Forbidden Master – Part 3/Chapter 64

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Chapter 64 – Intermission (Father)

―― If I knew it would be this hard… I would not want to be born as a hero’s child…

Even the worst of parents, who have cornered their real son to the point he would say such a thing, would still give chase.

It’s true. It’s not a lie. I love you more than anyone else in the world

―― Sorry…… I couldn’t be the son of a perfect ideal hero…

…… am I qualified to tell him that I love him the most in the world?

What have I seen of him until today?

I don’t even get how he could use the 【Great Demon Spiral】.

Speaking of, even though I heard from his teacher that he had mentioned the ‘Six-Gate Eye’ in class, I forgot to ask him about it.

Why was that…

“Lord Hiro. About the hole in the ground your son dug through, the path is blocked from the middle, and we don’t know whether or not it branched off somewhere…”

“Ah. But, with his magical power, he shouldn’t have gone too far. Then, instead of his path underground, let’s search for where he’ll emerge from above the ground.”

I’ve heard about his magic health checkups. I forgot the exact numbers, but it was less than Fu or the princess.

If so, I don’t think he’s going that far…. so, is that right?

In the first place, it was awful, but I never expected him to be stronger than Rebal.

It’s not just the 【Great Magic Spiral】.

His agility, the power of his fist, and his footwork, all left me amazed.

Not with a magic sword, he came to use a fighting style that I didn’t even know, my expectations were…

“I’m really pathetic. You’re not too far with your magic? I didn’t even know my son was so strong….

His fist and footwork made sport of Rebal. That, now that I thought about it, was no petty trick.

Beautiful form, well-honed movement, whichever…

“What’s not a warrior’s skill… All the power that was wielded up to the 【Great Magic Spiral】… it’s power that you got through your own efforts…”

Why couldn’t I look more calmly?

Then we could have properly talked.

“Lord Hiro… There are various towns and villages in the vicinity of the Imperial City, including large and smaller ones…. But, to cover all of them on our own…”

Now, I rushed out of the Imperial City on my own, and was pursuing Earth in a hurry, but a few warriors came to help me out for nothing.

However, it is still impossible to search by sorting this number of people.

“For now, it is supposed that the liaison team of the Imperial City will immediately contact the surrounding towns and villages, as well as border guards…”

“Ah! But Earth left with only his clothes…. he doesn’t have much money, either…. Maybe he’s camping out. He might be hungry.”

Anyway, I’m thinking about where Earth might be heading.

“Show me the map.”

“Oh, yes…”

Where is Earth going after running from home? Expand the map of the Imperial territory.

Where could Earth go without much money?

“If he were heading towards the ‘Great McCuster Forest’ or ‘Coconeal Mountain’, it’ll be a little difficult to search. It’s vast…… there is a town at the foot of the mountain.”

“Speaking of which, during this time of year, there are a lot of Go events in this place, so there will be a lot of people coming and going, including the people of Japone, the place will be crowded… so, Honeyborough.”

First of all, it’s an area with the largest mountain and a vast forest. But I felt he wouldn’t be there.

“He’s a clever guy, unlike me. It’ll surely be troublesome and even life threatening, so I don’t think he’d go to a place like this. And he shouldn’t have any survival experience. I doubt he’d risk going to Honeyborough or even toward that direction. He’s a weak Go player so he probably won’t want to go there.”

That’s right. So think about it. About my son.

In this situation, where would he go next?

“Hey… located in the other direction from Honeyborough…. Inai City…… it’s definitely that time of year….”

“Ah… that’s right, there’s that fighting tournament where those who take pride in their strength will gather…. the prize money for the tournament is decent.”

“That’s it. I’m sure he’s headed there! There’s no reason to go through forests and mountains for Honeyborough, so here it is! I’m heading there!”

Earth is definitely headed here.

The moment I thought so, I was rushing out, trying to get there as soon as possible.

“Lord Hiro, wait!”

“Oh, come on. For now, let’s report to the liaison team. Lord Hiro’s son may be heading to Inai city.”

Earth. When I find him, catch him, then what can I say to him?

How much should I apologize for being a hopeless father?

I can’t be a proper parent, but what can I tell him?

No, I still have to go–

“Lord Hiro…… It is a magic crystal communication! From the Army Commander!”

“Eh, ah… at a time like this…… I don’t care if they slash my salary, so let’s do that later…”

“He wants to inform you of an urgent matter.”

“Ur… urgent.”

