Serra – Intermission 1

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―――― Hazel Radford woke up in a dimly lit room.

“Huh… what happened to me?”

She tried to move her body, but was hindered by something and her legs got stuck.

Attempting to take a posture to defend herself from the front, she collapsed midway, her movement was sealed.

At the same time, something hard bites into Hazel’s soft skin.

“What….!? Ah, a chain?”

Hazel’s body was chained.

Both arms are carefully turned around and secured with handcuffs.

Thanks to that, she’s in an awkward position and having difficulty breathing.

And before her eyes.

She was there.

” Kuhi, Kuhihihihihihihi”

“……! Cecilia Waitley!”

It was ‘The Fanatic’ Cecilia Waitey.

Her head should have been blown off by Sakura, yet it’s connected and restored. She approached Hazel’s eyes with a ‘giggle’ and a distorted smile, licking her cheeks with a hot tongue wet with saliva.

Her spine trembles with intense discomfort.

“Feeling, bad…. what is this, you?”

“Kuhihi, ah, lovely as ever. There’s no madness in my eyes! You are the Saint chosen by God. You are the one who is worthy of sacrifice! First of all, let’s tear the belly and dedicate the intestines.”

“I don’t know what that means.”

The conversation still doesn’t mesh.

Hazel glares at Cecilia with hateful eyes. Her eyes burning, Hazel shuddered as her body was held.

“Ah, ah! God, forgive me! I can’t seem to control myself with the joy of meeting the Saint! Please, please forgive me!!”

“Indeed, to go that far ☆.”

Immediately after Cecilia cried with an ecstatic expression, Sakura’s voice resounded from behind.

Without warning, Sakura appeared in the room.

Cecilia’s expression freezes when she hears her voice.

“My goodness, if you become too religious, even your first love will become an offering to God. That part of a cult is incomprehensible.”

“Lady Sakura!?”

“Oh, you’re scared. So cute~ ♡ if you hug me, my heart will stop. I’ll blow your head off again.”

“N-No…. please don’t!”

“Haha, I’m kidding. Bullying Cescy is fun, but right now I have to focus on this.”

Sakura strokes Hazel’s cheek with a good smile.

Cecilia’s saliva, which was just added, was being spread, and Hazel stared at Sakura without hiding her discomfort and disgust, but was ignored.

“This isn’t what you promised….!”

“I what? Oh, the ‘decent’ person this and that? I meant it, so you can rest assured ☆.”

“No, you said I could kill Cecilia!”

Hazel yells at Sakura who is still playing.

“Why am I being restrained? I don’t want to be left with this crazy (mania) woman!”

“Such lip. The reason is simple. I’m going to ‘test’ you.”


Unable to understand, Hazel tilts her head.

Sakura thrusts her finger, wet Cecilia’s saliva, into Hazel’s mouth without hesitation. She stirs around Hazel’s hot mouth, not minding her suffering as she goes “Umm!?”

“Look, the madness you’re having. It’s a desire for revenge, isn’t it? It’s hard to tell the distinction between a person who is truly crazy and a decent person who is just pretending to be crazy. I want this Sakura not to be a lunatic who can maintain some sanity, but someone who can maintain their sanity because they’re crazy. Do you know what I mean?”

Hazel, who was asked a question by Sakura, said, “Umm!!??” and kept on struggling.

“I don’t know. But, ‘a lunatic who can maintain some sanity’ is just escaping reality. It’s like I can’t look straight at it any more, I refuse instinctively because I don’t want to understand, so act as if I’ve lost my sanity. You’re insane, aren’t you? And, such fellows care about other people’s eyes because they are not completely crazy. I don’t know if I want to be seen or are embarrassed to be seen, but that self-contained half-hearted performance makes me feel sane. And you?”

Naturally, Hazel can’t answer with Sakura holding her mouth. Hazel stares at Sakura while gasping “Whew!”.

“You, wild lady, are ‘like they are’ too? Do you want to be seen, or do you not want to be seen, yet keep sticking to revenge? Revenge, once you’re done, that’s the end of it, right? You want me to see you take revenge for the family that was killed anyway, don’t you?”

