolding ~

A variety of ero-books that Little man, after hitting puberty, tried to possess at every opportunity without giving up.

Some were about seniors, some maids, other related to sadistic women, and all suggestive of lewdness. 5 

I persistently lectured Little man, as he kneeled on his soles bearing a blushed face, and I burned all the books…. well pretended to. I kept them so that when the Little man clears the ‘age’, they would be returned to him.

And then, for the harmless, inoffensive titles, the princess… 6 

“I… only did things that made Little man detest me…”

“Is that so?”

Yes, it has always been so.

I play around, tease, mislead, and today…… I did that.

“I’m really no good… I’m…”

“Yes, we are…”

With a bitter smile at each other, I carry my backpack.

“But… that routine was my happiness too…… Making fun of Little man…… so cute… But for Little man, I might simply be an annoyance…. Even if Little man didn’t want it anymore…… at least…… once again, just to meet and talk… say farewell in this way…… That’s it!”

Yes, now it’s more about action than depression.

“Let’s go, Mamu.”

“Yes. The princess will be waiting…. Even if it is…… I didn’t think the princess could come up with such a bold strategy….

Yes, it was all the princess’s plan.

An idea from the princess who rushed into this mansion in search of Little man who had disappeared.

 [S1]Okaaayyy! So that was on the table this whole time…..

 [S2]I demand Fan Art!! Rule 34 this right now!!!!

 [S3]Aaaannnd she was doing research! Hold up! For all her teasing him about being a virgin, doesn’t this mean she’s still one too?

 [S4]Considering who that ‘future’ would have involved….

 [S5]Hey, the guy has a type!!

 [S6]And she still had the gall to call him out on it. Pretty sure the princess has amassed a collection as well.

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37 thoughts on “Forbidden Master – Part 3/Chapter 65

  1. Thanks for the chapter as always!

    Well regret always come later, but what matter is how they fix what they sow. That aside man risque bra eh~

    Liked by 5 people

    1. The more i read from Sadiz POV
      The more im convinced she’s as worst as slut princess
      She always insult him
      Not even show her love to him even when he always say’s he love her
      She still CHOSE to insult him FOR GOD SAKE!!!

      no redemption to all of this character
      I don’t even care if they don’t meet up again

      Im saying this cuz, try to place yourself on MC ass
      She always insult you everytime you said you love her
      If it’s me, i don’t have much heart to stand for it for Goddamn 15 years

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I made an account to log in just to reply to your comment. I agree about all of these characters but for Sadiz, she keeps leading and insulting the Earth is not without a reason.

        As you can read, she actually very like Earth and if the opportunity came, she would run away with Earth. The only thing that holds her back is Mamu and Hiro, which are her savior because they want Earth to marry Phiance instead of her. Because of her big affection for Earth, I can’t imagine treating him normally because she would explode anytime she forgot or release her break. So I think it’s normal of her to act just like what her name, a sadist, to cover her feeling to Earth.

        So far, Sadiz is the only character who forgivable enough than others. She even blames herself because of showing such a face to Earth, which is very normal for her childhood trauma to show that face, but still she blames herself for that. Sadiz is better than both Earth’s parents in a far gap.

        Liked by 6 people

      2. I know what you mean
        Thanks for your effort to reply me
        But Sadiz is just 20% forgivable (other is 0%)
        I know she love him & can go crazy about him
        But why she still insult & can’t accept him even though she know MC isn’t in love with slut princess?
        All character is so dense they don’t know MC love Sadiz & hate slut princess?
        The only lovable waifu is a ninja girl 🥰
        She help him everytime(stalker) & never insult him


      3. Well, like I’ve said before, Sadiz insulting the MC to hide her feeling. If you can’t comprehend what the situation is, just imagine children playing tricks on their crush. They have a crush on them but they’re playing tricks and mocking them instead of telling the truth.