Shit, right when I’m in a hurry!

「Hiro! You…… doing as you please…」

“…What is it!? I’m in a rush!”

「Hey, Hiro. When there are others around you, watch how you speak…… is what I’d like to say… Well, that’s fine. That’s for later. There’s a bad matter and a worse one.」

How urgent is it that the Army Commander himself is calling?

And both matters he’s bringing up are bad?

「First of all, is the bad, but… it seems the princess, Rebal and the others fled the Imperial City leaving only written notes.」

“…… What?”

「In all probability, their purpose is to search for your son.」

“No way, hold up, huh? Right now, the Imperial City is on high alert and a strict blockade…”

What a hell. Why, Phianse… I mean, princess…. you’re acting too hasty.

I’m glad you’re thinking about Earth that much, but I’m in a better position to… I’m not qualified to say that.

「Princess, Rebal, Fu… furthermore, the young daughter of ‘the Fuefky family’ seems to be missing as well. They must have used her skills to get past security.」

“Fuefky family… Piper… ah~, that girl…”

「We can’t allow the princess to roam without warrior escorts. So I asked Mamu to track down and protect the princess. I didn’t think she would be ready mentally, but she eagerly volunteered herself.」

“…… What? Mamu?”

「Ah! Honestly, she has a lot of other work to do, but it was an emergency, so I gave her priority. Your house maid is with her as a support.」

“Just Sadiz!?”

「I just thought I’d share this information. To be honest, you also have a lot of work to do…. Right now, I’ll prioritize your son. Therefore, if you find the princess, have her under your protection as soon as possible.」

Mamu? Sadiz, too?

I told you to wait at home… did you take it upon yourself to search for the princess, not Earth.

What’s the meaning of this?

But, this allows Mamu to drop a ton of work and leave the Imperial City.

Huh? Huh? No way… did Mamu and the princess…

「Well, next is a worse matter.」

“Oh, huh.”

While I was suspecting Mamu’s ‘scheme’, the Army Commander’s tone got heavier when it came to the main subject.

「It’s about the match… It seems that the demons were also monitoring. Well, we held such festivities, so we didn’t force much regulation, but…… Immediately, I received an inquiry from the Demon Realm, from that ‘Supreme Ruler La’iphant’.」 1

“From Lye?”

「The technique your son used… Not only the 【Great Magic Spiral】, but also the magic control technique used just before that…… It seems to be a technique called 【Breakthrough】, a technique developed by Demon King Tre’ainar.」


「I’ve been asked what it means for the son of the hero, Hiro, to use that technique.」

What a hell. Not only the 【Great Magic Spiral】, but also that green glowing magical power, was developed by Tre’ainar?

“That’s right… I thought it was similar, but Tre’ainar’s was a red light. So it was the same technique after all.”

Can’t be a coincidence.

Earth has gained power related to Tre’ainar. But how?

No, did someone teach Earth?

But then, who?

“Even though we’ve fought… I never even knew the name of that technique, but…… how many of them can use the Breakthrough?”

「It seems that even demons do not know much about it. It appears to have been a technique unique to The Great Demon King, and it was never passed down to anyone.」

“Such nonsense…”

「It’s just… according to La’iphant, if there was anyone that could use that technique… then there is only one possibility…」

Then, the Army Commander’s tone dropped even lower.

I had a bad feeling about it.

And the name the Army Commander gave was……

「One of the ‘Former Six Supremacy and Great Demon General’ who has been missing for the past ten years, and a follower of the Great Demon King…’The Dark Valkyrie Jamdi’el’」 2

“…… No~. Oh~, Oh~. Of all people…”

「Oh, yes. Along with the strongest of the Six Supremacy ‘White Fiendish Emperor Hakuki’, one of the most dangerous figures among the Demon Army Remnants.」

My head suddenly started to hurt.

“No way… that she was in contact with Earth…. that’s not possible….”

「However, La’iphant doubts it. We concur, there is no reason or meaning in Jamdi’el doing such a thing… But he’s really concerned about it.」

Jamdi’el. One of the former Great Generals of the Demon Army, and a mighty enemy of mankind.

Her devotion to the Great Demon King went beyond loyalty, she practically worshiped the guy. 3

That’s also why she was against the peace agreement after the death of the Great Demon King and disappeared.

She had been missing for so long… could it be…?

「Anyway, these matters aren’t only about your family. Keep that in mind, Hiro.」

“…… I know that.”

