Forbidden Master – Part 3/Chapter 66

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Chapter 66 – At the End of the Descent

The injuries suffered in the fight with Aka were healed faster than I expected, Shinobu’s treatment was excellent.

No, on the contrary, even a light shadow spar was pretty sharp, and I was able to move quite well when I spar with Tre’ainar.

“…… Somehow… It hasn’t been that long since the Commemorative Match…. yet I feel stronger than before?”

My wounds healed, had some light training sessions as we descended Coconeal Mountain, and I muttered involuntarily.

Before the match, I trained hard for two months and was able to feel my growth, but within a few days after that, I felt stronger.

『I suppose, the experience of an actual battle might have come to light.』

Trina nodded to me as if to say, ‘Of course’.

『You battled Aka, who could be considered among the strongest in the world, wearing away your life without hesitation. There may be no change in muscle strength or motor nerves, but your intuition may have been peeled off by a skin or two it seems.』


『And the other is confidence. By leaping forward without fear of death against such a powerful opponent, not only the senses but also mental fortitude should have been strengthened. Moreover, the fight with the Shinobi woman would have been a good experience.』

I’m honestly not sure myself, but it might be the case.

Against the caliber of strength like Mr. Aka’s, I planted my feet and we exchanged blows.

I kept receiving that powerful fist with my forehead without blinking.

And, incidentally, Shinobu.

I didn’t know that the improvement of my senses and spirit could make such a difference.

“Somehow…… I now feel like I can endure any kind of training and become stronger.”

『Tis a good trend. Even if you lack a clear goal as in the previous match, tis something you ‘want to do’ yourself.』

Yes, I’m now thinking, ‘I want to be strong for now’, and I don’t have a clear and familiar goal.

But even so, I’m happy to see myself getting stronger and I’ve come to want to train myself.

『Even if you lack a familiar goal… there is no loss in obtaining them, such as ‘strength’, ‘unrivaled special skills’, and ‘money’. Even if there is no need right now, they never hurts to possess.』

“Oh yeah…. Money. Well, certainly I was anxious when I didn’t have any.”

Even if it is not necessary, there is no loss. That’s true.

And now what I want the most ‘strength’, and I’m getting better.

I want to get a lot while I can get it.

“Hey, Tre’ainar. It’ll be troublesome, but can’t we have some more training in the mountains? Here, I can do intensive training for Parkour, and speaking of training, it’ll be like mountain seclusion.”

Unlike before, breasts aren’t being dangled like carrots in front of me, I myself have come to change something.

Meeting Mr. Aka, fighting, making up and parting ways. Maybe that has changed me a little bit.

And, incidentally, Shinobu.

However, when I got so motivated, Tre’ainar……

『No, once you are feeling well enough, we shall first descend the mountain. Training is done on level ground.』

“Ah, what? Why not? We’re in the mountains, right? You know, the mountain air is thin, so if I train here and fight in the lower world, it’s like I’ll get even stronger, right?”

He just threw a wet blanket at my motivation, or rather, if it was the previous Tre’ainar, he would have had me train even during sleep, so why?


『Tis the contrary. Because the air is thin, we cannot perform the same, much less, better high-quality training you had so far. Should that happen, it will inevitably be necessary to lower the training load. High-altitude training can certainly enhance your cardiopulmonary function, but you still need quality training on level ground.』

“I-Is that how it is?”

『Uh huh. Ideally, the body would adapt by sleeping in areas with thinner atmosphere, and then training is performed on a plain field. Tis called ‘Magical Living High Training Row’, but it still requires more than a few weeks for the body to adapt.』

It appeared again, Tre’ainar’s theory.

『If you have already acquired technique and power, and are aiming for a higher level, that training is effective, but you can still grow as much as you want with but a single skill and knowledge. As such, training on level ground, and increasing knowledge while crossing the world on level ground… that should suffice for now.』

As expected, it is Tre’ainar. It’s not that he has become kind, but because he had a proper reason for his judgment.

“Well, then… as it is, we’ll descend the mountain.”

『Tis so.』

I wandered into the forest from Imperial City, met Mr. Aka, reached the town of Honeyborough, and returned to Aka’s house to fight. Also, I fought with Shinobu.

I took a few days’ rest, and am now climbing the mountain and descending to the other side.

Even without a clear goal, my steps were light.

『Now…… as it concerns, the destination after descending the mountain…… where shall we go?』

“Ah. If I’m just moving over Coconeal Mountain, starting from Honeyborough, if my memory is correct… the town where merchants gather……’Cantidan’…… that’s where.”

I don’t completely remember the geography outside of the Imperial City, so it’s vague.

『Ah, if that is so, I have heard of it. There is a famous market street with hundreds of thousands of merchants opening street stalls. While there were fraudulent crimes of selling counterfeit goods under the guise of legendary treasure, tis a town that could not be crushed due to its economic efficacy.』

“Oh, you knew that, too.”

『Well, one way or another, that town has a fascinating history. I have come to hear of it by chance in rumors.』

Fascinating history? What? Is that right? Why have I never heard of that?

I’ve only heard rumors about a town where you can get your hands on many cheap and affordable items.

『Is it not just right? Also, you are unable to become a hunter. Recently we acquired funds by playing a game of Go, let us search for a bargain in the town.』

“No, no, bargains… I don’t have the eye for such judgment….”

Is discovering such bargains so easy?

In front of me as I thought so, Tre’ainar gave off an awe-inspiring aura, as he seemed to want to throw a retort.

“Ah~, Tre’ainar… incidentally, you…… that sort of ….”

『The eyes of this Great Demon King shall determine all authenticity.』

Ah~, yeah, yeah, amazing, amazing. Somehow, no matter how great this guy gradually gets, I’m no longer surprised.

『Well, tis not that we such dedicated magic is non-existent, but tis also a good experience to cultivate the ability to distinguish authenticity. If all goes well, you will gain a fortune, will you not?』

“No, uh… for the time being, I just want to get stronger, so I’m not particularly looking to be an appraiser….”

However, as there is no way I can continue my journey without going through the town, I end up stopping by after all.

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