Serra – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – It’s Quiet in the End.

Suddenly, the girl Sakura came in.

Cecilia and Hazel, who didn’t expect her to appear, are frozen.

Seeing the state of the two, Sakura opens her mouth while swaying.

“Oh, that’s odd? A little while ago the both of you were going at it with such bloodlust. What’s wrong, get on your feet.”

“N-No way. Why is Lady Sakura here…?”

Cecilia answers without being able to grasp the situation.

……why is she ‘Lady’ Sakura? She was so delusional about ‘God’ yet feels uncomfortable and terrified enough to call Sakura with an honorific title.

“Even if you ask why… What’s with the face! It’s really gross (funny). Eh, what? Did this loli here cause it?”

“N-No. Not that, but she…”

Said Cecilia, pointing to me.

Sakura, who was me, stared and burst into laughter.

“Ahahahaha Oh, Serra! Didn’t you say ‘I’ll to kill other undying (LOL)’or some, yet somehow were really serious about killing. No way, so amusing, this week has been interesting.”

“Stop screwing around. Why are you here?”

I was irritated by Sakura’s remarks and raised my voice.

I raged at Sakura, and my body trembled.

“Oh, scary. Tell you why later, that said ☆ Cescy. How long till those wounds heal?”

“I-If you give me a day or so…”

For some reason, Cecilia answers Sakura’s question while seeming frightened.

She has been acting strangely since a while ago. Her attitude as if Sakura is a superior.

“Hmmm. A day… I see…”

Sakura turned an admiring smile to Cecilia, then something inspired her.

It was a crazy smile that combined innocence and cruelty at the same time.

And mercilessly, she says….

“Then die.”

Right after, Cecilia’s head literally popped off.

Blood and flesh, hair and eyeballs, mouth, ears, nose. All of them are shattered and scattered.

Hazel screams at the sight of the scene.

“Ahahahahahaha. Come now, I’m kidding! Cescy’s immortal after all ☆ she is, after all it was grotesque and she looked pathetic, so I thought I would speed up the healing right away, an incomplete cure of that level would be a bother, it is faster to erase the whole head at once so it can sprout back. See, you say that a lot, don’t you? If you change your head, you’ll be much more spirited (LOL).”

Sakura turned toward Hazel while becoming more talkative.

“So? What will you do?”


Hazel stared blankly as Sakura abruptly addressed her, and laughed.

“So, your dear revenge target has been readily taken out by Sakura, but is that all right?”

“!? Don’t mess with me! That woman, I’m going to kill her!!”

Immediately after, the anger lights up in Hazel’s eyes at Sakura’s words.

After seeing the situation, Sakura was satisfied.

“Righto ☆ well no worries. She’ll revive soon. You’ll have a chance at it.

Expected. I am horrified to hear those words.

No way, this guy. Just like me….?!?

“Wait, Sakura. What do you intend to do to Hazel?!”

“Nothing much, I’m merely going to ‘complete’ her. Oh, look at this girl’s eyes. For her to have the same madness as Sakura at this age ☆ just like you were ‘at that time’ right☆.”

The red-and-black eyes shine like blood, and Sakura laughs, and cackles, and sneers.

“Ahahaha, it’s been so long since I’ve been a ‘proper person’. This child’s madness is different from Serra’s or Cescy. not an insane being that instinctively embraces the impulse from the source. It is one that detaches morality while maintaining the usual meddling. An ‘anomaly’ that can sustain the normal no matter how chaotic their situation gets. If such a delicious ‘proper person’ comes along, how could I possibly not have it, such a ‘human’.”

As she says so, Sakura hugs Hazel.

Like a parent protecting their beloved child, like a mad scientist who found a good specimen.

She whispers sweetly in her ear.

“Well, Hazel. Won’t you come along with this Sakura. I promise I’ll raise you to kill Cecilia ☆.

“No… no, Hazel…”

The pain should have been gone already, but my body still doesn’t move. I thought I was still paralyzed.

