Serra – Part 2 Prelude

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Recollection of the Encounter with Riko Akasaki

– About a year ago.

It was raining heavily that day.

With unsteady steps, Celestia Valentine heads home.

Her face was very haggard, she appeared to be on the verge of death.

In fact, had she not been immortal, she would have killed herself at once.

Serra was wearing a man’s coat. The contents are all stained with blood.

Awoken. Suddenly, the murderous urge was amplified and could not be suppressed. Serra had sealed the memory of this incident, but had killed as many as nine people in a row. The Elmerado army, which is aware of the situation, reported a fictitious character as the culprit, causing domestic turmoil.

Serra, who had committed murder again, pleaded ‘Imprison me if I don’t die’, but the military determined she was ‘worth using’ and was forced her away.

“………… Drink”

From deep despair, mental exhaustion, and resignation from her inability to commit suicide, Serra gives in to Despair(Anguish).

In this country, drinking is permitted from the age of 16 by law. Serra is past 16, so there is no particular problem.

In addition, Serra doesn’t like alcohol, but usually tastes it, but today it was different. I simply wanted to get drunk. Alcohol can’t heal wounds, but it makes you forget the pain of a moment.

It was when she arrived in front of her home thinking about such a thing.


Serra raises her eyebrows to an unusual sight.

There was a girl sitting in front of the entrance.

She was leaning against the wall with her eyes cast down(low spirits). She didn’t have an umbrella so she was just as wet as Serra. Her body shaking due to the rain robbing it of temperature.

To be honest, she was too tired mentally and physically to deal with a little annoyance, but Serra is so not heartless as to leave the girl shivering alone in front of her. Rather, it was Serra’s nature to want to help if she saw someone in need.

“What’s the matter? It would be dangerous if you were alone without an umbrella late at night like this. Where’s your home?”

Serra gave the best smile she could as to keep up appearances(guilt)and addressed the girl.

The girl raises her face, twitching at Serra’s words and shaking her shoulders. Serra’s expression froze when she saw her face.

Fear. Despair. Woes. Every negative emotion was in the girl.

Finally, Serra notices the girl’s state. Her clothes are tattered, and the skin seen from the interval is full of scratches and bruises. Her red eyes which are beautiful like jewels are swollen, too. There were traces of tears on her cheeks.

― What on earth happened to get this child so hurt?

she was hugging the girl before she realized it.

“Eh? Oh, aaaaaaah!”

Immediately after, the girl began to rampage.

There was intense fear in her expression. She seemed to be terribly afraid of being involved with others.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.”

The girl’s body is cold.

Serra kept hugging the girl, repeatedly trying to reassure her. It was heartbreaking. She just wanted to help this girl.

She doesn’t know if it was really relief or exhaustion. Before long, the girl gradually lost her resistance and fell asleep.

– This is the encounter between Celestia Valentine and Riko Akasaki.

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