Hazel’s eyes open to Sakura’s words.

It was completely a sign that could not be denied.

“Well, I’m going to ‘test’ to see if that’s the case. Don’t let this Sakura down. Show me a glimpse of true madness, regardless of what I said. That’s also the point of nurturing it ☆.”

And so, Sakura removes her finger.

Saliva secreted by the reflex connects Sakura to Hazel’s lips and pulls the thread. Sakura slowly licked it.



Cecilia jumps up to Sakura’s call.

“Well, you can cut the child’s stomach. However, using her as offering is prohibited ☆”

“What …? But she’s a ‘sacrifice’….”

Cecilia is a good believer. Her priority is to follow (believing in…) the voice of ‘God’, and to go against that is worthy of death. So to speak, it was her identity.

And, Sakura told her to deny it. To compare, even if it was an existence which held her life, if only to this, she couldn’t comply.

“Lady Sakura, availing myself to your kind offer, but she was chosen by God, a Saint —”

“No, she’s not. That girl is not what you declare. Listen to what Sakura is saying.”

“But, this is God-“

You’re not listening!

Immediately after, Sakura’s atmosphere suddenly changes.

There is no change in her expression and attitude. However, whether you accept or refuse the cold figure that appeared, it was there.


Then, Cecilia’s heart literally stopped after seeing it.

Of course, being immortal, this wasn’t enough to kill her. However, she instinctively tried to end her own life because of fear.

“Cescy- Don’t defy this Sakura too much. Now you’re immortal, so we can play and you’ll regenerate no matter what. But if that’s how you feel, I can send you to the ‘Interior’☆”

“In….!! No, I’m sorry, forgive me!!”

Interior. Apparently it is not ‘something’ literal, but she despises it.

And, from Cecilia’s reaction, who seems aware of ‘Interior’, it is surely nothing good.

“Ahahahaha! So nervous. It’s okay, nothing will happen if you listen to what Sakura says, right☆”


Cecilia’s eyes are empty as Sakura gently strokes her hair. She has already given up thinking.

Sakura nodded satisfied with Cecilia’s attitude and snapped her finger.

“Well, it doesn’t really matter. Meena, come out.”

At her words, a new shadow approaches from behind.

The identity of the figure that was revealed by the dim lighting was ――――

“Ah, a girl?”

Hazel hysterically raised her voice at the unexpected figure.

The one called Meena was a little girl. from her appearance, she seems no more than ten years old.

With beautiful blonde short bob and blue eyes, the girl smiled as soon as she saw Hazel. No, laughed.

A ferocious grin as if she had found a prey.

“A serving. This child, can I eat her?”


What does she mean to eat?

Hazel is just confused because she can’t understand the girl’s words.

“Yep. Cescy will cut a lot of internal organs from this child for you to eat ☆”


“Huh, eh, what!?”

The two of them advance the conversation away from the confused Hazel.

Then Cecilia, smiling “Kuhi”, approaches Hazel with a hatchet.

“Kuhi, if it’s not the word of ‘God’, if you were not a Saint, I would have done as I liked as I receive this treat. It’s been a long time since I’ve been free.”

“What are you doing, wait?”

Hazel desperately urged her to stop, but her voice was cut off.


Her lower abdomen is cut.

“Ah! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!??”

Burning heat and pain strikes Hazel.

She almost fainted involuntarily when she saw her lower abdomen being cut.

Something pink. A part in the body that she had only seen in books.

The colon was popping out.


It is not possible to suppress the nausea rising and she vomits.

However, it was not vomit but a red blood clot that left her mouth.

But the emotion sparked within Hazel is not fear.

It was a stronger hatred.

“That’s good, that’s the face! Well, let’s start the ‘test’ and keep that hatred up. Okay, don’t strain yourself and die to this extent okay ☆.”

“Let’s play…”

“I receive this meal”

Before Hazel could say anything.

Meena, with her mouth wide opened, bit into the large intestine.

In the end, Hazel Radford’s perception of normal was cut off.

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