This is different. No way, Sakura’s ‘Dominion’!?

“You got to come up with the right answer there~ blink blink. revealing this Sakura’s ‘Dominion’ would be a spoiler, but do look forward to it in the future ☆ Well, little Hazel, what will you do?”

Sakura asks while stroking Hazel’s hair.

Hazel’s mouth opened.

“Is it true… will I kill Cecilia Waitley?”

“Yes, it’s true.”

“Okay. I’ll follow you.”


Did Sakura’s ‘Dominion’ clear up or did I break it down? I don’t know which, but I finally got up.

If Hazel goes with Sakura, she will become Undying. I decided to fight again to make sure people like me never emerge. With this, it’s all in vain.

Once again, I set up my sword and ran straight towards Sakura. It doesn’t matter if it’s immortal or whatever. If I don’t kill her here, everything will be in vain.

“Buzzzzz. I’m sorry, your time is up.”

But reality is cruel.

As soon as Sakura snapped her fingers, I fell to the ground again. I raised my arm to get up again, but for some reason I couldn’t. Irritated, I suddenly looked back at my feet and realized.

The lower half of my body was gone.

Strictly speaking, my feet had fallen a few meters away. Blood overflows from the cross section of my upper body, with the intestine, stomach, and liver spilling out and moving unnaturally. The fever and the pain finally struck after seeing this.


I desperately tried to hold my voice, but it leaked out.

Still, it turned forward to stop her even if I had to crawl, then I froze.

They were nowhere to be found.

Sakura, Hazel and Cecilia disappeared from this place without a trace. There is only silence.

” Uuuuuuuuuuh, damn it ….”

Disappointing. It’s just frustrating. My tears are overflowing.

I couldn’t do anything. Far from killing them, I was overrun. The victims were also killed.

It’s my defeat. I was completely defeated by them. Just about everything I thought was sweet.


Then, I heard Riko’s voice.

I’m startled by her voice.

Riko is not good with blood. It would be even more traumatic for her, with my current appearance as it is. I can’t be seen.

…… No, I just wanted to run away. I just didn’t want her to know that I had failed.

However, because of the pain and the lack of legs, my body can’t move well, and Riko reaches me first.

“I’m sorry, Serra. Hazel–“

As soon as Riko saw me, she was petrified.

Then she holds her mouth with his hand and crouches down on the spot.

“Ri, ko… I’m alright……?”

“…… Ha, ha, sorry. It’s okay.”

Riko’s face is pale.

She gives me first aid while keeping her nausea down.

It made me glad, and my smile spilled out unintentionally.

“Don’t force yourself…”

“Idiot, is there anyone who doesn’t worry when their sweetheart is in tatters?”

I was happy with Riko’s words and shed tears again.

However, whether I had shed too much blood or if my body had reached my limit, I lost my consciousness there.


“So, in conclusion, the mission failed.”

Location is once again the hotel in Uls.

From that point on, I got a rough treatment by forcibly reconnecting and regenerating my lower body, and after somehow being satisfied being sound in wind and limb, I was sitting with Riko.

In front of me is a woman with an eye patch on her right eye.

This is my boss, Major General Karen Dashwood.

“I’m sorry…. Karen.”

“Major Dashwood.”

“…… Major Dashwood. My inadequacy and lack of strategy led to this result.”

“No, I don’t care if you failed the mission. You’re a minor, even if you’re immortal. To be honest, I’ve always thought there was a problem with Headquarters that only you two could carry out this task.”

“…… Thank you very much.”

I honestly appreciate you saying that.

Originally, I was happy to get a chance to kill the Undying, but there was no chance of winning. It would be a big mistake to think that the mission would succeed with such a naive idea.

“Be that as it may, the punishment will naturally be handed down. We have victims darn it. Well, you can’t die anyway, so we have to lighten the sentence.”

Saying that, Karen looks to Riko.