        In Sadiz’s case, however, a bit more extreme about her feeling and even Sadiz know Earth doesn’t like the slut princess, she still feels like to pay the debt to Mamu and Hero as the one who gives her place to belong after his hometown is destroyed by letting Earth marry the slut princess because that’s what Earth’s parent probably want, in Saidz mind. And so, she needs to refrain to accept Earth’s feelings. Even in the story, the Sadiz herself knows she’s wrong to give those insults to Earth, but it couldn’t be helped because if she doesn’t do that then her feeling will blind her to jump into Earth, which she thinks it would just like splashing mud to her benefactor, which is Earth’s parent after they gave Sadiz facilities to grow until now.

        In the shinobi case, is simpler. She doesn’t have any obligation to Earth’s parent, doesn’t even belong to the same country as Earth’s so she doesn’t need to hide her feeling to Earth like what Sadiz do.

        If the Sadiz situation is not a maid on Earth’s house, she probably will act like what Shinobu does, but then again it’s not sure if she will meet Earth if she hadn’t become a maid in his house.

        This story is great on their character personality building, everything has their reasonable background. From what I read in your comment, it seems you’re just too biased to other characters than Sadiz. You can do that but still, I hope I give you enough explanation about what Sadiz going through because she is the pitiful one to not be able to tell what her feeling is, chained by an obligation that she has to fulfill to her benefactor while everyone else has their freedom way on showing their feeling to Earth, but painfully bad like stalking or beating Earth to death which grows his inferior complex.

        Liked by 3 people

      4. I’m in no place to change your thinking, but let’s not forget the absolute care Sadiz put into Earth outside of her ‘overflowing’ feelings.
        The chores, the perfectly balanced food menu, his training (to best of her ability at least) etc.
        And there was a reason for why he loved her. All problems aside, she was his only emotional support throughout the years. He said it himself.
        So still, in the final score I’m glad that she’s there.
        Else Earth might’ve given up on himself even before the series started.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I know what you mean, but if you put yourself on MC perspective i can’t help myself to start ignore her if she always insult me for years even after im confessing to her
        I won’t hate her, but i just ignore her & just go with my self-training without looking at her anymore

        You know what i mean? It’s about perspective
        I won’t hate her if i just read this story without putting myself on the story & not enjoying it to the fullest
        But im always put myself on MC perspective in every story, that’s why i hate her


      6. I see. But I think there’s more to it. Your conclusion would be rather normal, if it wasn’t for the indoctrination he went through. It’s like parents who didn’t know of pc lived just fine without it. He lived with her back-and-forth attitude all his life and that’s why in opposite to your analysis, he still feels attachment. It just wasn’t as impactful for him. FORTUNATELY.
        But still, as you say, It doesn’t make it right tho.


      7. You are forgetting another important thing Earth never complained about Sadiz behavior because he was into that in first place is ironic that she was doing that but he was into it .

        She clearly explained that she found that kind of material in Earth room, Earth was into sadistic older maids.

        By far Sadiz is the best character out there and the only thing that keep Earth this far. The reason why he ran away was because he saw that Sadiz was scared of him.


  2. Thanks for the chapter! I really like these chapters but I also want overly-attached ninja girl to come back. Such a hard choice!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. One, out of everyone Sadiz doesn’t deserve to beat herself up that much. Trauma is trauma, and it has a really nasty habit of overriding everything in full panic. Specially considering she was basically sole survivor of that very attack that wiped out a couple thousand people, including everyone she every knew? Yea, PTSD induced freak out isn’t the worse thing that could have happened there.

    And I mean, look at those titles Sadiz. Carefully. Dude is a little M around you. Honestly, you didn’t do all that much wrong, except be dense in the one area where you probably shouldn’t have been (and still are). Hope that doesn’t cost ya.

    Liked by 15 people

    1. Yeah, out of everyone she was the only one who behaved semi-properly to him (even if inappropriate because of his age).


  4. Sadiz is quite nice and there is nothing for MC to forgive her for but it would still be nice to see them meeting up after 5 or 10 years and see that MC already has a new family, already forgotten and forgiven them.
    Meeting them like “Oh, hi. Long time no see”. Would be brutal but also fun

    Liked by 11 people

  5. Sadiz isn’t really at fault here because of her ptsd but i’d still love to see Earth pop back up 3-5 years later with a harem and her realize that she wasted her chance to have him all to herself. It’s a shame the entire country doesn’t care about Earth… I mean he runs away and the only thing the ‘higher ups’ do is tell the hero to prioritize the princess? Some Kingdom that is. Earth better pop up years later with a cold heart for his parents, the princess, Rebal and the kingdom!! Oh and it seems the demon king might actually be the demon king’s female general fufufu how interesting


    1. Did you not really read lmao? Of course the kingdom will prioritize the princess after all SHE IS A PRINCESS. And until now, she’s the only child of the King who’s been mentioned, imagines if she’s the only child of the King? How fking important she is for the kingdom?