「The Former Six Supremacy, Beast King La’iphant, is now in control of the Demon Realm, but if the other surviving Six Supremacy start to move with a purpose, they will be difficult to suppress, even for La’iphant.」

Yes, the problem may not be just about our family.

I can’t wipe the premonition that something was about to start.

Earth, what the hell happened to you?

But no matter what, I’ll catch up with you.

And, at that time, anything is fine. Talk to me.

Give me another chance to be your parent.

 [S1]The name here, ライファント, is phonetically ‘Raifanto’ so might be written as ‘Lyphant’. I went with La’iphant because I want to make Demons’ names more exotic when possible. Like I did with Tre’ainar.

 [S2]The name here, ヤミディレ , is phonetically ‘Yamidire’. Also I may need some input on her moniker. 暗黒戦乙女 translates as ‘Dark War Maiden’ but Mamu is already called the ‘War Maiden’. War’s Dark Damsel is what I came up with but I’m considering changing Mamu’s moniker to ‘Battle Priestess’ since she was called ‘The Priestess Mamu’ in the manga. Let me know if you have any thoughts on this. Edit: Thanks to Ark’s input, I’ll be using “The Dark Valkyrie” as Jamdi’el’s Moniker.

 [S3]I’m imagining Albedo levels of devotion here…. Watch out Earth!!!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! It’s really interesting seeing the prospective from everyone else on Earth and I like how the writer portrays it. Not that they looked down on him intentionally but more like he became a part of the background scenery, not worth any particular attention.

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  2. It’s gonna be funny if earth’s journey turns out to be quiet and he only goes through the world meeting people and just learning for years and years and they just bump into him randomly in a far away land after so much time that earth’s scars are completly healed and he just go with a “yo~, hisashiburi” and he is a grown man with responsabilities and far away from the point where his parents can connect with him XD

    Even better he has a child with the ninja or a demon anyway works. And he even takes the opportunity to apologize to saddiz for being such an annoying v that looked so much at her in a lewd way when he was a kid and laughs it off like a funny distant memory and then tells her “ah! It’s so late I have to go for my kid. But we can talk later my wife will be glad to meet you all guys”

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      1. “He’s a clever guy, unlike me. It’ll surely be troublesome and even life threatening, so I don’t think he’d go to a place like this. And he shouldn’t have any survival experience. I doubt he’d risk going to Honeyborough or even toward that direction. He’s a weak Go player so he probably won’t want to go there.”

        Exactly as you said.
        However, they still don’t think of Earth as “Earth”. Why? They thought he would have the mental fortitude to not be crying his a** off after running away from home, and also know about those turnaments happening. This just proves how little his father thinks over “What happened”. They care for him, but they know barely anything about him.
        If they thought it over, they would realize that he was talking with “Something”, and that something would likely be the Demon King. If so, somebody could probably mention that “Go” was reffered to as “Demon King’s Game” quite a bit ago.

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  3. They still cared for him, all of them. Earth’s childhood friends just wanted him to be apart of their group once again. Though, they’re still expecting too much out of him. Don’t know if Earth is willing to listen to their ‘talk no jutsu’ though…

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    1. Sorry, it’s SHOULD be “Battle priestess” for Mamu and “Dark Valkyrie” for Laiphant ( i never read the novel raw though so i don’t know how she’s called in the novel

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  5. Ohhh, this chapter gets us a lot of information, and I don’t know why people still call Earth’s parents shallow.

    First, Hiro DID achieve something. The demon king stated that demons stay in their world, separated from humans. And when he came to the Surface, he was taken down. Here you can see that the current Supreme Ruler (maybe Demon Lord? Or they change their politics) notices the human commander about Valkyrie.

    Second, they also received the information about Breakthrough, meaning that the human actually contacted and gave them the information, so they could inform humans about that exclusive skill that the demon king never passes down.

    Third, his dad analyzes the skill first before taking action, ensuring that there is only one destination that he could go. This is different from the ‘ooh, I am a hero because I am stronger than you’.

    The most important part is now he has to care for the other heroes’ children as well since they escaped to find Earth. It means if one of them die out there, it’s his fault, his responsibility. Also, we can understand that those kids acknowledge their faults in the way they treated Earth, so they try to find him.

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  7. Yes, suffer and despair. That’s what you get for being a failure of a father, HeRo. If you gave even an ounce of care for your son, you wouldn’t have pushed your son into doing this


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