No way, Riko is….!??

“I’m sorry, Karen-“

“Major Dashwood.”

“‘Major General Dashwood’ Please, Riko! Even if Riko lightens my punishment…”

“S-Serra stop. I was the one who originally wanted to go along on this mission, and I was prepared for that.”

Riko apologizes to me for bowing so desperately.

This national army is, of course, strict in discipline. Especially if failure leads to victims. Worst case, Riko will be executed.

At my words, Karen sighs, “Haa….

“You know, Serra. I’m not the one who decides the punishment. That’s the higher-ups.”

“That is…”

I despair at Karen’s cold words.

Then, maybe Riko….

But Karen smiled and continued to talk.

“…… but, well, you’re my cute subordinate. I’ll try to lighten Riko’s punishment somehow.”

“! Thank you!”

“But I’ll have the same punishment as Serra.”

“No, that’s enough.”

Apparently Riko was going to be safe.

Next to me, Riko mutters, ‘No, I’m having a hard time…’, but it’s a luxury to complain here.

“Goodness me, Karen is very sweet to others.”

Said the shocked woman behind Karen.

She’s Captain Iris Harvard. He is a medic for the Elmerado Army and a deputy to Ms. Karen.

It is thanks to Iris that my wounds are healed.

At Iris’s words, Karen looks back a little grumpy.

“That’s all right. I’m taking care of these kids.”

“That’s why I’m taking care of you. In fact, these kids have involved the general public.”

Iris is a person who often has a little thorny mouth. I’m a little weak with this person.

In fact, next to me, Riko was obviously irritated.

“Iris, you don’t have to say anything….”

“Now now, calm down, both of you. Serra and Riko are tired after a fierce fight anyway, right? You went through the trouble of using this hotel. Let your hair down little more.”

“So Karen, you’re too sweet….”

“Iris, at great pains we came to this district for the first time in a long time, so why don’t we go on a date?”

Intercepting Iris’s words, Karen says with a straight face.

After hearing that, Iris’s face turns red.

“Don’t——-!? You’re joking around, stay within bounds, idiot!”

When she yelled, Iris left the room.

“She’s not very cute, that woman.”

“Karen. Major Dashwood, please stop with the pick-up habit.”

“Karen’s fine.”


It’s getting more and more troublesome.

Karen patted my head as I was getting slightly sulky.

“Well, I’ll get a detailed report when you come home. Take a good rest for now. This is the boss’s order.”

“Huh… Thank you very much.”

I like Karen, she is kind to me.

If I say that, I’ll get carried away, so I’ll never say that.


After Karen finished talking and left the room, Riko suddenly hugged me.



She put her face silently on my chest.

It makes me feel happy to be able to embrace her for the first time in a long time, but I’m a little embarrassed.

“What’s wrong?”

“…… These massive tits!”


What did this girl suddenly say?

For a moment I thought of peeling off her, and then I realized that Riko was staring at me.

“What are you going to do now?”

Riko asks with a serious look.

“…… Let’s see. In the end, I’m right back where I started.”


“But I won’t give up. I will fight again and again until I kill all the Undying.”

“And Hazel?”

I’m at a loss as to how to answer Riko’s point.

But this is what I decided.

“Yes, I’m sure it’ll be a tough fight, but the next time we meet, they’re the enemy. So, I’ll kill her.”

“I see.”

Riko muttered in a satisfied voice.

“I’ve always been on Serra’s side. If Serra decides, I’ll follow anywhere.”

“Thank you. I’ll protect Riko forever, too.”

“I’m very happy.”

Suddenly Riko laid her lips on me.

It was a moment, but it felt like an eternity.

“Let’s do our best together, Serra.”

“…… Yes.”

Riko’s smile made me feel a little sorry.

The real reason I want to kill the Undying. I’ve never told Riko. And I will never tell her.

I kept hugging Riko, as if it cleared a little of my depression.

– I continue to fight the Undying so I may die.

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