      Remember, His parents love him and don’t mistreated him. Same goes for his friends and all of the kingdom but because Earth have a complex and DENSE he can’t understand those people’s feelings same goes to how people can’t understand him so they must’ve hurt him but not to the point he needed revenge for all of that. Don’t become some edgy guy lmao

      The higher ups didn’t tell Hiro to prioritize the princess. They told Hiro that IF he somehow cross paths with the princess, he should protect her while still looking for his son. Doesn’t that shows how those HIGHER UPS cares for Earth? After all, they didn’t order Hiro to look for the princess instead. Man you have some big misunderstanding in this novel.

      In the first place, this is all Earth’s problem. He’s just a child who wants a compliments from his parents. In short, he’s being a child. Once he grew up, he’ll realize what he did is just being edgy


      1. Woah you’re being one of those rude commenters huh? Yes i read the chapter and yes they prioritize the princess over hero, even though she has 2 guards with her, mamu and Sadiz. Not sure if you realized but asking the leader of the prime knight or w.e. Hiro’s position is to get the princess usually means there going after the princess and not Earth, there’s no guards except Hiro going after Earth. He’s sure acting childish but he’s not edgy, it’s literally pointed out in his mother’s pov that she didn’t even notice he grew taller, his own parents neglected him and ignored his depression. The people close to him never actually cared about him as an individual, and everyone blamed him for using a demons move. This isn’t something you grow out of when everyone is looking at you like you’re trash for not being up par. All you have to do is see how fast the audience turned on him when he used that spiral move, stop being a douchebag commenter

        Liked by 5 people

      2. You do realize you’re the one being douchebag here right? Lmao

        Again, they didn’t ask Hiro to get the princess and take her back home and forget his son. They’re just giving him heads up that the princess is looking for his SON and since Hiro is looking for his son he should keeps an eye for her 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

        No matter how you look or not at someone, the moment thiey used a skill from the “Supposedly the Most Evil being” you’ll question that. No matter who you are and this case, being the HEROES who killed that “Demon Lord” Of course you’ll get worried if someone used that skill.

        “People doesn’t care about him individual?” Made my day. Seriously are you not reading? His friends and his parents DO care for him. THEY LOVE him but because the MC have his complex, He’s way to blind to it. his blindness to his parents love is like how his parents blinds to his growth. See the irony? I get the his parents suck at being parents but that doesn’t mean they’re bad people. The citizens of the kingdom only see him as the SON of the heroes but that doesn’t mean they’re bad people. His friends despite having talents above him but still giving him advice which he took as looking down on him doesn’t make them a bad person.

        I’m back to my main point in case you didn’t get it. First, The higher ups didn’t order Hiro to look for the princess like you are labeling them. They’re just giving heads up to Hiro. Second, Prioritizing the Princess life over a kid who run out of his house(and not kidnapped or something) doesn’t make them bad people. And lastly, you’re a reader. You should know how these characters really feels like.

        Oh about MC being edgy, that’s the truth. You a reader, if you grow up, you’ll realize how laughable it is to run away from home and drop out of school just because people doesn’t give you the attention you wanted.


      3. You commented on my comment acting as if you’re right even though we read the same thing😂. i’m sure a reader and can tell you a 15 year old running away bc no one cares about him as an individual is not edgy, it’s normal especially given the situation. and His friends care about him individually?? Rebal literally got so mad bc he didn’t want to be exactly like his father. go back and read seriously. and as for prioritizing the princess i agree it’s more of a heads up but acting like the princess is way more important than the only son ( and future heir according to princess) isn’t as important. i can read just fine and there is literally an intermission chapter from his father and mother about how they haven’t seen him as individual and ‘neglected’ him. don’t comment under my comment unless you’re going to be polite and civil.


      4. Rebal didn’t get angry because the MC didn’t follow his father’s footstep. He’s angry because the MC, who’s been a leader for them since they were a children suddenly change. He’s mad because for him, all of them are walking for the same dream and goal but then the MC suddenly change. As a reader you should know not only the MC’s feeling but others too. You didn’t even compliment the princess for her quick thinking of finding the MC and blame everyone since theyre prioritizing her. How is it a quick thinking you say? Well, because shes gone, every soldier will do their best to find her, and searching for her is also a a kind of searching for the MC.

        And I see, you’re a kind of person who only wants people to compliment them and can’t accept a critique.


      5. only expect people to compliment me? I encourage people to disagree and have a civil discussion, not start out in a rude way by saying “did you even read” when half the stuff you said was proven wrong. i already agreed that the discussion to Hiro from the knights about the princess missing was more of a passing convo, but it’s a fact that the princess was prioritized- that’s a fact, the only discussion is about why. Here’s a direct quote from chapter 39 from Rabel to Earth, “

        But, for us, ‘The Second Generation’……

        “Don’t… mess with…… Don’t you mess with me, Earth! Do you realize what you’re saying!? The Magic Sword of Hero, Hiro, who saved the world and defeated the Great Demon King…. the War Maiden Mamu’s Martial Art… going your own way without inheriting all that power? You…… What will we do if we don’t inherit the power of our great forefathers and pass it on to future generations!”

        Rebal shouted furiously at my words.”- Rebel is mad exactly because he’s not being exactly like his father. sure there might be some super deep reason but what’s said in text is that he’s upset he’s not a magic swordsman like his father. Also the princess did have good thinking in sneaking out of the capital but it cancels out since she just made the situation more hectic. now 2 heroes are bring slowed down because they have to worry about the princess, Fu and Rabel being in danger( or atleast keep a look out). I’m all up for a discussion and disagreement but like i said, you don’t have to be rude, especially since you’ve made some really good points.

        Liked by 2 people

      6. Obviously you wouldn’t understand what he’s going through. You’ve never had people compare you to someone who’s almost equivalent to a demigod or anyone decent for that matter

        Liked by 2 people

  6. Thanks for the Chapter!~
    Aaaaaargh! I don’t know who to Ship now it’s a Hard Call between Sadith and Shinobu! They’re both Best Girls!
    The princess ship is still on the lowest tier for me tho.


  7. Real talk ‘tho, I definitely want to convince the author to have Earth end up with Sadith someday 😀
    Sure, most shipping and romance content is usually in the name of fanservice, but if I can wish for one thing for chrismas, it might as well be an onee-san happy end! xD


  8. You should use Young Master or Young Lord or Little Master instead of little man for her case (little man can be counted as an insult if we judge from her position as a maid)it is just a remark


  9. So many people are so jaded at the mistakes the characters made. I pity their social relationships if they think that you must be absolutely perfect in dealing with matters of the heart or else you are completely unworthy as a human being. I can easily understand the views of everyone in the story even those of his parents. Yes they are questioning “what went wrong” and “what happened to him” but those are common questions. It’s not accusatory it’s a situation where they are just at a loss.

    My brother killed himself over 20 years ago (he suffered bipolar schizophrenia). And there are still days I play the “what if?” game. What if I didn’t go to school that day? What if we were able to help get a second opinion on his condition? I can’t even imagine how my mom felt about the situation. Just because they are asking “what went wrong” and “what happened?” doesn’t make them bad people. They already acknowledge their responsibility in the situation but, it’s still a matter of “how did it end up like this? Where was the point when it all slipped away?”

    I mean even Earth has the same feeling about his family situation. He wonders when did it go from “I want to be a hero greater than my father” to “I’ll never be good enough so why bother to try” in particular.


  10. And to think that if all those emotions weren’t so convoluted, Earth would be a rich, strong, successful man with two fantastic woman that love him to chose from and friends he has from childhood.

    Mentality really can make a change.


  11. It pleases me that he had stuff about older women, and not younger sister types. I am tired of the lolis, so, so tired


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